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Friday, February 09, 2007

Fatah, Hamas Reach Deal: World Cheers, Ready for More Israelis to be Murdered

The Palestinian scumbags got together in the Saudi city of Mecca to iron out a deal to have one government, instead of the previous one government where corruption and blood ran thicker than jelly. So, instead of having Pallies shooting each other, they can concentrate on more pressing matters, such as blowing up Jews.

But Hamas will continue to refuse to recognize Israel, which western governments insist is a prerequisite before any more aid is wasted, er, given. Hamas says they will not recognize Israel.

How long before this deal holds out? Not long, hopefully.

Hamas and Fatah agree unity government deal

The two main Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, reached "full agreement" on a national unity government that will include ministers from both groups during crisis talks yesterday in the holy Islamic city of Mecca.

But while the decision on the cabinet posts represented progress, there was no agreement on persuading Hamas to accept existing peace treaties with Israel signed by earlier Palestinian administrations.

Acceptance by Hamas of these accords, with their explicit recognition of the right of Israel to exist, is one of the key demands from the international community if it is to end its financial boycott of the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

"We have agreed to form a national unity government. The agreement will be signed very soon," the Palestinian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Jamal al-Shobaki said last night.

The MSM likes to remind us daily that cease-fires between these two groups of fanatics lasted one or two days. How long this fakery lasts is anyone's guess. But when the aid does not come, Hamas and Fatah will be at each other's throats again.

And that is always a good thing.


The frauds of Islamic imbecility known as Hamas says they still refuse to recognize Israel.

If one nation sends these thugs money, the US should cut off relations with them. And that includes Europe.

Palestinian unity govt won't recognize Israel

A new Palestinian unity government to be formed after a deal in Mecca between rival Fatah and Hamas factions will not recognize Israel, a political adviser to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said on Saturday.

Ahmed Youssef said the unity government, which he expected Haniyeh to unveil within 10 days, would "respect" previous Palestinian peace accords with Israel but would not be committed to them, nor to recognizing the Jewish state.

Recognition of Israel is one of three conditions set by the "Quartet" of international Middle East negotiators for lifting sanctions on the Hamas-led government. The Quartet also demands Hamas renounce violence and accept existing peace deals.

"The issue of recognition was not addressed at all (in Mecca)," Youssef said.

And who is surprised by this?

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