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The Truth is Out: Female Palestinian Homicide Bombers Become Prostitutes

The moronic Palestinians have a problem - among many: they believe that if you blow yourself up killing poor, innocent Israelis, you will go to heaven where you get 72 virgins. At least, that is what the men are told. But what can women who blow themselves up expect?

Well, one imbecilic and Palestinian mass murderer-to-be admits all: they become prostitutes and the heads of brothels:

'My dream was to be a suicide bomber. I wanted to kill 20, 50 Jews. Yes, even babies'

It was about midday when a young Palestinian woman from the refugee camp of Jabalya in Gaza approached an Israeli checkpoint clutching a special permit to visit a doctor on the other side of the border.

The girl had big, brown eyes and her black hair was tied in a ponytail, but it was the strangeness of her gait that attracted the attention of the security officials at the Erez crossing, the main transit point between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

When a soldier asked her to remove her long, dark cloak, she turned to face him. All her movements were taped by the military surveillance camera at the checkpoint: calmly, deliberately, she took off her clothing, item by item, until she looked like any normal young woman in T-shirt and jeans. It was then that she tried to set off the belt containing 20lb of explosives hidden beneath her trousers. To her horror, she did not succeed. Desperate, she clawed at her face, screaming. She was still alive, she realised. She had failed her martyrdom mission.

And now, as they say, the money quote:

According to the Koran, male martyrs are welcomed to Paradise by 72 beautiful virgins. Ayat, as with many of the women she is incarcerated with, believes that a woman martyr "will be the chief of the 72 virgins, the fairest of the fair".

Palestinians are the scum of the Middle East because they are ugly as hell. To imagine them as "the fairest of the fair" is hilarious. But to conceive that these lunatics think that they go to heaven and become either prostitutes or get prostitutes shows just how disturbed the enemy that Israel deals with on a daily basis truly is.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Anti-American Canadian Scumbag Caught with Pro-bin Laden Materials

The left around the world seems to have two things in common: they hate America and Americans, and they have an affinity for supporting terrorism, especially if it is terrorism aimed against America and/or Israel.

So it comes as no surprise that another leftist lowlife – from Canada, no surprise – who is at the forefront to close the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, was caught coming back into Canada with pro-bin Laden materials and songs on her computer – after she had had bin Laden at her wedding several years ago, no less:

RCMP allege clips of Bin Laden's voice on confiscated laptop

Toronto, ON-- Zaynab Khadr claims she didn’t know that terrorist Osama bin Laden would attend her wedding in Pakistan. Now the 25-year-old says she didn’t know clips of bin Laden’s voice calling for the killing of Americans were on the laptop computer seized by the RCMP at Pearson airport when she returned to Canada last February.

Alleged to be among Khadr’s RCMP-confiscated possessions are downloaded clips of bin Laden’s voice and songs–one entitled "I Am a Terrorist". On the laptop is also a video clip of a 2003 attack on a compound used by Westerners in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and cassettes about insurgent attacks in Afghanistan. Canada, Khadr’s adopted country has troops stationed in Afghanistan.

When a chador-clad Khadr quietly slipped back into Toronto on February 17, 2005, she said she had returned to Canada to lobby for the rights of her two brothers, 18-year-old Omar, who is Canada’s only known detainee at Guatanamo Bay and her brother, Abdullah, whose whereabouts have been unknown since October, 2004.

Her father, the late Ahmed Said Khadr, officially identified as Canada’s highest-ranking member of Al Qaeda, was sprung from a Pakistani prison when former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien successfully intervened on his behalf through then Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

With a longsuit for inflammatory, anti-American rhetoric, Zaybab Khadr told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in 2004 that Americans "deserve to feel a pain similar to what they inflict on others."

When mainstream Canadians complained, Chrétien’s successor Prime Minister Paul Martin reminded them that as a "Canadian citizen," Khadr had a right to her opinion.

Methinks we should send this bitch to join her “brothers” in Guantánamo Bay, and let her roast there. It would take one American-hating son of a bitch off the streets, and get rid of one more leftist bin Laden supporter.

Who’s Funding the Terrorists in Iraq? How about Some European Leftists?

Karl Rove had it right: the left is not just out to oppose America, they are out to outright destroy the country and everyone in it. And the left in Europe is actually funding the terrorists in Iraq – sending them “10 Euros” to kill American forces and defeat us.

National Security Watch: Eurolefties fund Iraq insurgency

Who's funding the insurgents in Iraq? The list of suspects is long: ex-Baathists, foreign jihadists, and angry Sunnis, to name a few. Now add to that roster hard-core Euroleftists.

Turns out that far-left groups in western Europe are carrying on a campaign dubbed Ten Euros for the Resistance, offering aid and comfort to the car bombers, kidnappers, and snipers trying to destabilize the fledgling Iraq government. In the words of one Italian website, Iraq Libero (Free Iraq), the funds are meant for those fighting the occupanti imperialisti. The groups are an odd collection, made up largely of Marxists and Maoists, sprinkled with an array of Arab emigres and aging, old-school fascists, according to Lorenzo Vidino, an analyst on European terrorism based at The Investigative Project in Washington, D.C. "It's the old anticapitalist, anti-U.S., anti-Israel crowd," says Vidino, who has been to their gatherings, where he saw activists from Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Italy. "The glue that binds them together is anti-Americanism." The groups are working on an October conference to further support "the Iraqi Resistance." A key goal is to expand backing for the insurgents from the fringe left to the broader antiwar and antiglobalization movements.

One conference sponsor, Campo Antiimperialista (the Anti-Imperialist Camp), credits the 10-euro campaign for buying 2 tons of medicine for Al Anbar province, a hotbed of resistance, to be distributed "completely independent from both the occupiers as well as their local puppets."

But some funds may be buying more deadly stuff; one leader boasted to Vidino that the campaign will send "everything it takes" for the resistance to win, including weaponry. Neither Iraq Libero nor Campo Antiimperialista responded to questions from U.S. News about where their funds end up. The groups' impact, though, may ultimately be limited. "They have a pretty big following, but we're not talking about big money," says Vidino. At one conference, he notes, many militants looked so ragged he doubted they even had 10 euros in their pockets.

One can only hope that Islamoterror reaches the shores of Europe – and that the sickos on that continent get the full flavor of what we are currently fighting in Iraq. Because Europeans are stupid enough not to realize that if we lose in Iraq, the terrorists that these DNA-less cretins are funding will turn on the Europeans and their silly continent and wage jihad there.

We wish they would start now – and start by blowing these European scumbags up. That can only be a good thing.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Florida Downie Party: Broke But Still Dead

Hilarity of hilarities: the Florida Downie Party, stocked top to bottom with the richest set of elitist snobs and liberal assholes one can try to accumulate in one excrement-filled room, is broke and is $900,000 in the hole – and is now being sacked with an IRS lien:

Florida Democratic Party Faces IRS Lien; $900,000 Shortage

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Broke and without enough money in the bank to pay its bills after the end of the month, the Florida Democratic Party has now been slapped with a lien by the Internal Revenue Service for failing to pay payroll and Social Security taxes in 2003.

The state party's budget and finance committee voted Tuesday to ask for a new audit to account for more than $900,000 it believes somehow disappeared from the books during the 2003-2004 calendar years when the party was led by Scott Maddox, who is now seeking its nomination for governor.

Maddox and successor Karen Thurman, who became the party's new chairwoman just last month, did not immediately return phone messages asking for comment on the findings.

While the party owes roughly $200,000 in delinquent payroll and Social Security taxes, the lien was against the remaining $98,000 in their account on Friday, longtime Leon County committeeman Jon Ausman said.

Ausman said it cost about $250,000 a month to pay salaries and overhead for the party operation in Tallahassee and that it had been spending more so far this year than it has raised.

Too funny. Can we say that again? Too funny.

Friday, June 24, 2005

The Alpines are Melting because of Global Warming…Uh, they are Growing because of Global Warming…uh, never mind…

Global warming is a myth, propagated by dimwitted liberals who wish to (1) make the world feel bad about climate change, which is natural and occurs whether man is here or not, and (2) destroy the US, and by extension the Western, economies, and turn the world into one gigantic socialist shithole, or, to put it better, France.

Now comes a story from Germany, one of the leading shithole nations at the forefront of the “holy shit – the world is getting hotter! We are melting! Aaarrggg!” theory of why “global warming” is our ruination. It is a touching tale how global warming actually increased the size of the Alpine glaciers – a fact not lost even on the morons who penned this article:

A New Alpine Melt Theory

The Alpine glaciers are shrinking, that much we know. But new research suggests that in the time of the Roman Empire, they were smaller than today. And 7,000 years ago they probably weren't around at all. A group of climatologists have come up with a controversial new theory on how the Alps must have looked over the ages.

But check out this money quote from these scientists:

The glaciers, according to the new hypothesis, have shrunk down to almost nothing at least ten times since the last ice age 10,000 years ago. "At the time of the Roman Empire, for example, the glacier tongue was about 300 meters higher than today," says Joerin. Indeed, Hannibal probably never saw a single big chunk of ice when he was crossing the Alps with his army.

The most dramatic change in the landscape occurred some 7,000 years ago. At the time, the entire mountain range was practically glacier-free -- and probably not due to a lack of snow, but because the sun melted the ice. The timber line was higher then as well.

The scientists' conclusion puts the vanishing glaciers of the past 150 years into an entirely new context: "Over of the past 10,000 years, fifty percent of the time, the glaciers were smaller than today," Joerin states in an essay written together with his doctoral advisor Christian Schluechter. They call it the "Green Alps" theory.

Joerin admits his theory goes against conventional wisdom. "It is hard to imagine that the glaciers, as we know them, were not the norm in past millennia, but rather an exception," he says while he and his companions dig out the tree trunk with shovels, axes and bare hands.

Hmmm…could that be because global warming is truly a myth and is not real? Could it be because liberals have stupefied the world scientific community into believing this sickening pile of horseshit called “global warming”?

Wanna bet this story is filed away somewhere and completely forgotten?

Poor Downies: Karl Rove Slams Them, They Be Upset

Well, Karl Rove has gone and done it: he has said that Downies and liberals have not been very patriotic or pro-American since 9/11. Our question is: what took him so long? Patriotic? Not pro-American? Since 9/11, Downies and liberals world-wide have been pro-terror, anti-American, and anti-Semitic to the utmost – it must be something in the core. Patriotic? We believe some liberals are thrilled that 9/11 happened – and wish another would happen just so they could blame President Bush.

But now liberals have their panties in knots because Rove spoke the truth – but somehow the liberals were not upset at all that Little Dickie Durbin called American troops Nazis and worse than Pol Pot.

Rove Criticizes Liberals on 9/11

Karl Rove came to the heart of Manhattan last night to rhapsodize about the decline of liberalism in politics, saying Democrats responded weakly to Sept. 11 and had placed American troops in greater danger by criticizing their actions.

"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war; liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers," Mr. Rove, the senior political adviser to President Bush, said at a fund-raiser in Midtown for the Conservative Party of New York State.

Citing calls by progressive groups to respond carefully to the attacks, Mr. Rove said to the applause of several hundred audience members, "I don't know about you, but moderation and restraint is not what I felt when I watched the twin towers crumble to the ground, a side of the Pentagon destroyed, and almost 3,000 of our fellow citizens perish in flames and rubble."

Told of Mr. Rove's remarks, Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, replied: "In New York, where everyone unified after 9/11, the last thing we need is somebody who seeks to divide us for political purposes."

Ha ha! “Divide us for political purposes”? What about Howard Dean saying he “hates” Republicans? Or Dickie Durbin calling US troops Nazis? Or Downies spending their every waking moment in the US Congress blocking needed legislation or nominees for this office or that office, offering nothing – not even a peep – of a positive agenda?

Karl Rove should be applauded for speaking the truth. But the MSM will continue their “we hate Rove” campaign. Figures.

BTK Suspect: My Attorneys Suck

Poor, poor Dennis Rader – the suspected BTK (for “bind, torture, and kill”) killer from Kansas is complaining - complaining - that his attorneys are not doing a very good job trying to get him from being jailed for life for 10 murders he committed.

The gall of these attorneys. After all, aren’t attorneys supposed to try to get killers off?

BTK Suspect Complains About Attorneys

WICHITA, Kan. - Days before his trial is scheduled to begin, the man suspected of being the BTK strangler called a TV station from jail and complained that his lawyers have not been giving him recent court filings. He also said his wife is contemplating divorce.

Dennis Rader talked on Friday to a reporter at KSNW who has close connections to his family, news director Todd Spessard said Wednesday. Parts of the interview were aired Monday and Tuesday.

Rader complained about missing recent court filings, and said he blames his attorneys. His trial is set for next Monday.

"I don't want any negativism toward the people who are trying to help me. On the other hand, Rader needs to know what's going on," he said. "The paperwork needs to be coming down to him somehow."

You have to hand it to a guy who speaks about himself in the third person. No wonder he is ticked off at his attorneys.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Little Dickie Durbin: National Disgrace Cries Eyes Out on National TV

For those who don't know him, Little Dickie "Dumbshit" Durbin is currently the number two Downie in the US Senate, which is akin to being the second best hockey star in Peru - in short, a worthless position. Little Dickie last week said that the US military was worse than the gulags of the former Soviet Union, or Cuba, or North Korea, taking a page from the radical leftwing assholes at Amnesty International.

The pressure got to Downies, who threatened to remove Dickie from his being 2nd best moron on a low totem pole - so Dickie apologized for his rude comments, crying his little eyes out as he did it:

Sen. Durbin Apologizes for Gitmo Remarks

WASHINGTON - Under fire from Republicans and some fellow Democrats, Sen. Dick Durbin apologized Tuesday for comparing American interrogators at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp to Nazis and other historically infamous figures.

"Some may believe that my remarks crossed the line," the Illinois Democrat said. "To them I extend my heartfelt apologies."

His voice quaking and tears welling in his eyes, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate also apologized to any soldiers who felt insulted by his remarks.

"They're the best. I never, ever intended any disrespect for them," he said.

The apology came a week after Durbin, the Senate minority whip, quoted from an FBI agent's report describing detainees at the Naval base in a U.S.-controlled portion of Cuba as being chained to the floor without food or water in extreme temperatures.

"If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings," the senator said June 14.

Hmmm...Dickie said that the US military was worse than the Nazis, Soviets, and Pol Pot, and now "they're the best"?

Someone needs to make sure Little Dickie resigns from the Senate, or at least is removed from his "leadership" position. Trent Lott made intemperate remarks about blacks, and was removed as Majority Leader. The same should happen to Little Dickie, and now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Neil Kinnock Fraud Joseph Biden to run for President?

Yikes! The "Rug of the Senate" is threatening to run! Imagine the laughs this will bring to America's enemies!

Biden to Seek Presidential Nomination

Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) said yesterday he plans to seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 unless he decides later this year that he has little chance of winning.

"My intention is to seek the nomination," Biden said on CBS's "Face the Nation." "I know I'm supposed to be more coy with you. I know I'm supposed to tell you, you know, that I'm not sure. But if, in fact, I think that I have a clear shot at winning the nomination by this November or December, then I'm going to seek the nomination."

Compared to Biden, John Kerry was real presidential material. If there is a possibility of a Joe Biden in the White House, we might as well surrender to bin Laden right now.

Perhaps George W. Bush is at Fault for This, Too

Two Cass County men electrocuted when poll touches power line

POKAGON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) -- A man and his stepson were electrocuted Sunday when a 40-foot poll they were raising near their southwestern Michigan home touched a power line, authorities say.

Get ready for the dimwitted liberals to blame President Bush for his support of capital punishment for this one. Just wait for it.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Liberals and Their Lies Now Extend to "The Downing Street Memos"

You would think that after liberals tried but failed last year to invent documents showing that President Bush had allegedly gone AWOL, they would stay away from those who post documents that are not originals, or are copied from originals - because we all know what can be done with fakes.

So, with the liberals in a blather over the so-called "Downing Street Memos" allegedly showing that President Bush was prepared to go to war in Iraq in 2002 - not in 2003 - which they call "the smoking gun" and could somehow lead to Bush's impeachment (how liberals contemplate that a 2/3rds vote in the US Senate would occur where Downies have only 45 seats remains a mystery), we need to take a look at these "memos."

The story on Yahoo News reads like a "we got George Bush" horsecrappola, until the reader is hit with this small piece of info, somewhere way down in the depths of the article:

Memos Show British Concern Over Iraq Plans

The eight memos — all labeled "secret" or "confidential" — were first obtained by British reporter Michael Smith, who has written about them in The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times.

Smith told AP he protected the identity of the source he had obtained the documents from by typing copies of them on plain paper and destroying the originals.

Whoa! Smith "destroyed the originals"? And what did those originals say?

This looks like another "the documents are fake" story coming from the left. When they are not practicing lunacy, they are simply making it up.

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Worthless UN Wastes More Money and Continues to be Ridiculous

Rafik Hariri, former Lebanese Prime Minister, was killed in a bomb blast on February 14 in Beirut, Lebanon. It has always been suspected that pro-Syrian elements, or even the Syrians themselves, who controlled Lebanon until a short time ago, were behind the blast because Hariri wanted to run for PM again on an anti-Syrian platform and he looked good to win.

So, with these facts, the UN investigated, wasted money and time, and now, four months later, they have concluded that Hariri died in an explosion.


U.N. Probe: Blast Killed Lebanon's Hariri

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - A German prosecutor leading a U.N.-mandated investigation into the February assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri confirmed Friday that a truck bomb caused the explosion that killed Hariri.

Detlev Mehlis told a news conference that the explosion was "without any reasonable doubt above the ground.''

Now, wait a second - wasn't the UN investigation supposed to find out who killed this man and the others and why? We all know he died in an explosion, you UN assholes.

This is why the UN continues to be a worthless organization. The US Congress cut funds off to this fraud today. Let's hope the bill passes and the UN gets no more American money. Then maybe Kofi Annan can get a real job, like fondling farm animals or cleaning out urinals.

Downies Head Off the Cliff...Without Any Brakes

If you wish - truly wish - to see how badly Downies wish to never again be in power in the federal government, read this story and ask yourself, "Would you trust these psychos with the defense of our nation?"

Democrats Play House To Rally Against the War

In the Capitol basement yesterday, long-suffering House Democrats took a trip to the land of make-believe.

They pretended a small conference room was the Judiciary Committee hearing room, draping white linens over folding tables to make them look like witness tables and bringing in cardboard name tags and extra flags to make the whole thing look official.

Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) banged a large wooden gavel and got the other lawmakers to call him "Mr. Chairman." He liked that so much that he started calling himself "the chairman" and spouted other chairmanly phrases, such as "unanimous consent" and "without objection so ordered." The dress-up game looked realistic enough on C-SPAN, so two dozen more Democrats came downstairs to play along.

The session was a mock impeachment inquiry over the Iraq war. As luck would have it, all four of the witnesses agreed that President Bush lied to the nation and was guilty of high crimes -- and that a British memo on "fixed" intelligence that surfaced last month was the smoking gun equivalent to the Watergate tapes. Conyers was having so much fun that he ignored aides' entreaties to end the session.

The question here is: Why has this nut Conyers not been arrested? Is he doing something unlawful? If not, it should be unlawful. If it is, Conyers should be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay to drop dead with the rest of his terrorist allies.

This kind of story is sickening. That these lunatics have any chance of controlling the country gives one pause as to the continued survival of mankind itself.

I Didn't Know Chickens Were Used for That

This is from New Hampshire. Something must be wrong with the water there for something like this to happen. Maybe it is because the state is trending more Downie and away from its strict Republican roots.

Alleged Chicken-For-Sex Offer Lands Meat Man In Jail

KEENE, N.H. -- A door-to-door meat salesman from Maine is accused of assaulting a potential customer after she turned down his offer of chicken in exchange for sex.

Ryan Park, 22, of Waterboro, Maine, is accused of grabbing the woman in Stoddard, N.H., and forcefully kissing her after she rejected his offer last month.

Park has been charged with assault and is due in Keene District Court on June 28.

No comment is forthcoming.

Palestinian Lunacy Continues: Now Israelis are Poisoning Their Drinks

Everyone has known since 1948 that Palestinians are not only the scum of the Middle East, but of the world generally. Their use of terrorism, of the basest methods to achieve their aims of destroying Israel and making the world into a horrible place are well-known, but less known is their ridiculous use of mind-bendingly stupid and inane stories to do the same thing. Think this is a joke? Palestinians have alleged that Israel is using mind rays to destroy Palestinians. So, this story, from China's Xinhua News Service, is to be taken for one thing and one thing only: a good laugh.

Israel accused of selling carcinogenic juice to Palestinians

RAMALLAH, June 13 (Xinhuanet) -- Palestinian chief of Environment Authority Yousef Abu Safeya accused Israel Monday of glutting the Palestinian markets with carcinogenic canned juice.

"Such kind of drinks are specifically produced for the Palestinian consumers in the Gaza Strip." Abu Safeya told a weekly session of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).

He pointed out that the Palestinian security services had recently seized a number of shipments, including canned juice containing a carcinogenic substance.

He added that the Egyptian authorities impounded two Israeli trucks carrying child toys polluted with carcinogenic and radioactive substances at the Rafah commercial crossing on the
borders with Israel in March.

Abu Safeya also criticized the Palestinian judiciary department for allowing the import of second-hand Israeli commodities, including computer sets and other electric appliance.

All of which brings to mind the following potential conversation:

Mahmood: I feel sick, my honey.

Latifya: What it is it, my darling? Something you ate?

Mahmood: No. I had an Israeli drink with my lunch of fried goat inards, and now I am sick. I don't think it was the goat.

Latifya: I told you not to drink those Israeli drinks! They are laced with poison!

Mahmood: You are right, wife. I always knew Israeli products were laced with poison to kill us brave Palestinians fighting Israeli oppression. This is the end!

Latifya: Lay down, my darling, and rest from your poison-laced Israeli drink.

Mahmood: I cannot. I have to go build a suicide belt so little Mohammad can blow himself up on an Israeli bus and kill devil Jews.

This little Palestinian skit has been brought to you by the number 3, which is the combined IQ of the entire Palestinian people, and the word "goatfucking," the national sport of the Palestinian people.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

President Bush: Joobo is Correct

Okay, he didn't say that exactly...but President Bush seems to be reading this column, because he is starting to sound just like us:

Bush hits Democratic 'agenda of the roadblock'

President Bush last night ripped the Democratic Party as do-nothing obstructionists bent on derailing his reform agenda, saying that on issue after issue, Democratic leaders in Congress 'stand for nothing except obstruction, and this is not leadership.'

At an evening congressional gala at the Washington Convention Center - which drew $23 million for House and Senate Republican candidates and amounted to the kickoff of the 2006 political campaign season - the president drew standing ovations from Republican faithful as he hammered Democrats for offering no solutions to the nation's most pressing problems.

'If leaders of the other party have innovative ideas, let's hear them. But if they have no ideas or policies except obstruction, they should step aside and let others lead,' Mr. Bush said to thunderous applause from more than 5,000 supporters.

The president, who has spent the past several months seeking consensus on his Social Security reform package and reaching out to Democrats with nonconfrontational rhetoric, said opposition party leaders are pursuing 'the philosophy of the stop sign, the agenda of the roadblock, and our country and our children deserve better.'

'Political parties that choose the path of obstruction will not gain the trust of the American people,' he said at the event dubbed 'the 2005 President's Dinner.'

Cheers to President Bush for speaking the truth of the matter.

Let us hope that as Downies continue their obstructive ways, that the President and the administration highlight the Downies and their evil plans. And they should use the President's words last night for one commercial - others, however, along the same line should follow.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Booger News Update

Giant Balls of 'Snot' Explain Ocean Mystery

Scientists have discovered giant sinking mucus "houses" that double the amount of food on the sea floor.

Mucus? Snot? Doesn't that have something to do with liberals and their brainpower?

Muslim Hypocrisy: A Look at How Not to Protest a Fellow Leftist

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that while destroying illegal housing (not in America, but do imagine anyway), workers working for President Bush, or for the American government, or for any American entity (even a mere landowner with no connection to the government), accidentally destroyed - not damaged, but completely wrecked - a local mosque. You can put this as happening anywhere in America. Now you can just imagine the 24/7 coverage around the world, images of Muslims marching against America, people calling for jihad, riots, and the ACLU and their willing accomplices in the liberal intelligentsia calling for lawsuits and prosecutions for this foul deed.

Now imagine that the damage was done not accidentally, but purposefully - and now consider the reaction from the world of Islam and the international left. It would be brutal...after all, this kind of reaction happened because someone moved a Koran or balanced one on a television.

Now that you have imagined this potential scenario, check out the silence, the utter quiet of these same sickos when a hero of the international left, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, ordered a village of homes he did not like to be demolished - and that included the local mosque:

Selective angst

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's kleptocrat strongman, destroyed a mosque the other day. It was in Hatcliffe Extension, a shantytown on the edge of Harare, razed by the "police." Mr. Mugabe is an equal-opportunity razer: He also bulldozed a Catholic-run Aids center.

The government destroyed the town to drive the locals into the countryside to live on land stolen from white farmers. Quite how that's meant to benefit any of those involved or the broader needs of Zimbabwe is beyond me, but then I'm no expert in Afro-Marxist economic theory.

The point is the world's Muslims seem entirely cool with Infidel Bob razing a mosque. Unlike the fallout over Newsweek's fraudulent story about the Koran being flushed down a toilet, no excitable young men went bananas in Pakistan; no Western progressives berated Mr. Mugabe for his "cultural insensitivity." And sadly most of the big-shot Muslim spokespersons were still too busy flaying the Bush administration to whip their subjects into a frenzy over Hatcliffe Extension's pile of Islamic rubble.

If you check out the crappola that comes out of the media in the Arab (read:Muslim) world, you will see continued outrage that Korans at Guantanamo Bay were moved, touched, examined, and accidentally opened. Yet not one word comes from these whackjobs on the destruction of a mosque, and from the rest of the international left is complete silence. Notice no American stories on this. anywhere.

Is this shocking? I think not. It shows just more hypocrisy from moronic Muslims.


November 14, 2000: Vice President Al Gore phones several of his allies in South Florida, and tells them to manufacture 1,000 votes so he can win the state and be the next President. When he calls Bill Clinton for help, however, Clinton hangs up on him. In more metrosexual news, Attorney General Janet Reno contemplates surgery which will make her either a full man or a full woman once and for all. Bill Clinton considers pardoning Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, but only if their two Socialist sons donate a large chunk of money to Clinton's Presidential library and whore house in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hillary Clinton, fresh from being elected to the US Senate from New York, asks for directions to the Empire State Building in New York City, where she is holding a 2008 presidential nomination gala.

Please stay tuned for our next installment of: THIS DATE IN DOWNTRODDEN PARTY HISTORY!

The Rosenbergs...Would Clinton Pardon Them for a Huge Sack of Dough?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Just a Note on the Lack of Justice in the American Justice System

Well, another black celebrity got away with being a criminal, and a jury of California imbeciles (remember - they voted for Gore and Kerry in overwhelming numbers) let them do it.

Here's the first word, and the last word, you will hear from Joobo on the Michael Jackson case:

1) We know he did it. The jury system in California is pathetic.

2) Never allow women on a jury. They are too emotional - both the O.J. Simpson jury and the Michael Jackson jury were majority female.

3) If ever another boy comes out of Michael Jackson's perverted closet and complains that he was molested after this verdict, the parents should be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Because they are all on fair warning: this man Michael Jackson is a pervert, and juries are either too dumb or too afraid to stop him.

4) The American jury system is broken beyond help.

5) If a black defendant who gets a jury without blacks ever again says that he cannot get justice, they should shoot him on the spot. Two black criminals - one a double murderer, the other a repeat child molestor - were freed by majority or all-white juries.

6) Liberals should be excluded from juries when possible. They bring their lack of knowledge and their love of criminality to the jury box, and use this extreme power to thwart justice.

That's it. I will not speak of this subject ever again - or until Michael Jackson rapes another little boy, or O.J. Simpson kills someone else.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Palestinian Terrorists Admit Killing Other Palestinians - Accidentally

The Palestinians have a problem...well, they have many problems, one of which is that the Israelis beat their asses in war after war and now all the Pallies can do is blow themselves up to try to win back the land they lost. But that isn't working anymore, so they are being forced to deal peacefully with the mighty Israeli state. But the Pallies also have a problem when it comes to law and order - Palestinian-ruled areas are devoid of it, and when anyone is even suspected (usually with no proof whatsoever) of "collaborating" with the Israelis, they are grabbed by one of the myriad of Palestinian terrorist thugs who rule the Palestinian areas, are found guilty without any semblance of a trial (notice that the ACLU, Euro-peons, and Amnesty International all find nothing wrong with this), and are shot in the streets, usually to cheering crowds. In 2002, 9 such Palestinians were murdered in this fashion - and now the terrorists who murdered them admit that, well, they goofed...the 9 were innocent:

Fatah admits murdered Bethlehem 'collaborators' were innocent

Fatah gunmen admitted over the weekend that nine Palestinians who were murdered in Bethlehem on suspicion of collaboration with Israel were actually innocent victims of lawlessness.

The suspected "collaborators" were executed by members of Fatah's armed wing, Aksa Martyrs Brigades, shortly before the IDF raided Bethlehem in 2002 as part of Operation Defensive Shield.

Some of the suspects were being held by the Palestinian Authority security forces before they were handed over to the gunmen.

"Fatah" is the "political" party of former and now dead Pallie leader Yassir "Yessir" Arafat.

Every day, Muslims and their terrorist buddies around the world decry the Israelis killing other terrorists - and the Palestinians' allies throw every invective at Israel for defending itself. So where is the outrage that the terrorists killed 9 innocent Palestinians? Wanna bet that none is forthcoming?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Robert Novak Finds That Downies Don't Want Hillary

According to the MSM, Downies are just about ready now, three+ years before the next presidential election, to nominate Hillary Clinton as their nominee - and that there is little in the way of opposition to her candidacy. In fact, her nomination is seen as "inevitable," and that any other candidates who deign to bother entering the race are just delusional in opposing the mighty Clintonian machine.

But Robert Novak went out on the hustings, and finds that regular Downies - including many on the left - don't want Madame Reichsfuhrer:

No to Hillary

LOS ANGELES -- Back east, well-placed Democrats have agreed that the party's 2008 nomination is all wrapped up better than three years in advance. They say that the prize is Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's for the asking, and that she is sure to ask. But here on the left coast, I found surprising and substantial Democratic opposition to going with the former first lady.

Both the Hollywood glitterati and the more mundane politicians of Los Angeles are looking elsewhere. They have seen plenty of Sen. Clinton over the past dozen years, and they don't particularly like what they've seen. Two far less well-known Democrats -- Virginia Gov. Mark Warner and Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh -- were hits on recent visits to California, mainly because they were not Hillary.

The concern here with Clinton is not borne in fear that she might fail to carry California. Almost any Democrat would be likely to win in the nation's most populous state, where the advent of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an exotic event that has not changed the GOP's minority status in California. Rather, the fear here is pronounced that Clinton cannot win in Red America, guaranteeing a third straight Republican term in the White House.

Party insiders in Washington and New York, including many who ran the last two losing Democratic presidential campaigns, say they have never before seen anything like the way Clinton has sewed up the nomination. In particular, they say, she has cornered Eastern money in a way nobody else ever has done at such an early date.

Novak interviewed Downies who think Hillary would be a disaster for the party, and would make a third Republican presidency a reality.

Well, we say, "Oh, Hillary...when are you going to announce your presidential campaign again?"

You Heard it Here First: The Canadian Health Care System SUCKS

If you are a devoted Jooboite, and keep up on this column on a regular basis, you will note how often the ridiculous Canadian health care system comes under examination by us and, ultimately, ridicule, much like everything else in Canada.

So, if you read enough of the story - from the leftwing British rag The Guardian - you will see how bad things really are in the Great Scummy North:

Quebec Private Health Insurance Ban Nixed

TORONTO (AP) - Canada's Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a Quebec law that banned private insurance for services covered under Medicare, a landmark decision that could affect the country's universal health-care system.

The justices took a year to rule on a case that began in 1997, when George Zeliotis, an elderly Montreal man, tried to pay for hip replacement surgery rather than wait nearly a year for treatment at a public hospital.

Zeliotis told the high court that he suffered pain and became addicted to painkillers during the yearlong wait for surgery, and he should have been allowed to pay for faster service with private insurance.

"It is indeed a historical ruling that could substantially change the very foundations of Medicare as we know it,'' said Dr. Albert J. Schumacher, president of the Canadian Medical Association.

Although the ruling was made on the Quebec law, it likely will affect other Canadian provinces that forbid residents from buying private health care insurance for treatment under the country's Medicare system.

Opponents of changes to Medicare claimed it could force Canada into a two-tiered health care system in which those who have deeper pockets get faster, better service from doctors who opt out of the public health-care program.

These are the same "critics" who tried to force this nightmarish system onto the United States a decade ago.

But, here is the most hilarious part of this story:

But the universal health-care system - while considered one of the fairest in the world - has been plagued by long waiting lists and a lack of doctors, nurses and new equipment. Some patients wait years for surgery, MRI machines are scarce and many Canadians travel to the United States for medical treatment.

In most Canadian provinces, it is illegal to seek faster treatment and jump to the head of the line by paying out of pocket for public care. Private health clinics have sprouted up even though they are technically illegal, though the provincial governments tend to look the other way.

If I hear one more liberal ever say that Canada has a better health care system than the United States, I think that we should exile this cretin to Canada and force them to undergo medical treatment there, and there alone.

Wanna bet they come running back after a week?

The Religion of PeaceTM Strikes Again

If you watch the Muslim world long enough, you will find some of the most outlandish and sickening crimes committed in the name of that cult of death - and now we have another example:

Pakistani man accused of killing two daughters for failing to serve him water

A farmer fatally shot two of his teenage daughters in a remote Pakistan village after one did not immediately serve him a glass of water when he returned from working in the fields, police said Friday.

The 47-year-old man shot his 18-year-old daughter for failing to give him water, and then killed his 16-year-old daughter when she tried to save her older sister, local police officer Mushtaq Warriach said.

The incident occurred Thursday evening near Sargodha, 300 kilometers (180 miles) northeast of Multan, a main city in the eastern province of Punjab.

Warriach said the man told police he "felt insulted" when his daughter remained seated after he asked her to get water.

The man was to appear before a judge later Friday, he said.

Violence against women is common in Pakistan, but such killings are rare.

Wow! "Such killings are rare"! Am I relieved to hear that!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Can You Hear it Now: The Drumbeat Continues Against Clucky Howard Dean

For months now, as donations have slowed to a trickle and their chairman has riled up everyone except Martians, Downies have come to the fatal conclusion that making Howard Dean chairman of their silly party was the worst move since naming phony war hero John Kerry as their presidential candidate. Some Downies will stand by Dean - these are what we usually call "dolts," or "birdbrains," or "cretins," or "the feeble-minded." In short, stupid. But some Downies realize that the party is sinking faster than the Titanic, and are trying to jump off before the whole shabang plunges under the depths:

Dean's Zeal Is Looking Like Zealotry, Some Fear; Tone down the rhetoric, Democrats tell their leader after his recent inflammatory remarks

WASHINGTON — When Howard Dean was chosen to head their party, Democrats looked forward to the benefits of his bristling energy and zest for political combat.

But at a private meeting Thursday on Capitol Hill, a number of worried Senate Democrats warned Dean that he had been going overboard and needed to choose his words more carefully.

The former Vermont governor and unsuccessful presidential candidate recently referred to the GOP as "pretty much a white, Christian party" and declared that a lot of Republicans have "never made an honest living in their lives."

Sen. Russell D. Feingold (D-Wis.) said that at the Capitol Hill meeting, "there couldn't be any doubt that there was some concern, even by Dean himself," about how his comments had been received.

The meeting had been scheduled to discuss party strategy before Dean's controversial comments.

Also Thursday, two Democrats seen as rising stars — Rep. Harold Ford of Tennessee and Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner — made a point of distancing themselves from Dean's remarks.

Ford, who plans a Senate run next year, said on the Don Imus radio show that if Dean could not "temper his comments, it may get to the point where the party may need to look elsewhere for leadership, because he does not speak for me."

Ford later told The Times that Dean was "leading us in a direction that makes it difficult to win…. His leadership right now is not serving any of us very well."

Warner, who has been mentioned as a possible 2008 presidential candidate, said Dean was using "not the kind of tone that I would use, not the kind of tone a lot of the Democratic governors in mostly Republican states are using to get elected or to govern." Warner made his comments at a luncheon at The Times' Washington bureau.

And this is in the Los Angeles Times, a far left rag which considers Hillary Clinton a moderate. So if this is what they are saying, can you imagine what is going on in the halls of power where Downies have none, and in the minds of donors who are being asked to fund this disaster?

The Nazi German Round-Up: German TV Airs Conspiracy Horsecrap, and the US Tells Germany to Drop Dead

The Germans have never been very good friends of the United States - since 1941, they have killed thousands and imprisoned thousands. Of course, all of that was during the Second World War, but in the years following that small problem caused by a German leader (not the current Nazi in charge) the Germans have funded and given solace to America's enemies, criticized America, protested America, at the same time that America was providing Germany and Germans with protection from the Soviet Union. And how do you think that billions in Marshall aid (which they have never paid back) and 50 years of free military protection is rewarded? German TV airs a show that has as its central theme that 1) 9/11 was caused by the "Bush family" and 2) this was done so that "the Bush family" could make money in oil:

TV show depicts 9/11 as Bush plot

A fictional crime drama based on the premise that the Bush administration ordered the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Washington aired this week on German state television, prompting the Green Party chairman to call for an investigation.

"I think absolutely nothing of the conspiracy theory that has been hawked in this series. I hope this particular TV movie will be discussed very critically at the next supervisory board meeting of ARD [state television]," said Green Party Chairman Reinhard Buetikofer, who acknowledged that he had not seen the show.

Sunday night's episode of "Tatort," a popular murder mystery that has been running on state-run ARD-German television for 35 years, revolved around a German woman and a man who was killed in her apartment.

According to the plot, which was seen by approximately 7 million Germans, the dead man had been trained to be one of the September 11 pilots but was left behind, only to be tracked down and killed by CIA or FBI assassins.

The woman, who says in the program that the September 11 attacks were instigated by the Bush family for oil and power, then is targeted, presumably to silence her. The drama concludes with the German detectives accepting the truth of her story as she eludes the U.S. government hit men and escapes to safety in an unnamed Arab country.

As ludicrous as it may sound to most Americans, the tale has resonance in Germany, where fantastic conspiracy theories often are taken as fact.

Many Germans think, for example, that the 1969 moon landing was faked, and a poll published in the weekly Die Zeit showed that 31 percent of Germans younger than 30 "think that there is a certain possibility that the U.S. government ordered the attacks of 9/11."

For a country once ruled by Hitler, you would think Germans would remember what conspiracies and nutcases would do to them. Instead we get this shit.

So, how can we react to this slur from these people? Well, Germany wants to be on the Security Council in the United Nations...and without US support, they won't be. And as of now, President Bush has a long memory, and his administration has told the German imbeciles nein:

U.S. rebuffs bid to join Security Council

GERMANY -- The Bush administration, in a move that is straining relations with the government of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, has again rebuffed Germany's effort to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council, U.S. and European officials said Wednesday.

The officials said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice again relayed the U.S. position in private to the German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, on Wednesday, suggesting that expansion of the Security Council was secondary in importance to other changes in the United Nations, such as streamlining management. The United States declined to endorse the German effort for weeks, but its tone became more emphatic in the last several days.

Sounds good to us. Just imagine what kind of kiss a President Gore or a President Kerry would have placed right on the backside of Gerhard Schroeder right about now.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Leading Downies Begin to Sing: "Save Us from Howard Dean! Please! For God's Sake!"

DNC chairman Howard Dean's big fat mouth is not only costing his silly party millions of dollars in donations, but now Downies who are left of Che Guevara are starting to rail against Dean for continually making an utter fool of himself:

House Dems stoke the fire

House Democratic leaders yesterday distanced themselves from Howard Dean’s fiery rhetoric, saying that the outspoken Democratic Party chairman’s recent controversial statements do not speak for them.

Their comments echoed Sen. Joseph Biden (Del.) and former senator and vice presidential candidate John Edwards (N.C.), who took issue over the weekend with Dean’s recent statement that “a lot of [Republicans] have never made an honest living in their lives.”

Dean’s penchant for harsh rhetoric has drawn criticism several times already since he took the helm of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in February.

Last month, he suggested that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), who has been rebuked several times by the House ethics committee, “ought to go back to Houston where he can serve his jail sentence.” DeLay has not been charged with a crime.

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) yesterday said Dean was not speaking on behalf of the party when he made those comments.

“I don’t agree with those comments, and I share the view expressed by Mr. Edwards,” Hoyer said in response to a question from The Hill at his weekly press briefing. “I don’t think they express the views of our party… and I think probably, upon reflection, they don’t express … Mr. Dean’s views. I think they were overstated.”

“I think the party spokesmen are [Senate Minority Leader] Harry Reid [Nev.] and [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi [Calif.], [Senate Minority Whip] Dick Durbin [Ill.], myself, chairs of the committees, the governors. ... They are the people who have been elected to make policy,” Hoyer said. “My belief is the party chair’s job is to organize the party to support policymakers and the policies they promote.”

I have to personally thank ever dumb Downie who voted to make Dean the DNC chairman. It is the greatest gift that silly party has given the GOP since...since...well, since they nominated John Kerry last year.

Thanks, Downies!

Palestinian Thugs and Murderers Play "My Koran Got Pissed on Too!"

Never leave anything to the Palestinians, a people so dumb and stupid that even Arabs who sympathize with them don't want them, and really want Israel to vanish only so the Palestinians will get lost. Every Arab state keeps the Pallies in refugee camps, treat them like scum (which they are, by the way), and generally hate the sight of them.

But sometimes Pallies are smart: they realize that the "someone shit or pissed on a Koran" story was getting good air play, especially in the Arab (read: Muslim) word, so the Pallies in prison is Israel for such worthless crimes as killing innocent men, women, and children and bombing buses and doing other not nice terrorist acts have decided to jump on that bandwagon and issue a call that, heck, our Korans are being pissed on, too:

Megiddo prison: Detainees hunger strike

Incensed Palestinian security detainees from Megiddo prison announced plans to begin a hunger strike Wednesday morning.

The detainees had accused Prisons Service guards of ripping up and defiling three Korans during a routine search of their cells.

Calling the incident "Guantanamo 2" in reference to the recent US Defense Department acknowledgment that guards at Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba defiled several Korans, Sheikh Kamel Hatib, deputy head of the Islamic Movement's northern branch, told The Jerusalem Post the Muslim world would react harshly to the desecration.

"Someone will have to pay the price for this," Hatib said. "They have harmed all Muslim women, children and men by desecrating the word of god."

MK Ahmed Tibi claimed he had received complaints from prisoners that guards tore and stepped on three copies of the Koran while searching their cells.

"This is vulgar, primitive behavior that cannot be allowed to happen," he said, calling for a special Knesset session to discuss the affair. He said he also called Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra to complain, and that prisoners would go on a hunger strike on Wednesday to protest.

The difference between the US and Israel is that Israel is not saddled with an ACLU or a Supreme Court that gives rights to Palestinian terrorists in prison. So these terrorists can starve themselves, shit on themselves, eat their Korans - it will do them no good. And this is why Israel is so hated around the world: it does not kowtow to the Muslim terrorist line, when so many other countries either do or want to.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How the Left Has Hijacked Ground Zero in NYC

Ground Zero in New York has been taken over by the radical left...and they intend to put up memorials not to the 3,000 people who were murdered on 9/11, but to the "victims of American aggression" and other Socialist crappola. How this has happened is a sad, sad story - and it shows what happens when liberals are allowed input into anything worth more than a soiled diaper.

This is a story without a link...because it comes from the WSJ Online, and they charge for stories, so the link will be dead soon. So, we post the article in its entirety, courtesy of the WSJ:

The Great Ground Zero Heist


June 7, 2005; Page A14

On Memorial Day weekend, three Marines from the 24th Expeditionary Unit who had been wounded in Iraq were joined by 300 other service members for a wreath-laying ceremony at the empty pit of Ground Zero. The broken pieces of the Twin Towers have long ago been cleared away. There are no faded flags or hand-painted signs of national unity, no simple tokens of remembrance. So why do they come? What do they hope to see?

The World Trade Center Memorial will break ground this year. When those Marines return in 2010, the year it is scheduled to open, no doubt they will expect to see the artifacts that bring those memories to life. They'll want a vantage point that allows them to take in the sheer scope of the destruction, to see the footage and the photographs and hear the personal stories of unbearable heartbreak and unimaginable courage. They will want the memorial to take them back to who they were on that brutal September morning.

Instead, they will get a memorial that stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the yearning to return to that day. Rather than a respectful tribute to our individual and collective loss, they will get a slanted history lesson, a didactic lecture on the meaning of liberty in a post-9/11 world. They will be served up a heaping foreign policy discussion over the greater meaning of Abu Ghraib and what it portends for the country and the rest of the world.

* * *
The World Trade Center Memorial Cultural Complex will be an imposing edifice wedged in the place where the Twin Towers once stood. It will serve as the primary "gateway" to the underground area where the names of the lost are chiseled into concrete. The organizers of its principal tenant, the International Freedom Center (IFC), have stated that they intend to take us on "a journey through the history of freedom" -- but do not be fooled into thinking that their idea of freedom is the same as that of those Marines. To the IFC's organizers, it is not only history's triumphs that illuminate, but also its failures. The public will have come to see 9/11 but will be given a high-tech, multimedia tutorial about man's inhumanity to man, from Native American genocide to the lynchings and cross-burnings of the Jim Crow South, from the Third Reich's Final Solution to the Soviet gulags and beyond. This is a history all should know and learn, but dispensing it over the ashes of Ground Zero is like creating a Museum of Tolerance over the sunken graves of the USS Arizona.

The public will be confused at first, and then feel hoodwinked and betrayed. Where, they will ask, do we go to see the September 11 Memorial? The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation will have erected a building whose only connection to September 11 is a strained, intellectual one. While the IFC is getting 300,000 square feet of space to teach us how to think about liberty, the actual Memorial Center on the opposite corner of the site will get a meager 50,000 square feet to exhibit its 9/11 artifacts, all out of sight and underground. Most of the cherished objects which were salvaged from Ground Zero in those first traumatic months will never return to the site. There is simply no room. But the International Freedom Center will have ample space to present us with exhibits about Chinese dissidents and Chilean refugees. These are important subjects, but for somewhere -- anywhere -- else, not the site of the worst attack on American soil in the history of the republic.

More disturbing, the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. is handing over millions of federal dollars and the keys to that building to some of the very same people who consider the post-9/11 provisions of the Patriot Act more dangerous than the terrorists that they were enacted to apprehend -- people whose inflammatory claims of a deliberate torture policy at Guantanamo Bay are undermining this country's efforts to foster freedom elsewhere in the world.

* * *
The driving force behind the IFC is Tom Bernstein, the dynamic co-founder of the Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex who made a fortune financing Hollywood movies. But his capital ventures appear to have funded his true calling, the pro bono work he has done his entire adult life -- as an activist lawyer in the human rights movement. He has been a proud member of Human Rights First since it was founded -- as the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights -- 27 years ago, and has served as its president for the last 12.

The public has a right to know that it was Mr. Bernstein's organization, joined by the American Civil Liberties Union, that filed a lawsuit three months ago against Donald Rumsfeld on behalf of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was Human Rights First that filed an amicus brief on behalf of alleged "dirty bomber" Jose Padilla, an American citizen who the Justice Department believes is an al Qaeda recruit. It was Human Rights First that has called for a 9/11-style commission to investigate the alleged torture of detainees, complete with budget authority, subpoena power and the ability to demand that witnesses testify under oath.

In fact, the IFC's list of those who are shaping or influencing the content and programming for their Ground Zero exhibit includes a Who's Who of the human rights, Guantanamo-obsessed world:

• Michael Posner, executive director at Human Rights First who is leading the world-wide "Stop Torture Now" campaign focused entirely on the U.S. military. He has stated that Mr. Rumsfeld's refusal to resign in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal is "irresponsible and dishonorable."

• Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU, who is pushing IFC organizers for exhibits that showcase how civil liberties in this country have been curtailed since September 11.

• Eric Foner, radical-left history professor at Columbia University who, even as the bodies were being pulled out of a smoldering Ground Zero, wrote, "I'm not sure which is more frightening: the horror that engulfed New York City or the apocalyptic rhetoric emanating daily from the White House." This is the same man who participated in a "teach-in" at Columbia to protest the Iraq war, during which a colleague exhorted students with, "The only true heroes are those who find ways to defeat the U.S. military," and called for "a million Mogadishus." The IFC website has posted Mr. Foner's statement warning that future discussions should not be "overwhelmed" by the IFC's location at the World Trade Center site itself.

• George Soros, billionaire founder of Open Society Institute, the nonprofit foundation that helps fund Human Rights First and is an early contributor to the IFC. Mr. Soros has stated that the pictures of Abu Ghraib "hit us the same way as the terrorist attack itself."

While Gov. George Pataki, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and LMDC are focusing their attention on the economic revival of lower Manhattan, there has been no meaningful oversight with respect to the "cash cow of Ground Zero." Meanwhile, the Freedom Center's organizers are quickly lining up individuals, institutions and university provosts with this arrogant appeal: "The memorial to the victims will be the heart of the site, the IFC will be the brain." Indeed, they have declared the World Trade Center Memorial the perfect "magnet" for the world's "great leaders, thinkers and activists" to participate in lectures and symposiums that examine the "foundations of free and open societies." Put less grandly, these activists and academics are salivating at the prospect of holding forth on the "perfect platform" where the domestic and foreign policy they despise was born.

Less welcome to the Freedom Center are the actual beneficiaries of that policy. According to the New York Times, early renderings of the center's exhibit area created by its Norwegian architectural firm depicted a large mural of an Iraqi voter. That image was replaced by a photograph of Martin Luther King and Lyndon Johnson when the designs were made public. What does it mean that the "story of humankind's quest for freedom" doesn't include the kind that is fought for with the blood and tears of patriots? It means, I fear, that this is a freedom center which will not use the word "patriot" the way our Founding Fathers did.

* * *
The so-called lessons of September 11 should not be force-fed by ideologues hoping to use the memorial site as nothing more than a powerful visual aid to promote their agenda. Instead of exhibits and symposiums about Internationalism and Global Policy we should hear the story of the courageous young firefighter whose body, cut in half, was found with his legs entwined around the body of a woman. Recovery personnel concluded that because of their positions, the young firefighter was carrying her.

The people who visit Ground Zero in five years will come because they want to pay their respects at the place where heroes died. They will come because they want to remember what they saw that day, because they want a personal connection, to touch the place that touched them, the place that rallied the nation and changed their lives forever. I would wager that, if given a choice, they would rather walk through that dusty hanger at JFK Airport where 1,000 World Trade Center artifacts are stored than be herded through the International Freedom Center's multi-million dollar insult.

Ground Zero has been stolen, right from under our noses. How do we get it back?

Former Spanish PM Aznar to Israel: Ignore Euro-peons

The Spanish people decided following a terrorist attack on March 11, 2004, to surrender to terrorism, and threw out the anti-terror government of PM Jose Maria Aznar and install the pro-terrorist, pro-Palestinian and anti-American regime of Jose Luis Zapatero. Aznar's defeat was a defeat for freedom; Zapatero's victory was a victory for terrorism world-wide.

Now, Aznar tells the Israeli people: ignore Europe as a's policy is nothing but appeasement to terrorists:

Spain's ex-PM to Israel: Ignore Europe

Israel need not pay much attention to Europe, which is using its Middle East policy to separate itself from the US, has a tendency toward appeasement and is largely pro-Palestinian, former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar told The Jerusalem Post Monday.

"Europe likes appeasement very much; this is one of the most important differences between us and the States," Aznar said in an interview on the Bar-Ilan University campus. "Europeans don't like any problems. They prefer appeasement."

Boy, is Aznar right on track. Let us hope that the Israelis pay attention and dismiss any advice from Euro-peons in the future.

Is Sheets Tyrd in Trouble? Can the Ku Kluxer be Finished?

Regulars to Joobo know that Senator Sheets Tyrd (D-WV), a former Ku Klux Klan member who uses the n-word regularly and has of late cozied up to the mafia, is a disgusting figure who should retire as soon as possible. Now it looks like the voters of West Virginia may be ready to retire the old fart once and for all:

Byrd, Capito race too close to call

A new poll shows Sen. Robert Byrd and Rep. Shelley Moore Capito would run neck and neck in a possible campaign for the Senate seat now held by Byrd.

An RMS Strategies Poll released today reports that 46 percent of 401 registered voters in West Virginia would vote for Byrd if the election were held now.

A total of 43 percent picked Capito, R-W.Va., though she has not announced her intention to run.

A race between an 80+ year old fart and a young, vibrant woman will result in one thing: another pick-up for Republicans. Oh, what a joyous day that would be seeing Tyrd go down to defeat!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Downie Lawmaker in Ethical Trouble...Accompanied by Silence by Downies

A few weeks ago, Downtrodden National Committee chairman Howard Dean said that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay should "just go back to Texas and serve his jail term," despite the fact that DeLay has not even been indicted for any crime, much less convicted.

So, now we discover that the former Speaker of the Massachusetts State House of Representatives has been indicted for lying under oath in a probe of redistricting in his state. And where is Howard Dean to say that this man should just go straight to jail? Well, this could be because the person indicted is a Democrat.

Imagine if a leading Republican, or even the chairman of the party, said that Thomas Finneran, the former Speaker, should just go to jail. Downies and their leftist allies would demand this person's resignation, saying they were denying Finneran a fair trial.

But why can the left do it with impugnity?

Former Massachusetts House Speaker Charged in Redistricting Probe

BOSTON (AP) - Former Massachusetts House Speaker Thomas Finneran was indicted Monday on charges of lying under oath about his role in the redrawing of the state's legislative districts.
Finnerman was charged with perjury and obstruction of justice and could be sent to prison and lose his license to practice law if convicted.

Finneran, who resigned last September to head the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, was widely considered the state's most powerful politician during his eight years as speaker. He did not immediately return a call for comment.

Finneran does deserve a fair trial. But Downies would only have fair trials for other Downies - and a program of "lock them away" for others who don't follow their program of slash and burn and moral hypocrisy.

Liberal Hypocrisy Regarding the US Supreme Court

When the US Supreme Court rules the way liberals like, if someone on the right deigns to say, "I will resist the court's mandate" or "I will ignore what the Court just said," those on the left have a shit and demand that laws be followed, the Constitution is the law of the land, etc. And they would be right, because that is the law of this country and we must all follow it. So, how come when the Court rules against the left, why do liberals who don't like the decision come right out and say they will resist or refuse to recognize the court's decision? And why does no one call them on this?

Marijuana Plaintiff to Defy Court Ruling

SAN FRANCISCO -- One of the lead plaintiffs in the medical marijuana case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday says she'll defy the ruling and continue to smoke pot.

"I'm going to have to be prepared to be arrested," said Diane Monson, who smokes marijuana several times a day to relieve back pain.

The Supreme Court ruled that federal authorities may arrest and prosecute people whose doctors prescribe marijuana to ease pain, concluding that state laws don't protect users from a federal ban on the drug.

How interesting. My idea is that the Justice Department watch this woman carefully - and when she lights up, she should be arrested immediately and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Liberal hypocrisy - growing day by day, foot by foot, with no harangue from the MSM.

More from the Cuckoo Howard Dean

Downies must, right about now, be firmly regretting voting to put escaped mental patient Howard Deranged Dean as chairman of the Downtrodden National Committee. Does he raise money? No. Does he piss people off? Is he recruiting new voters to his cause? Actually, he may ticking off the mainstream of his party that he desperately needs to win anything.

So what does Dean do? Open his mouth some more, and let slip disgusting crap from it:

Edwards Undecided About Running in 2008

On Saturday, Dean continued his barrage on conservatives while visiting Montana, lambasting the Bush administration for its fiscal irresponsibility and war on terror.

He said President Bush needs to get tough on real threats to national security, nations like North Korea and Iran that claim to have nuclear weapons, rather than nations like Iraq, where no weapons of mass destruction were ever found.

"I would make the argument that America is safer when Democrats are in the White House, than when Republicans are in the White House," Dean said in a speech to Democratic supporters.

Notice how the WaPo slipped this into a story on John Downwards, 2004 Downie VP candidate.

But Dean is wrong about one thing: this country is quite safe when Republicans are in control. It is when Downies ever win, ever control any body, that Americans are in mortal danger, financially and physically.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Gerry Loves Jackie

John Edwards: Howard Dean "is not the Spokesman" for the Downtrodden Party

The Downies are starting to jockey for positions, estimating the damage that Howard Dean does day by day as chairman of the Downtrodden National Committee. Some secretly admit that Dean is a disaster as chairman, as many feared - but some are starting to come right out and say the unthinkable. A few weeks back, when Dean said that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay should "just go back to Texas and serve his jail term," extreme liberal Barney Frank, no friend of Republicans, came out and said that Dean's comments were reprehensible. So now, former Senator and former Downie VP candidate John Edwards (where did he disappear to?) has coyly intimated that Dean "is not the spokesman" for his party:

Edwards Still Undecided on '08 Presidential Bid

Edwards said he disagreed with Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean's comment Thursday that many Republicans had "never made an honest living in their lives."

Edwards said: "The chairman of the DNC is not the spokesman for the party. He's a voice. I don't agree with it."

Now, Dean is the chairman of the Downtrodden Party. He is essentially the voice of the party. If one of the leading Downies for the 2008 nomination says that the chairman of the party is not the voice of the party, then who is? Bullwinkle?

Can we all say "the Downies are now rudderless"?

Is the ACLU Shredding Documents Implicating the Group in Crimes?

The New York Times, of all papers, sics the dog on the ACLU, one of the most dangerous organizations in the United States today - the defender of killers, child molesters, terrorists, and other criminals, and hater of religion, morals, good government, and the Boy Scouts. Now it appears that this criminal group of leftist thugs is shredding documents - but what do these documents reveal? Is the ACLU committing crimes? What are they hiding?

Concerns Arise at A.C.L.U. Over Document Shredding

The American Civil Liberties Union has been shredding some documents over the repeated objections of its records manager and in conflict with its longstanding policies on the preservation and disposal of records.

The matter has fueled a dispute at the organization over internal operations, one of several such debates over the last couple of years, and has reignited questions over whether the A.C.L.U.'s own practices are as clear as its public positions.

The organization has generally advocated for strong policies on record retention and benefited from them, most recently obtaining and publicizing documents from the government about prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Imagine if some group or company that the ACLU was hounding was found to be shredding some documents - the ACLU thugs-in-power would hold a press conference and call for a criminal investigation. So how about it, state Attorneys General, US Justice Department, law enforcement about investigating the ACLU and what they are shredding?

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Blair Safely Re-elected in UK, Now Intends to Rape Britons

Tony Blair has now been re-elected to a third term in England - and now the Labour Party is about to launch a massive wave of tax increases on the British people, who are too dumb to vote Conservative, a party too dumb to call for massive tax breaks:

Satellite toll plan to make drivers pay by the mile

British motorists face paying a new charge for every mile they drive in a revolutionary scheme to be introduced within two years.

Drivers will pay according to when and how far they travel throughout the country's road network under proposals being developed by the Government.

Alistair Darling, the Secretary of State for Transport, revealed that pilot areas will be selected in just 24 months' time as he made clear his determination to press ahead with a national road pricing scheme.

Each of Britain's 24 million vehicles would be tracked by satellite if a variable "pay-as-you-drive" charge replaces the current road tax.

In an interview with The Independent on Sunday, Mr Darling warned that unless action is taken now, the country "could face gridlock" within two decades.

Official research suggests national road pricing could increase the capacity of Britain's network by as much as 40 per cent at a stroke, he said.

The rapid uptake of satellite navigational technology in cars is helping to usher in the new "pay-as-you-drive" charge much sooner than had been expected. Figures contained in a government feasibility study have suggested motorists could pay up to £1.34 for each mile they travel during peak hours on the most congested roads.

Imagine if some national leader proposed this kind of crap for American roads. Downies probably would, but the revolt against them would be so broad that they would quickly back off.

Then again, according to Howard Dean, Downies are offering "constructive alternatives" to the Republican control of all three branches of government. Here's a great "alternative" - why doesn't Dean propose something like this?

Oops...I Took a Piss on a Koran! I Defiled a Koran! We Should Just Surrender Now!

The "We defiled the Koran" story now has the anti-American left in full blather mode, as they try to find any story that confirms their worst hatred in America and the Bush administration. How much hate can leftists have? Just read the round-up of utter nonsense from the MSM on the "Koran was abused" bullshit story:

U.S.: Gitmo Quran Was Splashed With Urine

Pentagon: Koran Defiled

Holy Shit! Someone pissed on a book! The book was defiled. Can you imagine it? It is just incredible that terrorists are allowed to have books, and movies, and food, and have leftist scum worldwide claim abuse because their books were "defiled"! Is that stunning or what?

I think that because of this we should just burn the US Constitution and surrender to al-Qaeda and bin Laden, because that is exactly what the left would have us do.

Friday, June 03, 2005

How Downies Continue to Shoot Themselves in the Foot

For you loyal Jooboites, you know that Howard "Duckie" Dean, chairman of the Downtrodden National Committee, said that Republicans do not work an honest day in their lives, as if a noted crook and thief like Dean ever did. But when asked to apologize, Dean ducked - and backed up his assertion with his own delusions.

But also take a look at what he claims his party is doing:

Dean Defending Comments About Republicans

National Democratic Chairman Howard Dean was defending another of his comments Friday after telling liberal activists a lot of Republicans "have never made an honest living in their lives."

Republicans called his Thursday comment "mudslinging." Some fellow Democrats expressed reservations over his choice of words, too, before Dean amplified his comments.

"The point I was making is clear: Republican policies have declared war on hardworking Americans," Dean said Friday. "I will continue to criticize Republican leaders and their policies, and the Democratic Party will continue to offer constructive alternatives."

Downies offering "constructive alternatives"? Is blocking everything and doing nothing a "constructive alternative"?

Can we all start laughing at this nutcase now?

I am so glad that the Downies are led by this psycho. Gradually he will tick off enough of the American people that his own party will implode from lack of support.

UN: Nonexistent WMD now "Missing" From Iraq

Since 2003, Downies and their leftist allies have insisted - insisted! - that there were no WMD in Iraq before the war started in 2003 (more evidence that the left believes that Saddam was right and Bush was wrong), and that "Bush lied" to get the US into a war. Despite the CIA and other international intelligence agencies believing that WMD existed, they have not been found.

Until now, it appears:

U.N.: Weapons Equipment Missing in Iraq

UNITED NATIONS - U.N. satellite imagery experts have determined that material that could be used to make biological or chemical weapons and banned long-range missiles has been removed from 109 sites in Iraq, U.N. weapons inspectors said in a report obtained Thursday.

U.N. inspectors have been blocked from returning to Iraq since the U.S.-led war in 2003 so they have been using satellite photos to see what happened to the sites that were subject to U.N. monitoring because their equipment had both civilian and military uses.

In the report to the U.N. Security Council, acting chief weapons inspector Demetrius Perricos said he's reached no conclusions about who removed the items or where they went. He said it could have been moved elsewhere in Iraq, sold as scrap, melted down or purchased.

Now, here's my question: if there were no WMD, and no ability to make them, how can materials which can make WMD be "missing"?

Can anyone explain how the left gets away with claiming that "Bush lied about WMD" while at the same time insisting that "Bush bungled the war and allowed WMD to go missing"? Isn't that called "nonsense"?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Political Round-Up: Downies Slowly Dying, Howard Dean is an Asshole, and More of "Let's Wave Bye-Bye to Chirac!"

New to the Round-Up this week, we find that Downies are dying more and more by the week, as their silly party tries to keep the SS Titanic, also known as the Downtrodden National Committee, afloat. What makes us believe that the Downies are dying? Well, let's ask the American people...a new poll shows that middle class voters, those making less than $30,000 a year, voted in 2004 not for Downies but for Republicans:

Loss of middle class a 'crisis' for Democrats

The Democratic Party, the self-proclaimed defender of the middle class, was trounced by Republicans among those voters in the 2004 election, according to a Democratic advocacy group that says the party faces "a crisis with the middle class."

A report released yesterday by Third Way says support for Republicans begins at much lower income levels than researchers had expected: Among white voters, President Bush got a majority of support beginning at an income threshold of $23,300 -- about $5,000 above the poverty level for a family of four.

Ouch - does THAT hurt. But why is this happening? Well, when you have a party whose mainstays frown on work and make sure those who do are taxed up the ass, at the same time bemoaning forcing people off welfare so they can give an honest day's work, you can lose a lot of support.

Hey - did I say "an honest day's work"? That's funny, because Howard Dean, who should be fitted for a straitjacket, told a group of fucking lunatics, er, liberal activists, that Republicans don't make an honest living:

Dean: GOP has 'dark, difficult and dishonest' vision

Dean's comment came as he recalled conditions at crowded Ohio polling stations last fall. He wondered who could expect voters to work all day and then stand in line for eight hours to vote. "Well, Republicans, I guess, can do that because a lot of them have never made an honest living in their lives," he said, drawing some surprised "oohs" from his audience.

Well, that's not, we went to a liberal site to get a transcript of Screaming Deanie's comments - and, would you just believe it! The liberals who posted the transcript seem to have left out Dean's offending phrase. How can that be? Aren't Downies proud of what their chairman said? Well, if you read the top of the speech, you will note:

The following is excerpted from Howard Dean's June 2 speech at the Take Back America 2005 conference in Washington, D.C. This transcript has been edited for clarity.

How interesting! They edited it for "clarity"! That means in liberalspeak, "We realize that Dean's comments did not go down well, but if we post the speech without those words perhaps people will believe that they weren't truly said." Sort of like Stalin's erasing Communist Party members from photos after they had been shot, or Big Brother from 1984 making sure the news reflected his reality and not true reality.

To sum up...The DNC now stands for "Donations Not Coming." But what is truly wrong with the Downies is that they are a bunch of bitter, sickening old leftists who hate America and all that it stands for - and as they continue allowing a small minority of leftist losers to run their party, their party will get smaller and smaller...and it will lead to more control by leftist losers, after which it will get smaller yet. It is the first true step in the downward spiral of a political party. Just look at what happened, for instance, to the Whig Party and the American (Nativist) Party. It is like history repeating itself.

Alas, for our final story, we find that disgusting anti-American slimebag and French douchebag Jackie Chirac is in what we like to call "total collapse," as his popularity continues to go down, down, down, along with his IQ:

Chirac Popularity Plunges to Record Low, Poll Shows

June 2 (Bloomberg) -- President Jacques Chirac's popularity plunged to a record low following the May 29 defeat of the European Union constitution in a national referendum, a TNS-Sofres poll showed.

Chirac's approval rating fell 8 points to 24 percent this month, according to a survey of 1,000 French people conducted from May 30-31 for Le Figaro Magazine. No margin of error was given. That's the lowest since TNS-Sofres started surveying voters in 1979 under President Valery Giscard d'Estaing.

Chirac suffered his third electoral defeat in 14 months when voters rejected the EU treaty. The failure of Chirac to tackle a jobless rate of 10.2 percent, the highest since December 1999 contributed to voters' rejection of the treaty.

Liberals in America like to say that President Bush's approval ratings are low - but his are more than 20 points ahead of Chirac. How many of the disgusting international left will point out Jackie's low ratings? Wanna bet that none will?

How to Get Proper Medical Care in Canada: Commit Mass Murder

Here is why socialized medicine does not, and never will, work. James Stanson, a Canadian, needed a heart operation. Because in Canada you have to wait years to get any kind of medical care under their ridiculous system, he concluded that to save his own life he needed to commit a crime and be sent to prison - where he would get his treatment faster. Are you following this? Because only in a place where socialism runs medical care can something like this happen.

N.B. man who concocted killing spree story gets three year jail sentence

TORONTO (CP) - A New Brunswick man who told police that a friendly dog scuttled his plan for a bloody shooting rampage was sentenced Wednesday to a three-year prison term after admitting it was all a ploy to get life-saving surgery while in jail.

Ontario Court Justice Brent Knazan described James Stanson as a "manipulative, duplicitous, entitled con-man" who headed to east Toronto last June "to hatch a plan that would lead to his detention (and) the medical treatment he needed."

What is so hilarious about this sickening story is that while waiting for a trial, Stanson got his heart operation in prison.

Imagine having a government system force people to commit crimes to get care. Now THAT is the result of socialist thinking.

British Moron Still at It Four Years Later

When is a moron a total and complete moron? When he protests something and the thing he protests ends - and yet he keeps protesting.

Brian Haw, a British doofus, set up a camp across from Westminster, the British Parliament, in 2001 to protest sanctions against Iraq because they harmed Iraqis. And while Haw was correct that these sanctions harmed the Iraqi people and not Saddam Hussein's murdering regime, nonetheless they had to be kept until Saddam was taken out.

Fast forward to 2003...and now the US and the UK among other nations invade Iraq. Saddam's regime is overthrown, and the UN ultimately removes sanctions.

So how come Haw is still protesting? Could it be that he is not against sanctions against the Iraqi people, but because he is just another Saddam Hussein supporter?

Iraq protester clocks up four hellish years on Blair's doorstep

LONDON (AFP) - It's been exactly four years since Brian Haw set up his ramshackle peace camp in the little park across the street from the Houses of Parliament in London, and he says he's hated every single minute of it.

Each day, since June 2, 2001, the father of seven has gained what little sleep he could, with Big Ben as his alarm clock, surrounded by protest signs and horrific images of war.

Moved by the plight of children suffering under UN economic sanctions on Iraq, Haw swapped his family life for a few blankets and the constant buzz of traffic around Parliament Square.

Just a word on his support for Tony Blair, who removed Saddam, the cause of the sanctions:

Nearby Downing Street makes Prime Minister Tony Blair one of his nearest neighbours, but Haw is not expecting a visit from the man he despises for leading Britain into conflict in Iraq.

Ah, so. Haw is just another leftist imbecile who pines for Saddam, and was mad that the world punished Saddam. And now he is sad that he gave up four years of his worthless life to protest. Boo fucking hoo.

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