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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Boston Globe: Johnny Downwards is a Liar

Speaking of the Pretty Boy Downwards, it appears that he tells as many fibs as Al Gore and John Kerry did.

Too many.

Edwards's tough talk claims of '04 disputed

As he campaigns for president based on his aggressive criticisms of President Bush, John Edwards, a former Democratic vice presidential nominee, has said repeatedly that he had wanted to fight back against attacks on his 2004 running mate, John F. Kerry, but was stopped by the Kerry camp.

Edwards, who first made the statement in interviews after the 2004 race, has repeated it recently in private meetings with party donors as he seeks to contrast his "backbone" with Democratic rivals whom he portrays as unwilling to confront Bush over the Iraq war.

But Kerry and more than a half-dozen former high-ranking Kerry-Edwards campaign officials dispute the idea that Edwards favored a tougher strategy in 2004, and maintain that Edwards often refused their requests to make sharper attacks against Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The former campaign aides said Kerry made a personal appeal to Edwards in a face-to-face meeting in Ohio in early September 2004, and Edwards vowed to turn up the heat on their Republican opponents.

But the vice presidential nominee, who had presented himself as a campaigner with a positive message, continued to shy away from aggressive attacks, according to the former aides, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were describing internal campaign communications.

Again, this story gets no play in the American media. If Little Johnny were a Republican, Keith Dimbulbermann would be doing stories about it every night, and Bill Schneider of CNN, Official Shill for the Downcaster Party, would be doing daily polls on its impact.

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