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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Remember That Palestinian Cease-Fire Signed in Mecca? Well...

Never let it be said that the Palestinians do not do the utmost to fuck up their entire lives - cease fires, even amongst themselves, do not last.

Somehow, the MSM continues to sympathize with these subhumans, and when they shoot and kill each other in ever increasing numbers, it is considered "short term" and not worthy of examination. So it is when the Pallies met under Saudi sponsorship at Mecca to sign a peace deal amongst the 2 warring factions and have one government. The pact was signed, and the details needed to be worked out. The world said, "Wow! Look how those Palestinians can work together, if only they try! Now they can get back to killing Jews!"

Unfortunately for the Pallies, that peace deal is rapidly breaking down.

And how hilarious will it be when the pro-Palestinian MSM has to report an outbreak of more murders, killings, shootings, executions?

Crisis looms in PA as Abbas cancels Mecca Accord speech

Less than a week after the signing of the Mecca agreement, a new crisis is looming between Fatah and Hamas over the formation of a Palestinian unity government.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who returned home on Wednesday, called off plans to deliver a televised speech on Thursday about the Mecca Accord.

Abbas chaired an emergency meeting of the PLO executive committee - a key decision-making body - in his office late Wednesday night to discuss the latest crisis with Hamas and to brief its members on the outcome of the Mecca summit.

Abbas aides said the decision to cancel the speech was taken in the wake of Haniyeh's refusal to tender his resignation to pave the way for the formation of a unity government.

"We remain committed to the Mecca agreement," said Abbas spokesman Nabil Abu Rudaineh. "We reject any changes or preconditions for the implementation of the agreement. All sides must abide by the agreement and refrain from setting preconditions."

PA officials here told The Jerusalem Post that the latest crisis erupted after Haniyeh set three conditions for submitting his resignation.

First, Haniyeh wants Abbas to approve a series of appointments made by the Hamas-led government over the past year and to rescind his decision to outlaw Hamas's "Executive Force."

Second, Haniyeh is demanding that Abbas approve Hamas's candidate for the post of interior minister before the formation of the unity government.

Third, Haniyeh is asking that independent legislator Ziad Abu Amr, who is expected to serve as foreign minister in the unity government, be considered a Fatah, not a Hamas, candidate.

You can just smell the destruction coming to a Palestinian refugee camp near you.

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