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Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Calypso Louis" Farrakhan to Make "Last Address" - Let's Mourn for the Scumbag!

Here is clearly what is wrong with American journalism. When those in the media describe President Bush, they like to make sure that criticism of him is placed front and center.

But when you read shit like the following, you see the bias so clearly it is incredible: in a piece on the (hopefully) soon-to-be-dead Louis Farrakhan, is made to look like a nice man who just says some strange things. It is not until way down in the story that it is noted that he "disparaged Judaism." What is left out is that Calypso Louis thinks that Hitler was a great man.

Farrakhan Speech May Be His Last Major Address

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is slated to give what might be his final major address this weekend in the birthplace of the controversial religious organization.

Farrakhan, 73, is to speak Sunday in Detroit at the end of a Nation of Islam convention. The religious group, which has deviated from mainstream Islam on several key points, has advocated black separatism.

Farrakhan helped build it into a notable force in black politics and society, often taking controversial positions that drew heavy criticism from across the political spectrum. Lately, however, he has taken a more moderate approach.

The speech is titled "One Nation Under God: The Confusion, the Guidance, the Warning."

Recently, a statement from the Nation of Islam said that Farrakhan "doesn't see himself coming before the public on such a major stage as we are preparing in Detroit." He doesn't plan "to deliver a major message from a major venue, to the masses of our people" after Sunday's speech.

Farrakhan left a hospital last month after undergoing treatment for abdominal problems related to prostate cancer.

During his tenure, Farrakhan had disparaged Judaism and implied that the U.S. government sought to enslave African Americans with crack cocaine. He also had cordial relations with a number of controversial foreign leaders, including Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, Cuba's Fidel Castro and Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

In recent years, Farrakhan struck a softer tone. To those who prayed for him during his illness, he recently said: "Each of you can go back to your mosques, your churches, your cathedrals, your synagogues, your temples, your cloisters -- wherever it is you worship God -- and say to your congregation that our God, by whatever name you call it, answers prayer."

How nice: he adopted "a softer tone"! He supported Castro, Saddam Hussein, and thinks Hitler was a great leader - how much harder could he get?

How the media continues to protect this pathetic slimeball is a mystery. That no one calls them on it is the true shame of it all.

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