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Friday, February 23, 2007

You, too, Can Get an Abortion Over the Phone!

The murderous thugs over at Planned Parenthood ("killing scores of worthless children since who knows when") are now offering wireless phone service, brought to you by a leftwing company called Working Access.

Now, you, too, can get an abortion over the phone.

The Right Choice That Supports Choice

Planned Parenthood Wireless is a new choice for your cell phone service. By signing up for this service, you will help preserve reproductive rights, and ensure access to comprehensive family planning and medically accurate sex education for women and families around the world. You'll do something you do every day – talk on your cell phone – and you'll be helping Planned Parenthood as 10% of all monthly charges goes to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, at no extra cost to you.

We should find a way to text message the photo of a fetus to all who have this service. Let their day be ruined as they tramp through life making sure that murdering children is legal.

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