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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The anti-Semitism of the American Left Continues Unabated

We have discussed the fact that liberal pretty boy and Downie Presidential candidate Johnny Downwards said that Israel is the greatest threat to world peace. The story got no play in the American media, but the lunatics on the Left are both glad that Downwards said it, and mourn the alleged harm it did to Downwards because - get this one - Jews allegedly control America, and because of that, Downwards will never get the Downie nomination.

Anti-Semitism? You betcha. Mental illness? Sure!

John Edwards Expresses Concern Over Israel-Iran War, Loses Nomination

All that hard work, all those years of shaking hands and smiling and writing a picture book about houses or whatever … for nothing! Handsome boy John Edwards blew it by mentioning Israel in a possibly not-100% flattering light at a Hollywood talent agency meet & greet last month. Peter Bart mentioned the incident in a January 19 column on, but it took the brave Israel defenders at National Review Online to blog it up today.

Say good-bye to Johny Edwards, after the jump.

What happened? According to Bart, Edwards was asked to name the greatest threat to world peace at the moment. Instead of the simple answer, wars, Edwards had to be a smarty jones and say the increasing likelihood of an Israeli attack on Iran was the primary current threat. You know, because then Washington would start bombing somebody, and Syria/Lebanon would get involved, and Russia would start threatening everybody, and it would be a nuclear war, etc.

But stating anything so obvious requires taking your lips off Israel’s ass for a few seconds, and that’s fatal for any American politician with presidential ambitions. This isn’t because Jews get upset or Israel’s feelings will get hurt or anything. It’s because of batshit insane evangelical American Jesus Freaks who have to love and protect Israel so Jesus will come back and destroy it.

If that wasn't hilarious enough, check out some of the "comments" from the Jew haters who peruse this site:

Uh oh, here come the AIPAC trolls...

wait. the jews killed jesus and the romans invented my church potluck lasgana, my Christer buddies want to save israel so they can burn it down themselves and Bush wants to bomb iran back to the stone age so the a-rabs don't get to have all the fun.

He's guilty of not puckering up and bending over fast enough.. failed the test. He's been a very bad Goy.

Those liberals! Hitler would be proud.

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