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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boston Globe: Johnny Downwards is a Liar

Speaking of the Pretty Boy Downwards, it appears that he tells as many fibs as Al Gore and John Kerry did.

Too many.

Edwards's tough talk claims of '04 disputed

As he campaigns for president based on his aggressive criticisms of President Bush, John Edwards, a former Democratic vice presidential nominee, has said repeatedly that he had wanted to fight back against attacks on his 2004 running mate, John F. Kerry, but was stopped by the Kerry camp.

Edwards, who first made the statement in interviews after the 2004 race, has repeated it recently in private meetings with party donors as he seeks to contrast his "backbone" with Democratic rivals whom he portrays as unwilling to confront Bush over the Iraq war.

But Kerry and more than a half-dozen former high-ranking Kerry-Edwards campaign officials dispute the idea that Edwards favored a tougher strategy in 2004, and maintain that Edwards often refused their requests to make sharper attacks against Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The former campaign aides said Kerry made a personal appeal to Edwards in a face-to-face meeting in Ohio in early September 2004, and Edwards vowed to turn up the heat on their Republican opponents.

But the vice presidential nominee, who had presented himself as a campaigner with a positive message, continued to shy away from aggressive attacks, according to the former aides, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were describing internal campaign communications.

Again, this story gets no play in the American media. If Little Johnny were a Republican, Keith Dimbulbermann would be doing stories about it every night, and Bill Schneider of CNN, Official Shill for the Downcaster Party, would be doing daily polls on its impact.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The anti-Semitism of the American Left Continues Unabated

We have discussed the fact that liberal pretty boy and Downie Presidential candidate Johnny Downwards said that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace. The story got no play in the American media, but the lunatics on the Left are both glad that Downwards said it, and mourn the alleged harm it did to Downwards because - get this one - Jews allegedly control America, and because of that, Downwards will never get the Downie nomination.

Anti-Semitism? You betcha. Mental illness? Sure!

John Edwards Expresses Concern Over Israel-Iran War, Loses Nomination

All that hard work, all those years of shaking hands and smiling and writing a picture book about houses or whatever … for nothing! Handsome boy John Edwards blew it by mentioning Israel in a possibly not-100% flattering light at a Hollywood talent agency meet & greet last month. Peter Bart mentioned the incident in a January 19 column on, but it took the brave Israel defenders at National Review Online to blog it up today.

Say good-bye to Johny Edwards, after the jump.

What happened? According to Bart, Edwards was asked to name the greatest threat to world peace at the moment. Instead of the simple answer, wars, Edwards had to be a smarty jones and say the increasing likelihood of an Israeli attack on Iran was the primary current threat. You know, because then Washington would start bombing somebody, and Syria/Lebanon would get involved, and Russia would start threatening everybody, and it would be a nuclear war, etc.

But stating anything so obvious requires taking your lips off Israel’s ass for a few seconds, and that’s fatal for any American politician with presidential ambitions. This isn’t because Jews get upset or Israel’s feelings will get hurt or anything. It’s because of batshit insane evangelical American Jesus Freaks who have to love and protect Israel so Jesus will come back and destroy it.

If that wasn't hilarious enough, check out some of the "comments" from the Jew haters who peruse this site:

Uh oh, here come the AIPAC trolls...

wait. the jews killed jesus and the romans invented my church potluck lasgana, my Christer buddies want to save israel so they can burn it down themselves and Bush wants to bomb iran back to the stone age so the a-rabs don't get to have all the fun.

He's guilty of not puckering up and bending over fast enough.. failed the test. He's been a very bad Goy.

Those liberals! Hitler would be proud.

Monday, February 26, 2007

New Bullshit Claim: Fevers will Rise because of "Global Warming"

It has become the stock excuse for the dimwitted liberals of the world: whatever a problem, blame "global warming" for it. The war in Iraq? Global warming. Tons of snow in February? Global warming. Less hurricanes? Global warming. More hurricanes? Global warming. Less fish in the sea? Global warming. People crossing the border illegally into the United States? Global warming.

Now we have a new bullshit excuse: childrens' fevers could go up because of - you guessed it - "global warming."

Next they will tell you that some people have lower body temperatures because of global warming.

Fever claim on global warming

GLOBAL warming will take a toll on children's health, according to a new report showing hospital admissions for fever soar as days get hotter.

The new study found that temperature rises had a significant impact on the number of pre-schoolers presenting to emergency departments for fever and gastroenteritis.

The two-year study at a major children's hospital showed that for every five-degree rise in temperature two more children under six years old were admitted with fever to that hospital.

The University of Sydney research is the first to make a solid link between climate changes and childhood illness.

"And now global warming is becoming more apparent, it is highly likely an increasing number of young children will be turning up at hospital departments with these kinds of common illnesses," said researcher Lawrence Lam, a paediatrics specialist.

"It really demonstrates the urgent need for a more thorough investigation into how exactly climate change will affect health in childhood."

Dr Lam said the results, collated from The Children's Hospital at Westmead admissions, back up beliefs that children are less able to regulate their bodies against climate change than adults.

The brain's thermal regulation mechanism is not as well developed in children, making them more susceptible to "overheating" and at risk of developing illness, he said.

This is a truly amazing story, because, apparently, none of these diseases were around before global warming.

We cannot wait until Al Gore makes a film about this...he could call it "An Inconvenient Fever."

ACLU Head Arrested for Child Pornography

Speaking of that wonderful organization of leftist fruitcakes, the ACLU, their former chieftain in Virginia has been arrested for possessing child pornography. His wife is currently the head of the ACLU's branch which fights capital punishment.

Former ACLU Chapter President Arrested for Child Pornography

Federal agents arrested Charles Rust-Tierney, the former president of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU, Friday in Arlington for allegedly possessing child pornography.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by ABC News, Rust-Tierney allegedly used his e-mail address and credit card to subscribe to and access a child pornography website.

The complaint states that federal investigations into child pornography websites revealed that "Charles Rust-Tierney has subscribed to multiple child pornography website over a period of years."

As recently as last October, the complaint alleges, "Rust-Tierney purchased access to a group of hardcore commercial child pornography websites."

Rust-Tierney admitted to investigators that he had downloaded videos and images from child pornography websites onto CD-ROMs, according to the complaint.

The videos described in the complaint depict graphic forcible intercourse with prepubescent females. One if the girls is described in court documents as being "seen and heard crying", another is described as being "bound by rope."

Where did this story play? If the former head of a state chapter of a conseervative organization had been arrested for jaywalking, the media would have 24/7 coverage of it. But this? You can hear the silence.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The ACLU Tries to Get Terrorists in the US

According to the ACLU, it should be illegal for the US government to bar those who have ties to terrorism.

This is why the ACLU is the most dangerous organization in America today.

ACLU: US Can't Bar Terrorism Supporters

NEW YORK (AP) - A civil rights group asked a judge Friday to find it unconstitutional for the federal government to exclude a prominent Muslim scholar or anyone else from the United States on the grounds that they may have endorsed or espoused terrorism. The American Civil Liberties Union filed the papers attacking the policy in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. The group included in its submissions a written declaration in which the scholar, Tariq Ramadan, said he has always "opposed terrorism not only through my words but also through my actions."

The ACLU said schools and organizations who want to invite Ramadan and others into the United States are concerned about what is known as the ideological exclusion provision.

It said an entry in the State Department's Foreign Affairs Manual says that the provision is directed at those who have voiced "irresponsible expressions of opinion."

The group said the provision violates the First Amendment and has resulted since 2001 in the exclusion from the United States of numerous foreign scholars, human rights activists and writers, barred "not for legitimate security reasons but rather because the government disfavors their politics."

The ACLU said some foreign scholars and writers are now reluctant to accept invitations to the United States because they will be subjected to ideological scrutiny and possibly denied entry.

So, according to the ACLU, is you are a "foreign scholar" who happens to advocate terrorism, the government should not be allowed to keep you out of the United States.

Leftist thinking, as usual.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Report: Cooties Caused by...Global Warming!

A new report from Japan says that the rise in cooties can be blamed on global warming.

As we have said before here, time and time again, if you leave it to the left, they will blame every one of mankind's problems on global warming.

Cooties getting under your skin? Blame global warming!

Japan is becoming infested with cooties, according to Sunday Mainichi (3/4).

Lice, cooties, graybacks -- whatever the name, the parasitic creatures that flock wherever there's hair were rampant here in the years immediately following World War II.

But massive use of the insecticide DDT pretty much wiped out cooties from this country.

Until a few years back, the highbrow weekly reports, adding that there has recently been an increase in the number of cases of lice in the country's schools, kindergartens and daycare centers.

"I flew into a panic when I was told that there had been dozens of little creatures found wiggling around under the skin of my little boy's scalp," the father of a boy found with head lice tells Sunday Mainichi.

Plenty of reasons have been given for the sudden resurgence of lice in Japan, including that they were brought in from overseas and that environmental concerns prevent the use of insecticides once used to eradicate them.

"But the real reason is global warming," Koichiro Fujita, a Tokyo Medical and Dental University professor specializing in parasites, tells Sunday Mainichi. "The warmer the climate, the faster the cycle from egg to hatching to larvae to maturity to laying eggs."

Maybe in the winter, the cooties grow because of global warming, too.

Friday, February 23, 2007

You, too, Can Get an Abortion Over the Phone!

The murderous thugs over at Planned Parenthood ("killing scores of worthless children since who knows when") are now offering wireless phone service, brought to you by a leftwing company called Working Access.

Now, you, too, can get an abortion over the phone.

The Right Choice That Supports Choice

Planned Parenthood Wireless is a new choice for your cell phone service. By signing up for this service, you will help preserve reproductive rights, and ensure access to comprehensive family planning and medically accurate sex education for women and families around the world. You'll do something you do every day – talk on your cell phone – and you'll be helping Planned Parenthood as 10% of all monthly charges goes to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, at no extra cost to you.

We should find a way to text message the photo of a fetus to all who have this service. Let their day be ruined as they tramp through life making sure that murdering children is legal.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Political Dispute Got "Physical," But Newspaper Refuses to Mention the Politics of the Accused

Listen to this one: some piece of crap tracked down several Republicans in Virginia and attacked them at their homes. The newspaper in Fredericksburg, Virginia, mentions the story - they couldn't ignore it entirely - but then act like the idiots they are and refuse to mention the political bent of the attacker. After all, if someone went to a liberal's house and attacked them because of politics, would it be another liberal, or a conservative? You bet your ass if the attacker were a Republican that would have been mentioned.

So, let's guess: what is the politics of the attacker in this story?

Police say political dispute with stranger got physical

A Fredericksburg man was arrested Saturday on charges he assaulted three strangers at their home during a dispute over politics, police said.

According to a Fredericksburg police report, the suspect went to a home in the 900 block of Marye Street about 5:30 p.m. after finding one of the resident's name on a Republican Web site.

The resident and his two roommates engaged in a discussion with the suspect, though none of them had ever met or had contact with him before.

The argument got heated and the suspect learned that the young residents had not enlisted in the military and "put their all" behind the Republican-led war effort in Iraq, police spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said.

The suspect refused to leave the home after repeatedly being asked to do so, police said. The three roommates were hit multiple times each as they attempted to get the suspect out of the door, authorities said.

The suspect continued to be aggressive and disorderly even after a city police officer arrived, the report states.

Andrew Stone, 23, was charged with three counts of assault and battery. A magistrate released Stone on his own recognizance and he was ordered to have no further contact with the victims.

It was not clear in the report what political agenda Stone was supporting.

Yep, it is not clear at all. Same as it not clear that some loon named Hitler ran Germany for a time in the 1930s and 1940s.

Here is what these people should have done: taken a large mallet and hit this scumbag right in the head. They couldn't have done any damage to an empty skull, and they would have gotten some well-needed exercise knocking this prick into a coma.

Fruitcake Alert: The LA Times Warns Hillary Clinton that Republicans Will "Swift Boat" Her

The LA Times, one of the most laughable rags in the American media - one even worse, if it were possible, than the NY Times - is "warning" Senator Hillary Clinton that Republicans are digging up dirt on her, and that they are preparing to "swift boat" her.

"Swift boating," for the uneducated out there, denotes when veterans of a war accuse someone posing as a veteran of that war of making shit up to make themselves look good. That the LA Times would think that Hillary Clinton is a veteran shows how delusional the left has become.

GOP activists circling Clinton's campaign
Conservatives don't hold back on early attacks. 'I know how to defeat them,' she says.

Old enemies of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are out in force. Just weeks after she joined the Democratic Party's flock of presidential contenders, Clinton is being targeted by conservative and Republican-allied activists intent on derailing her campaign before the start of next year's primaries.

They have surfaced with a flurry of planned projects: a Michael Moore-style documentary film, book-length exposes, and websites such as StopHerNow.comand

Conservative admirers of the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth media blitz that helped torpedo Democratic Sen. John F. Kerry's presidential candidacy in 2004 are now agitating to "Swift-boat" Clinton.

"People are doing what they're doing because they want to defeat her before she has a chance to win. You can't hold off your silver bullet to the end," said veteran Republican operative David N. Bossie, who is involved in the film project with Dick Morris, a former advisor to Bill Clinton.

The emerging moves against the New York senator reflect the accelerated pace of the 2008 race and conservatives' growing conviction that she poses a formidable threat that requires fast and early footwork.

Clinton has been publicly bracing for "Republican machine" attacks from the moment she launched her exploratory committee last month.

Whether she can strike back quickly may prove crucial to winning over Democratic primary voters looking for assurance that she can survive a bruising general election and Swift-boat-style attacks.

"For Democrats, there's a strong sense this time around that they can't allow those same tactics to define Democratic candidates," said Democratic media consultant Jim Margolis.

At a recent Democratic National Committee gathering in Washington, Clinton told party officials, "I know how they think, how they act and how to defeat them" — a battle call echoing her 1998 evocation of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" during the furor over her husband's affair with intern Monica S. Lewinsky.

Yep, that "furor" over her husband's "affair" was not about her husband's affair, but that he lied about it under oath, obstructed justice, and ordered the destruction of evidence in a criminal proceeding. Oh, and let's not forget that Hillary Clinton went on "The Today Show" to say that there was no affair, and that her husband's "enemies" were making stuff up. She has yet to be called on that lie and slander, and none of her buddies in the American media have demanded an apology for lying right to their faces.

This time, Mrs. Clinton, you will get both barrels aimed at you, and you won't see it coming. The barrels will be loaded with the information needed to bring down your ridiculous run for the Presidency. Your husband stained that office during his two terms in office. We will not allow that to happen again to our country.

"Calypso Louis" Farrakhan to Make "Last Address" - Let's Mourn for the Scumbag!

Here is clearly what is wrong with American journalism. When those in the media describe President Bush, they like to make sure that criticism of him is placed front and center.

But when you read shit like the following, you see the bias so clearly it is incredible: in a piece on the (hopefully) soon-to-be-dead Louis Farrakhan, is made to look like a nice man who just says some strange things. It is not until way down in the story that it is noted that he "disparaged Judaism." What is left out is that Calypso Louis thinks that Hitler was a great man.

Farrakhan Speech May Be His Last Major Address

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is slated to give what might be his final major address this weekend in the birthplace of the controversial religious organization.

Farrakhan, 73, is to speak Sunday in Detroit at the end of a Nation of Islam convention. The religious group, which has deviated from mainstream Islam on several key points, has advocated black separatism.

Farrakhan helped build it into a notable force in black politics and society, often taking controversial positions that drew heavy criticism from across the political spectrum. Lately, however, he has taken a more moderate approach.

The speech is titled "One Nation Under God: The Confusion, the Guidance, the Warning."

Recently, a statement from the Nation of Islam said that Farrakhan "doesn't see himself coming before the public on such a major stage as we are preparing in Detroit." He doesn't plan "to deliver a major message from a major venue, to the masses of our people" after Sunday's speech.

Farrakhan left a hospital last month after undergoing treatment for abdominal problems related to prostate cancer.

During his tenure, Farrakhan had disparaged Judaism and implied that the U.S. government sought to enslave African Americans with crack cocaine. He also had cordial relations with a number of controversial foreign leaders, including Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, Cuba's Fidel Castro and Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

In recent years, Farrakhan struck a softer tone. To those who prayed for him during his illness, he recently said: "Each of you can go back to your mosques, your churches, your cathedrals, your synagogues, your temples, your cloisters -- wherever it is you worship God -- and say to your congregation that our God, by whatever name you call it, answers prayer."

How nice: he adopted "a softer tone"! He supported Castro, Saddam Hussein, and thinks Hitler was a great leader - how much harder could he get?

How the media continues to protect this pathetic slimeball is a mystery. That no one calls them on it is the true shame of it all.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And in Political News, Christopher Dodd is Still Dead...

Senator Christopher Dodd, serial woman abuser Dimwit of Connecticut, finds that his support even amongst the dim bulbs of his own home state is, to say the least, low.

Poll Shows Connecticut Cold To Dodd Presidential Candidacy

There's good news for Chris Dodd's underdog presidential campaign. A new poll shows him at 8 percent -- well above the 1 percent or less he's been getting in most national surveys.

But it's also not such good news. The 8 percent is what he gets in Connecticut, the state where he won re-election in 2004 with 66 percent of the vote.

A Quinnipiac University poll of 1,087 state voters, conducted Feb. 9 to 12, placed Dodd fourth among White House contenders, behind New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, at 33 percent; Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, at 21 percent and former Vice President Al Gore at 9 percent.

Gore has not said he's running. Dodd has.

"If Sen. Christopher Dodd can't even come close to winning a Democratic primary in his home state, that's obviously a bad sign for his presidential campaign," said poll director Douglas Schwartz.

And Dodd has said thet he will not run for re-election to his Senate seat in 2008.

This is undoubtedly good news. First, Dodd's chances of winning his party's presidential nomination are less than having Abraham Lincoln awaken from his 142 year slumber. Second, he will not be in the US Senate to fuck things up come 2009.

Definitely good news all around.

Little Johnny Downwards: Israel is a Threat to World Peace

Former US Senator and Do-Nothing Shakedown Artist Johnny Downwards, running a so-far laughable attempt at the US presidency, told an audience in California that Israel - not Iran, not al-Qaeda, but Israel - is a threat to world peace because if may bomb Iran's nuclear facilities.

Someone should hit Johnny Downwards with a pie right in his kisser.

The real Hollywood politics

There are other emerging fissures, as well. The aggressively photogenic John Edwards was cruising along, detailing his litany of liberal causes last week until, during question time, he invoked the "I" word -- Israel. Perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace, Edwards remarked, was the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. As a chill descended on the gathering, the Edwards event was brought to a polite close.

Notice how this rude quote was placed in the middle of a sentence, and then not discussed again.

Imagine if a presidential candidate had said something along the lines of, "Muslims here in America are the biggest threat to our safety and security because they refuse to denounce Islamic extremism."

True, yes - but also explosive, and so anti-PC. All of the major news networks would do stories on "Candidate A made anti-Muslim remarks," and that candidate would be forced to apologize.

But Johnny Downwards making an anti-Semitic remark is fine for the media in America, always making sure to denounce our friends and protect our enemies.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Muslim Scumbag Round-up: How Muslims Murder People Who Don't Agree With Them

We have two lovely stories about Muslims in America who either murdered, or tried to murder, those who disagreed with them. These stories got barely any play in the media, except locally where they occurred. If white people had done these sort of crimes, they would be on national news 24/7.

First up, we have what happens when Muslims are allowed to drive taxis in America. If they don't like what you have to say, they will try to run you down:

Cabbie Runs Down Students

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A local cab driver allegedly tried to run over two customers after a fight over religion became heated.

The incident happened early Sunday morning on the Vanderbilt campus and left one man hospitalized and a cab driver arrested, said police

Two students visiting from Ohio were coming from a bar downtown when they got into an argument with their driver over religion, said police. After they paid the driver he allegedly ran them down in a parking lot.

Ibrihim Ahmned, of United Cab, was arrested and charged with assault, attempted homicide and theft. One of the passengers, Andrew Nelson, managed to outrun the cab but Jeremy Invus was taken to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center with serious injuries, said police.

Ahmed has been convicted of misdemeanors including evading arrest in a motor vehicle and driving on a suspended license, said police.

Ahmed was charged with theft because police said the license plate on his cab was listed as stolen. His bond is set at $300,000.

How lovely that we invited this perverted subhuman into our midst. All we wanted was a thanks for giving this rotten scumbag a place to live and be free, but no! He wants to kill us like the rest of his disgusting, thuggish cult.

From Chicago we get the tale of a Muslim who beat his family to death because - get this one - he felt "disrespected."

Just imagine if his family had done something really bad.

Police: Chicago Man Bludgeoned Relatives to Death Because He Felt 'Disrespected'

An enraged Iranian immigrant used a 3-pound hammer to beat his wife, sister-in-law and mother-in-law to death and then stabbed them repeatedly because he felt "disrespected," police said Monday.

After the attack, Daryoush Ebrahimi, 55, also struck himself several times in the head with the same maul hammer he used to bludgeon his relatives, said Chicago Police Cmdr. Thomas Byrne.

"It was a very difficult scene, and that would be indicative of that type of anger," Byrne said of the two apartments where the bodies were found on the city's far North Side.

Police also found cell phone video messages and a letter that Ebrahimi left at one of the apartments, Byrne said. The FBI is helping translate the messages and letter, which are in Farsi.

"Right now I wouldn't say it's a suicide note ... but it's more about, again, how he feels disrespected, and that's pretty much a recurring theme in the note," Byrne said.

Lesson 1: Let's stop allowing Muslims to come live in this country! Lesson 2: Let's stop allowing Muslims to come live in this country! And, lesson 3: Let's stop allowing Muslims to come live in this country!

Monday, February 19, 2007

News from the Fraudulent Global Warming Front: One Professor Says That Global Warming is Not Happening, and One State Governor Tries to Become a Nazi

As Al Gore prepares to hold a concert for global warming, the fraud that continues to be perpetrated worldwide, we have new evidence that 1) the issue is not as bad as these alarmists say, and 2) if you disagree with the alarmists and you happen to work in a state run by an alarmist, you will be fired.

First, a look at the lessening threat of "climate change":

Antarctic temperatures disagree with climate model predictions

A new report on climate over the world's southernmost continent shows that temperatures during the late 20th century did not climb as had been predicted by many global climate models.

This comes soon after the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that strongly supports the conclusion that the Earth's climate as a whole is warming, largely due to human activity.

It also follows a similar finding from last summer by the same research group that showed no increase in precipitation over Antarctica in the last 50 years. Most models predict that both precipitation and temperature will increase over Antarctica with a warming of the planet.

David Bromwich, professor of professor of atmospheric sciences in the Department of Geography, and researcher with the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University, reported on this work at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science at San Francisco.

"It's hard to see a global warming signal from the mainland of Antarctica right now," he said. "Part of the reason is that there is a lot of variability there. It's very hard in these polar latitudes to demonstrate a global warming signal. This is in marked contrast to the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula that is one of the most rapidly warming parts of the Earth."

Bromwich says that the problem rises from several complications. The continent is vast, as large as the United States and Mexico combined. Only a small amount of detailed data is available – there are perhaps only 100 weather stations on that continent compared to the thousands spread across the U.S. and Europe . And the records that we have only date back a half-century.

"The best we can say right now is that the climate models are somewhat inconsistent with the evidence that we have for the last 50 years from continental Antarctica .

"We're looking for a small signal that represents the impact of human activity and it is hard to find it at the moment," he said.

So, this professor can find no evidence of humans being to blame for "climate change."

Now, check out how Governor Ted Kulongoski, Downie of Oregon, is slowly becoming a Nazi:

Global warming debate spurs Ore. title tiff

In the face of evidence agreed upon by hundreds of climate scientists, George Taylor holds firm. He does not believe human activities are the main cause of global climate change.

Taylor also holds a unique title: State Climatologist.

Hundreds of scientists last Friday issued the strongest warning yet on global warming saying humans are "very likely" the cause.

“Most of the climate changes we have seen up until now have been a result of natural variations,” Taylor asserts.

Taylor has held the title of "state climatologist" since 1991 when the legislature created a state climate office at OSU The university created the job title, not the state.

His opinions conflict not only with many other scientists, but with the state of Oregon's policies.

So the governor wants to take that title from Taylor and make it a position that he would appoint.

In an exclusive interview with KGW-TV, Governor Ted Kulongoski confirmed he wants to take that title from Taylor. The governor said Taylor's contradictions interfere with the state's stated goals to reduce greenhouse gases, the accepted cause of global warming in the eyes of a vast majority of scientists.

“He is Oregon State University's climatologist. He is not the state of Oregon's climatologist,” Kulongoski said.

Message? Agree with the climate alarmists, or you will lose your job.

This is how it is, folks: the Climate Nazis are taking control, and making those who disagree pay. Adolf Hitler would be proud.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

House Dummies Pass Worthless Anti-Bush Resolution; 17 Republican Traitors Join the Fray

The House voted to "oppose" President Bush's sending of 21,000 additional troops to Iraq - a worthless vote because the resolution is non-binding, meaning it has no backing in law. Of course, 17 worthless traitorous Republicans voted for it - and 2 Downercrats voted against it.

These 17 Republicans should be either drummed out of the party, or not given any funds from the RNC to run for re-election.

House OKs Measure Opposing Troop Surge

The Democratic-controlled House issued a symbolic rejection of President Bush's decision to deploy more troops to Iraq on Friday, opening an epic confrontation between Congress and commander in chief over an unpopular war that has taken the lives of more than 3,100 U.S. troops.

The vote on the nonbinding measure was 246-182, and within minutes, Democrats said their next move would be to challenge Bush's request for $93 billion in new funds for the Pentagon.

"The stakes in Iraq are too high to recycle proposals that have little prospect for success," said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, leader of Democrats who gained power last fall in elections framed by public opposition to the war.

"The passage of this legislation will signal a change in direction in Iraq that will end the fighting and bring our troops home," she vowed after the vote, in which 17 Republicans joined 229 Democrats in a wartime rebuke to the president.

Here are the 17 traitors who voted for this worthless garbage, and the 2 Downie heroes who voted against it:

Representative James T. Walsh

Representative Walter Jones

Representative Wayne Gilchrest

Representative Michael Castle

Representative Richard (Ric) Keller

Representative Philip Sheridan English

Representative Ronald Ernest Paul

Representative Frederick Stephen Upton

Representative Thomas M. Davis

Representative Mark Kirk

Representative Howard Coble

Representative John J. Duncan Jr.

Representative James Ramstad

Representative Steven C. LaTourrette

Representative Robert Inglis

Representative Timothy V. Johnson

Representative Thomas Petri

And the 2 Downies:

Representative Jim Marshall

Representative Gene Taylor

Send a message to the RNC: No money for these 17 Republicans in 2008, or there will be a cutoff of funds to the entire party.

Let these 17 learn what being a traitor to their country and the troops costs them.

Britain Blocks "Supermosque" - Muslims Sure to Blow Something Up in Response

As the Islamization of England continues, we finally get one piece of good news from London: A huge mosque, dubbed the "supermosque" and set to be built in eastern London for 70,000 people, is going to be blocked by the British government.

Happy, happy, happy, is our response.

Supermosque for 70,000 'will be blocked'

Controversial plans to build a "supermosque" on the doorstep of the London Olympics will be blocked by the Government.

Ruth Kelly's Whitehall department is expected to refuse planning permission for the London Markaz, which would be the biggest religious building in Britain with room for 70,000 worshippers.

Backers want the £300 million mosque, in east London, to serve as a reception centre for athletes and fans from Islamic countries during the 2012 games.

The group behind the plans is Tablighi Jamaat, a Muslim missionary sect whose charitable trust, Anjuman-e-Islahul Muslimeen, has owned the 18-acre site since 1996. Tablighi Jamaat was called "an ante-chamber for fundamentalism" by French security services. Two of the July 7 London suicide bombers are believed to have attended one of its mosques.

The organisation denies any link to terrorism, and has never been banned.

These lowlifes can deny any link to terrorism they wish, but they are still brainwashing people with Islamic horseshit in madrassas.

Thank goodness that smarter heads prevailed and that this crap was blocked.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Reuters Says "Happy Birthday!" to Mass Murderer, Marxist Lunatic

Reuters, the far-far-far left "news" agency (if spewing leftwing horseshit can be called "news"), is wishing North Korean loony and Chia Pet-lookalike Kim Jong-Illness a belated happy 65th birthday. Check out this story, and see if you see one iota of sense in anything that is written:

North Korea's Kim basks in birthday, nuclear glory

Singing soldiers and flower shows marked the birthday of the man dubbed North Korea's "invincible brilliant commander" by state media, as regional powers wondered whether he would abide by a nuclear deal.

The communist world's first dynastic leader, Kim Jong-il, 65, is the unchallenged head of the reclusive state whose economy has fallen deeper into poverty during his years in power.

North Korea reached a deal earlier this week to shut down its sole nuclear reactor in exchange for energy aid as well as other economic and diplomatic incentives if Kim decides to scrap his country's nuclear arms program.

"I find it difficult to believe that this is a strategic decision to dismantle its nukes. I see this as a tactical way of getting the heat off, getting concessions and keeping the Chinese happy," said Michael Breen, Seoul-based consultant and author of "Kim Jong-il: North Korea's Dear Leader".

With nuclear weapons, impoverished North Korea gets a seat at the table with global powers including the United States -- the nation it argues is trying to topple it and causes it to sacrifice so much to maintain its 1.2-million man military.

Without nuclear arms, North Korea is just a poor country with failed economic policies, analysts said.

Kim's main priority is to stay in power and his media has credited him with forcing the United States to make concessions through the nuclear agreement.

He is seen as a deity at home, where thousands danced in the streets of Pyongyang on Friday to mark his 65th birthday and the military hosted a gala, performing song and dance numbers for tunes such as "My Happiness is in the Bosom of the Respected General".


Outside of North Korea Kim is seen as man with a bouffant hair-do, drab jumpsuit and platform shoes who has done little to help his starving people and let the country's industry stagnate.

Like his father, he has constructed a cult of personality around him.

Long groomed by his father, state founder Kim Il-sung, he gradually tightened his hold on power after the elder Kim died of a heart attack in 1994 in the midst of an earlier crisis over North Korea's nuclear program.

The younger Kim declined to assume the title of president, instead designating his father "eternal president" and opting to rule as chairman of the National Defense Commission and head of the ruling party.

North Korea's official media has said flowers come into bloom when he appears and rainbows fill the sky on his birthday.

He is, it is said, a man who pilots jet fighters -- even though he travels by land for his infrequent trips abroad.

He has also penned operas, produced movies and accomplished a feat unmatched in the annals of professional golf, shooting 11 holes-in-one during the first round he ever played.

"Your birth as a bright star over Mount Paektu was the greatest event as it promised the happiness and prosperity of the Korean nation," official media said.

The rest of the world's media says that children cry and people starve when the name of Chia Pet is mentioned. "You have fucked tens of millions of people in your zeal to become a dictator," said the world.

Nah, it didn't. Too bad.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Muslim Terrorism in America?

The shootings of five people to death in a mall in Salt Lake City this week may have been another case of Muslim terrorism inside America.

Of course, the news media doesn't want you to think that is what it is.

6 minutes of horror; Shooter aimed to kill as many as he could

In just six minutes, 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic left a tragic path of destruction that forever changed the lives of dozens of people.

"His intent was to shoot as many people as he possibly could," said Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank.

Police released details Tuesday on Talovic's shooting rampage that left five people dead before off-duty Ogden police officer Ken Hammond and four Salt Lake City police officers killed him in "a shootout," Burbank said.

Four other shooting victims are hospitalized.

Talovic was armed with a shotgun, a .38-caliber handgun and "a backpack full of ammunition," Burbank said. Around the man's waist was a bandolier of shotgun shells.

"He had a pump shotgun," said one witness, DeEtta Barta. "He was shooting, and he shot about four shots."

Barta and her friend Ron Mason were celebrating her birthday at the Desert Edge Brewery when they looked out the window and saw Talovic emerging from the parking terrace, firing away.

"It didn't seem real to me," Mason said.

Police said Tuesday they did not know where Talovic got his weapons. Investigators believe the shootings were random.

Some of the biggest questions remained unanswered Tuesday — including why Talovic picked Trolley Square and what prompted the tragedy.

"This is something really unheard of in our community," Burbank said.

Shocking, no? But check out the description of the shooter, listed way, way down the story:

Ajka Omerovic, who said she was Talovic's aunt, visited the home Tuesday afternoon. She told the Deseret Morning News that Talovic had been "a good boy." She said the family are Muslims from Bosnia who had lived in the vicinity of Sarajevo.

One more piece of evidence: we offer Muslims a refuge here in America, and they pay us back with mass killings.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Remember That Palestinian Cease-Fire Signed in Mecca? Well...

Never let it be said that the Palestinians do not do the utmost to fuck up their entire lives - cease fires, even amongst themselves, do not last.

Somehow, the MSM continues to sympathize with these subhumans, and when they shoot and kill each other in ever increasing numbers, it is considered "short term" and not worthy of examination. So it is when the Pallies met under Saudi sponsorship at Mecca to sign a peace deal amongst the 2 warring factions and have one government. The pact was signed, and the details needed to be worked out. The world said, "Wow! Look how those Palestinians can work together, if only they try! Now they can get back to killing Jews!"

Unfortunately for the Pallies, that peace deal is rapidly breaking down.

And how hilarious will it be when the pro-Palestinian MSM has to report an outbreak of more murders, killings, shootings, executions?

Crisis looms in PA as Abbas cancels Mecca Accord speech

Less than a week after the signing of the Mecca agreement, a new crisis is looming between Fatah and Hamas over the formation of a Palestinian unity government.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who returned home on Wednesday, called off plans to deliver a televised speech on Thursday about the Mecca Accord.

Abbas chaired an emergency meeting of the PLO executive committee - a key decision-making body - in his office late Wednesday night to discuss the latest crisis with Hamas and to brief its members on the outcome of the Mecca summit.

Abbas aides said the decision to cancel the speech was taken in the wake of Haniyeh's refusal to tender his resignation to pave the way for the formation of a unity government.

"We remain committed to the Mecca agreement," said Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh. "We reject any changes or preconditions for the implementation of the agreement. All sides must abide by the agreement and refrain from setting preconditions."

PA officials here told The Jerusalem Post that the latest crisis erupted after Haniyeh set three conditions for submitting his resignation.

First, Haniyeh wants Abbas to approve a series of appointments made by the Hamas-led government over the past year and to rescind his decision to outlaw Hamas's "Executive Force."

Second, Haniyeh is demanding that Abbas approve Hamas's candidate for the post of interior minister before the formation of the unity government.

Third, Haniyeh is asking that independent legislator Ziad Abu Amr, who is expected to serve as foreign minister in the unity government, be considered a Fatah, not a Hamas, candidate.

You can just smell the destruction coming to a Palestinian refugee camp near you.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Downercrats' New Presidential Candidate Hurls Insults at President Bush

The new candidate for the Downercrats came out today with some choice words about President Bush. ABC News says, "Now it is personal."

Listen to the words of this nut carefully, as he sounds like all the rest of the downtrodden Downercrats nationwide.

Now It's Personal: Al Qaeda Calls Bush an Alcoholic Liar

The latest taped statement from al Qaeda is an unusually personal attack on President Bush, in which al Qaeda's No. 2 in command, Ayman al Zawahiri, denounces Bush as "an alcoholic, liar and gambler with an addictive personality."

Zawahiri delivers the attack in a 40-minute audio tape released overnight on Internet sites, and relayed to ABC News by an American terror analyst, Laura Mansfield.

On the tape, Zawahiri also condemns American Democrats "as one side of the same coin of tyranny, criminality and failure" for failing to challenge Bush policies as they said they would in the election.

The tape, apparently aimed at an American audience, contains English subtitles and a warning that American civilians are responsible for Bush policies because they "chose Bush twice."

The personal, intemperate attack on Bush was remarkable for the emotion and venom from the usually stoic Zawahiri.

"I don't know his present condition — Americans know best about that, as they are experts in alcohol and addiction to it — but the one who exams his personality finds that he is addicted to two other faults, lying and gambling," Zawahiri said. "He has gone down in history as one of its most notorious liars," he added.

Like we said, what is so different from what Downercrats mouth each passing day?

Listen to the comments of one sicko pervert liberal:

I agree with Zawahiri. The American public voted for this "disaster" twice, we permitted him to usurp America and orchestrate the greatest foreign relations disasters in history. "We should be ashamed."

Yep - those liberals are sure pro-American. It is no wonder they want us to lose in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Statistic Liberals Want You to Ignore: A Rise in the Minimum Wage Means a LOSS in Jobs

Liberals and their socialist ilk, who have no right to speak on any matter regarding capitalism, continue to parrot the fraudulent line that a rise in the minimum wage somehow means that jobs will increase. So, the liberals tell the American businessman and businesswoman, we will increase your costs and miraculously this will mean more jobs.

Karl Marx couldn't be prouder.

Unfortunately, liberalism and socialism do not mean reality, as evidenced by what is happening in Arizona, and soon to be all over: a raise in the minimum wage is causing people to be laid off.

The media, who like to make sure the liberal/socialist line is reported as fact rather than hallucination, is shocked (shocked! I tell you!) by this.

New wage boost puts squeeze on teenage workers across Arizona

Oh, for the days when Arizona's high school students could roll pizza dough, sweep up sticky floors in theaters or scoop ice cream without worrying about ballot initiatives affecting their earning power.

That's certainly not the case under the state's new minimum-wage law that went into effect last month.

Some Valley employers, especially those in the food industry, say payroll budgets have risen so much that they're cutting hours, instituting hiring freezes and laying off employees.

And teens are among the first workers to go.

Companies maintain the new wage was raised to $6.75 per hour from $5.15 per hour to help the breadwinners in working-poor families. Teens typically have other means of support.

Mark Messner, owner of Pepi's Pizza in south Phoenix, estimates he has employed more than 2,000 high school students since 1990. But he plans to lay off three teenage workers and decrease hours worked by others. Of his 25-person workforce, roughly 75 percent are in high school.

"I've had to go to some of my kids and say, 'Look, my payroll just increased 13 percent,' " he said. " 'Sorry, I don't have any hours for you.' "

Messner's monthly cost to train an employee has jumped from $440 to $580 as the turnover rate remains high.

"We go to great lengths to hang on to our high school workers, but there are a lot of kids who come in and get one check in their pocket and feel like they're living large and out the door they go," he said. "We never get our return on investment when that happens."

For years, economists have debated how minimum-wage increases impact the teenage workforce.

The Employment Policies Institute in Washington, which opposed the recent increases, cited 2003 data by Federal Reserve economists showing a 10 percent increase caused a 2 percent to 3 percent decrease in employment.

It also cited comments by noted economist Milton Friedman, who maintained that high teen unemployment rates were largely the result of minimum-wage laws.

"After a wage hike, employers seek to take fewer chances on individuals with little education or experience," one institute researcher told lawmakers in 2004.

Tom Kelly, owner of Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream Parlor in Phoenix, voted for the minimum-wage increase. But he said, "The new law has impacted us quite a bit."

That's life for you: vote to cut your own throat and then act stunned when your shirt gets all bloody.

So, to sum up: when a liberal tries to talk economics, either leave the room or hit them in the head. Hard.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Czech President Says Global Warming is a Myth...and Al Gore is "Insane"

The Czech President, Václav Klaus, did an interview in the Czech newspaper "Hospodářské noviny" and says that global warming is a myth, and that Al Gore is insane for continuing to perpetrate this myth.

Go Václav! Cheers to President Klaus for stating the obvious!

Václav Klaus about the IPCC panel

Q: IPCC has released its report and you say that the global warming is a myth. How did you get this idea, Mr President?

A: It's not my idea. Global warming is a myth and every serious person and scientist says so. It is not fair to refer to the U.N. panel. IPCC is not a scientific institution: it's a political body, a sort of non-government organization of green flavor. It's neither a forum of neutral scientists nor a balanced group of scientists. These people are politicized scientists who arrive there with a one-sided opinion and a one-sided assignment. Also, it's an undignified slapstick that people don't wait for the full report in May 2007 but instead respond, in such a serious way, to the summary for policymakers where all the "but's" are scratched, removed, and replaced by oversimplified theses.

This is clearly such an incredible failure of so many people, from journalists to politicians. If the European Commission is instantly going to buy such a trick, we have another very good reason to think that the countries themselves, not the Commission, should be deciding about similar issues.

Q: How do you explain that there is no other comparably senior statesman in Europe who would advocate this viewpoint? No one else has such strong opinions...

A: My opinions about this issue simply are strong. Other top-level politicians do not express their global warming doubts because a whip of political correctness strangles their voice.

Q: But you're not a climate scientist. Do you have a sufficient knowledge and enough information?
A: Environmentalism as a metaphysical ideology and as a worldview has absolutely nothing to do with natural sciences or with the climate. Sadly, it has nothing to do with social sciences either. Still, it is becoming fashionable and this fact scares me. The second part of the sentence should be: we also have lots of reports, studies, and books of climatologists whose conclusions are diametrally opposite.
Indeed, I never measure the thickness of ice in Antarctica. I really don't know how to do it and don't plan to learn it. However, as a scientifically oriented person, I know how to read science reports about these questions, for example about ice in Antarctica. I don't have to be a climate scientist myself to read them. And inside the papers I have read, the conclusions we may see in the media simply don't appear. But let me promise you something: this topic troubles me which is why I started to write an article about it last Christmas. The article expanded and became a book. In a couple of months, it will be published. One chapter out of seven will organize my opinions about the climate change.
Environmentalism and green ideology is something very different from climate science. Various findings and screams of scientists are abused by this ideology.

Q: How do you explain that conservative media are skeptical while the left-wing media view the global warming as a done deal?

A: It is not quite exactly divided to the left-wingers and right-wingers. Nevertheless it's obvious that environmentalism is a new incarnation of modern leftism.

Q: If you look at all these things, even if you were right ...

A: ...I am right...

Q: Isn't there enough empirical evidence and facts we can see with our eyes that imply that Man is demolishing the planet and himself?

A: It's such a nonsense that I have probably not heard a bigger nonsense yet.

Q: Don't you believe that we're ruining our planet?

A: I will pretend that I haven't heard you. Perhaps only Mr Al Gore may be saying something along these lines: a sane person can't. I don't see any ruining of the planet, I have never seen it, and I don't think that a reasonable and serious person could say such a thing. Look: you represent the economic media so I expect a certain economical erudition from you. My book will answer these questions. For example, we know that there exists a huge correlation between the care we give to the environment on one side and the wealth and technological prowess on the other side. It's clear that the poorer the society is, the more brutally it behaves with respect to Nature, and vice versa.

It's also true that there exist social systems that are damaging Nature - by eliminating private ownership and similar things - much more than the freer societies. These tendencies become important in the long run. They unambiguously imply that today, on February 8th, 2007, Nature is protected uncomparably more than on February 8th ten years ago or fifty years ago or one hundred years ago.

That's why I ask: how can you pronounce the sentence you said? Perhaps if you're unconscious? Or did you mean it as a provocation only? And maybe I am just too naive and I allowed you to provoke me to give you all these answers, am I not? It is more likely that you actually believe what you say.

How come this man can state so obvious a fact, and the boneheads around the world continue to parrot the anti-capitalist line?

Václav Klaus should get the Nobel Peace Prize for being a world leader on trying to defeat the movement of garbage known as global warming.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Let us watch as the Downercrats advocate the total and complete defeat of the United States.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Fatah, Hamas Reach Deal: World Cheers, Ready for More Israelis to be Murdered

The Palestinian scumbags got together in the Saudi city of Mecca to iron out a deal to have one government, instead of the previous one government where corruption and blood ran thicker than jelly. So, instead of having Pallies shooting each other, they can concentrate on more pressing matters, such as blowing up Jews.

But Hamas will continue to refuse to recognize Israel, which western governments insist is a prerequisite before any more aid is wasted, er, given. Hamas says they will not recognize Israel.

How long before this deal holds out? Not long, hopefully.

Hamas and Fatah agree unity government deal

The two main Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, reached "full agreement" on a national unity government that will include ministers from both groups during crisis talks yesterday in the holy Islamic city of Mecca.

But while the decision on the cabinet posts represented progress, there was no agreement on persuading Hamas to accept existing peace treaties with Israel signed by earlier Palestinian administrations.

Acceptance by Hamas of these accords, with their explicit recognition of the right of Israel to exist, is one of the key demands from the international community if it is to end its financial boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

"We have agreed to form a national unity government. The agreement will be signed very soon," the Palestinian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Jamal al-Shobaki said last night.

The MSM likes to remind us daily that cease-fires between these two groups of fanatics lasted one or two days. How long this fakery lasts is anyone's guess. But when the aid does not come, Hamas and Fatah will be at each other's throats again.

And that is always a good thing.


The frauds of Islamic imbecility known as Hamas says they still refuse to recognize Israel.

If one nation sends these thugs money, the US should cut off relations with them. And that includes Europe.

Palestinian unity govt won't recognize Israel

A new Palestinian unity government to be formed after a deal in Mecca between rival Fatah and Hamas factions will not recognize Israel, a political adviser to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said on Saturday.

Ahmed Youssef said the unity government, which he expected Haniyeh to unveil within 10 days, would "respect" previous Palestinian peace accords with Israel but would not be committed to them, nor to recognizing the Jewish state.

Recognition of Israel is one of three conditions set by the "Quartet" of international Middle East negotiators for lifting sanctions on the Hamas-led government. The Quartet also demands Hamas renounce violence and accept existing peace deals.

"The issue of recognition was not addressed at all (in Mecca)," Youssef said.

And who is surprised by this?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

WaPo Poll: American People Disapprove of Downie Congress - Papers Calls This "An Improvement"

The Downies are in power more than a month, they have done absolutely nothing except shake their hips at sending troops to Iraq, and the American people are disgusted already, as a new poll shows.

The Washington Post headlines the poll's results: "Public View of Congress Improves."

You can stop laughing now.

Poll: Public View of Congress Improves

Three months after a power shifting election, a majority of Americans still disapprove of Congress _ a sign of public impatience with the new Democratic majority even among party loyalists.

Still, an Associated Press-Ipsos poll conducted this week shows that Congress' public image has improved slowly but steadily since the November elections when Iraq, corruption and partisan fighting drove congressional approval ratings below those of President Bush.

According to the poll, 65 percent of those surveyed disapprove of the way the president is handling his job, slightly up from his disapproval ratings last month. As for Congress, 58 percent disapproved of the work of lawmakers, a slight decrease from last month and a 14 percentage-point decrease from congressional disapproval last October.

So, there you have it. 7% more people disapprove of President Bush than Congress. That is an improvement?

Of course, the AP cannot wait to tell us that Downies disapprove of the shit coming from Capitol Hill:

Even a majority of Democrats _ 52 percent _ disapprove of the work of Congress, indicating a desire for quicker action from the new Democratic management. Just 39 percent of Democrats approved of Congress, though that rating is a significant improvement from the 9 percent who approved in October.

The AP then interviews Downies on how Congress is doing. How about a Republican response? Of course not - it could show that Republicans cannot stand what Congress is doing. And that would make the story unworthy to the scumbags at the AP.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Euro-peon Union Gets Fucked by Helping Palestinians

In one of the funnier stories so far this year, the Euro-peon Union, desperate to aid the Palestinian subhumans while at the same time looking like they despise the Hamas scumbags who run the Palestinian government, is sending money directly to Palestinians - in an action which is costing them $4 million in just a few months. Who is making the money? The bank doing the tranfers.

Never let is be said that Euro-peons were smart.

EU's" attempt to avoid Hamas costs £2m in bank charges

More than €3m (£2m) of EU aid for Palestinians was spent on bank charges last year in an effort to bypass the Hamas-run government, Oxfam said yesterday. The money was spent between August and December under the temporary international mechanism, a system run by the European commission that delivers directly to Palestinians and avoids supporting the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.Oxfam described the mechanism as an "aid fiasco" and said it should be scrapped. But the EC said it was the "most direct and most efficient" means of delivery.
In those five months, about €110m was delivered directly into the bank accounts of 140,000 Palestinians and another €40m was spent on supplying fuel. The money was intended to tackle a growing economic crisis brought about in large part by the decision of Israel to freeze $60m (£30m) of monthly tax revenues it usually passes to the Palestinians.

Oxfam said the money was passed through the HSBC bank every month at a charge of €8 for each transfer.

"European states are wasting millions of euros of aid to Palestine through this bureaucratic scheme," said Barbara Stocking, director of Oxfam. "Our aid is being delivered through a complex mechanism that is causing irreparable damage to essential services for Palestinian people." She said direct funding to the Palestinian Authority should be restarted.

Of course, Oxfam is a Marxist organization out to give aid directly to terrorists.

This is what happens when you kiss Palestinian ass, Europe.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Downcasters Start to Rot from the Head Down

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Muslimization of England Continues

Despite repeated warnings and constant threats of Islamic terrorism on their own soil, the British government - and even the British people - remain in some sort of denial that anything is happening to them. With that in mind, the Muslims in Britain continue to push the envelope, demanding special rights and even separate facilities for their sick cult. And the response? The usual multicultural crap which enables these thugs to plot and plan for terrorist attacks in every city in England.

They have been warned, as we have said. Another warning came this week, in The Telegraph of London.

Sleepwalking with the enemy

The conviction this week of a Muslim radical for inciting racial hatred once again highlights the growing threat posed by the pernicious fringe of Islamism. We have only ourselves to blame, says Ruth Dudley Edwards.

'UK you will pay, Islam is on its way," is the chilling slogan favoured by Muslim radical Abdul Saleem, who was convicted this week of stirring up racial hatred at a rally in London last year. Addressing the crowd in Belgravia Square, near the Spanish and German embassies, Saleem was filmed saying: "There will come a time when we will stand inside these embassies. There will come a time when we will remove that flag. There will come a time when we will raise the flag of Islam – whether you like it or not, Islam is superior and cannot be surpassed."

His defence should have pointed out that he was merely stating the obvious. He and his kind believe that through intimidation, conversion and out-breeding, the United Kingdom – and the world over – can be brought under Sharia law.

Of course, Edwards continues to buy into the canard that "Islam is a religion of peace." For the final time: Islam is a cult, a deadly cult, made up of fruitcakes and violence, and of people who demand that all of us become Muslim or we will die - it is that simple. To continue to believe otherwise is folly.

One prime example: When a British teacher complains about merely discussing the downside of Islam, he is fired. Free speech? There is none when it comes to Islam.

Teacher sacked over religion row

A supply teacher has been sacked from a secondary school following complaints from Muslim pupils.

Andrew McLuskey was sacked from Bayliss Court Secondary School in Slough after a Religious Education lesson discussing the pros and cons of religion.

Pupils at the predominantly Muslim school claimed Mr McLuskey said most suicide bombers were Muslim.

But he rejected the allegation and said the school was too quick to sack him without giving him right of reply.

I hate to inform these fools, but ALL suicide bombers are Muslim. Do you ever see a Christian blow himself up in a bakery in Israel? Or a Buddhist blow herself up in a market place in Baghdad? How about a Jew driving a truck with tons of explosives into buildings?

Of course you don't - because all of these acts are done by Muslims. And the world continues to turn a blind eye from the problem, hoping it will all just go away.

The world tried this same formula with Adolf Hitler. And we all know how that experiment in liberal thinking worked.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Toilet Bowl" Jimmah Carter Urges Americans to Forget About Terrorist Threat

Speaking of the demented and delusional, it appears that Roilet pervert and failed one-term loser Jimmy Carter, the rabidly anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-American scumbag who happened to serve four dismal years as this country's 39th President, is at it again: after telling the world that Israel should just let Palestinians blow them up, he is now saying the same thing to the American people: that if we only forgot about Islamic terrorists, they will leave us alone.

Can't someone just institutionalize this nut?

Carter urges Americans to abandon fear, hatred

With the zeal of a Baptist Sunday School teacher, Jimmy Carter ended a conference on his presidency Sunday morning by telling Americans they should not fear and they should not hate.

On a weekend in which Carter celebrated the 30th anniversary of his inauguration and the 25th year since its abrupt conclusion, it was left to the former president to update his peace efforts in the Middle East to today's world by talking about terrorism and about harsh feelings against people of other faiths.

"We are developing an ingrained hatred for people who aren't Christians," said Carter, a Sunday School teacher since he was 18 years old.

Unwarranted fear of terrorism is behind these feelings, he said.

"The distortion that we are about to be destroyed makes us suspicious of those who don't worship the way we do," he said. "And our country has no reason to be afraid."

Can’t you see? We have NO REASON to be afraid! Those Islamic psychos who want to blow us up with a nuclear weapon? We shouldn't fear them! They are good people who just "pray differently." Yeah! That’s the ticket!

Jimmah Carter is a psychopath. He should be ignored or hospitalized, as he is a danger to the entire American populace with his disgusting ideas and paranoia.

The EU "Threatens" Sudan with Sanctions

Sudan's government has been killing people in the Darfur region for years now, and up to 200,000 have been murdered. When George Bush went to the UN to do something, he was stymied by the entire world who react with one collective yawn.

The Europeans? What are they doing? Sitting on their asses, as usual.

They have decided not to impose sanctions, or to do something substantial, but they have threatened sanctions if something doesn't happen.

They may also get really mad.

EU threatens Sudan with sanctions over Darfur

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union threatened Sudan with sanctions on Monday if it refused to allow U.N. peacekeepers into war-torn Darfur, but rights groups and analysts said the warning was not enough to stop the killings.

Raising strong concerns about the "intolerable" situation in Sudan's remote west, EU foreign ministers urged other donors to provide funding for the struggling African Union mission there, while the EU executive said it had no more cash to support it.

Yep, the Euro-peons "raised strong concerns." They might do something. They might get concerned.

Hell, they might even get pissed off. Let's see what they do when the death toll hits half a million.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

"Toilet Bowl" Jimmah Carter Says He is Not a Racist, Bigot, or Anti-Semite

Toilet pervert and failed loser Jimmy Carter, who is one of the worst Presidents in American history and is jockeying to becoming one of the worst ex-Presidents in American history, is upset that people find his hilarious book on the Palestinians to be full of claptrap and lies, when all it is filled with is claptrap and lies.

The AP says Carter is mad that he is being portrayed as a Jew hater and racist.

However, when the shoe fits...

Carter defends controversial book

ATHENS, Ga. - Former President Jimmy Carter said Saturday that the storm of criticism he has faced for his recent book has not weakened his resolve for fair treatment of Israelis and Palestinians.

"I have been called a liar," Carter said at a town hall meeting on the second day of a three-day symposium on his presidency at the University of Georgia.

"I have been called an anti-Semite," he said. "I have been called a bigot. I have been called a plagiarist. I have been called a coward. Those kind of accusations, they concern me, but they don't detract from the fact the book is accurate and is needed."

Carter's book is neither accurate nor needed. We already have one like it: It is called "Mein Kampf."

Friday, February 02, 2007

Jacky Chirac Threatens US Over Global Warming Fraud

The French are in full retreat around the world - culturally, militarily, and even economically. Their country is a basket case, run by a criminal thug of the highest order: Jacky Chirac, who aided Saddam Hussein in getting weapons just before we went to war in Iraq.

Little Jacky is now threatening the US with increased taxes if we do not accede to the leftwing fraud that is "global warming."

France Tells U.S. to Sign Climate Pacts or Face Tax

President Jacques Chirac has demanded that the United States sign both the Kyoto climate protocol and a future agreement that will take effect when the Kyoto accord runs out in 2012.

He said that he welcomed last week’s State of the Union address in which President Bush described climate change as a “serious challenge” and acknowledged that a growing number of American politicians now favor emissions cuts.

But he warned that if the United States did not sign the agreements, a carbon tax across Europe on imports from nations that have not signed the Kyoto treaty could be imposed to try to force compliance. The European Union is the largest export market for American goods.

“A carbon tax is inevitable,” Mr. Chirac said. “If it is European, and I believe it will be European, then it will all the same have a certain influence because it means that all the countries that do not accept the minimum obligations will be obliged to pay.

Trade lawyers have been divided over the legality of a carbon tax, with some saying it would run counter to international trade rules. But Mr. Chirac said other European countries would back it. “I believe we will have all of the European Union,” he said.

Imagine the nerve of this fat fuck to threaten the US, after we spilled precious blood rescuing his shitty country from Nazis, which we have never received a thank you for.

The American people should boycott all things French. Let Chirac and his country drown.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The NY Times Posts $650 Million Loss; Newsrag Says "Whoops...Ignore This"

The NY Times, a rag which tries to act as a newspaper, continues its slide towards the fourth quarter of 2006, it posted a loss of $648 million. That's just the fourth quarter - no word on the entire 2006 loss.


New York Times Reports 4Q Loss of $648M

NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Times Co. posted a $648 million loss for the fourth quarter on Wednesday as it absorbed an $814.4 million charge to write down the value of its struggling New England properties, The Boston Globe and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

The company said the non-cash charge reflected declines in current and projected results at the newspapers, which have been hit hard by the consolidations of key advertisers in the New England area as well as greater competition from online media.

The company originally paid $1.1 billion for the Globe in 1993 and $296 million for the Worcester paper in 2000.

The Times reported a loss amounting to $4.50 a share for the October- December period. It earned $63.1 million, or 43 cents a share, a year ago.

Results at the Times' Boston-area properties have been slumping badly in the past year, amid a tough economic climate there and the consolidation of key advertisers including the retailers Macy's, part of Federated Department Stores Inc., and Retail Ventures Inc.'s Filene's.

The reason that the NY Times continues to lose money is because no one wants to read their liberal scum anymore. As they do their damndest to bring down our government and tell all of its secrets, less and less people want to read the Paper of Treason.

The Times' days are numbered. May they be fewer and fewer.

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