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Monday, January 31, 2005

WaPo: `A Vote to Persevere'

Never, never underestimate the American media's ability to turn good news into bad. Numerous examples - too numerous to cite here without making one's gag reflex go into overdrive - have turned most people into skeptics.

But The Washington Post actually posted in their January 31st edition an editorial so important, so vital to the thinking of the peoples of the world at the positivity of the Iraqi elections that it should be cited and read and used as an example:

A Vote to Persevere

For montths, news from Iraq has told the story of the extremists, those who destroy themselves to murder others and to proclaim the cause of a religious or Baathist dictatorship. Yesterday the world saw and heard, at last, another Iraq, one in which millions of people from all over the country turned out to vote - even in places where their nominal leaders had proclaimed a boycott, even at polling stations where mortar rounds fell or gunfire rang out. Some danced or distributed chocolates, some wept with joy, others grimly pressed forward as if their lives literally depended on it. A 32-year-old man who lost his leg in a suicide bombing arrived at the polls in Baghdad and told a Reuters reporter, "I would have crawled here if I had to." There were nine suicide bombings, and at least 44 people died, including one U.S. soldier. But the day's message was unmistakable: The majority of Iraqis support the emerging democratic order in their country, and many are willing to risk their lives for it.

Just how large that majority is will become clearer in the days ahead, as votes are counted and turnout around the country is reported. Yesterday Iraqi election authorities and U.N. officials said they believed participation in Baghdad and other places had been greater than expected; one official said the national rate might approach 60 percent, though that seemed to be a rough guess. The count will also reveal whether a clerically backed, Shiite-led alliance won the plurality it expected in the 275-seat National Assembly; whether the secular coalition of Prime Minister Ayad Allawi will survive as a major political force; and whether representation of the Sunni community, the base of the continuing insurgency, will be anywhere near its population share of about 20 percent. Those facts will determine the outlines of the critical Iraqi political process that now begins: first the selection of a new government, then the drafting of a constitution for a state in which majority Shiites must accommodate four other major ethnic groups, including the long-dominant Sunnis.

That course will surely be full of pitfalls, and the extremists will go on trying to kill anyone involved in it. For the emerging democratic regime to have any chance of taking root, U.S. soldiers will have to continue fighting, and dying, to protect it. The elections probably won't make their job any easier, or the price any lower, in the short term. Yesterday, however, Americans finally got a good look at who they are fighting for: millions of average people who have suffered for years under dictatorship and who now desperately want to live in a free and peaceful country. Their votes were an act of courage and faith - and an answer to the question of whether the mission in Iraq remains a just cause.

Read that final line again: "Their votes were an act of courage and faith - and an answer to the question of whether the mission in Iraq remains a just cause." It brings the sacrifice and work in Iraq into sharp and clear focus.

Of course, this clear thinking at the WaPo will not last, but my oh my is this a cloud of fresh air in a world of stale fumes.

Powerful Photo of the Day, Week, Year...Part II

Interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi votes in Sunday's national election in Iraq. Democrats in the United States, including Senate Really in the Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Delusionalstan) said that he thought Allawi was merely trying to find some really soft toilet paper.

From the "Let Me Thank My Lucky Stars You Told Me That" File

"Another First for Condoleezza Rice: Is First Black Female Secretary of State" - From The Hartford Courant, January 29, 2005.

Thank goodness they told me that! And here I thought Secretary of State Rice was a white man in drag and blackface.

My bad.

Kerry on Meet the Depressed: He was for the Iraqi Election Before He was Against It

MTP Transcript

This exchange is too hilarious for words:

Kerry: It is significant that there is a vote in Iraq. But no one in the United States or in the world...and I'm confident of what the world response will be. No one in the United States should try to overhype this election...

Russert: Do you believe this election will be seen by the world community as legitimate?

Kerry: A kind of legitimacy...I mean, it's hard to say that something is legitimate when a whole portion of the country can't vote and doesn't vote. I think this election was important. I was for the election taking place.

You heard it here, folks...John Kerry was for the election in Iraq before he was against it before he was for it.

And this man was allegedly a serious candidate for the most powerful office in the world. Wow.

Powerful Photo of the Day, Week, Year...Part I

A woman in Iraq shows the indelible ink on her finger placed there to see that she voted. Democrats in the United States, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Doofusville), told reporters that it was obvious to her that the woman was trying to show that she had some snot on her finger.

Another Liberal Judge Undermines American Security

Judge Rules Guantanamo Bay Detainees Can Challenge Confinement

A U.S. district judge Monday ruled that Guantanamo Bay detainees have rights under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and can therefore challenge their confinement.

Judge Joyce Hens Green said the procedures in the military tribunal review process do not give prisoners access to material evidence and do not allow attorneys to help detainees when the government has refused to disclose classified information.

"The court concludes that the petitioners have stated valid claims under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and that the procedures implemented by the government to confirm that the petitioners are 'enemy combatants' subject to indefinite detention violate the petitioners' rights to due process of law," Green wrote.

"Of course, it would be far easier for the government to prosecute the war on terrorism if it could imprison all suspected 'enemy combatants' at Guantanamo Bay without having to acknowledge and respect any constitutional rights of detainees," Green said.

Green's ruling pertains to 50 of the more 540 detainees at Guantanamo, who were captured during the 2001 Afghanistan military invasion and other operations in the U.S.-led war on terror. They also include al Qaeda suspects and accused Taliban fighters.

Who is this fool, this idiot, this moron who is making security less safe for Americans?

Well, let's just say that a recent Democrat in the White House (not Clinton) put her on the bench...

Judge Green was appointed United States District Judge for the District of Columbia in May 1979. She was a member of the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court from May 1988 until her seven-year term expired in May 1995, and served as its Presiding Judge from May 1990 until the expiration of her term. Judge Green graduated from the University of Maryland, receiving a B.A. in 1949, and the George Washington University Law School, receiving a J.D. in 1951. Judge Green practiced law in the District of Columbia and Virginia until she was appointed Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in 1968, where she served until her appointment to the federal bench in 1979. She is a member of the U.S. Judicial Conference’s Judicial Branch Committee and Chair (1997 - 98), National Conference of Federal Trial Judges. Judge Green took senior status in July 1995.

Hmmm...could her being put on the bench in 1979 mean that "Baghdad Jimmy" Carter put her there? Certainly a Republican wouldn't put such an incredible imbecile in a place where she can ruin America.

Imagine for a moment if, during World War II, some idiotic judge ruled that Nazis captured trying to blow up America had "constitutional rights" and could not be tried by military tribunals.

What would this judge be called? A traitor, that's what. But those Nazis were only saboteurs...they didn't want to hit America with a bomb which could kill hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of Americans.

Write to Judge Green...or, better yet, write to your congressman and Senator. Let them impeach this dipshit and remove her from the bench, as she is clearly trying to make it easier for terrorists to destroy America. We already have Democrats doing that nationwide and on a full-time basis; we don't need the judiciary cooperating in the act.

U.S. Official: Israel Might Attack Iran Nuke Sites

American envoy John Bolton, the State Department's top international security official, repeated U.S. allegations Monday about an Iranian nuclear weapons program and said Israel might attack Iran's nuclear sites because the Jewish state has "a history" of such actions.

"The vice president said we're very concerned that this might happen," Bolton said, referring to a recent statement by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney.

"Israel destroyed the Osirak reactor in Iraq. They have a history of this," Bolton said.

Earlier this month Cheney said it was possible Israel might attack Iran if it became convinced Tehran posed a nuclear threat.

Israel's nuclear weapons program is thought to include about 200 warheads deployed on ballistic missiles and aircraft and on three submarines, according to the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Israel is also believed to stock chemical and biological weapons, according to the Carnegie Endowment and the Monterey Institute of International Studies, which track such issues.

Israeli officials do not comment on the country's nuclear weapons potential.

"Israel isn't a threat to the United States. We don't treat different cases the same," he said, adding that the United States favors "a Middle East free of all weapons of mass destruction."

Let us harken back to 1981, when Israeli jets blew up the Osirak site in Iraq (built, by the way, with the assistance of France, led by Jacques Chirac); had they not, Iraq would have invaded Kuwait in 1991 AND had a nuclear weapon to boot. Imagine that threat.

The world condemned Israel in 1981, but you would be hard-pressed to find a single diplomat (except in the morbidly stupid Arab countries) who doesn't secretly cheer that Israel did what they did or even admit admiration for the fiesty little Jewish state. But just wait to see the world reaction - especially from France and Germany - if Israel does another bombing run. But I believe that secretly many will be cheering Israel on, only because the rest of the world is too stupid or too weak to do it themselves.

Euro-Weenie Fighter Aircraft Doesn't Work

Storm brewing over glitches in Typhoon

Uh-oh. Seems like the new Eurofighter, aka The "Typhoon," doesn't work quite right...and it probably doesn't even fly. That's right - the same bunch of dunderheads (led by the Germans, the co-dunderheads with the French) who a few weeks ago unleashed the so-called "new aircraft" known as the Airbus A380, which can allegedly sit 800 people, is building a fighter aircraft which is, to put it nicely, a huge piece of crap.

The seriously delayed and massively over budget Eurofighter Typhoon is so unreliable it is barely airborne, according to the German government, which has just taken delivery of a squadron of the £60m planes.

The new fighter-bomber, being jointly built by the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy, also lacks some of the most basic systems to protect it over the modern battlefield and has been plagued with technical problems.

A report prepared for the defence committee of the German parliament said that the eight aircraft bought for the air force spent an average of just one hour a week in the air because components had to be replaced so frequently.

And remember that it is the Democrats, those swollen mounds of donkey shit, who want us to either turn over our foreign policy to these idjits, or have us "share the burden" of trying to bring peace and freedom to the world.

These dickheads can't even build an airplane, and Teddy "Tubalard" Kennedy wants us to make nice with them? Have French troops side-by-side with American soldiers?

I still think Ted Kennedy drowned in Chappaquiddick and the people of Massachusetts have been sending a bloated cadaver to the US Senator since 1962. Hell, if the Bay Staters can elect Mike Dukakis as Governor and John Kerry as a US Senator, they can certainly elect a cadaver to some office.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Chief Terror Apologist's Son Implicated in Oil Theivery

Kofi Annan’s son admits oil dealing

Uh, we go again...UN Scumbag-in-Chief Kofi Annan's son has "admitted" (what you call it when documents nail your crooked ass) that he was "deeply involved" (nice wording) in oil thievery to make millions of dollars from the misery of the Iraqi people - all while his father was doing his utmost to keep the program making his son rich in place.

The son of the United Nations secretary-general has admitted he was involved in negotiations to sell millions of barrels of Iraqi oil under the auspices of Saddam Hussein.
Kojo Annan has told a close friend he became involved in negotiations to sell 2m barrels of Iraqi oil to a Moroccan company in 2001. He is understood to be co-operating with UN investigators probing the discredited oil for food programme.

The alleged admission will increase pressure on Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, who is already facing calls for his resignation over the management of the humanitarian programme.

Why don't we just call this what it is: thievery, plain and simple. If the President's son was involved in making millions from a crooked program his father kept in place (despite being warned how much corruption was going on in its operation), the American Left would be howling for impeachment, castration, etc. - unless it was a Democrat President's son. But to the Dimwitted Left, who idolize the ground Kofi Annan walks on, and wouldn't call for his ouster even if there were video of Annan killing seal pups with a hammer, this all means nothing - or perhaps it is a right-wing smear, as some will assert.

The story is that the left, and their agent Kofi, continue to deteriorate in the mind-usage area.

Dummycrat Underground: Senseless, Sickeningly Ridiculous - as Usual

Joobo Alert: If you want to see some truly, truly frightening lunatics, check out this string of insane lunacy posted by the psycho Marxist losers at Dummycrat Underground, the place for psycho Marxist losers to make themselves feel better about being...well, losers.

The Iraq vote is making me sick this morning

All the media keeps talking about is how happy the Iraqis are, how high turnout was, and how "freedom" has spread to Iraq. I had to turn off CNN because they kept focusing on the so-called "voters" and barely mentioned the resistance movements at all. Where are the freedom fighters today? Are their voices silenced because some American puppets cast a few ballots?

I can't believe the Iraqis are buying into this "democracy" bullshit. They have to know that the Americans don't want them to have power, because they know that Bush is in this for the oil, and now that he finally has it he's not going to let it go. This election is a charade. The fact is that the Iraqis have suffered during the past two years more than any people on earth at the hands of the American gestapo. Maybe they're afraid and felt they had to vote. That's the only way I can explain it to myself.

OR--I just thought of this--maybe they're smiling because they're using the Americans own game to defeat them. They're voting in candidates who they know will widen the resistance, take the fight to the streets, and finally drive the occupying forces out of their country. Perhaps they're smiling because--right under the American's noses--they're planting the seeds of a bigger and more effective resistance movement. Wouldn't that be fitting? Use *'s own tools against them?

We can only pray that this is the case. Becuase if it's not--and if the Iraq vote is seen as a success that spread "freedom"--the world is screwed. Bush's inaugural speech left little doubt that he has other countries on his list to spread "freedom" to. They will be his next targets, and the world will burn because of it.

Let's hope the resistance got voted in, or if not, they only increase the fight and take down those who betrayed their country today by voting in this fraud election.

As I have said here, and will say again with clarity, this group should not hold power ever again in the United States. I don't care if the world smiles, flowers blossom, and bin Laden cries for joy - they should not be allowed to run the United States, period.

Spanish Socialist Scum: Iraq Should Not Have Elections or Freedom

Spanish Socialists Protest Iraqi Elections

People shout slogans during a protest in central Madrid January 30, 2005. Marchers were protesting Iraq holding national elections under what they called U.S occupation. At least 10 suicide attacks targeted polling stations and voters on Sunday, but Iraqis still voted in large numbers.

This is the mindset of the international left, and it will be the ruination of the world if the United States listens to it. But don't be fooled: there are currently whackjobs in the United States who feel exactly this way. Except they want to impose their sick ideology on the rest of us, whether we like it or not.

Comparing Two Men: Bush Positive, Kerry an Asshole

Bush Declares Iraq Election a Success

The story is in, folks...the election in Iraq went off fabulously, and President George W. Bush stood proudly to congratulate the Iraqi people in standing against terror:

Today the people of Iraq have spoken to the world, and the world is hearing the voice of freedom from the center of the Middle East.

In great numbers and under great risk, Iraqis have shown their commitment to democracy. By participating in free elections, the Iraqi people have firmly rejected the anti-democratic ideology of the terrorists. They have refused to be intimidated by thugs and assassins.

And they have demonstrated the kind of courage that is always the foundation of self-government. Some Iraqis were killed while exercising their rights as citizens.

We also mourn the American and British military personnel who lost their lives today. Their sacrifices were made in a vital cause of freedom, peace in a troubled region and a more secure future for us all.

The Iraqi people themselves made this election a resounding success. Brave patriots stepped forth as candidates. Many citizens volunteered as poll workers. More than 100,000 Iraqi security force personnel guarded polling places and conducted operations against terrorist groups.

One news account told of a voter who had lost a leg in a terror attack last year and went to the polls today despite threats of violence. He said, "I would have crawled here if I had to. I don't want terrorists to kill other Iraqis like they tried to kill me. Today I am voting for peace."

Across Iraq today, men and women have taken rightful control of their country's destiny, and they have chosen a future of freedom and peace.

In this process, Iraqis have had many friends at their side. The European Union and the United Nations gave important assistance in the election process.

The American military and our diplomats, working with our coalition partners, have been skilled and relentless. And their sacrifices have helped to bring Iraqis to this day.

The people of the United States have been patient and resolute, even in difficult days.

The commitment to a free Iraq now goes forward. This historic election begins the process of drafting and ratifying a new constitution, which will be the basis of a fully democratic Iraqi government.

Terrorists and insurgents will continue to wage their war against democracy, and we will support the Iraqi people in their fight against them.

We will continue training Iraqi security forces so this rising democracy can eventually take responsibility for its own security.

There's more distance to travel on the road to democracy, yet Iraqis are proving they are equal to the challenge.

On behalf of the American people, I congratulate the people of Iraq on this great and historic achievement.

Thank you very much.

Everyone should be proud that this came off with only minor terrorist interference. But is everyone proud? Not at all, when you figure in the "do nothing, say nothing, stand for nothing" Democrats:

In a statement Sunday, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Idiotville, said Bush "must look beyond the election."

"The best way to demonstrate to the Iraqi people that we have no long-term designs on their country is for the administration to withdraw some troops now."

"It is hard to say that something is legitimate when whole portions of the country can't vote and doesn't vote," Sen. John Kerry, D-Dumbshitonia, said on NBC's `Meet The Press.'

Well, there you have it: Bush positive, upbeat, and the Dems - including the utter fool who nearly got away with stealing the election - negative and downbeat as usual.

We can look back at 2000 and 2004 and get down on our knees and thank the heavens above that we were spared the running of this country by the Democrats. They consistently prove theat they are not only incapable of running this country, but that they are a danger to world security and stability.

Imagine what would have happened if Al Gore or John Kerry had been elected. Thank goodness that kind of thinking is left only to the worst kind of nightmare, and not to reality.

Senator John Kerry, appearing on NBC's "Meet the Press," shows moderator Tim Russert how he would have "used the Force just like Yoda does" if he had been elected President.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Report: There are NO al-Q'aida in Europe! Repeat After Me!

Bin Laden Sent Iraqi Arrested in Germany

An Iraqi arrested in Germany on suspicion of plotting an al Qaeda suicide attack in Iraq said he was sent on his mission by Osama bin Laden himself, a German magazine reported Saturday.

German state prosecutors believe Ibrahim Mohammed K., a 29-year-old Iraqi believed to be a high-ranking al Qaeda figure, recruited Yasser Abu S., a 31-year-old stateless Palestinian from Libya, as a future suicide bomber in Iraq.

The two men were arrested last Sunday in the western city of Mainz, which President Bush is due to visit next month. However, prosecutors said there was no indication the two had planned an attack in Germany.

So, folks, there is clear and convincing evidence that, as the Euro-weenie leaders have been telling us, there is no al-Q'aida, there is no al-Q'aida threat, and furthermore there is no al-Q'aida in Europe!

Remember that if a bomb ever goes off in Berlin, or Paris, or any other European city, and bin Laden takes responsibility. Tell your good Euro-weenie friends (like the dumb Spaniards) that you have absolutely no idea what "al-Q'aida" means.

The BBC: 1/3rd of the Lying Anti-American Triad Is Caught Lying...Again!

BBC apologises for misinterpreting Iraqi death stats

LONDON, Jan 29 (Reuters) - The BBC apologised on Saturday for erroneously reporting that U.S.-led and Iraqi forces may be responsible for the deaths of 60 percent of Iraqi civilians killed in conflict over the last six months.

The British broadcaster said on Friday in broadcasts and a news statement that its Panorama investigative show would air a report on Sunday citing "confidential" records from Iraq's health ministry to support the contention.

Iraq's health minister said the BBC misinterpreted the statistics it had received and had ignored statements from the ministry clarifying the figures.

"Today, the Iraqi Ministry of Health has issued a statement clarifying matters that were the subject of several conversations with the BBC before the report was published, and denying that this conclusion can be drawn from the figures relating to 'military operations'," the BBC said in a news statement on Saturday.

"The BBC regrets mistakes in its published and broadcast reports yesterday."

A BBC spokesman said the statistics would not feature in the Panorama show on Sunday.

Once again, we see that the anti-American left around the world (Dan Rather, Al-Jazeera, etc.) is doing its darndest to make the US look bad. Once again, they have been caught in their own web of disgusting lies.

And remember that the British people pony up billions for this kind of crap. But don't fret, Americans: We pay for PBS to lie to us, and we have CNN and MSNBC to do it for free!

Human Events "Thanks" Hollywood Leftist Scum for Re-electing President Bush

Billboard Blitz to Blast Hollywood

HUMAN EVENTS has learned that a billboard blitz “thanking” Hollywood for the reelection of President Bush will be unveiled early next week.

The advertisements feature the faces of liberal Hollywood icons Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Affleck, Martin Sheen, Chevy Chase, Barbara Streisand, and Sean Penn, and offer thanks to Hollywood their help getting President Bush reelected.

Two versions of the billboard were created, both “thanking” Hollywood — the first for “4 more years” and the second for “W. Still President.”

Thanks to all the leftwing and Marxist morons in Hollywood who continue to make America puke...and vote Republican because of it!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Joobo Gives His Opinion of the Democrats in America

Everyone with a brain in America should lower their trousers and show their bottoms every time a Democrat passes by. Maybe then they would get the message what assholes liberals truly are.

The Washington Post: Harkin, Byrd are "Centrists" Now

Rice Is Confirmed Amid Criticism

Nice to hear, eh? After making complete and utter fools of themselves, the Dems in the Senate could muster just 13 votes against Madam Secretary.

But what is funny - no, hilarious - is The Washington Post's tortured description of the 13 bozos who opposed her:

Some of the Democrats who opposed Rice were centrists from states in which President Bush won or ran strongly in November, including Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.), Mark Dayton (D-Minn.), Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.) and Tom Harkin (D-Iowa).

Wait - let's pause for a moment because my stomach hurts from all the laughter. Robert "Grand Kleagle" Byrd is a centrist? Mark Dayton, head of the Salvation Army-hating Target stores is a centrist? Carl Levin - a centrist? Tom Harkin (who can be seen cackling behind Howard Dean as Dean crashed with his screaming fit last January in Iowa)...a CENTRIST?

What is truly embarrassing is that The Washington Post is trying its darndest to become the paper of laughter, the same title The New York Times holds by itself right now. But, alas - misery loves company. And liberals love misery, so there must be something to this journalist implosion.

Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont, loses his head after his "I Have a Scream speech" following his disastrous loss in the Iowa primary. Senator Tom Harkin (D-Fuckingretardo), standing behind Dean when the Governor's head exploded, was covered with bits of brain matter and Cheez Whiz fragments.

Planned Abortionhood: We Need a New Leader!

Planned Abortionhood Wants a New Head

Want a job planning how to exterminate children? Well, have we got a post for you! Gloria Feldt, aka "Hitler on Wheels," recently announced her resignation as head of the Planned Abortionhood and Child Killers Organization of America. Currently, Planned Abortionhood is looking for a new bitch candidate to succeed Feldt, who is going on to serve as the warden of Auschwitz as soon as the new crematorium museum opens up there.

If you are interested in a high-paying job where you can advocate the mass murder of millions of innocent children, please apply here. We will be glad to evaluate your qualifications, but only if you have a nice smile and the resume of, say, Ted Bundy or Charles Manson. We would consider them for this open position, but Bundy is dead and Charlie is imprisoned, where Planned Abortionhood's staff should be.

Thanks for listening!

Jackie Shhhh...Iraq: Is He Ill? Is He Sick? Is He a Moron?

Chirac Ill?

Let's hope so, so we can see which American-hating imbecile the French decide to choose to succeed the current degenerate who is running Gaul (into the ground, by the way).

The Washington Post: Cheney Should Dress Up for Death Camp

Dick Cheney, Dressing Down

Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan described Cheney's look at the deeply moving 60th anniversary service as "the kind of attire one typically wears to operate a snow blower."

"Cheney stood out in a sea of black-coated world leaders because he was wearing an olive drab parka with a fur-trimmed hood," Givhan wrote in Friday's Post, also mocking Cheney's knit ski cap embroidered with the words "Staff 2001" and his brown, lace-up hiking boots. "The vice president looked like an awkward child amid the well-dressed adults," she said.

Well, well. There is a solemn ceremony marking the moment when a place where more than ONE MILLION people were exterminated in the name of racial purity, and the WaPo thinks that the Vice President should be dressed in a nicer suit? Hell, folks - it was was is the middle of WINTER in Poland!

Never leave it to the liberal media to try to examine the real issues. Make sure not to highlight the Auschwitz ceremony, but that Vice President Cheney wore a parka and a hood.

The Democrats Respond to Bush's Re-election With a Celebration!

Quite apropos, wouldn't you say?

NY Sun: United Nations Idiots Funded Palestinian Terror Machine

Despite Israeli Alerts, U.N. Transfers Thousands to Hamas Affiliates

UNITED NATIONS - A United Nations agency transferred thousands of dollars to a Palestinian Arab charity affiliated with terrorism long after Israel warned of the terror connection, though the U.N. publicly claimed payments to the organization had stopped.

The blunder points to trouble inside the U.N. Development Program, a huge operation headed by Mark Maloch Brown, who has recently been appointed Secretary-General Annan's chief of staff, largely for his organizational skills and his ability to handle the press. The U.N. plans to launch an internal probe as a result of the revelations uncovered by The New York Sun.

According to a UNDP letter that was seen by the Sun, the agency transferred the sum of $6,000 to an account in the Jenin branch of Cairo Amman Bank in September 11, 2003. The account belongs to the Jenin Zaka, or charity committee.

A subsequent letter from UNDP, dated October 3, 2003, written in Arabic and addressed to the head of the Jenin organization, actually states that the transfer was a mistake and demands a return of the funds. "It was transferred to your account by mistake," the letter states, adding that the money "was intended for the Tul Karem Charity Committee."

Both committees were identified by the Israeli Defense Force as part of a charity network affiliated with Hamas, the terror organization that has boycotted the recent election in the Palestinian Arab areas. The head of the Jenin committee, Ahmed Salaatnah, spent time in Israeli jails between 1993 and 1995 for terrorist activities in the Izz a Din al Kassem, the operational military branch of Hamas responsible for a chain of suicide bombings.

Once again, it is discovered that the UN, that worthless "organization" (more like a cancer which continues to matastasize), has used monies from innocent people to fund the terror machine which kills innocent people. And standing at the top of this mound of death and skullduggery is Chief Terror Apologist and International Thief Kofi Annan, who helped his crooked son gain millions in Oil-for-Food ventures.

At what point will courageous congressmen and Senators say to the UN, "No more money from the United States until you clear house. That means good bye to Annan (and perhaps a nice jail sentence - his pick of prisons, but Guantanamo Bay sounds about right), good bye to the human rights fraud, goodbye to the anti-American and anti-Semitic stands of its key members."

Perhaps we should set a deadline for the UN to move from the US to, let's say, France. Let the Frogs set aside some prime Parisian real estate for Kofi and his band of worthless slugs to whine and dine at. And let us save the billions we waste on this group of people and use it for Americans and those who appreciate the United States. The United Nations is not the place this kind of money should be wasted on.

Advocate for Mass Murder Leaves Her Post to Find More Opportunies to Kill Children

Gloria Feldt, President of Planned Abortionhood, has resigned, citing her fatigue at advocating the mass slaughter of innocents.

Slaughter advocate and ice cold leftist scum Gloria Feldt resigns, pledges to "continue my advocacy of killing as many children as is possible."

Good riddance to this one. Who replaces her is anyone's guess, but we can be assured that whoever is picked to run the National Organization of Killing Innocent Children (NOKIC) will be a consistent advocate of Nazi slaughter methods.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The BBC: Non-Impartial, Biased, Leftist Scum

The news being read at the "Beeb" is pure rubbish...biased crap, says a report from an independent panel set up to examine why everywhere the BBC reports, it makes troubles appear to be the work of the United States and Israel.

The story is quite interesting, though, seeing as the BBC is - along with CNN and Al-Jazeera - a "triad" of anti-American and pro-terrorist reporting that is done around the world:

BBC accused of ignorance, bias and stereotyping over coverage of Europe

The BBC was accused yesterday of ignorance, stereotyping and unintentional bias in a damning report on the broadcaster's coverage of Europe.

An independent panel commissioned by the BBC board of governors found no evidence of systematic bias. But it said impartiality had been undermined by "an institutional mindset, a tendency to polarise and over-simplify issues, a measure of ignorance of the European Union on the part of some journalists and a failure to report issues that ought to be reported, perhaps out of a belief they are not sufficiently entertaining".

The panel, led by Lord Wilson, the former cabinet secretary, made 12 recommendations urging better training, appointment of an EU editor and improved monitoring of the publicly-funded broadcaster.

"The BBC's coverage of EU news needs to be improved and to be made demonstrably impartial," said the report's authors.

An internal inquiry was set up by the BBC yesterday to review the findings. It will report back to the corporation's board at the end of next month.

Both BBC executives and governors welcomed the absence of deliberate bias, while claiming several problem-areas were already being addressed following last year's Neil report, set up after the Hutton inquiry also identified editorial short-comings.

In a statement, the governors acknowledged that a Mori poll commissioned for the latest review showed "the BBC is not succeeding in providing basic accessible information on the topic of Europe and urgent action is needed".

Yesterday's study - the first commissioned by the governors without active participation by the BBC's management - is part of an internal shake-up ordered by Michael Grade, the corporation's chairman.

Anti-EU groups welcomed the findings, describing the report as a serious indictment of BBC coverage. Neil O'Brien, campaign director of the Vote No group, said: "This is surprisingly hard-hitting criticism and shows the BBC hasn't got it right on Europe."

UK officials at the European parliament also condemned aspects of BBC coverage. In a submission, Dermot Scott, director of the parliament's UK office, said the BBC "reinforced ignorance" by presenting arguments as if the main issues were about membership of the EU or single currency.

And this is just the BBC's reporting on European issues. A recent report found that since the Hutton Report of a year ago, in which vital errors were made (i.e., "lies") in the reporting up to the invasion of Iraq, the BBC has done nothing to curb its anti-Blairite and anti-Bush coverage.

Has the BBC really learned the broader lessons of the Dr David Kelly affair?

True, the corporation was unfortunate that Lord Hutton chose to act like the Three Wise Monkeys in dealing with the Government's role in the saga while behaving like King Kong in his treatment of the BBC.

Equally, however, the BBC did itself no favours in capitulating so completely and, for a time at least, leaving it to ITN to ask the more difficult questions about the Iraq war.

Despite promises from the new leadership appointed at the BBC following the Kelly affair that lessons would be learned, it seems they have not been.

If you can get the BBC on satellite in the United States, check out their news program one time and see what I mean. They will lead their news program with "today in Iraq, more Americans died and more Iraqis died and the whole place is coming apart..." No word on the terrorists who are perpetrating these outrages; no good news. Oh, and George W. Bush is a demon. For anyone but radical Marxist lunatics, the BBC is a rare insight into why the left will continue to vomitate their defeatist, anti-American and anti-Israel diatribes into our homes.

`Chappaquiddick' Ted Kennedy: America Stinks, Let's Come Home

Once again, Democrats have led slip their inane but sickening hatred of America, its love of freedom, and its military.

Ted Kennedy, the bloated scion of the Boston "we'll drown your daughters" network, is continuing to make friends with what can easily be called the "America Sucks" Coalition. Speaking before a crowd of fairly stupid people, Tubalard Ted - sans flotation device - said that Iraq is like Vietnam, American forces have lost in Iraq, and they should just come home. And this from a man whose brother got us into Vietnam.

Ted Kennedy, noted Insanity Guru, tells an audience of Marxist fools that Osama bin Laden is their friend and that the terrorist leader really means well.

Teddy said it best when he stated:

"We have reached the point that a prolonged American military presence in Iraq is no longer productive for either Iraq or the United States...There will be much more violence if we continue our present dangerous and destabilizing course. It will not be easy to extricate ourselves from Iraq, but we must begin."

He added:

"We cannot allow history to repeat itself in Iraq...We must learn from our mistakes in Vietnam, and in Iraq. We must recognize a large and growing number of Iraqis now believe the war in Iraq has become a war against the American occupation.''

Negative, eh? Hatred of America, right? What makes these sick liberals tick?

Now, we need to turn to what President Bush said in his remarks yesterday as an antidote to the disgusting pessimism of La Fatty Teddy:

"Terrorists in that country have declared war against democracy itself, yet the elections will go forward...Millions of Iraqi voters will show their bravery, their love of country, and their desire to live in freedom."

We can compare these two messages: Bush, positive and upbeat, pro-American and pro-freedom; Ted Kennedy, negative, hating of America and using the old psychology of giving up to one's enemies to try to gain favor with them.

This is more clear evidence that Democrats in America should not be allowed anywhere near the halls of power, not for the immediate future anyway.

Downies: Clueless As Usual

This is the start of the blog known as "Joobo the King of Wisdom."

Before we precede, a little info: When we refer to "Downies" or the Downtrodden Party, this is our name for Democrats. Their ideas are shopworn old crap...wait: that's their leadership!...and their morals are garbage.

Now, onto the wisdom for all to read.

The Downtrodden Party is now entering that period of time when a party, down in the dumps because they have been consigned to minority status, starts to do really stupid things to make themselves worth listening to. Fortunately for the rest of us, what the Downies have decided to do is to tick off the one constituency which continues to stay on the liberal plantation and remain as loyal bootlickers: blacks. But, alas, goes the story: What can Downies do to even ruin their standing with this crowd? How about...oppose a black nominee for Secretary of State! Yeah, that's the ticket! And...wait, now...we'll get a bombastic simpleton like..Barbara Boxer...yeah! lead the charge against the black nominee! As Al Pacino said in "Scent of a Woman": "Hoo hah!" How incredible!

Now, Downies did make fools of themselves, and in the process ticked off some noted black Downies, like Andrew Young, no conservative he. The real story is that for all their huffing and puffing (and in the way ruining any chance of advancement for Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana), all these dimwitted Downies could muster was 13 votes against Condi Rice. 13 votes! That is 1/3rd of the 44 Dems in the Senate! They had 2/3rds of their own party vote against them!

This is the first turning point in the 2006 election. Following that contest, we will all look back and ask: just when was it that Downies continued to flounder, leading to more losses in the House and Senate next year? Perhaps we can look back with fond memories to when Barbara Boxer (D-Moronia) made a stand and tried to defeat a black nominee for Secretary of State with 13 measly votes.

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