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Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh, Shit: Osama Barama Obama LIED! OMIGOD!

According to The Politico, Osama Barama Obama filled out a questionnaire when ran for the Ilinois state Senate in 1996, and, in his handwriting, says he is wholly against the death penalty and wants to ban all handguns.

Of course, when first pressed, Obama said that he never saw the questionnaire - that an "aide" had filled it out.

The Politico got a copy. The remarks on the death penalty and guns were written in Obama's handwriting.

Can we all say today's special phrase, "BULLSHIT ARTIST"?

Obama had greater role on liberal survey

During his first run for elected office, Barack Obama played a greater role than his aides now acknowledge in crafting liberal stands on gun control, the death penalty and abortion — positions that appear at odds with the more moderate image he has projected during his presidential campaign.

The evidence comes from an amended version of an Illinois voter group’s detailed questionnaire, filed under his name during his 1996 bid for a state Senate seat.

Late last year, in response to a Politico story about Obama’s answers to the original questionnaire, his aides said he “never saw or approved” the questionnaire.

They asserted the responses were filled out by a campaign aide who “unintentionally mischaracterize[d] his position.”

But a Politico examination determined that Obama was actually interviewed about the issues on the questionnaire by the liberal Chicago nonprofit group that issued it. And it found that Obama — the day after sitting for the interview — filed an amended version of the questionnaire, which appears to contain Obama’s own handwritten notes added to one answer.

The two questionnaires, provided to Politico with assistance from political sources opposed to Obama’s presidential campaign, were later supplied directly by the group, Independent Voters of Illinois — Independent Precinct Organization. Obama and his then-campaign manager, who Obama’s campaign asserts filled out the questionnaires, were familiar with the group, its members and its positions, since both were active in it before Obama's 1996 state Senate run.

Through an aide, Obama, who won the group’s endorsement as well as the statehouse seat, did not dispute that the handwriting was his. But he contended it doesn’t prove he completed, approved — or even read — the latter questionnaire.

“Sen. Obama didn’t fill out these state Senate questionnaires — a staffer did — and there are several answers that didn't reflect his views then or now,” Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for Obama’s campaign, said in an e-mailed statement. “He may have jotted some notes on the front page of the questionnaire at the meeting, but that doesn't change the fact that some answers didn't reflect his views. His 11 years in public office do.”

So, according to Obama's flunkie, even though he saw the questionnaire but didn't write the answers, they were his answers but he never saw them. Right?

And this man wants to be the President of the United States! Pathetic. Simply pathetic.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Breaking Tonight: Obama Praised the Man He Now Says Said Some "Inappropriate Things"

Yep, that's Osama Barama Obama, as Ted Kennedy called him, delivering an address last year to a black audience - and watch as he praises Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the man he now says made some "inappropriate comments" about whites, Jews, and his hatred of all things American.

Everyone: mail this to every news organization and then stand back. We need to flood the airwaves with the praise of Rev. Nazi.

Rasmussen Tracking Poll: McCain Beating Obama AND Clinton? Yikes!

Imagine this: in the midst of a bad economy moving towards a possible recession, gas prices rising to astronomical levels, the world on the brink of who knows what, and two wars being fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, John McCain is leading in the polls against both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Whoa - wait a second! McCain, the Republican, is beating even Obama? The man whose message of "hope and change" has the media swooning at his feet?

Yep. Hard to swallow, but there it is.

The fact that McCain is not losing by 20 points says a lot. It says that this country is not yet prepared to hand over the reins of power to the Downercrats any time soon.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Looking to November, John McCain now holds a slight lead over both Democrats in the General Election. It’s McCain 47% Obama 43% and McCain 46% Clinton 43% (see recent daily results).

McCain has recently gained ground against the Democrats in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. Noting these trends, Rasmussen Reports suggests that John McCain may be the luckiest man on the planet since Ringo Starr.

Rasmussen has the Downers leading 247 electoral votes to 229 for McCain. If McCain plays his cards right, picks a good running mate, and watches as the Downers collapse in an intraparty food fight, his numbers will move north and he will take states that are currently in the Downer camp.

This is good news all around, considering the conditions.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Evidence of the Meltdown of the Downtrodden Party

The Downers are turning on themselves, as the less nuttier group allied with Hillary Clinton finds that the nuttier fruits allied with Barack "My Preacher is a Nazi" Obama are making fun of them and forcing them to leave sites like the ever-hilarious DailyKos.

Read the comments here, and laugh. This is getting better each passing moment.

Blogtalk: Pro-Clinton Bloggers Boycott Kos

On Friday, it got to be too much for Alegre, a diarist on the flagship liberal blog DailyKos, who frequently writes in support of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“I’ve put up with the abuse and anger because I’ve always believed in what our online community has tried to accomplish in this world,” Alegre wrote Friday evening. “No more.”

Objecting to the tone of attacks against Mrs. Clinton and her supporters on the blog, the diarist called for a “writers strike.”

“This is a strike - a walkout over unfair writing conditions at DailyKos. It does not mean that if conditions get better I won’t ‘work’’ at DailyKos again,” Alegre wrote, promising to come back only “if we ever get to the point where we’re engaging each other in discussion rather than facing off in shouting matches.”

The blogosphere has never been known for its polite, gentle discourse, and while fiercely partisan, being a Democrat does not make one immune from attacks from the lefty blogs (see Lieberman, Joseph I.). But now, the major internal divisions within the Democratic Party seem to be splitting liberal bloggers. So what happens when the unity enforcement mechanism becomes disjointed?

Alegre’s post attracted a strong reaction, both negative and positive. The comment board was shut down about 5.5 hours after it was posted, with 1258 comments.

One user, Sentient, called for a “permanent succession”:

“Why should this site and Kos profit from the traffic we add to DailyKos, and the sense by outsiders that it represents the netroots as a whole?” the blogger asked, adding later, “But I just don’t see how people come back together on a daily basis after a falling out like this.”

Wonderful, eh? Now check out this key quote from the story:

Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice blog writes: “Where progressive and moderate bloggers and commenters used to get worked up arguing about George Bush, there now a real angry, scolding tone in many comments left by Clinton and Obama supporters.”

He continues: “In short, the strike/boycott is a symptom — and with so many months to go until the Democratic convention, the prognosis for true Democratic Party unity going into the election seems ‘questionable.’”

This is akin to watching Iran and Iraq go to war against each other in he 1980s - as we watch two wings of the same nutbag crowd battle each other to the death, the rest of us can only win in the end if they destroy each other.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Empty Suit Obama Ducks Out of Press Conference

Barack Obama, Empty Suit Extraordinaire, held a press conference yesterday. When the Chicago media started asking him about his crooked ties to Tony Rezko and his lies about the Canadian NAFTA document, guess what little Barack did?

He walked out, telling the reporters, "Hey! I just answered eight questions!"

And THIS MAN wants to be President of the United States?


Check out the video from last night's ABC World News Tonight:

Barack Obama is not only an empty suit, he is a liar and a coward as well. If John McCain hits him in the nose, he will bleed like a stuck pig.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Weather Channel Founder Blasts the Network for "Global Warming Alarmism"

A constant theme here is the utter fraud of an issue that is "global warming," or "climate change," or whatever delusional leftists are calling it now.

The founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, a respected meteorologist, has mirrored these feelings, as he lambasted those attending a convention on "climate change" in New York.

Weather Channel Founder Blasts Network; Claims It Is 'Telling Us What to Think'

The Weather Channel has lost its way, according to John Coleman, who founded the channel in 1982.

Coleman told an audience at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change on March 3 in New York that he is highly critical of global warming alarmism.

“The Weather Channel had great promise, and that’s all gone now because they’ve made every mistake in the book on what they’ve done and how they’ve done it and it’s very sad,” Coleman said. “It’s now for sale and there’s a new owner of The Weather Channel will be announced – several billion dollars having changed hands in the near future. Let’s hope the new owners can recapture the vision and stop reporting the traffic, telling us what to think and start giving us useful weather information.”

The Weather Channel has been an outlet for global warming alarmism. In December 2006, The Weather Channel’s Heidi Cullen argued on her blog that weathercasters who had doubts about human influence on global warming should be punished with decertification by the American Meteorological Society.

Coleman also told the audience his strategy for exposing what he called “the fraud of global warming.” He advocated suing those who sell carbon credits, which would force global warming alarmists to give a more honest account of the policies they propose.

“[I] have a feeling this is the opening,” Coleman said. “If the lawyers will take the case – sue the people who sell carbon credits. That includes Al Gore. That lawsuit would get so much publicity, so much media attention. And as the experts went to the media stand to testify, I feel like that could become the vehicle to finally put some light on the fraud of global warming.”

Earlier at the conference Lord Christopher Monckton, a policy adviser to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, told an audience that the science will eventually prevail and the “scare” of global warming will go away. He also said the courts were a good avenue to show the science.

Since the Left is so hot on trial lawyers, let's see how they feel about an ocean of lawsuits challenging the leaders of their sickening movement.

John Coleman: an American hero who should be applauded for telling the truth.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

British "Energy Saving Day" Flops Like a Normal Downercrat

The leftist idiots in Britain called on their country to have one day in which they would use less energy.

What happened? The British people used more energy than normal.

It doesn't get any funnier than this.

Energy Saving Day flopped, say organisers

Energy Saving Day was a flop, its organiser admitted last night after the National Grid confirmed that across Britain energy use went up by just over one per cent.

The day, which began at dusk on Wednesday evening with candles being lit in St Paul's cathedral, had received the backing of the minister for climate change, Joan Ruddock, Lord May, the former president of the Royal Society, and groups including the National Trust, Tesco and the power companies.

The E Day website encouraged participants to turn off as many appliances as possible and to leave them unused for as long as possible.

But by mid afternoon it was clear from the meters on the Day's website that consumption was about 600 megawatt hours across the country, higher than what the National Grid estimated was used on a normal February day.

And, what do leftists do when their moronic movements fail?

That's right...they blame everyone and everything but themselves. In this case, it was "too cold" or "not warm enough" or there was "not enough publicity" (especially in a country where the government warns that "climate change" will soon destroy the earth). In short, any bullshit excuse is cooked up for the failure of people to listen to leftwing claptrap.

Matt Prescott, the organiser, who had support from the Esme Fairbairn Foundation, said: "We had problems. There was a change in temperature. If it had been warmer, we would have been happy.

"I feel we haven't been able to get the publicity to get the scale we needed. I would love to do it again with enough publicity to do it better."

You have to hand it to the Left. They make wasting energy just so they can be shown as losers seem fun.

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