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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Euro-Peon Round-Up: Al Gore Tactics in Paris, The Return of Retard, and the End of Schroederism in Germany

Good news continues across Europe - the French voted down the (read: bloated) EU Constitution, Germany appears ready to throw the pro-Saddam and anti-American scumbag Gerhard Schroeder out of office, and his probable successor - a woman from eastern Germany - is pro-American and backs the war in Iraq.

First up, however, is a story how Jackie Chirac tried to imitate the Downies in the US and Al Gore, by keeping open poll stations until he gets the result he desires:


In a tactic reminiscent of alleged fraud in St. Louis, Mo. during the 2000 election, Chirac and his advisers held open the polls in Paris for two hours beyond the 8 p.m. closing time, hoping for a last-minute pool of support that would put them over the top.

Before those last-minute votes were counted, the French Interior Ministry tally showed the "No" vote winning a staggering 57 percent. The final count, released later, brought the nationwide rejection down to 54.87 percent, a respectable landslide.

With the EU Constitution defeat, Jackie Chirac threw out his unpopular PM, Jean-Paul Raffarin, and replaced him with the even-more unpopular and anti-American lowlife liar Dominique de Villepin...whose selection caused the Euro to drop in value against the dollar. Can we all say "Chirac is finished"?

Chirac turns to a crony

On Sunday the people spoke. Jacques Chirac said he would respond to their message. And yesterday he appointed Dominique de Villepin prime minister.

It is a measure of the president's weakness following the constitutional referendum that he should have turned not to a new face with an independent political standing but to a crony, and an unelected one at that. A career diplomat, Mr de Villepin became secretary general of the presidency after Mr Chirac first entered the Élysée in 1995. In 2002 he was appointed foreign minister and led opposition at the United Nations to the allied invasion of Iraq. As interior minister since March 2004, he has made combating radical Islam a priority.

Mr de Villepin undoubtedly has the confidence of the president, who is said to regard his protégé almost as a family member. He is able and experienced in the exercise of power. But his promotion is a sadly inadequate response to the tidal wave that swept over the French political elite on Sunday. Mr de Villepin merely promises more of the same thing or, even worse, retrenchment behind protectionist barriers, Mr Chirac's response, following the referendum, to what he called the "worries" and "expectations" of the electorate.

Third...we turn to Germany, and the big question: just who is Andrea Merkel? She is the candidate nominated by the Social Democrats to be their candidate for Chancellor in the German elections in July - and it appears more and more likely each day that Gerhard Schroeder will be the next anti-American piece of garbage to be forced out of office:

Merkel Nominated as Schroeder's Challenger

Conservative Angela Merkel launched her bid to oust Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder with a promise today to tackle Germany’s high jobless rate by giving companies more flexibility in firing people and setting hours – but without dismantling the traditional welfare state.

The 50-year-old former chemistry researcher accepted the nomination for the September election to loud applause at her party’s glass-encased headquarters in central Berlin. If elected, she would be the country’s first female chancellor.

At one time, Merkel was a Communist, but now has moved to the right, and will run as a Conservative. But it is the words from this woman that will give solace to those who love and support America, and give pause to those who, like Chirac and Schroeder, have done their best to thwart America and support it's enemies:

German 'chancellor-in-waiting' was award-winning Communist

Her dour childhood as a reluctant Communist sheds new light on why, unlike Mr Schröder, Mrs Merkel backed the US-led invasion of Iraq. "I know what it is when you don't have freedom," she said recently. "In the West, freedom is taken for granted. Fighting for it is not as necessary as it was for us."

The loss of the EU vote means the end for Chirac is coming. With Schroeder's defeat in Germany, this will mean that two pro-Saddam and anti-American Euro-peons will bite the dust. In the meantime, pro-American leaders Tony Blair in the UK and John Howard in Australia have been re-elected. What message is there? Who knows...but at least those who love America - except for hating leftists world-wide - can cheer that Chirac and Schroeder will be out of office, and out of mind.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Harry Reid: Lying, Cheating Scumbag

It is not hard to see why Really in the Minority Harry Reid (D-Gasbag) is REALLY in the Minority - he is one of the biggest liars in Washington, D.C., today.

Reid had nothing to do with the recent "compromise" which ended the goal of Republicans to invoke the constitutional rule change to end judicial filibusters by Downies. Reid then promised Majority Leader Bill Frist that he would get Downies to vote for cloture so there could be a vote on John Bolton for US Ambassador to the UN - then lied and not only didn't get the votes for it but voted against cloture himself. So now Reid is working behind the scenes to bring filibusters against more of President Bush's judicial nominees - and he is getting the signers of the "compromise" to help him with his devious plans:

Judicial Nominees Compromise Was Hard-Won

WASHINGTON - The signatures of 14 Senate centrists, seven from each party, spilled across the last page of a hard-won compromise on President Bush's judicial nominees. But whatever elation the negotiators felt, the Senate's Democratic leader did not share it.

In the privacy of his Capitol office last Monday night, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., asked for commitments from six Democrats fresh from the talks. Would they pledge to support filibusters against Brett Kavanaugh and William Haynes, two nominees not specifically covered by the pact with Republicans?

Some of the Democrats agreed. At least one, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, declined.

Details of Reid's attempt to kill the two nominations within minutes of the agreement, as well as other events during this tumultuous time, were obtained by The Associated Press in interviews with senators and aides in both parties. They spoke on condition of anonymity, citing confidentiality pledges.

So now Reid is doing just what his party promised NOT to do - block judicial nominees.

Senator Frist needs to corral Reid and tell him the following: There was a deal, you moron. If I bring these nominees up, and your ridiculous party breaks the deal and invokes a filibuster, then the Republicans break the deal and we bring up the constitutional option.

Have a good time, Loser Harry.

On this Memorial Day, Let Us Remember Those Who Put Their Lives on the Line to Keep Us All Free: Brave American Soldiers, Marines, Air Force, and Other Servicemembers

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Northwest Airlines: Major Rip-Off in the Sky

Joobo has flown Northwest Airlines, so he knows what a lousy stinking airline it is - and it is no wonder that they have record losses each year. (Then again, the rest of the airlines in the United States and overseas suck as well - they rape customers, treat them like cattle, charge them ridiculous prices for seats, and lie to their faces, and they are shocked when the numbers of people who fly continues to go down and down.) Northwest Airlines has removed pillows to save money; now instead of serving crappy airline food for free they offer crappy box meals for $3 (and it includes nothing more than small portions of pretzels and crackers for that), and they have no plug-ins on their (antiquated) planes to plug in a computer. Oh, and they have some of the nastiest flight attendants in the business today. So when we hear of this kind of story, we are not surprised. Of course, we normally post this over at our other blog, The Airlines Stink! (we tried to call it "The Airlines Suck," but we couldn't get that spot), but we thought this is a more intense problem and needs to be discussed further:

Northwest Airlines ends free pretzels

MINNEAPOLIS -- In the latest cost-cutting move by a struggling airline carrier, Northwest Airlines Corp. is nixing pretzels on its domestic flights, months after it stopped serving free meals.

Beginning June 9, coach passengers who want anything other than soda will have to pay for it. They can get a 3-ounce bag of trail mix for $1. Northwest Airlines Corp. spokesman Kurt Ebenhoch said yesterday the airline has no immediate plans to stop offering soda for free.

Ebenhoch said pulling the free pretzels should save $2 million a year. Northwest, the nation's fourth-largest airline, lost $458 million in the last quarter alone. Northwest operates more than 1,500 flights per day in North America and another 100 per day overseas.

How about we as Americans demand that if these crummy airlines (US and international) want our business, they are going to give us some things we think we deserve. If you want to treat us like cattle, make us sit in hot airplanes next to smelly people for hours on end to go from one city to another, I think handing out some free bags of freakin' pretzels is a minimum we should have.

Send your thoughts to Northwest: We boycott your stinking airline until you try to make flying pleasant. Don't want to? Then we give our business to other carriers and Northwest can go under, so to speak.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Religion of Hate and ViolenceTM Round-Up: Checking Out More Violence From the World of Islam

The more you read about how Muslims conduct themselves, the more you understand why the war on terrorism is truly a war on Islam - and radical Islam IS Islam. So, for your entertainment, we cover more stories from the world of the Cult of Death:

Bomb kills at least 20 at Pakistan shrine

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) — An apparent suicide bomb detonated Friday as hundreds of Shiite Muslims recited verses from the Koran during a religious festival at a shrine near Pakistan's capital, killing at least 20 people and wounding dozens, witnesses said.

After the blast, hundreds of Shiite pilgrims, beating their chests in mourning, clashed with baton-wielding police, who charged the crowd to clear the way for ambulances. Some of the Shiite protesters chanted, "Down with America!"

There you go - Muslims blow up Muslims, and the stupid retards yell "Down with America!" Could these people get any dumber?

But, back to more hilarity. The story about the "flushed Koran" caused Muslims worldwide to riot (some story about Howdy Doody not being forced to convert to Islam would well have caused the same outrage), but Newsweak retracted the story with a hardy "Sorry our story was a lie! Thanks for not killing us!" But the rest of the MSM here in the US and around the world want to play CYA time and make sure the story is tagged with "maybe THAT story was false, but the story overall that the Koran was abused is true."

The Pentagon announces that it questioned one of the terrorist scum at Guantanamo Bay who alleged that someone flushed his Koran down a toilet. The "detainee" retracted his story, saying he had no proof that it happened. Well, this means the story is dead, right? Not to the liberal media! Check out how The Washington Post - owners, by the way, of Newsweak - report on the retraction of the story:

Pentagon Confirms Koran Incidents

Pentagon officials said yesterday that investigators have identified five incidents of military guards and an interrogator "mishandling" the Koran at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but characterized the episodes as minor and said most occurred before specific rules on the treatment of Muslim holy items were issued.

OH MY GOD - They "mishandled" a book. But, how did they do this? Did they throw it down? Did they take a crap on a copy?

He said most of the 13 cases involved accidental or inadvertent touching of the Koran by guards and interrogators -- such as someone bumping into the holy book, or one case in which an interrogator stacked two Korans on a television set.

HOLY SHIT! They stacked two Korans! They bumped into one! What tragedy of tragedy could happen next to a book?

This is why no one with an IQ over 10 takes the American media seriously any more. This is a prime example.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Sick International Left Brands the US as the "Worst" Human Rights Offender

If you think that this is a joke, you are rudely mistaken. Amnesty International, the far-far-far-far left organization of pro-North Korean and pro-Cuban socialist scum had the utter gall to say that the worst human rights offender in the world is the United States - not Cuba, not North Korea, not Iran, but the US. And why? Because the US refuses to listen to the lowlife international left and cave in to world terrorism. According to AI, if the US would only make nice with the mass murderers of 9/11 and the rest of the Islamic terror structure, things would work out just fine. Of course, the US would not exist any more (and by extension, Israel, which would suit the anti-Semitic left just fine), but as long as the terrorists are treated well, then AI is fine with it.

Amnesty International Takes Aim at U.S.

LONDON - Amnesty International branded the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay a human rights failure Wednesday, calling it "the gulag of our time" as it released a report that offers stinging criticism of the United States and its detention centers around the world.

The 308-page report accused the United States of shirking its responsibility to set the bar for human rights protections and said Washington has instead created a new lexicon for abuse and torture. Amnesty International called for the camp to be closed.

"Attempts to dilute the absolute ban on torture through new policies and quasi-management speak, such as 'environmental manipulation, stress positions and sensory manipulation,' was one of the most damaging assaults on global values," the annual report said.

Some 540 prisoners from about 40 countries are being held at the U.S. detention center in Cuba. More than 200 others have been released, though some have been jailed in their countries; many have been held for three years without charge.

"Guantanamo has become the gulag of our time," Amnesty Secretary General Irene Khan said.

Amnesty International is one of the most morally and intellectually bankrupt organizations in the world. Any group which says that it stands for the rights of terrorists is no group - they are terrorists themselves. And as terrorists, they should be treated as such.

President Bush or the Department of Justice should issue arrest warrants for any AI leader who steps foot on American soil as collaborators with terrorism. It is as simple as that.

The Sickness of Islam: How a Perverted Cult is Spreading Polio to the Entire World

As we have said on here, Islam and its backward followers are about 500-1000 years behind the rest of civilization - and going backwards, not forwards, unless you count places like Iraq and Afghanistan, which are being taken kicking and screaming into the present.

But alas we find a story that is so sick, so perverted, that it should once and for all expose Islam for its disgusting backwardness: How Islam is Spreading Polio:

Conspiracy theory keeps polio alive...

A worldwide campaign begun in 1988 to eradicate polio was on the verge of success when, early in 2003, a conspiracy theory took hold of the Muslim population in northern Nigeria. That conspiracy theory has singlehandedly returned polio to epidemic proportions.

The theory's source seems to be one Ibrahim Datti Ahmed, 68, a physician and president of Nigeria's Supreme Council for Shari'a Law. Ahmed, an Islamist, accuses Americans of lacing the polio vaccine with an anti-fertility agent that sterilizes children (or, in an alternate theory, infects them with AIDS) and considers them, according to John Murphy of The Baltimore Sun, "the worst criminals on Earth... Even Hitler was not as evil as that."

This fear of polio vaccines caught on, explains a doctor with the World Health Organization, because of the war in Iraq. "If America is fighting people in the Middle East," goes the Islamist logic, "the conclusion is that they are fighting Muslims."

Local imams repeated and spread the sterilization theory, which won wide acceptance despite vocal assurances to the contrary from the WHO, the Nigerian government and many Nigerian doctors and scientists.

Ibrahim Shekarau, governor of Kano, one of the three Nigerian states that refused the polio vaccine, justified the decision not to vaccinate on the grounds that "it is a lesser of two evils to sacrifice two, three, four, five, even 10 children [to polio] than allow hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of girl-children likely to be rendered infertile."

The Baltimore Sun offers the example of a young Nigerian mother who rejected polio vaccine for her child. The child did get polio, and the mother was asked if she regretted her decision. Unhesitatingly, she replied, "No, I would do the same [again]." Villagers saw the vaccination program as a threat and on occasion "chased, threatened and assaulted vaccinators. Frustrated, some vaccination teams dumped thousands of doses of the vaccine rather than face angry villagers."

The unfortunate problem with this is that polio will soon spread to the rest of the world, threatening the health care systems of many modern nations.

The next time some Imam or other Islamic terrorist says that their culture is superior, remember this story, and realize that Islam is the undoing of civilization and does not benefit it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Italian Judge To Try Writer for "Defaming Islam"

Imagine if in the United States a writer wrote a book exposing Islam for the sick, perverted and demented cult that it is. Of course, that writer would be castigated, investigated, and threatened by the "Followers of the Religion of Peace" (ha ha) until he apologized or was dead. However, no one - especially law enforcement - would do anything to stop them. In Italy, however, allegedly a "free" and "civilized" country, this is different. Now we have a case where a writer wrote such a book, and now a judge has ordered that she stand trial for "defaming Islam."

Fallaci charged in Italy with defaming Islam

ROME (Reuters) - A judge has ordered best-selling writer and journalist Oriana Fallaci to stand trial in her native Italy on charges she defamed Islam in a recent book.

The decision angered Italy's justice minister but delighted Muslim activists, who accused Fallaci of inciting religious hatred in her 2004 work "La Forza della Ragione" (The Force of Reason).

Fallaci lives in New York and has regularly provoked the wrath of Muslims with her outspoken criticism of Islam following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on U.S. cities.

In "La Forza della Ragione," Fallaci wrote that terrorists had killed 6,000 people over the past 20 years in the name of the Koran and said the Islamic faith "sows hatred in the place of love and slavery in the place of freedom."

State prosecutors originally dismissed accusations of defamation from an Italian Muslim organization, and said Fallaci should not stand trial because she was merely exercising her right to freedom of speech.

But a preliminary judge in the northern Italian city of Bergamo, Armando Grasso, rejected the prosecutors advice at a hearing on Tuesday and said Fallaci should be indicted.

Grasso's ruling homed in on 18 sentences in the book, saying some of Fallaci's words were "without doubt offensive to Islam and to those who practice that religious faith."

To Armando Grasso and his ilk we say: Fuck you, scumbag.

Islam is a dirty, filthy, gutter cult run by thugs, losers, mass murderers, child killers, and disgusting losers.

Now, Armando Grasso, try us, too, for "defaming Islam."

The Boston Globe: "Bush and Frist Got What They Wanted"

Joobo has not commented at the growing crisis over the Downies and their blocking tactics regarding President Bush's judicial nominees, because up until now Republicans in the Senate were spineless and refused to put an end to it. We're here to point out what lowlife scum Downies and liberals are, so pointing out Republican silliness would do us no good. But now that the "deal" has been made to avoid a "constitutional crisis" (a crisis caused by the majority party changing the rules, which the Constitution allows them to do), we have time to comment on it.

While many on the right feel betrayed, a close look at the "deal" shows that Downies have sealed themselves into a corner - they allowed votes on the three judicial candidates whom they most despised, and at the same time the "constitutional option" remains on the table while the Downies promise only to filibuster only in "extraordinary circumstances," whatever the hell that means.

So imagine Joobo's hilarity and snickerdy when he reads the following angst from liberals at The Boston Globe (soon to suffer some layoffs because their parent company, The New York Times, is dropping in circulation rather rapidly):

Bush and Frist got what they wanted

THE WASHINGTON press corps loves the conceit that polarization is what ails American politics and that bipartisan moderation will save the day. The high drama of the ''nuclear option" averted by brave moderates from both parties fits the script perfectly.

In the conventional account, Republican leader Bill Frist, tired of court nominees being denied a floor vote by obstructionist Democrats, threatened to scrap the filibuster rule. Just hours before this nuclear option was to be exercised, 14 moderates of both parties, after marathon negotiations, heroically fashioned a compromise in which just three controversial nominees get a floor vote, and the filibuster is preserved.

Several press accounts had Frist isolated and humiliated, and right-wing groups furious. The only problem is that this happy spin is almost totally wrong. Consider what actually happened.

By threatening what amounted to a parliamentary coup d'etat, Frist got nearly everything he wanted. A rules change requires a two-thirds vote. Frist's ''nuclear option" would have had the leadership rule from the chair that the filibuster can be scrapped for judicial nominees; then a simple majority of 51 senators would have upheld the parliamentary ruling. End of filibuster.

Faced with bad publicity for this show of crude force, several Republicans looked for a face-saver that would still preserve the substantive result -- confirmation of extremist nominees. They and Frist won. This was no mutiny against the Senate leader; it was merely a change of tactic.

What does the vaunted compromise actually do? First, it guarantees an up-or-down floor vote on three of the most reactionary judges ever to come before the Senate: Janice Rogers Brown, William Pryor, and Priscilla Owen. It was Democratic resistance to these appellate nominees that caused Frist to go nuclear in the first place. He and George W. Bush won. The three judges are now likely to be confirmed, and other extremist nominees will keep coming.

Second, the deal commits the GOP to relent on the plan to scrap the filibuster, but only for now. Frist is free to revive the nuclear option any time he likes, say, when the first Bush nominee to the Supreme Court comes before the Senate. Frist can hold this threat over the heads of Democrats, who are committed to minimize the use of filibusters.

Robert Kuttner is one of the most sickeningly liberal writers on a sickeningly liberal newspaper, so listening him to him rank out Bush and Frist and Bush's judicial nominees is no big deal. But reading his agony over how bad this deal is for Downies is hilarious, to say the least.


May 25, 1977: President Jimmy Carter sends one of his first pieces of legislation to the US Congress: an effort to make the peanut the National Bird. Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill calls it "one of the most important bills to hit my desk" but screams in horror after an aide eats the peanut accompanying the bill. In the US Senate, Senator Ted Kennedy tries to filibuster a Republican bill to make the first Tuesday in October "Remember Victims of Drowning" Day.

Please stay tuned for our next installment of: THIS DATE IN DOWNTRODDEN PARTY HISTORY!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More Disgusting Liberal Bias from the MSM

If you read The New York Times long enough, you will get a slanted view of the world that is just a bit to the right of, say, some newspaper in Havana, Cuba, or Pyongyang, North Korea. The Times, once America's preeminent news organ, has become a sloppy propaganda sheet for the far, far left - and it regularly posts utter nonsense or stories made out of whole cloth.

Then again, The Times also gives half the story - especially if the story in any way makes President Bush look good. Once again, this is demonstrated in the story appearing in Tuesday's on-line edition "trumpeting" the US House vote to allow embryonic stem cell research. The House voted for it, says the Times, dealing a blow to President Bush, who has pledged to veto the bill. So, you ask, what's the big deal? Well, the big deal is that the vote in the House falls far, far short of the votes needed to override Bush's veto. So, in effect, the bill is dead. Did the Times mention that? Well, it did...but in a sly way:

House Votes to Reverse Ban on Funding for Stem Cell Research

WASHINGTON, May 24 - The House of Representatives voted today to ease restrictions on federal financing for embryonic stem cell research, thus setting up a showdown with President Bush, who has vowed to veto the measure because he says it would promote destruction of life.

The 238-to-194 vote in favor, far short of the 290 needed to override a presidential veto, sends the issue to the Senate, where an identical measure is pending. Stem cell research has considerable support in the Senate as well. Its chief sponsor is Senator Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, who heads the Senate subcommittee that controls federal financing for medical research.

Fifty House Republicans broke with President Bush to vote with 187 Democrats and the chamber's sole independent, Bernard Sanders of Vermont, in favor of the bill. Fourteen Democrats joined 180 Republicans in voting against it. The House's action, and the likelihood of approval in the Senate as well, sets the stage for the first veto to be cast by President Bush, who reiterated his opposition this afternoon to the current legislation.

It doesn't really matter who voted for this crap or why - what matters is that this bill does not have enough votes to override a veto, so it is dead, dead, dead.

The Times neglects to mention that part.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Nationalized Healthcare's Great Failure: A British Boy Dies for Socialism

Everyone knows that socialized medicine does not work - except brain dead liberals who have been lobotomized and want everyone to have a similar operation. So of course it is not surprising to hear this story - how the NHS, the National Health Service here in the UK, killed a young boy.

Boy dies after cash-strapped Great Ormond St cancels op

A nine-year-old boy has died after an operation to treat his severe epilepsy was cancelled because Britain's top children's hospital had run out of money.

Peter Buckle, from Evenwood, in County Durham, had a massive seizure and died last Monday. He had been waiting to undergo surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London.

The brain operation which might have saved his life had been cancelled twice. The first time, on March 15, Great Ormond Street cut back its operation lists after finding that it had treated more children than its budget allowed for. The operation was rescheduled for April 22, but cancelled three days beforehand when a ward was closed after staff contracted a viral infection. It had since been rescheduled for June 10.

Peter's mother, Judith, 42, said: "We will never know if the operation would have saved him - that is the most awful thing about this. I was very bitter, just like any mother would be, but it has been a long road. We are devastated. But that's life, isn't it?"

Imagine for a moment the devastation wrought on America if the Clinton Health Disaster had been passed. It is too gruesome a thought to contemplate.

Howard "Ducky" Dean: Osama bin Laden Not Connected to 9/11 Terror Attacks

Yep, you heard it here first: according to Downie National Committee Chairman Howard "AAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!" Dean, Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11 - and Dean said that the 9/11 Commission proved this.

In short, Howard Dean said that the moon is made of green cheese, and Neil Armstrong said as much when he landed in 1969.

Meet The Press: Transcript for May 22

MR. RUSSERT: Well, you said there were weapons of mass destruction.

DR. DEAN: I said I wasn't sure, but I said I thought there probably were. But the thing that really bothered me the most, which the 9-11 Commission said also wasn't true, is the insinuation that the president continues to make to this day that Osama bin Laden had something to do with supporting terrorists that attacked the United States. That is false. The 9-11 Commission, chaired by a Republican, said it was false. Is it wrong to send people to war without telling them the truth. And the truth was Osama bin Laden was a very bad person who was doing terrible things, but that Iraq was never a threat to the United States. That was the truth. It was underlined by the 9-11 Commission, headed, again, by a Republican, a well-respected group of people. I don't think you send American men and women to war, first of all without properly equipping them, and secondly without telling the truth to their parents about why it is we're asking them to make that sacrifice. So those are the kinds of things that I think are very bad about the Republicans.

I have yet to see one news or media outlet play this portion of MTP, showing Howard Dean to be a fucking lunatic. Then again, most of the news media in this country backed Howard Dean for President. Imagine if that nightmare had come true!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

King County (Seattle) Elections Supervisor Admits to Vote Fraud

The story in Washington State is that Downie Christine Gregoire, aided and abetted by Downtrodden officials, helped to engineer fraud and win an election that she plainly lost. That is a crime, and starting on May 23 the courts will hear the shocking details behind it. Now, an election official in King County admits that there was fraud in the balloting last November, and that she lied under oath when first questioned about it:

Election manager linked to false report

King County's absentee-ballot supervisor has testified that she collaborated with her boss when she filled out a report that falsely showed all ballots were accounted for in the November election.

Nicole Way said in a deposition Friday that she and assistant elections superintendent Garth Fell agreed to the misleading report because officials didn't know how many absentee ballots were returned by voters.

Way is the first employee to link an upper-level manager with a practice that failed to meet state ballot-auditing regulations.

The regulations require counties to reconcile the number of absentee ballots returned by voters with the number of ballots accepted or rejected. Way's report showed perfect reconciliation because it simply added the number accepted and rejected to calculate ballots returned.

Elections officials now acknowledge that dozens of absentee ballots were misplaced and the votes not tabulated during the November election. The ballots were never counted as accepted or rejected.

She said elections director Dean Logan and elections superintendent Bill Huennekens were aware that a newly installed computer was unable to give a precise count of ballots returned, but she did not suggest that they knew how the Mail Ballot Report was prepared.

We can only hope that the judge listening to Republican Dino Rossi's lawsuit takes the honest road and throws last November's election out, and orders a new one for July. Gregoire, in office now (and lying and raising taxes as Downies usually do), is doing damage each day she holds an office she plainly stole.

Leftist Icon was...Dare we Say it...a Racist and Homophobe?

The Left, sick as it is, holds up the image of Chilean President and Marxist Psycho Salvador Allende Gossens as the paragon of virtue, after he blew his brains out with a pea shooter during the 1973 coup which brought General Augusto Pinochet to power. The Left calls Allende a "victim of imperialism" and "a victim of the radical right" and some such other nonsense.

So imagine the incredible quiet from The Left when it is exposed that Allende was a racist, a homophobe (yep, he hated buttfuckers, too), and an advocate for killing the poor:

Was Salvador Allende a Racist?

A new book on Chilean President Salvador Allende is causing a stir by suggesting that the now-legendary icon of the left -- who killed himself during a 1973 putsch -- was both racist and anti-Semitic. His family and loyalists insist the book's author is committing a "gigantic fraud of history."

The medical department's library at the university in Santiago de Chile is a spooky place. Located behind the reading room, a tiny elevator leads through several deserted floors. Tucked between shelves -- packed with yellowed anatomy booklets and an x-ray machine that looks like it could be from the Stone Age -- is a glass cabinet holding bottles of liquid. But of what sort? Impossible to say.

Next to this poison cabinet, there's a door, secured with a padlock. Stored there is a yellowed and tattered book collection, which contains the 1933 dissertation of the medical doctor and future president of Chile Salvador Allende Gossens. The work is "public and open to everyone."

But apparently the scientist Victor Farias, 65, was the first person ever to closely read the dissertation. In his newly published book, Farias claims that Allende, known as an icon of the left in South America and Europe, was actually quite different than the legend. The proof, Farias writes, is all right here, in Allende's own dissertation. The scientist says the dissertation exposes Allende as a racist and anti-Semite, and as a proponent of eugenics and forced sterilizations.

How that must hurt. Next we will hear that Che Guevara diddled little children and Kim Jong-Il builds nuclear weapons for fun.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Joobo Writes to Pepsi - And Gets a Ton of Bullshit

As you readers of Joobo heard yesterday, I am helping to launch a nationwide boycott of all Pepsi products after their (read: disgusting) CFO, Indra Nooyi, used her middle finger to signify the United States. This is the letter I sent to Pepsi's board of directors:

To whom it may concern,

Indra Nooyi has disrespected the United States. We expect that kind of shit from people overseas, not people who run multi-billion dollar American companies.

I am a frequent user of products from Pepsi and its associated products, but from this moment I will boycott ALL of your company's products until Ms. Nooyi is fired or relieved of her duties from the company.

I am sending copies of this message to all my friends and family, and will ask that they, too, initiate a boycott of your company until Ms. Nooyi is fired.


Simon Lazarus,
Miami, Florida

Well, Pepsi must realize that the shit is hitting the fan, because within 24 hours (which for companies the size of Pepsi means lightspeed times 100,000) I received back the following horse manure-smelling message:

Dear Mr. Lazarus,

Thank you for contacting us about Indra Nooyi’s recent commencement speech at Columbia University, which has created a difficult situation.

Please know how sorry we are for disappointing you – and how much we appreciate your input. Feedback such as yours has been shared directly with Indra, and she clearly regrets this unfortunate episode. With that in mind, Indra has asked us to share this statement with you:

"Following my remarks to the graduating class of Columbia University's Business School in New York City, I have come to realize that my words and examples about America unintentionally depicted our country negatively and hurt people.

I appreciate the honest comments that have been shared with me since then, and am deeply sorry for offending anyone. I love America unshakably -- without hesitation -- and am extremely grateful for the opportunities and support our great nation has always provided me.

"Over the years I've witnessed and advised others how a thoughtless gesture or comment can hurt good, caring people. Regrettably, I've proven my own point. Please accept my sincere apologies."

-- Indra Nooyi

Thanks once more for taking the time to contact us here at PepsiCo. We truly value your very conscientious point of view, and promise to work just as diligently at regaining your trust and confidence.



Here is what I say to Pepsi: Fuck you, folks. When people on the right screw up and say ridiculous things, they are forced to resign. So it should be no less of a punishment for dimwits on the left, especially American-hating bitches like this one, to suffer the same fate.

E-mail Pepsi if they send this crap and tell them: Sorry, apology not accepted. Tell Ms. Nooyi that she must resign or the boycott of Pepsi grows exponentially.

Do it today - make the sick left in America feel the wrath of American public opinion that their disgusting comments are unwelcome in this country, especially in a time of war.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Boycott Pepsi!

PepsiCo's President, an Indian named Indra Nooyi, gave a speech at Columbia University's Business School last week, and raised a middle finger to America. This is the country that gave this unrepentent loser a home when India didn't want her, and this is how she feels about us?

Here's what you need to do: E-mail Pepsi's Board of Directors and tell them that YOU WILL BOYCOTT PEPSI PRODUCTS UNTIL THIS BITCH IS FIRED. END OF STORY.

We have had enough of leftist scum disrespecting America. It is time to fight back against these losers.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Joobo Told You So

Poll Shows Most Muslims are Extremely Stupid

If you poll Euro-peons, you will find that overall they are rather stupid people. However, if you poll Muslims, particularly in the Middle East (where they riot and get shot and killed because someone may have tossed a Koran into a toilet), you will find that as a whole they are even dumber and even dimmer than your stupidest Euro-peon.

How do we know? Well, this latest poll shows just how stupid Islam makes people:

Report: Muslim World Largely Anti-American

NEW YORK - Anti-American feelings are widespread in the Muslim world and extend to U.S. consumer brands, according to a report released Wednesday. It suggested the U.S. burnish its image with a change in tone and by publicizing aid programs.

Now let's check out some of the poll numbers:

Anti-Semitic stereotypes also were noted. Focus group members saw the United States and Israel as synonymous and estimated the proportion of Jews in the U.S. population at up to 85 percent; it is 2 percent.


"Most Egyptians and Indonesians put U.S. support for their countries over 10 years in millions; the correct figures were $7.3 billion and $1 billion, respectively," the authors said.

Muslims: Dumb fucking imbeciles and getting dumber by the second.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Danish Asshole Knocks America

Okay, so Joobo was wrong earlier this week to say that perhaps Euro-peons are not least we did find another smelly, stinky, fucked-up Peon who exudes disgusting leftwingsickness at every stop. A "filmmaker" (who pays this schmuck to make films?) from Norway says he is being "attacked" by America and is attacking back by making anti-American films:

American way of life attacked in films at Cannes

CANNES, France (Reuters) - The dark underside of the United States has taken center stage in several films at Cannes this year, capped on Monday with a scathing attack of past and present racism in America by Danish director Lars von Trier.

"Manderlay," about a fictional Alabama plantation where people are living in 1933 as if slavery were never abolished, staggered festival-goers with a disturbing portrayal of America that fails, even today, to come to terms with its racist past.


Von Trier, whose fear of flying has prevented him from visiting the United States, won thunderous cheers at the world premiere and a news conference, where he said he enjoyed bashing America on screen because it invades his life even in Denmark.

"We are all under the influence -- and it's a very bad influence -- from America," said the 49-year-old Dane. "In my country everything has to do with America. America is kind of sitting on the world.

"America has to do with 60 percent of my brain and all things I experience in my life, and I'm not happy about that," von Trier said. I'd say 60 percent of my life is American so I am in fact an 'American' too. But I can't go there and vote or change anything there. That is why I make films about America."

"Manderlay," which stars Danny Glover, Willem Dafoe and Bryce Dallas Howard in a bare theatrical setting, is only the latest film by von Trier to probe America's darkest corners -- all with anything but happy endings.

Something is seriously wrong with a culture that produces such vermin. Then again, we have these same DNA-less cretins in America, so maybe it is just that socialist scum is socialist scum and it needs to just be wiped out as soon as possible, just like cancer and AIDs.

Charles Rangel: Indecent Scumbag in Castro's Back Pocket

Charles Rangel, the black liberal lowlife crook from New York who is as delusionally liberal as he is stupid, actually voted against a House resolution which supported the work of human rights activists in Cuba. Chuckie's problem with this? Get ready for this one: He said (apparently with a straight face) that the resolution's supporters "refuse to give the [Castro] government the respect that it deserves" and added, "I don't think it helps to be supporting insurgents overthrowing the government." Got that? The thug Fidelito deserves some sort of respect! Kiss his hairy Cuban ass before he shoots you!

Notice how liberals increasingly sound like Stalin more and more each passing day?

Anger Simmers Among Cubans Over N.Y. Pols

Puzzling and enraging some of New York City's Cuban-Americans, the state's congressional delegation has led the opposition to a House resolution expressing American solidarity with Cuba's democratic activists, on the eve of what is being called a historic gathering on the Communist-ruled island.

"They want human rights for everybody on earth, except for Cuba," a Manhattan resident, Maria Restoy, said of the congressmen who voted against the resolution.

"They don't care that my people are suffering in Cuba," she said.

Friday marks the beginning of the General Meeting of the Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba, a convention of 365 groups in Havana to discuss, among other issues, fostering democratic reform on the island, reducing poverty, securing labor rights, and protecting the environment.

One of the meeting's organizers, the dissident Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, has been jailed by the Castro regime for pro-democracy activism in the past. The last similar attempt to convene a major gathering in Cuba - a planned meeting of a human rights organization, the Concilio Cubano, in February 1996 - failed, resulting in a crackdown by the government that extended over several months.

Observers and the organizers of this week's event said in recent days that the assembly, owing to its size and visibility, poses a threat to participants' safety. Reports from Havana indicate that the Castro regime has already begun arresting activists in anticipation of the gathering. Also, according to Cuban exiles in Miami, the organizers' home telephone service has been cut sporadically in recent weeks.

So now we have a good reason why Rangel and his fellow liberalthugs in the US Congress voted against the war in Iraq and continue to criticize it: they have a love of dictatorship, including backing the black terrorist Nelson Mandela.

Liberals and terrorists and Marxist whackjobs are coming together in a group. This is a dangerous development.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Well, Maybe Not All Euro-Peons are Peons

Except the French that appears that the rest of the European continent agrees with us on one major point - the French are smelly ignorant jerkoffs:

Europe unites in hatred of French

Language, history, cooking and support for rival football teams still divide Europe. But when everything else fails, one glue binds the continent together: hatred of the French.

Typically, the French refuse to accept what arrogant, overbearing monsters they are.

But now after the publication of a survey of their neighbours' opinions of them at least they no longer have any excuse for not knowing how unpopular they are.

Why the French are the worst company on the planet, a wry take on France by two of its citizens, dredges up all the usual evidence against them. They are crazy drivers, strangers to customer service, obsessed by sex and food and devoid of a sense of humour.

That the French are hated, even by the Germans, is not surprising. What is shocking is that someone said it out loud.

Joobo is in London - That's Why There Have Been No Posts!

Yep, Joobo is in London vacationing away from the crazy fucked-up liberals in America and closer to the crazy fucked-up liberals in the UK. However, one of them, George Galloway, the pro-terrorist, pro-Palestinian lowlife motherfucking scumbag criminal is the US making an absolute fool of himself by denying he was Saddam's bagman.

Why hasn't Tony Blair's government indicted this asshole? They should bring back the death penalty for this idiot - and he should tried and shot at once.

Shooting is too good for him, the little Petain collaborator.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Death Pleads Guilty...But What Sentence Could He Get?

This is not a made-up story - some schmuck named Death (and Death, Junior, if you can believe it) plead guilty to stealing money from...wait, here's the punchline...a cemetery no less.

His sentence? (Please don't laugh!) I say death is too good for him!

Death Pleads Guilty To Cheating Cemetery

MINEOLA, Long Island A cemetery was cheated by Death.

Donald Death Junior, of Locust Valley, Long Island pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny for stealing more than 293-thousand dollars from the Locust Valley Cemetery Association, which he has since repaid in full.

That was a deadly story. Yikes!

DUmmiesUnderground: "Al Qeada" is a "Fictitious Organization"

If you want to know where the mainstream of modern Downie thought truly is, check out DemocraticUnderground, one of, without a doubt, the looniest sites in the history of the internet. If it is ridiculous, if it is far out there, if it is beyond the pale of impossible, the dummies at DU will find it to be truthful - and, according to them, George W. Bush is to blame for everything from watered-down pea soup in some cafeteria somewhere to Michael Jackson being on trial and everything in between.

So, of course it not ridiculous for the DUmmies Galore to find that "Al Qeada" (the DUmmies can't spell, either) is a "fictitious organization."

Poll question: What do you believe Al Qeada is?

Heard that, victims of 9/11? The American Left believes that you were killed by fictitious beings. Sort of makes you wonder who did all that destruction on that date: aliens?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Christian Pastor Refuses to Apologize to Muslims in Australia

Three cheers for Pastor Daniel Scot, an Australian minister who called Muslims for what they are: dangerous radicals intent on taking over wherever they are. And what is Father Scot's reward for calling attention to this? He is told to either apologize for face prison. And you thought this kind of hilarity only happens in Muslim countries!

No Apology from Pastor in Muslim Vilification Case

One of two Australian pastors found guilty of vilifying Muslims in December of 2004 says he will rather go to jail than apologize.

At a Christian seminar in March 2002, Pastor Daniel Scot said that Muslims were aiming to take over the country and encouraging domestic violence. He also called Islam an inherently violent religion, according to the Herald Sun.

The judge in the case has yet to assign a date to hand out a penalty, which could include a mandatory speech of apology or a fine. The judge stated that the pastors' comments demeaned Muslims.

Pastor Scot: Tell the judge to drop dead when you stand in front of him. Then tell him that free speech dies when fascists like this judge make it illegal to speak your mind.

This kind of shit happened in Stalin's Russia. God help us all if it is allowed to continue now, in the 21st century.

Monday, May 09, 2005

"Anonymous" Joe Klein: Hillary's a Goner

If you listen to the worldly wisdom of Joobo on a regular basis, your life will improve and you will find that all the important information needed in your life is supplied right here. So, Joobo feels pretty confident now to predict that if Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2008 she will get her head handed to her, and Downies will again be blown out of the water in national American politics.

Joobo now presents Joe Klein, formerly known as "Anonymous" (he wrote a little book back a whiles, under that nom de plume), who writes just the same thing:

Hillary in 2008? No Way! Why the former First Lady should stay in the Senate

I was having a fascinating conversation with a Middle East expert about the intricacies of Israel's disengagement from Gaza when I noticed the fellow growing impatient. "Enough of this," he said. "What about Hillary?" Welcome to my life. In airports, on checkout lines, at the doctor's office: "What about Hillary?" (Everywhere except in Washington, where everyone "knows" she's running.) I shrug, I try to avoid the question, I say it's too early—and it is. But you want to know too, right? So here it is. I like Senator Clinton. She has a wicked, ironic sense of humor (in private) and a great raucous belly laugh. She is smart and solid; she inspires tremendous loyalty among those who work for her. She is not quite as creative a policy thinker as her husband, but she easily masters difficult issues—her newfound grasp of military matters has impressed colleagues of both parties on the Armed Services Committee—and she is not even vaguely the left-wing harridan portrayed by the Precambrian right. I also think that a Clinton presidential candidacy in 2008 would be a disaster on many levels.

It is wonderful to see a leftwinger like Klein to be so pained, because it is obvious that he really does want the smelly heft of a Senator from New York to really run and win. But if Joe Klein is saying Hillary is dead meat, then she really is. But it will be fun watching the Downies crawl all over themselves trying to make her their number one.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Truth is Finally Coming Out: Global Warming is a Lie and the Kyoto Protocol is a `Fraud'

The United States has been lambasted for years because President Bush and the Bush administration says what is the absolute truth: global warming is a bullshit story, and the Kyoto Protocol is a fraud. Now we have an actual newspaper of Canadian origin saying...yikes!...the very same thing:

Kyoto Protocol--Propaganda or Censorship?

Last Thursday, I received a telephone call from Douglas Leahey, Ph.D., representing a group of Canadian scientists under the umbrella of "Friends of Science." It seems that they had been talking to Peter Worthington of the Toronto Sun, and he had mentioned to them that they should get in touch with me.

Dr. Leahey began by asking me how they could get a 27-minute documentary on television.

I have 15 years experience of fighting with federal and provincial slush funds for that very thing.

I asked some routine questions at first: Did they have a letter of licence? Had they rolled a camera before they got permission? Had they talked to the big broadcasters? Did they have a "pitch" and a budget?

Then I found out what their documentary was about. The story was incredible: it documented scientists--from Canada--speaking out against the $10-billion scam known as the Kyoto Protocol.

Yes, the very same Kyoto Accord that our government has committed Canada and Canadians to support.

I understood instinctively that getting two scientists to agree at what time the sun is coming up tomorrow is--at best--difficult.

But here were tens of thousands, from around the world, all agreeing on one issue: that there is no scientific evidence of man-made global warming.

The numbers of scientists staggered me--17,100 basic and applied American scientists, two thirds with advanced degrees, are against the Kyoto Agreement. The Heidelberg Appeal--which states that there is no scientific evidence for man-made global warming, has been signed by over 4,000 scientists from around the world since the petition’s inception. I strongly questioned these high numbers, since I’ve had benefit of the Canadian government’s public relations machine on this issue. Dr. Leahey has since sent documentation to back his figures up.

All those scientists were in total agreement: the Kyoto Protocol was complete fiction.

The "global warming" canard and the rush to force the US to adhere to the Kyoto Protocol is backed by leftwing and socialist organizations intent on making sure that the American economy stalls and then dies. President Bush is smart enough to see through the lies and the phony fairytales of the left. This is why any adherence to this silly issue should be avoided at all costs.

Report: Clean Skies Causing Global Warming

Scientists have been making utter fools of themselves for years, making wild and absurd claims that this causes global warming, that causes global warming...cow flatulence causes it, or logging of trees, or some such other nonsense. But along the same path, environmentalists have been demanding that we breathe absolutely clean air. Well, now both sides have caused us all trouble, because a new study allegedly shows that the race to have clean air is causing global warming:

Clear skies end global dimming

Our planet's air has cleared up in the past decade or two, allowing more sunshine to reach the ground, say two studies in Science this week.

Reductions in industrial emissions in many countries, along with the use of particulate filters for car exhausts and smoke stacks, seem to have reduced the amount of dirt in the atmosphere and made the sky more transparent.

That sounds like very good news. But the researchers say that more solar energy arriving on the ground will also make the surface warmer, and this may add to the problems of global warming. More sunlight will also have knock-on effects on cloud cover, winds, rainfall and air temperature that are difficult to predict.

Oh, why won't these stinking phony baloneys leave us the hell alone with their half-baked theories and bullshit already?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Senate Idiot "Harry" Reid: Bush is a `Loser'

If you listen to Downies long enough, you will hear a program of defeatism, of caving in to the enemies of America, of doing nothing to solve America's problems - or, in many cases, doing things to increase the problems of Americans. So it is no surprise to see Really in the Minority Leader "Harry" Reid (D-Loserworld) call President Bush `a loser':

LESSON IN POLITICS: Reid calls president 'loser'

In the course of a discussion on filibusters and Senate rules, Washington's top Democrat gave the 60 juniors a lesson in partisan politics, particularly about the commander in chief. "The man's father is a wonderful human being," Reid said in response to a question about President Bush's policies. "I think this guy is a loser.

"I think President Bush is doing a bad job," he added to a handful of chuckles.

"He's driving this country into bankruptcy," Reid said, referring to the deficit. "He's got us in this intractable war in Iraq where we now have about 1,600 American soldiers dead and another 15,000 injured."

Republican National Communications Director Brian Jones issued a statement calling the senator's comments "a sad development but not surprising from the leader of a party devoid of optimism, ideas or solutions to the issues people care about most."

The article goes on to say that Reid called the paper to apologize that he had "gone over the line" with the comment. Wow! Imagine if during the Klintoon presidency (those hilarious years between 1993 and 2001) that a Republican leader called Klintoon `a loser.' The liberal networks would show the story 24/7, and some would call for the Republican's resignation. But because Reid is a Downie, he gets a pass on making such a rude and ridiculous comment. How apropros from the liberal news media.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Daily Kos: "Ronald Reagan Caused 9/11"

It is a well-known fact that liberals as a whole are delusional who practice idiocy on a daily basis. But now and again one of this crowd says or posts something so incredibly stupid and shocking that one needs to step back so that you will not be stained by its ridiculousness. This is one such posting, from the farleftwhacko site Daily Kos, run by some whackjob named Zuniga who, if liberalism were a crime, would be sentenced to death:

Ronald Reagan Caused 9/11

You think I'm being funny? You think I'm going over the top? I'm not laughing.
In as direct a way as anyone not actually on board the planes that day, the patron saint of conservatives is responsible for the events of 9/11. Possibly more so than Osama bin Laden.

Here's the history of a quarter century, written out in blood, oil, good intentions, bad execution, foolish pride, and visions both broad in narrow. This is how we all followed St. Ronald down the road to 9/11.

Check this sickness out, and you will see not only why John Kerry lost in 2004 but why the Downtrodden Party is so ridden with DNA-less cretins that they should NEVER be allowed EVER to run this country. Ever.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Sickness of the Muslim World Continues...

The Muslim world is about 500-1000 years behind the civilized world - and they continue to move backwards, not forwards. In some parts of the Muslim world, they are more than a millenium behind the rest of the world. And so we find more examples of this: the continued practice of "honor killings," which should be called what they truly are: the planned sickness of Islam. In Islam, if a man finds that his wife or a female relative is doing something he does not like, he has the right to kill her - and the state should allow this. Think this is something that barely happens? Look up "honor killings" on any search engine - and then read this story that should evoke disgust and world-wide outrage:

Man burns wife to death after family row over prostitute

When Zarina Bibi lost her battle for life in a Rawalpindi hospital on Wednesday night she became just another statistic in Pakistan’s appalling record of violent crime against women. And behind that statistic lay yet another horror story.

Before she died from severe burns, Ms Bibi, 30, a mother of three children, told police how her husband had doused her with paraffin and set her alight after a row over his relationships with other women.

Ms Bibi said that Mohammed Tariq, her husband of eight years, lost his temper after she objected to him returning to their home with a prostitute. She was badly beaten before being burnt and was taken to the hospital by neighbours.Ms Bibi said that their relationship was strained because her husband would regularly come home with prostitutes.

Scores of Pakistani women are burnt by their husbands or male relatives every year in the name of honour, or over petty issues such as disobeying their husbands or failing to perform routine chores.

What is truly scary about this is that the Islamonutties are bringing this shit to non-Islamic countries where they are trying to take over. In short, this is one more piece of evidence of the mortal danger that Islamicization of any portion of society is and will be.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ouch: The Liberals Again Admit that Bush May Be Right

We spotlighted several weeks back a gathering problem in liberaldelusionaland: some of the saner dimwits are admitting, quietly, that, well, George W. Bush and the neoconservative crowd just might be right on the war in Iraq. Well, it has happened again: this time it occurs in the far-far-far left British rag The Guardian.

Perhaps the neocons got it right in the Middle East

Those of us who work on the gloomy side of the prediction industry about Iraq, the prospects for Middle East peace, and the sanity of the Bush administration, have been given plenty to think about lately. On the one hand, on Monday the 87th British soldier was killed in Iraq, while suicide bombs and armed clashes have accounted for more than 40 Iraqi deaths since last week. On the other, the Bush administration is in triumphalist mode. A friend who visited the White House recently described the president's buoyant account of his Iraqi crusade, which highlighted the fact that a national government has been formed. Some progress is claimed towards normalisation in Shia and Kurdish regions. Syrian withdrawal gives Lebanon a chance of making something of democracy. Washington asserts that it is involving itself more than ever in the Middle East peace process.

None of these claims should be dismissed out of hand. The greatest danger for those of us who dislike George Bush is that our instincts may tip over into a desire to see his foreign policy objectives fail. No reasonable person can oppose the president's commitment to Islamic democracy. Most western Bushophobes are motivated not by dissent about objectives, but by a belief that the Washington neocons' methods are crass, and more likely to escalate a confrontation between the west and Islam than to defuse it.

Such scepticism, however, should not prevent us from stepping back to reassess the progress of the Bush project, and satisfy ourselves that mere prejudice is not blinding us to the possibility that western liberals are wrong; that the Republicans' grand strategy is getting somewhere.

Every day we see some liberals realizing that their demonization of President Bush has met with gigantic failure. They lost; democracy and sanity are winning. And man, are we glad to see the shiv start to hurt in the liberal gut.

John Kerry Caught in Unethical Behavior; Downies Silent as Usual

If you have been watching the past few weeks as Downies foam at the mouth over alleged ethics violations of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX), you would think that Downies have nothing else to say. Well, they haven't. But you would also think that some of the more saner Downies (which completely excludes their national leadership) would realize that someone would search to see if Downies have been behaving themselves as they throw rocks at the GOP. Well, they haven't been so good. And caught in the first web is former presidential candidate and Lurch look-alike John Kerry of Massachusetts, who used proceeds from his hilarious presidential campaign for Boston Red Sox tickets and to pay off parking violations.

Kerry's expenses: That's the tickets

WASHINGTON - Sen. John F. Kerry tapped campaign funds for Red Sox tickets and to pay nearly $300 in overdue Boston parking tickets in March, records show.

Kerry's Senate campaign committee wrote a $287 check to the City of Boston Parking Clerk on March 31, 2005. The Bay State senator listed ``travel expense'' as the purpose for the expenditure.

Kerry leased a car for campaign-related travel in Massachusetts that was cited for about a half-dozen parking tickets in Boston.

Most of the tickets were issued in October and November 2003 and not paid until more than 15 months later in March 2005 after accruing penalty fees.

``They were leftover tickets we only found out about when we closed out the lease,'' Kerry spokeswoman Jenny Backus said. "The car was used for the Senate campaign by staffers and volunteers.''

Kerry, meanwhile, used presidential campaign funds for a $3,150 tab for Boston Red Sox tickets in July when he threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park before the Democratic National Convention.

A Federal Election Commission spokesman said congressmen are entitled to pay for parking tickets and other expenses from their campaign funds as long as they were ``campaign-related.''

Kerry is a crook - we knew this before he ever ran for President. He has been doing things like this for years.

The question here is: will the national (read: liberal) media make as much of a stink over Kerry's transgressions as they do of Tom DeLay's? Wanna bet that they don't?

Monday, May 02, 2005


You have to say that when Joobo reports it, it becomes leading news - and may just start a trend. Just last week, we reported that school officials in Clovis, New Mexico, called the police on someone holding a suspicious item - which, unfortunately, turned out to be a large burrito. This fixation with Mexican food stories has now continued, because - please bear with us by not laughing - it has happened again, this time in Iowa, and this time, dear friends, with a chalupa:

Please, Drop the Chalupa

An Iowa man has been arrested for assault with an airborne chalupa, reports the Des Moines Register.

"I've never had anything quite like that before," police detective Darren Cornwell told the newspaper.

Nancy Harrison was working the drive-through window at a Des Moines Taco Bell Thursday evening when 24-year-old Christopher Lame pulled up and ordered food, Harrison told police.

Lame got and paid for his food, but a little while later walked into the restaurant to complain he hadn't gotten what he'd ordered.

Harrison asked him if he had his receipt.

"What the [bleep]," he replied, according to Harrison. "Do I have to bring my receipt, too?"

She said Lame went out to his car and came back with his bag of food.

"There's the [bleeping] tacos," he allegedly said.

Harrison replied that the restaurant was closing, and began to turn away, but not before an airborne chalupa hit her in the face.

This is intolerable. How long do we suffering Americans have to be forced to read stories about abuse and assaults due to some problem with Mexican cuisine?

Someone needs to do something about this, and fast. We should close Taco Bell, for openers. Their food sucks, anyway, so that would be no loss. We can figure out our next move as soon as we do that.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

DummiesUnderground: Why Commie Scumbag Hugo Chavez is Our Hero

Earlier this week, during a visit to his good scumbag friends in Cuba, World Jerkoff and Socialist Loser Hugo Chavez, currently the "President" of Venezuela, said that Americans were "oppressed" by their government (perhaps he didn't ask any Cubans for their thoughts on their current leadership) and that "he would not visit the US" until the freedom of Americans was restored. Well, who asked him to come here? Let him stay in the shithole he currently runs!

Well, the mental deficients at DummiesUnderground, one of the sites on the Internet that people looking for a good view of current American leftist thought (lint and belly button hair) should always check out if they want to be frightened by mental sickness AND get a laugh at the same time, are just fawning over Chavez, and - MY GOD! Say it isn't so! - actually agree with Boss Hugo that Americans are oppressed under the Bush administration. Just a few of the most hilarious comments:

Venezulean leader: U.S. citizens oppressed

  • Col. Chavez, Sir, Impresses Me Ever More Favorably...

  • Chavez is standing up to bushcrap and the CIA

  • But I despise Bush, AND like Chavez A LOT for being a democratically-elected leader of a little country, AND because he makes A LOT of sense when he speaks. Actually, makes more sense in a single press conference than chimp has made during his ENTIRE time in elected office.

  • I have great respect of human rights, and I would be happy to shake mr. Castro's hand.

  • Hell, WE'RE less free than Venezuela in many respects, and yet that arrogant, lying, murderous waste of DNA sonofabitch b*s* still babbles nonsense about an "axis of evil", and we're supposed to expect CHAVEZ to "shut up"?

  • I have a problem with authoritarian demagogues. Fidel Castro, George W. Bush, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Korean Kim's, Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, Richard Nixon.

I can't paste any of this anymore. I have never read such amazing socialist and leftist drivel.

As I keep warning, the modern Downtrodden Party is composed of millions of these DNA-less cretins. About 75% of their current leadership and voting rolls are made up of these subhumans. And because of their hatred for America, their hatred of everyone who is not one of them, they and their silly party should not be allowed anywhere near leadership in this country for the foreseeable future, and even a lifetime ban is too lenient as far as I am concerned.

These whackjobs give me the willies. Yikes.

The Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of 2005

We post this so people can have a good laugh, but in fact these are ridiculously sad...and show why the enemies of Israel and the United States are laden with imbecility of the worst kind:

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of 2005

It's only April, and already 2005 has seen its share of conspiracy theories from the Middle East. They began to appear in the early days of January, immediately following the tsunami, which was blamed on the usual suspects: America and Israel. The most popular accused America, Israel, and India of performing nuclear tests in the Indian Ocean, which caused the disaster. The following are the top 10 conspiracies so far this year:

10) On Iran's Sahar TV, an Iranian former Education Ministry official spoke on a February 8 program devoted to a Zionist ship sailing around the world kidnapping children to harvest their organs.

9) The Palestinian Authority's ambassador in Sri Lanka, Attallah Quiba, was quoted by the Malaysian National News Agency on March 19 as stating that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was killed by Israelis using powerful lasers.

8) Egypt's adviser to the United Nations, Shahida Al-Baz, was interviewed on Iqra TV on February 10, discussing drug abuse in his country explaining why Israel is responsible: "Although some people say this is a conspiracy theory, it is not... There is an enemy. Israel serves as a channel for drugs. Israel profits from this financially, and at the same time corrupts our youth."

7) The Syrian daily Teshreen on March 7 claimed the CIA and Mossad were behind the attacks of September 11, 2001: "The September 11, 2001 events in New York and Washington were a pretext to justify the implementation of the new domination strategy, knowing that the real perpetrators of the tragic events have been a toughly-controversial issue as many analysts still argue that those events were the creation of the U.S. CIA and the Israeli Mossad."

6) The Saudi Royal family Web site Ain-Al-Yaqeen reported on April 8, "A Palestinian official has unveiled news about the Israeli forces use of killer radiation in its war against the Palestinians. The Director of Al Shifa medical complex in Gaza Jom'a Al Saqa said Israeli troops force the Palestinian crossing the borders from Egypt and Jordan to enter into close chambers, remove their clothes and subject them to electromagnetic radiations. He added that electromagnetic radiations cause dangerous... and these include damage in the blood cells, breaking of blood platelets, cancerous tumors, blindness, mental retardation, and infertility."

5) Saudi journalist Suheila Hammad appeared on Saudi TV Channel 1 on February 3 and discussed conspiracy theories: "I'm not saying I believe in conspiracy theories, but, by Allah, this is a conspiracy. [The Americans] say so. The neocons have said: 'Within 30 years, we will eliminate Islam.' Among the targeted regimes are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, and Iran. This is part of the existing conspiracy. It will divide all the Arab countries into ministates... Sudan is being divided so that Darfour will become a secular state... the south will become a Christian state, and there is a conspiracy and a secret agreement among the Egyptian Copts in the U.S. for establishing a Coptic autonomy in the south of Egypt."

4) A report in the Tehran Times of March 8, citing Al-Jazeera as its source, claimed that the CIA and the Mossad were involved in kidnappings and beheadings in Iraq as well as claiming the American military tried to assassinate Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena in Iraq.

3) Following up from leading Arabic dailies in Saudi Arabia and Syria reporting that American soldiers are stealing the body parts of Iraqis, the general commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Yahya Rahim-Safavy, told Iranian Channel 4 on February 6 that American soldiers at Fallujah harvested and sold the organs of dead Iraqis.

2) Discussing the killing of Lebanon's Prime Minister Hariri, Syrian columnist Hassan M. Yousef wrote in the Teshreen daily on February 16 that "the U.S. and Zionist entity" were behind it. A Tehran Times headline report on February 16 was titled "Mossad Behind Hariri Assasination." Rakan Majali contended in the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour on March 7 "that the killing ... was part of the American scheme to start a confrontation between Syria and Lebanon. "The latest hit song of Egypt's most popular singer, Abdel-Rahim, whose songs include, "I Hate Israel" and other songs that blame the attacks of September 11, 2001, on America, holds Ariel Sharon accountable for Hariri's death.

1) Egyptian journalist Sayyed Nassar appeared on Dream 2 TV on February 6 to explain that the Iraqi elections were a theatrical production conducted by an American filmmaker.

It is not hard to notice that this kind of shit comes from Arabs - and dumb Arabs at that. So can we now agree that Arabs are dumb, and that their combined IQ is in the single digits?

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