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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Time for the Daily Kos Tracking Poll...and Guess Who They Have Winning the Presidential Race?

The unhinged fruitcakes at the Daily Kos are out with their "2008 Tracking Poll" (and what a poll it is, showing no numbers, no methodology, nothing), and, shocker of shockers, they have Obama winning by 4 points.

Despite the fact that every poll in America has McCain winning, the nutters at Daily Kos, who are not above making alleged facts up out of whole cloth, also make up polls.

McCain vs. Obama History

Daily Kos Poll (from 9/11/2008 to 9/16/2008)

So, to counter this, we have begun our brand new "Joobo 2008 Tracking Poll."

On this date, September 16, this new poll shows that John McCain is winning, 48% to 43%. It also shows that among Americans who were asked who they trusted to be President in a crisis, McCain won with 65% to Obama's 22%.

There. There is our poll. It is as good as any other, since McCain is actually winning in those real polls, as opposed to liberal hallucination polls.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama is Losing in Ohio - and a Downercrat Gives Some Advice How He Can Win There

Paul Hackett ran for the US House in 2006 and lost; in 2008, he was set to be the Downers' candidate for the US Senate, but he pulled out because he realized that being a Downer means admitting you are delusional.

Hackett now says that Obama is losing in Ohio - and in fact he is 5 points lower in the polls than the polls are showing, mainly because Obama is running a crummy race and because of alleged racism.

But then check out Hackett's prescription for Obama to win Ohio: Destroy Sarah Palin. With smears. With innuendo. With lies.

In short, the Downercrat way of doing business.

Obama is losing Ohio

Obama is losing Ohio and contrary to Mr. Plouffe’s assertion that Obama can win without Ohio history indicates otherwise.

There are at least three issues that lead me to believe that the Obama campaign does not grasp the situation in Ohio.

Unreliable polling

No organized presence in Southern Ohio

No attack strategy against Palin/McCain coupled with a lack of defense of the Obama central theme of change.

If one believes the polling in Ohio Obama is in a neck and neck race with Palin/McCain to win the state. Additionally it must be remembered that Obama has yet to win over the support of middle of the road Ohioans or solidify the support of Hillary Clinton’s constituents post primary. Recall that Obama was handily beaten by Clinton in the Ohio primary.

While the polling is close I believe it is far worse than the numbers reflect given social apprehension of middle of the road uncommitted respondents to appear racist by not supporting Obama. There has been much speculation across America regarding this phenomenon and as such can impact the accuracy of polling by at least 5 points. Thus instead of being down in Ohio by 3 or 4 points I would argue that for planning purposes the working assumption should indicate that Obama is down in Ohio by roughly 10 points. That’s a lot of ground to make up in less than 60 days, and as such there must be an aggressive offense to cover such a distance.

The Obama campaign has no organized presence in Southern Ohio; southern Ohio defined as south of Interstate 70 which runs east west and loosely divides the state in half both geographically and culturally. The Obama campaign’s focus of effort is evident in the traditionally Democratic strongholds of northeast Ohio, the Cleveland area and Mahoning Valley, in addition to Franklin County/Columbus in the center of the state.

Notice that Hackett calls the Republican ticket "Palin/McCain." And why, you ask?

Because Hackett has a plan for Obama to win: smear Sarah Palin with every lie they can come up with, and then some.

The solution rests with local surrogates on the ground spreading the attack face to face coupled with an air campaign via radio and TV.

The message is simple and the professionals can refine it but essentially it should contain these elements:

"Sarah Palin? Can't keep her solemn oath of devotion to her husband and had sex with his employee. Sarah Palin? Accidentally got pregnant at age 43 and the tax payers of Alaska have to pay for the care of her disabled child. Sarah Palin? Unable to teach her 16 year old daughter right from wrong and now another teenager is pregnant. Sarah Palin? Can you trust Sarah Palin and her values with America's future? John McCain? Divorced from his first wife one month and marries a billionaire influence peddler and convicted felon. John McCain, a record of rash and impulsive decisions. That’s not change that’s more of the same.”

And then check out the high fives from Hackett's fellow nutjobs, who agree with him that it is time to win this race for Obama by lying through what is left of their teeth - as if Obama wasn't already employing that strategy.

As Hackett knows, while the wind is at Obama's back when it comes to talking economy to these folks, it is the personal revelations about the candidates which will win hearts and minds. What does it say that her two oldest kids are so out of control? The Obama campaign will have nothing to do with what the Enquirer has already printed about her son's juvenile delinquency and drug abuse, and the revelation that, far from supporting her daughter's pregnancy, she kicked Bristol out of the house. What does that say about Palin, if she can't manage her own family?


Hackett is right - OH looks like it will go to McCain, and we cannot let that happen. Obviously the current strategy isn't producing results.

The personal attacks suggested by Hackett would backfire, IMO, but I'm convinced we need to strip the bark off McCain. Why? Because HRC's primary smears of Obama in states like OH soured the voters on Obama, and he doesn't have time to remake his own image. The only alternative is to fucking destroy McCain's reputation for honor and bravery. Don't like it? Blame the Clintons.


Everything this person says about Palin is true, she's an adulteress, she's neglected the health of her unborn child during pregnancy, she's an absentee mom and her kids run wild having casual sex and doing drugs, and meanwhile she's campaigning as some kind of beacon of morality.

I know the kind of people this person is talking about. believe me, the details of someone's personal life are more important than their policies.

I don't understand why people are so opposed to confronting them and giving them back some of their own medicine?

Finally, we get the greatest gift a liberal can give to America:

I trust Obama, but right about now, I admit I am scared.

And, in the end, the liberal psychos always employ the chief reason why they continue to lose elections: Americans are just stupid hicks who didn't buy their crappola:

The bigots will probably "win" in Ohio. Just as they did last time.

And it's why Michigan is so close.

The notion that this American election was going to somehow transcend our history of race driven political alignments was always a wishful fantasy.

Obama's situation in Ohio has NOTHING to do with HIS "problems." It has to do with the intellectual "problems" of thousands or ignorant, uneducated people voting their own stupidity and bigotry. (Mean Jean Schmidt represents them perfectly.)

Pretending Southern Ohio isn't like Kentucky or Indiana or Tennessee was always a losing conceit.

The only hope for Ohio (and the country?) is that upstate urban areas (outside Cincy) actually show up to vote, and are counted. The rest of the state, like most of America, is a political wasteland. That is not Obama's fault.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Downercrats Start to Worry That Obama is Blowing Another Election

You can always tell when Downercrats start to get nervous: when the polls start to show that they are losing the race. The poor souls in that rotten party are starting to believe that Obama is blowing another race for them, and are in a panic.

Hey - we warned them when they decided to turn to Barry "Empty Suit" Obama rather than Hillary Clinton, who would have been a most formidible candidate to contend with.

Autumn Angst: Dems fret about Obama

Polls showing John McCain tied or even ahead of Barack Obama are stirring angst and second-guessing among some of the Democratic Party’s most experienced operatives, who worry that Obama squandered opportunities over the summer and may still be underestimating his challenges this fall.

“It’s more than an increased anxiety,” said Doug Schoen, who worked as one of Bill Clinton’s lead pollsters during his 1996 reelection and has worked for both Democrats and independents in recent years. “It’s a palpable frustration. Deep-seated unease in the sense that the message has gotten away from them.”

Joe Trippi, a consultant behind Howard Dean’s flash-in-the-pan presidential campaign in 2004 and John Edwards’ race in 2008, said the Obama campaign was slow to recognize how the selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate would change the dynamic of the race.

“They were set up to run ‘experience versus change,’ what they had run [against Hillary] Clinton,” Trippi said. “And I think Palin clearly moved that to be change or reform, versus change. They are adjusting to that and that threw them off balance a little bit.”

A major Democratic fundraiser described it a good bit more starkly after digesting the polls of recent days: “I’m so depressed. It’s happening again. It’s a nightmare.”

Yep, it IS happening again...just like 1980, 1988, 2000, and 2004.

In short, the Downies nominated a dud. Now they have to sink with him.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

British PM Brown Endorses Obama, Starts International Row

Gordon Brown, the British PM who has presided over the rapidly deteriorating British economy and whose chances of winning re-election next year are less than Kim Jong-il winning the Nobel Peace Prize, wrote a magazine article in which he praised Barack Obama, and all but endorsed him. Now an international incident has exploded, and Brown says that "a junior Labour minister" actually wrote the article.

Uh, yeah, right.

Gordon Brown triggers row with John McCain by 'backing' Barack Obama

The Prime Minister heaped praise on Mr Obama and the Democrats in a magazine article, saying they were "generating the ideas to help people through more difficult times."

Dealing with economic problems is the crucial battleground in the US elections and Mr Brown's comments were interpreted as backing the Democrat candidate. It sparked a flurry of activity among

The Prime Minister's office and the British Embassy in Washington were last night involved in an embarrassing behind-the-scenes operation to try and limit the fallout from the incident. They were alerted after the highly influential Drudge Report website picked up the story, sparking a flurry of comment and analysis from election watchers in the US.

Well-placed sources claimed that Mr Brown may not have read the article written in his name by a "junior Labour official".

A source said: "It is clearly going to annoy the Republicans and is a naive mistake by a junior Labour person. The American Embassy is doing a lot of work to reassure the McCain campaign that this is not an endorsement of Obama."

In a statement, Number 10 said that the "Prime Minister is not endorsing any candidate and never would." It added: "Presidential elections are a matter for the American people. The Prime Minister looks forward to working closely with whoever is elected."

The article appeared in the Parliamentary Monitor magazine and was intended to set out Mr Brown's plans to overhaul Labour policies ahead of the party's annual conference this month.

In the article, .Mr Brown drew attention to policies to help deal with the economic downturn. He said: "Around the world, it is progressive politicians who are grappling with these challenges....In the electrifying US Presidential campaign, it is the Democrats who are generating the ideas to help people through more difficult times.

"To help prevent people from losing their home, Barack Obama has proposed a Foreclosure Prevention Fund to increase emergency pre-foreclosure counselling, and help families facing repossession."

No mention is made of Mr McCain or his proposed policies in the article.

The Conservatives last night seized on the apparent gaffe. William Hague, the shadow Foreign Secretary, said: "A responsible British Prime Minister needs to be ready to work with either Presidential candidate after the US election, and should neither take sides nor be seen to be taking sides.

"Gordon Brown needs to make clear why he appeared to be favouring the Democrats in this article and to explain whether this was his deliberate intention or a careless mistake."

The chief reaction from ordinary US voters on politics websites was one of derision, with many pointing out that the endorsement of a prime minister as troubled as Mr Brown was of dubious value.

There was also a widespread amount of annoyance – not confined to Republicans - that a foreign political leader should be seeking to influence the US election.

Readers of the influential US Politico blog were roughly split two to one between those who were critical of Mr Brown's comments and those who approved of them.

One wrote: "Brits like Obama? That's like a dog whistle to the Dumbed Down Americans to vote for Palin-McCain. Thanks Brown."

Another commented: "Cue beam of light...People of the World, he is the One for you. But we have a quirky little thing here in the colonies, American voters pick our President. Not the British Prime Minister nor the People of the World."

The colonial theme was picked up by others. "The most incompetent PM in recent English history for the first time since King George III and Lord North telling the USA who should run their country," wrote one. "Makes me feel like dumping some tea in the harbour."

British Prime Ministers have largely declined to disclose their support for American candidates.

However the Blair administration was questioned for its close relationship with the Al Gore election team in the run-up to the 2000 election while John Major's links with George Bush senior also came in for criticism. The Bush camp contacted the Conservative government in the 1992 election battle seeking details about Mr Clinton's time as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford.

Gordon Brown is a dud as Prime Minister. Now he is a dud as far as international relations with the UK's best friend are concerned.

Gordo will be out on his ass soon, kicked out of office as Labour is swept away in a landslide. Then the US and the UK will have conservatives running their respective countries.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Is Barack Obama Having Trouble...Raising Money?

Say it ain't so, Barry! It looks like that Obama's decision to "opt out" of the public financing system, a move which liberals hailed as the best chance they could to outspend Republicans and win the election, may have been just another grand liberal boner after all, as the vaunted New York Times, the paper of record for all things Obama, notes with alarm that Obama is having trouble raising money, and may have to report devastating funding returns in the coming weeks and months.

Aw, shucks, Barry...this is what happens when you fuck with people with your lies and bullshit. You get fucked right back, this time up the ass.

Forgoing Subsidy, Obama Team Presses Donors

After months of record-breaking fund-raising, a new sense of urgency in Senator Barack Obama’s fund-raising team is palpable as the full weight of the campaign’s decision to bypass public financing for the general election is suddenly upon it.

Pushing a fund-raiser later this month, a finance staff member sent a sharply worded note last week to Illinois members of its national finance committee, calling their recent efforts “extremely anemic.”

At a convention-week meeting in Denver of the campaign’s top fund-raisers, buttons with the image of a money tree were distributed to those who had already contributed the maximum $2,300 to the general election, a subtle reminder to those who had failed to ante up.

The signs of concern have become evident in recent weeks as early fund-raising totals have suggested that Mr. Obama’s decision to bypass public financing may not necessarily afford him the commanding financing advantage over Senator John McCain that many had originally predicted.

Presidential candidates in a general election have typically relied on two main sources of money: public financing, along with additional money their parties raise. In choosing to accept the public money, the McCain campaign now gets an $84 million cash infusion from the United States Treasury. Mr. McCain is barred from raising any more money for his own campaign coffers but can lean on money raised by the Republican National Committee, which has continued to exceed expectations.

Meanwhile, Obama campaign officials had calculated that with its vaunted fund-raising machine, driven by both small contributors over the Internet and a powerful high-dollar donor network, it made more sense to forgo public financing so they could raise and spend unlimited sums.

But the campaign is struggling to meet ambitious fund-raising goals it set for the campaign and the party. It collected in June and July far less from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s donors than originally projected. Moreover, Mr. McCain, unlike Mr. Obama, will have the luxury of concentrating almost entirely on campaigning instead of raising money, as Mr. Obama must do.

The Obama campaign does not have to report its August fund-raising totals until next week, so it is difficult to tally what it has in the bank at this point. A spokesman said that August was its best fund-raising month yet and that the campaign’s fund-raising was on track. But the campaign finished July with slightly less cash on hand with the Democratic National Committee compared with Mr. McCain and the R.N.C. The Obama campaign has also been spending heavily, including several million more than the McCain campaign in advertising in August.

A California fund-raiser familiar with the party’s August performance estimated that it raised roughly $17 million last month, a drop-off from the previous month, and finished with just $13 million in the bank.

Still, the Obama campaign said last Thursday that it had raised $10 million over the Internet in the 24 hours after the speech by Mr. McCain’s running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, at the Republican convention on Wednesday, a one-day record for the campaign.

David Plouffe, the Obama campaign manager, said the majority of the Obama campaign’s donors during the primary had yet to write checks for the general election. When they do, he said, it will be the equivalent of the large injection of cash the McCain campaign is receiving from the government — about $70 million or $80 million.

“We’re confident that we will meet our financial goals, but it’s hard work,” Mr. Plouffe said. “We have a long way to go in the next six weeks.”

Members of Mr. Obama’s national finance committee were briefed during the convention in Denver by Mr. Plouffe. Penny Pritzker, the Obama finance chairwoman, announced new state-by-state fund-raising goals. The decidedly business-oriented nature of the meeting reflected the burden on the Obama campaign in the coming weeks.

“I think McCain made the right call,” said Scott Reed, a Republican strategist who managed Bob Dole’s presidential campaign in 1996. “The Republican National Committee is strong. They have the resources to make this race almost financially on par.”

Democratic strategists disagree, pointing out that campaign finance rules impose serious restrictions on Mr. McCain’s ability to fully make use of his party’s bank account.

“It’s not just the limitation of dollars when you accept public financing, it’s the limitations that go with that spending,” said Tad Devine, a senior strategist for Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004. Mr. Devine added that choosing to accept public financing was the Kerry campaign’s single biggest mistake because it limited the campaign’s resources.

The McCain campaign had by far its best fund-raising month ever in August, when it collected $47 million for its coffers and $22 million for the party, finishing the month with more than $100 million in the bank that will now be at the disposal of the R.N.C., according to several finance officials.

McCain fund-raisers said they also hope to raise an additional $100 million for the party in September and in October, taking advantage of the sizable contribution limits for the party. The party’s Internet fund-raising has also picked up significantly since the announcement that Ms. Palin would join the Republican ticket. Combined with the $84 million from public financing, that would leave the McCain campaign with about $300 million at its disposal.

A recent e-mail message to McCain fund-raisers unveiled new incentives to spur them in their final push. For the primary, anyone who raised $100,000 or more earned the title of Trailblazer, while those who raised $250,000 or more became Innovators. Now Trailblazers who raise another $100,000 for the party for the general election can become Super-Trailblazers, and Innovators who raise another $250,000 earn the title of Super-Innovators.

As we like to say: Darn, darn, darn, darn, darn!

Notice the wording, however: "extremely anemic." That's liberalspeak for "holy shit, folks! We raised tons of money and spent all of it to win the nomination and then go after states we had no chance in, and now McCain is outraising us, outspending us, and we need funds, and quick! HELP!"

We want to see what happens to the liberal media when Obama reports his "anemic" fundraising. To what could they account it...a bad smell coming from Obama/Biden HQ? The hilariousness of Obama's paper-thin resume? His record on doing nothing as a US Senator? Your guess is as good as ours.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Breaking News from the Nuts at Daily Kookoos: "Palin is Terroist" [Sic]

We have breaking news from the fruitcakes and crackpots over at Daily Kos, the kookoos of the internet: Sarah Palin is a terroist.

Wait - what in the name of fucking hell is a "terroist"?

It is when you combine a dumb fucking liberal with a dumb fucking liberal who has no brain and can't spell, and they have a child. This child is a two-timing dumb fucking liberal. This one apparently died at birth and no one has told them. He/she/it calls themselves "tiredofcrap."

But, seriously, this nut has important news - namely, that Sarah Palin is somehow a terrorist (see...we can spell it right) because the Alaska Independence Party, to which she never belonged, existed in her state.

Uh, yeah. Right. Wooo!

Palin's AIP group has terroists ties

I just obtained this info. and need help getting it to go viral. AIP Is not a
harmless group. It seems that they are tied to terrorist. Please help this go viral. If this was a Dem. Candidate, this would be on the msm 24/7.


But I did not expect AIP to link itself to a foreign terrorist group personally funded by Osama Bin Laden, that has been merging into Al Qaeda for years, is linked to 4 of the 9/11 hijackers, and other Al Qaeda attacks. That’s right, the Palins are only 2 or 3 degrees removed from the man that McCain swears he would pursue to the gates of hell (Osama Bin Laden).

That's right - some nuts in Alaska are somehow related to bin Laden. Understand?

The Dimbulb, Chrissy Matthews Removed from MSDNC's Election Night Coverage

Realizing that Keith "Edward R. Moron" Olbermann and his sidekick Chrissy Matthews, known as Huckleberry Dumbbell, are busy trying to slant their coverage of the 2008 elections with a massive leftwing slant, NBC News has replaced both as the election night hosts with David Gregory, another bonehead.

This has to hurt poor Keith's and Chrissy's feelings. Ouch.

Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews Booted From MSNBC Political Anchor Desk

Keith Olbermann may be the “voice” of MSNBC, but network executives have decided to yank the talkmeister off its political anchor desk after the cable channel finished dead last in the Nielsen rankings of all news coverage during the two weeks of political conventions.

The network announced Monday that Olbermann and Chris Matthews have both been booted as co-hosts on political night coverage in favor of David Gregory, whose White House press corps experience may make him better suited to deliver sober and less opinion-driven assessments of the news.

All summer, MSNBC executives have fought off complaints that Olbermann and Matthews, the network’s top commentators, could serve in the role of impartial newsmen. Those complaints reached a crescendo last week when Olbermann, reporting on the Republican National Convention from New York rather than St. Paul, apologized to the audience after the channel aired a Sept. 11 video tribute crafted by the RNC.

“We would be rightly eviscerated at all quarters, perhaps by the Republican Party itself, for exploiting the memories of the dead, and perhaps even for trying to evoke that pain again. If you reacted to that videotape the way I did, I apologize,” Olbermann said.

The network’s weak ratings during the conventions may have given MSNBC executives the cover they needed to boot Olbermann and Matthews. FOX News Channel topped all broadcast and cable networks with 9.2 million viewers on each of the last two nights of the convention. MSNBC got barely more than a quarter of Fox’s total –2.5 million viewers.

MSNBC also ranked last among the three cable channels during primetime coverage of the last two nights of the Democratic convention.

Olbermann’s hard left views and his catfights with other MSNBC hosts have been the talk of gossip pages all summer. Olbermann sarcastically dismissed Republican pundit Pat Buchanan on the air after Buchanan said the GOP had been enlivened by Sarah Palin’s vice presidential nomination.

“Those reading Us Weekly with the picture of her and her youngest daughter with the word ’scandal’ written across it won’t be so happy,” Olbermann said.

He also expressed no regard for the GOP’s push back against rumors about Palin’s personal life.

“We’ll see if people feel sorry for unfounded rumors on the Internet,” he said. “If that’s the case, Senator Obama’s probably standing up and cheering and waiting for people to feel sorry for him.”

Olbermann’s brash style may also have earned him enemies within his own organization. He was caught on microphones mocking another MSNBC host, Joe Scarborough, when Scarborough was discussing positive developments in McCain’s campaign.

“Jesus, Joe, why don’t you get a shovel?” he asked.

At another time, Matthews snapped at Olbermann on-air when it appeared Olbermann was criticizing him for talking too much. Matthews told TVNewser last week that he and Olbermann get along fine. It’s not clear when Matthews was informed of the decision to bounce him from the anchor spot along with Olbermann.

Asked about the internal fighting at MSNBC, NBC anchor Brian Williams tried to smooth ruffled feathers during an appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” last week.

“Is there no control?” asked host Jon Stewart. “Is it ‘Lord of the Flies’?”

Williams replied that every family has a dynamic of its own.

“But does MSNBC have to be the Lohans?” Stewart said.

As a result of the internal turmoil, Gregory will now anchor MSNBC’s coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates, as well as on election night, said network spokesman Jeremy Gaines.

Olbermann did score an interview with Barack Obama on his “Countdown” show. That is set to air Monday and will go up against Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Obama on FOX News. A portion of the O’Reilly interview with Obama aired last Thursday and earned O’Reilly his second highest rating ever, with more than 6.6 million viewers.

MSDNC has floundered as their coverage of all issues has moved further and further left. Yet they still come in third behind Fox and CNN. What are a bunch of bitter old liberals to do?

Ed Rollins: Obama Flunked Out By Not Picking Hillary Clinton as His VP

Ed Rollins, who once worked for Ronald Reagan, says in a CNN editorial that Obama may have made a fatal mistake when he passed over Hillary Clinton for Joe Biden as his running mate. Biden buys him nothing, while Hillary Clinton would have electrified his party and forced McCain to choose someone else as his running mate. In the least, we agree with Rollins, McCain would not have picked Sarah Palin.

This is one of those moments that people will look back on to see where Obama lost this race. And he will lose it. He lost it because he went for a safe pick in Biden rather than someone exciting like McCain did with Palin.

Commentary: Obama wrong to spurn Hillary, pick Biden

Ten days ago, Sen. Joe Biden was the most brilliant vice presidential pick imaginable. He was going to add the experience and foreign policy credential that Sen. Barack Obama's thin resume was missing.

The so-called expert commentators were arguing that blue-collar Joe was going to guarantee Pennsylvania (because he was born in Scranton) and other states and get Catholic voters because he is a pro-choice Catholic.

I guess they forgot that Joe didn't do so well with Iowa Catholics (23 percent of the population) when he campaigned there for more than a year in the Democratic caucus race. But then getting less than 1 percent of the vote and coming in fifth place showed he didn't do real well with any voter group in Iowa. Nor did he do well anywhere else, other than Delaware.

Then, after Sen. John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, people laughed and said Biden was going to wipe the floor with Palin in the vice presidential debate. Now, after her incredible convention speech, Biden is saying that he's the underdog because he's not a very good debater.

If Obama had done the smart thing, he would have picked Sen. Hillary Clinton for vice president. If he had, he would have united his party for sure and energized his base.

He just couldn't do it and maybe thought he didn't need to do it. He was wrong. That choice would have meant that McCain probably wouldn't have picked Palin. And if McCain had picked anybody else from his shortlist, the Republican convention would have been boring, and the party's base would not have been motivated.

The one thing we know for sure -- the selection of Biden did the least to enhance any ticket since George H.W. Bush picked Dan Quayle back in 1988. This is turning out to be another election the Democrats were convinced they couldn't lose. So far, the selection of Palin has been a game-changer and has energized my party like no one since Ronald Reagan did four decades ago.

The polls are back to even again. The only difference is the Republicans now have a communicator to match Obama and the Democrats have on their ticket an older veteran of Washington politics to match McCain's experience. The reformer Obama who was going to be the candidate of change is now running with Mr. D.C. establishment.

McCain, the maverick who is surrounded and advised by the D.C. establishment, has somehow picked the real reformer who has altered the Alaska political landscape by throwing out the establishment "good old boys" of both parties.

Obama made a fatal error picking Biden, who is dull and speaks in laborious tones. Palin's selection by McCain shows he is willing to shake things up. That is why McCain is now ahead in the national polls, just days after his convention ended.

Shocking News: McCain Gets Massive Boost from Convention, Now Leads 50%-46% Among Registered Voters, 54%-44% Among Likely Voters

In one of the most shocking developments of this electoral season, John McCain, 7-9 points down more than a week ago, has taken a stunning 10 point lead in the USA Today poll, 54%-44%.

In worse news for Democrats, the poll shows that Republican candidates nationwide are benefitting from the uptick for McCain.

Can we all say "President McCain"? Not yet, of course. But we may be able to keep the Dems from winning any more seats in the House, or getting to 60 votes in the Senate.

Poll: Convention lifts McCain over Obama

The Republican National Convention has given John McCain and his party a significant boost, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken over the weekend shows, as running mate Sarah Palin helps close an "enthusiasm gap" that has dogged the GOP all year.

McCain leads Democrat Barack Obama by 50%-46% among registered voters, the Republican's biggest advantage since January and a turnaround from the USA TODAY poll taken just before the convention opened in St. Paul. Then, he lagged by 7 percentage points.

The convention bounce has helped not only McCain but also attitudes toward Republican congressional candidates and the GOP in general.

"The Republicans had a very successful convention and, at least initially, the selection of Sarah Palin has made a big difference," says political scientist Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. "He's in a far better position than his people imagined he would be in at this point."


In the new poll, taken Friday through Sunday, McCain leads Obama by 54%-44% among those seen as most likely to vote. The survey of 1,022 adults, including 959 registered voters, has a margin of error of +/— 3 points for both samples.

Shocking...simply shocking.

Remember: this election is not over. THIS ELECTION IS NOT OVER. We need to work and work and work to make sure that Obama is exposed for the radical douchebag that he is, and we need to get that Republican vote out come November, so we can defeat Downercrats everywhere.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Obama Hails "My Muslim Faith" in Major Screw-up

Barack Obama really stuck his foot in his mouth today, when he told George "Stephy" Stephanopoulos that John McCain and Fox News were questioning "my Muslim faith."


Obama's verbal slip fuels his critics

Sen. Barack Obama's foes seized Sunday upon a brief slip of the tongue, when the Democratic presidential nominee was outlining his Christianity but accidentally said, "my Muslim faith."

The three words -- immediately corrected -- were during an exchange with ABC's George Stephanopoulos on "This Week," when he was trying to criticize the quiet smear campaign suggesting he is a Muslim.

But illustrating the difficulty of preventing false rumors about his faith from spreading, anti-Obama groups within one hour of the interview had sliced it out of context and were sending it around via email. They also were blogging about it.

Mr. Obama, who is a Christian and often proudly speaks about how his faith has influenced his public service, said he finds it "deeply offensive" that there are efforts "coming out of the Republican camp to suggest that perhaps I'm not who I say I am when it comes to my faith."

The exchange came after Mr. Obama said that Republicans are attempting to scare voters by suggesting he is not Christian, which McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said was "cynical."

Asked about it on ABC, Mr. Obama said, "These guys love to throw a rock and hide their hand."

"The McCain campaign has never suggested you have Muslim connections," said Mr. Stephanopoulos, who repeatedly interrupted Mr. Obama during the interview.

"I don't think that when you look at what is being promulgated on Fox News, let's say, and Republican commentators who are closely allied to these folks," Mr Obama responded, and Mr. Stephanopoulos interrupted: "But John McCain said that's wrong."

Mr. Obama noted that when Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin "was forced" to talk about her pregnant 17-year-old daughter, he issued a forceful statement to reporters that the line of inquiry was "off limits." But he said the McCain campaign tried to tie him to "liberal blogs that support Obama" and are "attacking Governor Palin."

"Let's not play games," he said. "What I was suggesting -- you're absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith. And you're absolutely right that that has not come."

Mr. Stephanopoulos interrupted with, "Christian faith."

"My Christian faith," Mr. Obama said quickly. "Well, what I'm saying is that he hasn't suggested that I'm a Muslim. And I think that his campaign's upper echelons have not, either. What I think is fair to say is that, coming out of the Republican camp, there have been efforts to suggest that perhaps I'm not who I say I am when it comes to my faith -- something which I find deeply offensive, and that has been going on for a pretty long time."

Wait! And what is the Obama campaign's response to this screw-up?

Asked to comment on the accidental misstatement illustrating the difficulty of the issue, Obama spokesman Bill Burton offered this comment: "I'm not surprised that the only outlet doing this story is The Washington Times."

This happened because Obama rarely sits down for interviews, or is rarely questioned or challenged - so, when he does have an interview, he makes stupid statements like this one.

Obama is not a Muslim - he is just an imbecile with his own foot in his mouth.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Three Cheers for Northern Ireland's Environment Minister Sammy Wilson!

Finally, a rational voice has arisen in the UK to fight the hysteria and lunacy known as "climate change" and/or "global warming." Sammy Wilson, the Northern Ireland Environment Minister, said this week that the Left is full of "alarmists" who peddle an "hysterical pseudo-religion."

Cheers for Sammy Wilson! A real profile in courage, bucking the trend of kissing the backsides of the radical Left!

Wilson row over green 'alarmists'

The Environment Minister Sammy Wilson has angered green campaigners by describing their view on climate change as a "hysterical psuedo-religion".

In an article in the News Letter, Mr Wilson said he believed it occurred naturally and was not man-made.

"Resources should be used to adapt to the consequences of climate change, rather than King Canute-style vainly trying to stop it," said the minister.

Peter Doran of the Green Party said it was a "deeply irresponsible message."

Mr Wilson said he refused to "blindly accept" the need to make significant changes to the economy to stop climate change.

"The tactic used by the "green gang" is to label anyone who dares disagree with their view of climate change as some kind of nutcase who denies scientific fact," he said.

The minister said he accepted climate change can occur, but does not believe the cause has been identified.

"Reasoned debate must replace the scaremongering of the green climate alarmists."

John Woods of Friends of the Earth said Mr Wilson was "like a cigarette salesman denying that smoking causes cancer".

"Ironically, if we listen to him Northern Ireland will suffer economically as we are left behind by smarter regions who are embracing the low carbon economy of the future."

It is the latest clash between Mr Wilson and green groups since his appointment as environment minister in June.

What a refreshing sound, hearing the voice of reason over the voices of delusion, blindness to facts, and Chicken Little thinking.

Sammy Wilson should be nominated for some prize. He is a real gift to humanity.

Obama Feels "Bullied" By Republicans

In one of the most hilarious moments in American political history, a man who could be elected President of the United States told an audience that people who question him or his campaign or run against him are "bullying" him.

Egads, what an asshole!

Obama At Bon Jovi Event: 'We Won't Be Bullied'

Unlike his Republican opponent, Democrat Barack Obama is still raising money for his presidential campaign, and he turned Friday to rock legend Jon Bon Jovi for help.

Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea, hosted more than 100 people for dinner on their mansion lawn by the Navesink River in Middletown, N.J. The price was $30,800 a person, to be divided between the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

"When I look at Barack, I see an old man," Bon Jovi said in introducing his guest. Obama is 47, Bon Jovi is 46.

Obama spoke for about eight minutes before greeting guests individually. He vowed to fight Republican attacks on his character and background more fiercely than John Kerry did in his losing campaign four years ago.

"We're not going to be bullied, we're not going to be smeared, we're not going to be lied about," Obama said. "I don't believe in coming in second."

There you have it - poor wittle Barack Obama is being "bullied."

Here is our take on this: Obama believes that he should just be elected President and that is the end of it. No interviews, no speeches, no challenging questions. And if anyone deigns to question him, his fitness to be president, his lack of qualifications, his lack of any record, these people are just "bullying" him.

And this moron wants to be President? He wants to stare down Putin, and Ahmadinejad, and bin Laden? " are picking on me! I am being bullied."

My God...each passing day this man proves that he is wholly unqualified to be President. At 47, he is one of the most self-centered, selfish, childish people we have seen. His defeat will not just be America's victory, and the victory of common sense over stupidity, but will save this country from a fate worse than death. Barack Obama should not be President - he should not even be a US Senator.

Notice what Illinois has representing them in the US Senate: this idiot, and Dick Durbin, who called our troops "Nazis."

Whatta crowd.

Friday, September 05, 2008

More From the Loons of the Left: "Palin Called Obama `Sambo'"

What do you get when you take delusional liberals and let them have access to the internet? You get the following article, in which a deluded liberal (from Canada, no less) says that "Lucille, a waitress" heard Sarah Palin call Barack Obama "Sambo." Plus, he says that Palin is "vindictive" and "mean" and has threatened all of Alaska.

Yep, Lucille the Waitress. Now THAT is what we call an important witness.

Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”

“So Sambo beat the bitch!”

This is how Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin described Barack Obama’s win over Hillary Clinton to political colleagues in a restaurant a few days after Obama locked up the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

According to Lucille, the waitress serving her table at the time and who asked that her last name not be used, Gov. Palin was eating lunch with five or six people when the subject of the Democrat’s primary battle came up. The governor, seemingly not caring that people at nearby tables would likely hear her, uttered the slur and then laughed loudly as her meal mates joined in appreciatively.

“It was kind of disgusting,” Lucille, who is part Aboriginal, said in a phone interview after admitting that she is frightened of being discovered telling folks in the “lower 48” about life near the North Pole.

Then, almost with a sigh, she added, “But that’s just Alaska.”

Racial and ethnic slurs may be “just Alaska” and, clearly, they are common, everyday chatter for Palin.

Besides insulting Obama with a Step-N’-Fetch-It, “darkie musical” swipe, people who know her say she refers regularly to Alaska’s Aboriginal people as “Arctic Arabs” – how efficient, lumping two apparently undesirable groups into one ugly description – as well as the more colourful “mukluks” along with the totally unimaginative “f**king Eskimo’s,” according to a number of Alaskans and Wasillians interviewed for this article.

But being openly racist is only the tip of the Palin iceberg. According to Alaskans interviewed for this article, she is also vindictive and mean. We’re talking Rove mean and Nixon vindictive.

No wonder the vast sea of white, cheering faces at the Republican Convention went wild for Sarah: They adore the type, it’s in their genetic code. So much for McCain’s pledge of a “high road” campaign; Palin is incapable of being part of one.

Has anyone noticed that it is the Left that keeps bringing up race and gender? Or that they find people to slander Republicans but laugh when it is done to them?

Just what in the name of hell is wrong with liberals? Why do they act like immature assholes each day of their pathetic lives?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

News Flash: Libyan Nut Khaddafi Understands Capitalism More than Downercrats Do!

Col. Muammar Khaddafi, the leader of Libya since a 1969 coup, says he will end state control of education in his country and "introduce" more capitalism into the Libyan economy.

Capitalism? Less state control of education? How can it be that Khaddafi is more in tune with the needs of people than the Downercrats in the United States, who stand for less capitalism, higher taxes, and more state control of education?

Khaddafi more reformist than Downercrats? Now I've seen everything!

Gaddafi extols virtues of capitalist reforms

Colonel Muammer Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, pledged to introduce free-market measures by the beginning of next year in an unprecedented speech extolling the virtues of capitalism.

“After four months, everything will be in your hands,” he told Libyans. “Do not be scared ... begin discussing this issue and prepare yourself ... because this is a crucial and inescapable matter.”

The leader, who on Monday celebrated the 39th anniversary of the coup which brought him to power, has presided for almost all these years over an economy controlled by the state, allowing only a small private sector which often came under pressure to limit its growth.

The state still exerts enormous control, although recent years have seen efforts to diversify the economy and encourage private sector participation.

“Laws have been amended to make it easier for Libyans to go into joint ventures with foreign investors,” said a Libyan businessman. “Also banking has improved and we now have branches of foreign banks.”

Libya’s oil and gas exports are the mainstay of the economy and this revenue remains firmly in the hands of the government.

But now Mr Gaddafi appears to be preparing his country’s people for a smaller state role in the provision of services such as health and education.

“The money that we put in the education budget, I say let the Libyan people take it,” he said. “Put it in your pockets and teach your kids as you wish, you take responsibility.”

He also said consumers would be able to demand better services from the private companies which will now provide telephone and electricity services.

This is all a far cry from Mr Gaddafi’s views in even the recent past.

The man who shaped Libyan society for four decades had for a long time abhorred private property. There were restrictions on the formation of private companies and Libyan families were only allowed one piece of property – and could not rent it out to anyone else.

At one point during his rule Mr Gaddafi ordered all retail outlets closed and replaced them with huge government-owned stores, which later closed and shops were allowed to reopen.

The Libyan leader has often been criticised for using Libya’s oil wealth to fund rebel movements and militant organisations like the Irish Republican Army and to buy influence in Africa, especially during the years when his country was constrained under United Nations sanctions.

Now, however, he has warned his people of the dangers of leaving control of their wealth to the state.

“As long as money is administered by a government body, there would be theft and corruption,” said Mr Gaddafi. “When we apply this system [capitalism], we will not worry about anything else. But if we do not establish it, it would be dangerous and would leave things in the hands of the ruler.”

Khaddafi sounds more and more like a Republican. And Barack Obama and the Downercrats sound more and more like Karl Marx.

How ironic, eh?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"There Will Be a Race War if McCain Wins": The Rantings of a Blackjob Out to Destroy America

Get a load of this whacko of the nth degree, as she argues that America is destroyed, America is ruined, and can only be saved by the Messiah Barack Obama.

Oh, and she adds that if McCain somehow wins, there will be a race war in America.

This is what the Left brings us: bad news, more bad news, and now threats if we don't allow them to take over the country.

Fatimah Ali: We need Obama, not 4 more years of George Bush

First we get the Left's view of how America has been destroyed by George W. Bush and those rich white people:

AMERICA is on the brink of a long, harsh and bitterly cold winter, with a looming recession that the GOP won't even admit to.

The policies of the current White House have brutalized our economy, yet the wealthiest think that everything is fine.

Rich Republicans just don't understand that millions are suffering. But many of their working class do, and they're beginning to abandon their own party.

When lifelong Republican Barney Smith told the Democratic convention that he'd vote for Barack Obama for president, he gave pause to even the most conservative members of his party.

Smith, like many disgruntled working-class Republicans, is ready to turn his back on his party because he's having such a hard time providing for his family. Like others, Smith fell victim to the loss of 3.2 million American jobs as factories closed or their work was outsourced to cheap labor markets overseas.

Poet Langston Hughes once wrote, "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly, Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams go, life is a barren field, frozen with snow."

Many wealthy folks live in a dream state and ignore people like Smith, whose tale of personal woe preceded Obama's acceptance speech.

He opposes John McCain because, he says, America can't afford another four years of failed GOP policies that have extended $200 billion in tax cuts to big corporations but not to the nation's 100 million families.

Our national debt has soared from $5.6 trillion to $9.6 trillion under Bush. The Republicans have overstayed their welcome and dragged us into a nightmare that must end soon, or this nation may be headed for chaos.

Of course, there are plenty of poor Democrats who will cross over and vote for McCain. These people are just stupid, according to this loon, or they just don't count.

Next, how "The Messiah" Obama will turn this country around, lickety-split:

Obama tugged on the nation's heartstrings when he challenged McCain's tough talk and told the truth about the current policies.

Critics of the GOP believe that a four-year extension of the Bush administration will be disastrous. People are struggling, and the privileged are so out of touch they pretend it's OK that children go hungry.

Over the last eight years, we've lost 3.2 million jobs, and started a war that's cost trillions. The lies and deceit that got us into Iraq in the first place are just the tip of the iceberg and have ruined America's reputation across the globe.

Meanwhile, our economy continues to crumble, while crime, homelessness and poverty continue to soar.

Despite the fact that thousands of immigrants risk their safety to come here because this country may offer them better opportunities, the truth is that poverty lives right here in our own backyard.

Suffering is widespread as the gap between rich and poor widens. The Bush administration doesn't get it and neither does McCain. He is so out of touch that he hasn't a clue how many homes he owns, while the working class struggles to hold on to one.

The Democrats desperately need many more voters like Smith to cross party lines in order to secure the White House. Obama says electing him to the nation's highest office will not only help restore America's moral standing globally, but will lift the nation's low morale and improve our declining economy.

He promises to cut taxes for 95 percent of American workers and ease the burden for millions of families. And I believe him, although his critics say he's out of touch with the working class and blast him for not having a lineage that includes slavery.

But just because his ancestors never wore shackles, and he has paid off the student loans from his elite education doesn't mean he doesn't have compassion. Or that he doesn't understand the pain of those who live in dire poverty, who've lost their homes, who want yet can't afford college, and who lack health insurance.

His acceptance speech indicated that, unlike McCain, Obama gets it because hard times aren't so far behind him that his memory's been erased.

Got it now? Obama is more than perfect...he is delivered from God. We must elect him, and now!

But if we don't, rants the fruitcake, look out for angry black people to take it out on whitey:

If McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race and class war, fueled by a deflated and depressed country, soaring crime, homelessness - and hopelessness!

Wait - why won't Obama win by a landslide? Because McCain voters are stupid.

Yep, it is the old "you are a moron" technique of luring people to the support the Left:

Plenty of Americans would rather stay in their dream state than to recognize the poverty sweeping across the country, right here, right now.

Obama, he be the Man! Check this load of cow dung out:

Obama understands that people are suffering. Every week, prices go up at the supermarket, and people are unable to feed their families. It already is dark and stormy for millions, who can't even afford pencils, book bags and lunch money for their children.

But when Obama wins the White House, we may just see a revolution that can turn the tide and improve this nation for everyone, not just a select few.

And I expect him to keep his word.*

Get that last crack? Even this lunatic does not expect Obama to keep his word, putting an asterisk after the promise.

This woman should be FIRED, and immediately.

Here is hoping that this article is disseminated amongst white working people, so they can know that the Left has laid down a marker: Let Obama win, or we will unleash a race war against whitey.

Disgusting. Simply disgusting.

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