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Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Report: Cooties Caused by...Global Warming!

A new report from Japan says that the rise in cooties can be blamed on global warming.

As we have said before here, time and time again, if you leave it to the left, they will blame every one of mankind's problems on global warming.

Cooties getting under your skin? Blame global warming!

Japan is becoming infested with cooties, according to Sunday Mainichi (3/4).

Lice, cooties, graybacks -- whatever the name, the parasitic creatures that flock wherever there's hair were rampant here in the years immediately following World War II.

But massive use of the insecticide DDT pretty much wiped out cooties from this country.

Until a few years back, the highbrow weekly reports, adding that there has recently been an increase in the number of cases of lice in the country's schools, kindergartens and daycare centers.

"I flew into a panic when I was told that there had been dozens of little creatures found wiggling around under the skin of my little boy's scalp," the father of a boy found with head lice tells Sunday Mainichi.

Plenty of reasons have been given for the sudden resurgence of lice in Japan, including that they were brought in from overseas and that environmental concerns prevent the use of insecticides once used to eradicate them.

"But the real reason is global warming," Koichiro Fujita, a Tokyo Medical and Dental University professor specializing in parasites, tells Sunday Mainichi. "The warmer the climate, the faster the cycle from egg to hatching to larvae to maturity to laying eggs."

Maybe in the winter, the cooties grow because of global warming, too.

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