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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joe Biden: American Imbecile

In the midst of the swine flu virus, VP Joe Biden went on tv to tell everyone to panic, not to travel, and to shut themselves away:

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

There is a simple explanation for this statement: Joe Biden is an asshole.

There can be no other explanation, unfortunately.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Good News: Ad Sales at the NYT Plunge

The news just keeps getting better at The NY Times, as ad sales continue to plunge down, and down, and down. And today, their stock took a tumble, too.

Good news! Good news!

NYT Co. 1Q losses worsen as ad sales plunge 27 pct

The New York Times Co. fell into a deeper financial hole during the first quarter as the newspaper publisher's advertising revenue plunged 27 percent in an industrywide slump that is reshaping the print media. Its shares dived Tuesday.

The owner of The New York Times, The Boston Globe, the International Herald Tribune and 15 other daily newspapers said Tuesday that it lost $74.5 million, or 52 cents per share, in the opening three months of the year. That compared with a loss of $335,000 at the same time last year, which was break-even on a per-share basis.

The results in the most recent quarter included charges totaling 18 cents per share to cover the costs of jettisoning employees and other one-time accounting measures.

Even with those charges stripped out, the loss was much worse than analysts expected. Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had predicted the New York-based company would lose 4 cents per share.

Revenue for the period dropped 19 percent to $609 million -- about $22 million below the average analyst estimate.

New York Times Co. shares fell 83 cents, 14 percent, to $5.02 in morning trading.

Their stock is now at $5.00 a share. The Sunday papers almost costs as much.

We are awaiting the day when The Times files for Chapter 11 and folds up shop. That will be a great day for America.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Did The Clown™ Bow Before the King of Saudi Arabia?

You watch - and you decide.

The dickwads at The White House say that this is not a "bow," but The Clown™ reaching down because "he is taller than the King." Yeah, right.

Perhaps the reason is this: The Clown™ is a Muslim, always has been a Muslim, and he was worshipping the man who presides over those two Muslim holy sites, Mecca and Medina.

There can be no other explanation...unless the Psychotic Left comes up with one that is sure to be hilarious.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bush Cheered at Texas Rangers' Opening Day

Unlike the staged events for The Clown™, this one is real: Bush throws out first pitch at Texas Rangers' opener, crowd cheers wildly.

Of course, you only saw this on Fox News. CNN and The Comedy Network, MSDNC, refused to show it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is Every Nominee of The Clown™ Either a Crook, Tax Cheat, or in Ethical Trouble?

So far, nearly all of the nominees to serve in the administration of The Clown™ have been crooks, thieves, tax cheats, or have some other problem in their lives. Now we present the nominee for Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, a former Governor of Mississippi, who taped his wife's private conversations with a priest and then used them in their divorce to get custody of his kids.

Folks, meet Ray Mabus, the latest piece of excrement to be named to the administration of The Clown™.

Navy Secretary Nominee Drew Notice Over Divorce

WASHINGTON — President Obama’s nominee for secretary of the Navy was involved in a divorce that drew national attention for his secret taping of a conversation between his wife and his family priest that he used against her in court proceedings.

The nominee, Ray Mabus, is a former governor of Mississippi and a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and he served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. Mr. Mabus, a Democrat, was a strong supporter of Mr. Obama in the campaign last year.

In 1998, as Mr. Mabus and his wife, Julie (now Julie Hines), sought to work out their marital problems, he surreptitiously recorded a meeting the couple had with the Rev. Jerry McBride, a mutual friend.

Mr. Mabus had told Mr. McBride in advance that he had been advised by a lawyer to tape the conversation, according to court records. Neither man mentioned the recording to Ms. Hines. During the session, she admitted having an affair and told her husband, “I will hate you till the day I die, and I will tell my children.”

An expert psychiatric witness for Mr. Mabus referred to Ms. Hines’s recorded comments as evidence that he should get legal custody of the couple’s two daughters. The judge in the case awarded legal custody to Mr. Mabus and split physical custody between him and Ms. Hines.

After the ruling, Ms. Hines, who expressed regret for her comments, sued Mr. McBride, his church and the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, alleging malpractice and fraud. She did not sue Mr. Mabus, who broke no laws by recording the meeting.

The suit drew attention in 2002 as a potential test case for privacy rights involving churches. Ms. Hines went on something of a media blitz, describing in nationally televised interviews what she called a betrayal by her priest in collusion with her ex-husband. A judge dismissed her suit in 2006; the Mississippi Supreme Court is expected to consider an appeal this year.

Now get this response from the White House:

A White House official, who requested anonymity to discuss internal deliberations on a personnel matter, said that officials who reviewed Mr. Mabus’s background knew about the messy divorce and did not view it as material to his potential duties as Navy secretary.

Translation? Sure the guy is a grade-A sleazebag, but if he can do the job, who cares?

Now, imagine if George W. Bush or any Republican President named someone who did this to his wife to a major position in his administration. Women's groups would march on the White House demanding the withdrawal of the nominee. But when a Downercrat does it, there is silence.

Typical liberal hypocrisy, please rear thy head.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is The Clown™ Nearing the End of His Rope?

It is not surprising that conservatives are mocking The Clown™ in the White House as a naïve jerkoff who has no idea what he is doing as President. That is a given. But now some liberals – the same liberals who mocked President Bush for eight years – are starting to make nearly the same conclusions: that The Clown™ is so unprepared to have been President that he is slowly becoming a useless appendage. Now, Frank Rich, Doofus du jour of The New York Times, tells The Clown™ that his “Katrina moment” may be upon him.

Wow. A “Katrina moment” is what apparently swallowed up President Bush’s popularity, but that came in September 2006, five years into his administration. The Clown™ is just two months in.

Has a ‘Katrina Moment’ Arrived?

A CHARMING visit with Jay Leno won’t fix it. A 90 percent tax on bankers’ bonuses won’t fix it. Firing Timothy Geithner won’t fix it. Unless and until Barack Obama addresses the full depth of Americans’ anger with his full arsenal of policy smarts and political gifts, his presidency and, worse, our economy will be paralyzed. It would be foolish to dismiss as hyperbole the stark warning delivered by Paulette Altmaier of Cupertino, Calif., in a letter to the editor published by The Times last week: “President Obama may not realize it yet, but his Katrina moment has arrived.”

Rich then mixes together a narrative of the first two months of this maladministration, put together with some leftist sympathy for what he is trying to do. That is to be expected. But to hear Frank Rich use terms like this, to mock The Clown™ the way that he does, is stunning.

Stay tuned, folks. We are now on a highway and things are about to get very dark for America, a nation run by a doofus out of his element. Far, far out of his element.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Clown™ Bungles Another One: He Mocks the Disabled

In a feat of chutzpah that outranks anything he has said or done in his two months as Chief Asshole, The Clown™ went on Jay Leno last night and mocked the disabled, saying that his lack of bowling skills was "like the Special Olympics...or something."

And the reaction from the MSM? Yawn. Nothing to see here. Move on.

Obama apologizes for remark

After comparing his bowling to the Special Olympics on "The Tonight Show" Thursday, President Obama called Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver to apologize before the program even aired.

“He expressed his disappointment and he apologized, in a way that was very moving,” Shriver said on ABC's “Good Morning America.” “It’s important to see that words hurt, and words do matter. And these words that in some respect can be seen as humiliating or a put-down of people with special needs do cause pain, and they do result in stereotypes."

Obama told Shriver he wants to have some Special Olympics competitors over to the White House for basketball or bowling.

Shriver is the son of Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver, President Kennedy's sister.

The president had been making an attempt at self-deprecating humor in his appearance on Jay Leno's show by saying that a recent 129 he scored in the White House bowling alley had been "like Special Olympics, or something."

He and his staff quickly recognized the mistake and moved to limit the damage.

While Obama called Shriver, White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton told reporters flying back to Washington with Obama on Air Force One that the president had “made an offhand remark making fun of his own bowling that was in no way intended to disparage the Special Olympics.”

“He thinks that the Special Olympics are a wonderful program that gives an opportunity to shine to people with disabilities from around the world,” Burton said.

Wow! The Special Olympics is a wonderful program! So wonderful that the Dick-in-Chief mocked it!

Now, imagine for a second if George W. Bush had said something like this. Just imagine...but if you won't, we will.

WaPo: Bush Mocks the Disabled, Calls His Bad Bowling Skills "Like the Special Olympics"

In a poorly worded joke on the Jay Leno show tonight, President George W. Bush said that his poor bowling skills "were like the Special Olympics...or something."

Realizing the damage that the ill-timed comment could do, Bush immediately called Special Olympics chairman Tim Shriver to apologize. Shriver did not want to hear of it. He told reporters, "The President apologized, but you cannot mock the disabled and not made aware of the damage you are inflicting on these great Americans."

The reaction on Capitol Hill was deafening. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Bush was out of touch with everyday working people. "How could a President make such a remark? Does he have that much hatred of the disabled?"

Senators Patty Murray (D-Washington State) and Barbara Boxer (D-California) went to the floor of the US Senate to condemn the remark and ask that Republicans go on record with their condemnation.

"The President did a stupid thing, period," Murray said. "I want to see the GOP members say the same thing." She introduced a resolution condemning the President for "his horrible use of language condemning the physically disabled in America."

MSNBC announced that Keith Olbermann, host of its "Countdown" program, will deliver a "Special Comment" tonight on what the network called "the outrageous statement made by a President who has contempt for the disabled."

Now let's see how close any of that comes in response to what The Clown™ said. The answer? Not even close.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The First Two Months of the Maladministation of The Clown™

In The Weekly Standard, they summarized the first two months that The Clown™ has been in office...and it ain't pretty.

As we approach the two month mark, a quick tally of the Obama administration's foreign policy accomplishments:

Mexico now has sanctions against the US for NAFTA violations, the Colombia FTA is on ice, the EU is outraged at trade protectionist, buy-America provisions signed into law by Obama, Africa is despondent about the Obama budget's cuts in Bush HIV/AIDs programs, Darfur is worsening by the day with no US reaction (except an ICC indictment which, like the International Criminal Tribunal in Yugoslavia, in effect tells a genocidal leader that once he is done killing everybody there is going to be a lawsuit), Central and Eastern Europe feels sold down the river on efforts to defend against a growing nuclear and missile threat in Iran, the Chinese have reminded the US that they hold $1 trillion in US debt and don't much like our ships in the South China Sea or back talk on human rights, and the North Koreans are preparing a "space launch" - over Japan.

Only 46 months left to go.

Someone stop the world - we want to get off.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

WSJ: The Clown’s™ Job Approval Rating (JAR) Drops Below Bush’s at Same Point in 2001

The commentators and talking heads in the mainstream media like to harp that "President Obama is very popular amongst the American people."


Look at the facts - something liberals never like to do, especially when the facts are against their usually specious arguments - and we see that The Clown™ is becoming more and more unpopular each passing day.

Down, down, down they go...and there is a loser here. His name is Obama, and my, is he a loser. And so is America, because now we are stuck with him for another 3 1/2 years.

Obama's Poll Numbers Are Falling to Earth

It is simply wrong for commentators to continue to focus on President Barack Obama's high levels of popularity, and to conclude that these are indicative of high levels of public confidence in the work of his administration. Indeed, a detailed look at recent survey data shows that the opposite is most likely true. The American people are coming to express increasingly significant doubts about his initiatives, and most likely support a different agenda and different policies from those that the Obama administration has advanced.

Polling data show that Mr. Obama's approval rating is dropping and is below where George W. Bush was in an analogous period in 2001. Rasmussen Reports data shows that Mr. Obama's net presidential approval rating -- which is calculated by subtracting the number who strongly disapprove from the number who strongly approve -- is just six, his lowest rating to date.

Overall, Rasmussen Reports shows a 56%-43% approval, with a third strongly disapproving of the president's performance. This is a substantial degree of polarization so early in the administration. Mr. Obama has lost virtually all of his Republican support and a good part of his Independent support, and the trend is decidedly negative.

A detailed examination of presidential popularity after 50 days on the job similarly demonstrates a substantial drop in presidential approval relative to other elected presidents in the 20th and 21st centuries. The reason for this decline most likely has to do with doubts about the administration's policies and their impact on peoples' lives.

There is also a clear sense in the polling that taxes will increase for all Americans because of the stimulus, notwithstanding what the president has said about taxes going down for 95% of Americans. Close to three-quarters expect that government spending will grow under this administration.

Recent Gallup data echo these concerns. That polling shows that there are deep-seeded, underlying economic concerns. Eighty-three percent say they are worried that the steps Mr. Obama is taking to fix the economy may not work and the economy will get worse. Eighty-two percent say they are worried about the amount of money being added to the deficit. Seventy-eight percent are worried about inflation growing, and 69% say they are worried about the increasing role of the government in the U.S. economy.

In short, The Clown™ is doing things that will be his ultimate undoing. First, we need to concentrate on getting rid of the Downer majority in the US House and make Nancy Pelosi the Minority Leader in 2011. We also need to get rid of as many Downers in the US Senate as we can.

Second, we need to go street by street and remind people that whatever - and whomever - they voted for in 2008, The Clown™ is lying through his teeth and making matters worse.

The message, that The Clown™ is a loser, is getting through. We just need to pound it home some more.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Journo: Is The Clown™ a "Manchurian Candidate" Out to Wreck the US Economy?

In this interesting piece, journalist Kevin Hassett calls The Clown™ a "Manchurian Candidate" and poses an interesting question: is he trying to wreck the US economy with socialist measures?

You read this and make up your own mind.

‘Manchurian Candidate’ Starts War on Business: Kevin Hassett

Back in the 1960s, Lyndon Johnson gave us the War on Poverty. In the 1970s, Richard Nixon launched the War on Drugs. Now that we have seen President Barack Obama’s first-year legislative agenda, we know what kind of a war he intends to wage.

It is no wonder that markets are imploding around us. Obama is giving us the War on Business.

Imagine that some hypothetical enemy state spent years preparing a “Manchurian Candidate” to destroy the U.S. economy once elected. What policies might that leader pursue?

He might discourage private capital from entering the financial sector by instructing his Treasury secretary to repeatedly promise a brilliant rescue plan, but never actually have one. Private firms, spooked by the thought of what government might do, would shy away from transactions altogether. If the secretary were smooth and played rope-a-dope long enough, the whole financial sector would be gone before voters could demand action.

Another diabolical idea would be to significantly increase taxes on whatever firms are still standing. That would require subterfuge, since increasing tax rates would be too obvious. Our Manchurian Candidate would have plenty of sophisticated ideas on changing the rules to get more revenue without increasing rates, such as auctioning off “permits.”

These steps would create near-term distress. If our Manchurian Candidate leader really wanted to knock the country down for good, he would have to provide insurance against any long-run recovery.

There are two steps to accomplish that.

Discourage Innovation

First, one way the economy might finally take off is for some entrepreneur to invent an amazing new product that launches something on the scale of the dot-com boom. If you want to destroy an economy, you have to persuade those innovators not even to try.

Second, you need to initiate entitlement programs that are difficult to change once enacted. These programs should transfer assets away from productive areas of the economy as efficiently as possible. Ideally, the government will have no choice but to increase taxes sharply in the future to pay for new entitlements.

A leader who pulled off all that might be able to finish off the country.

Let’s see how Obama’s plan compares with our nightmare scenario.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has been so slow to act that even liberal economist and commentator Paul Krugman is criticizing the administration for “dithering.” It has gotten so bad that the Intrade prediction market now has a future on whether Geithner is gone by year’s end. It currently puts the chance of that at about 20 percent.

No More Deferral

On the tax hike, Obama’s proposed 2010 budget quite ominously signaled that he intends to end or significantly amend the U.S. practice of allowing U.S. multinationals to defer U.S. taxes on income that they earn abroad.

Currently, the U.S. has the second-highest corporate tax on Earth. U.S. firms can compete in Europe by opening a subsidiary in a low-tax country and locating the profits there. Since the high U.S. tax applies only when the money is mailed home, and firms can let the money sit abroad for as long as they want, the big disadvantage of the high rate is muted significantly.

End that deferral opportunity and U.S. firms will no longer be able to compete, given their huge tax disadvantage. With foreign tax rates so low now, it is even possible that the end of deferral could lead to the extinction of the U.S. corporation.

If any firms are to remain, they will be festooned with massive carbon-permit expenses because of Obama’s new cap-and- trade program.

Importing Drugs

Obama’s attack on intellectual property is evident in his aggressive stance against U.S. pharmaceutical companies in the budget. He would force drug companies to pay higher “rebate” fees to Medicaid, and he included wording that suggests Americans will soon be able to import drugs from foreign countries. The stock prices of drug companies, predictably, tanked when his budget plan was released.

Obama will allow cheap and potentially counterfeit substitutes into the country and will set the U.S. price for drugs equal to the lowest price that any foreign government is able to coerce from our drugmakers.

Given this, why would anyone invest money in a risky new cancer trial, or bother inventing some other new thing that the government could expropriate as soon as it decides to?

Finally, Obama has set aside $634 billion to establish a health-reform reserve fund, a major first step in creating a universal health-care system. If you want to have health care for everyone, you have to give it to many people for free. Once we start doing that, we will never stop, at least until the government runs out of money.

Hassett ends by declaring that he thinks that The Clown™ wants what is best for America. We don't believe that. We think he wants what is best for him, the rest of us be damned.

Monday, March 09, 2009

The Clown's Job Approval Ratings (JARs) Continue to Drop, Drop, Drop

When The Clown™ had a 73% JAR, the liberal media said, "He is so popular amongst the American people. They trust him - they love him."

Well, what goes up must come down, and The Clown's JARs are dropping faster than Bill Clinton's trousers. Now, they are at 56% - respectable, but in six weeks that means a 17% drop.

Of course, this also means that the slavish media will use the phraseology, "His job approval ratings are still so high...higher than any politician around." And they will not mention numbers. If the JAR goes below 50% (and we predict that it will by July 4), watch as the MSM doesn't mention the JAR ever again.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, Monday, Mary 09, 2009

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 38% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. With just a few exceptions, that number has remained steady on a daily basis between 38% and 42% since Inauguration Day.

Thirty-two percent (32%) now Strongly Disapprove of the President’s performance, the highest level of disapproval measured to date. The rising negative is driven by Republicans, 58% of who Strongly Disapprove of Obama’s performance. Since Inauguration Day, Republican opposition has doubled.

These figures give Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of +6, his lowest rating to date. The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern.

Overall, 56% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance so far while 43% disapprove. Those figures have remain unchanged for three straight days. Thirty-one percent (31%) of voters now expect their own taxes to go up during the Obama years while 18% expect a tax cut. Seventy-two percent (72%) expect government spending to grow under this Administration.

Opposition by Republicans is not The Clown's™ problem. His problem is Independents. If they start to oppose him, watch out.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Is the Liberal Media Starting to Realize That Obama Has Failed?

When conservatives keep questioning the failed policies of Obama and his gang that can't shoot straight, the White House and his liberal media buddies wave it off, dismissing it as "old politics."

But now, from the dank and deep recesses that is the liberal media, small voices are starting to sound a tad panicky, asking, in short order: What do we do if Obama fails?

The AP is now talking about some Downercrat concerns as "unease." But if you read this article, and read it all the way through, there is no "unease." There is panic, there is mistrust, there is a feeling that they have gone down the road with Obama that will destroy them politically.

Analysis: Obama recovery plans sowing some unease

President Barack Obama offered his domestic-policy proposals as a "break from a troubled past." But the economic outlook now is more troubled than it was even in January, despite Obama's bold rhetoric and commitment of more trillions of dollars.

And while his personal popularity remains high, some economists and lawmakers are beginning to question whether Obama's agenda of increased government activism is helping, or hurting, by sowing uncertainty among businesses, investors and consumers that could prolong the recession.

Although the administration likes to say it "inherited" the recession and trillion-dollar deficits, the economic wreckage has worsened on Obama's still-young watch.

Every day, the economy is becoming more and more an Obama economy.

More than 4 million jobs have been lost since the recession began in December 2007 — roughly half in the past three months.

Stocks have tumbled to levels not seen since 1997. They are down more than 50 percent from their 2007 highs and 20 percent since Obama's inauguration.

The president's suggestion that it was a good time for investors with "a long-term perspective" to buy stocks may have been intended to help lift battered markets. But a big sell-off followed.

Presidents usually don't talk about the stock market. But the dynamics are different now.

A higher percentage of people have more direct exposure to stocks — including through 401(k) and other retirement plans — than ever.

So a tumbling stock market is adding to the national angst as households see the value of their investments and homes plunge as job losses keep rising.

Some once mighty companies such as General Motors and Citigroup are little more than penny stocks.

Many health care stocks are down because of fears of new government restrictions and mandates as part a health care overhaul. Private student loan providers were pounded because of the increased government lending role proposed by Obama. Industries that use oil and other carbon-based fuels are being shunned, apparently in part because of Obama's proposal for fees on greenhouse-gas polluters.

Makers of heavy road-building and other construction equipment have taken a hit, partly because of expectations of fewer public works jobs here and globally than first anticipated.

"We've got a lot of scared investors and business people. I think the uncertainty is a real killer here," said Chris Edwards, director of fiscal policy for the libertarian Cato Institute.

Some Democrats, worried over where Obama is headed, are suggesting he has yet to match his call for "bold action and big ideas" with deeds.

In particular, they point to bumpy efforts to fix the financial system under Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Obama may have contributed to the national anxiety by first warning of "catastrophe" if his stimulus plan was not passed and in setting high expectations for Geithner. Instead, Geithner's public performance has been halting and he's been challenged by lawmakers of both parties.

Republicans and even some top Democrats, including Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, have questioned the wisdom of Obama's proposal to limit tax deductions for higher-income people on mortgage interest and charitable contributions.

Charities have strongly protested, saying times already are tough enough for them. The administration suggests it might back off that one.

Even White House claims that its policies will "create" or "save" 3.5 million jobs have been questioned by Democratic supporters.

"You created a situation where you cannot be wrong," the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Montana Democrat Max Baucus, told Geithner last week.

"If the economy loses 2 million jobs over the next few years, you can say yes, but it would've lost 5.5 million jobs. If we create a million jobs, you can say, well, it would have lost 2.5 million jobs," Baucus said. "You've given yourself complete leverage where you cannot be wrong, because you can take any scenario and make yourself look correct."

Republicans assert that Obama's proposals, including the "cap and trade" fees on polluters to combat global warming, would raise taxes during a recession that could touch everyone. "Herbert Hoover tried it, and we all know where that led," says House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio.

The administration argues its tax increases for the households earning over $250,000 a year and fees on carbon polluters contained in its budget won't kick in until 2011-2012, when it forecasts the economy will have fully recovered.

But even those assumptions are challenged as too rosy by many private forecasters and some Democratic lawmakers.

Many deficit hawks also worry that the trillions of federal dollars being doled out by the administration, Congress and the Federal Reserve could sow the seeds of inflation down the road, whether the measures succeed in taming the recession or not. The money includes Obama's $3.6 trillion budget and the $837 billion stimulus package he signed last month.

Polls show that Obama's personal approval ratings, generally holding in the high 60s, remain greater than support for his specific policies.

"He still has a fair amount of political capital, so the public is willing to cut him some slack and go along with him for a while," said pollster Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center. "But the public will have to get some sense that the kinds of things he's proposing are going to work, or are showing some signs that they are working."

Allan Sinai, chief global economist for Decision Economics, a Boston-area consulting firm, said the complexity and enormity of the crisis make it hard to solve.

"There's no way to get it all right, regardless of which president is making policy," Sinai said. "The problem is the sickness got too far. The actions taken, medicine applied, were mainly the wrong actions. So it's just worse, and it gets harder to deal with. At this stage, there is no easy answer, no easy way out. It's a question of how we fumble through."

Obama's job approval ratings remain at just below 58%. That's high, of course, but he is losing strength rapidly as more people see the economy worsening, not improving, under The Clown™. The only reason for those high numbers is that most people realize that if they turn against Obama now, they are stuck with him for the next four years. If they support him, maybe things will improve.

If they do not, however, watch as the Downers abandon The Clown™ faster than Nancy Pelosi can put on her 3 tons of makeup she wears. And the GOP can call this empty suit who is President the failure that he is rapidly becoming.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Paul Slugman: Predictions, Predictions

On January 7, we posted a wonderful missive from Paul Slugman, the Failed Marxist Loon (FML) who styles himself as some sort of economist. In it, the Slug said the following:


"unemployment will reach 8.1 percent by end 2009"

Yep. The Slug got the number right, but he was off by, well, nine whole months.

Unemployment hits 8.1%, adding to fears

The wave of layoffs that pushed unemployment last month to its highest level in more than a quarter of a century is giving American workers a new jolt of anxiety.

Capping a week of steep stock market declines, new fears for the survival of the country's biggest automaker and fresh concern over the banking system, the news Friday that unemployment jumped to 8.1% in February from 7.6% the month before was only the latest sign of continued deterioration in the economy.

This is what happens when you listen to the "forecasts" of liberals.

It is called BULLSHIT.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

WSJ: Obama's Radicalism is Killing the Dow

We warned people last year: if you elect an empty suit with no record in running things who tilts to the far left, you will take a possible recession and make it into a depression.

Well, no one listened, and now we have The Clown™, sitting in the White House, making plans that will destroy the US economy. It is certainly killing the stock market, as the Dow has lost 2,000 points since the naive prick took over in January.

Stepping forward is Michael Boskin, who worked for George Bush 41, who says it straight and with no hesitancy: The Clown™ is killing the Dow.

Obama's Radicalism Is Killing the Dow

It's hard not to see the continued sell-off on Wall Street and the growing fear on Main Street as a product, at least in part, of the realization that our new president's policies are designed to radically re-engineer the market-based U.S. economy, not just mitigate the recession and financial crisis.

The illusion that Barack Obama will lead from the economic center has quickly come to an end. Instead of combining the best policies of past Democratic presidents -- John Kennedy on taxes, Bill Clinton on welfare reform and a balanced budget, for instance -- President Obama is returning to Jimmy Carter's higher taxes and Mr. Clinton's draconian defense drawdown.

Mr. Obama's $3.6 trillion budget blueprint, by his own admission, redefines the role of government in our economy and society. The budget more than doubles the national debt held by the public, adding more to the debt than all previous presidents -- from George Washington to George W. Bush -- combined. It reduces defense spending to a level not sustained since the dangerous days before World War II, while increasing nondefense spending (relative to GDP) to the highest level in U.S. history. And it would raise taxes to historically high levels (again, relative to GDP). And all of this before addressing the impending explosion in Social Security and Medicare costs.

Boskin then lists the reasons why this radical garbage that The Clown™ is foisting on the rest of us, with the aid of Nancy Shmancy and Harry "Dimwit" Reid, will be the undoing of the American economy.

Obama. Worst. President. EVER.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Watch Obama Lie Right Through His Teeth!

This thug has been President for less than one month, and already he is lying through his teeth.

Three years and 11 months left of this clown in office.


Check out the 7 promises he makes here that, as of now, he has already broken:

1. Make Government Open and Transparent

Nope. Under The Clown™, government is in the shadows and Downercrats are enacting pork-laden bills without anyone's knowledge.

2. Make it "impossible" for Congressmen to slip in Pork Barrel Projects.

Nope. We find in the Spendulous Package that was Wholly Unnecessary (SPWU), that Democrats slipped in billions of projects "to help their constituents." That's liberalspeak for "pork barrel projects" and "earmarks."

3. Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public.

Nope. That's why Republicans tried to enter the negotiations over the SPWU and were locked out by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

4. No more secrecy.

"Secrecy" being defined as "when Republicans do it, it is bad; but when Downercrats do it, it is good."

5. The public will have 5 days to look at a bill before it is voted on in Congress.

Nope. That's why the Downies had votes on the SPWU within 24 hours of it being written.

6. You'll know what's in it.

Nope. No one, except Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, knows what is in it.

7. We will put every pork barrel project online.

Nope. Where? When? It still is not "online," and The Clown™ is set to sign it into law on Tuesday. Of course, he is making a big show out of it in Denver, but does he care how much it costs to fly there and have this little PR stunt?

The Clown™: Worst. President. Ever.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Liberal Lying: "The Economists Agree That Obama's Plan Will Work"

How do you catch a liberal lying? Wait until they move their lips. More instances of this time-tested axiom come even now, as the loons on the Left go on tv and elsewhere and, with no shame whatsoever, announce that "economists are universally in agreement that the Obama proposal to stimulate the economy is the right way to go."


Here are the facts - those pesky things that liberals love to ignore so that they can hear their own voices: Economists believe that the Obama's plan (which is actually Nancy Shmancy Pelosi and Searchlight Harry Reid's plan) IS NOT the "way to go," because...remember this one, will not stimulate the economy.

Now, as opposed to liberals, we present you with proof, evidence, a view of the truth. Read it for yourself, and see why being born liberal means being lobotimized at birth.

Will the stimulus actually stimulate? Economists say no

WASHINGTON — The compromise economic stimulus plan agreed to by negotiators from the House of Representatives and the Senate is short on incentives to get consumers spending again and long on social goals that won't stimulate economic activity, according to a range of respected economists.

"I think (doing) nothing would have been better," said Ed Yardeni, an investment analyst who's usually an optimist, in an interview with McClatchy. He argued that the plan fails to provide the right incentives to spur spending.

"It's unfocused. That is my problem. It is a lot of money for a lot of nickel-and- dime programs. I would have rather had a lot of money for (promoting purchase of) housing and autos . . . . Most of this plan is really, I think, aimed at stabilizing the situation and helping people get through the recession, rather than getting us out of the recession. They are actually providing less short-term stimulus by cutting back, from what I understand, some of the tax credits."

House and Senate negotiators this week narrowed the differences between their competing stimulus plans. In so doing, they scrapped a large tax credit for buying automobiles that would've caused positive ripple effects across the manufacturing sector. They settled instead on letting purchasers of new vehicles deduct from their federal taxes the state and local sales taxes on the cars they bought.

The exception to this is for buyers of plug-in hybrids, cars that run off a battery that can be charged at home or in the office. Buyers of these vehicles, available in very limited supply, could get a tax credit of up to $9,100.

A Republican-backed proposal that would've provided a $15,000 tax credit to first-time homebuyers also was scaled back dramatically. Instead, the compromise provides first-time homebuyers a tax credit of up to $8,000, and it doesn't have to be repaid over the life of the mortgage. Incentives already in place offer buyers a $7,500 credit that must be repaid, so the bill is an improvement, but short of what many economists think is necessary.

Another reason that some analysts frown on the stimulus is the social spending it includes on things such as the Head Start program for disadvantaged children and aid to NASA for climate-change research. Both may be worthy efforts, but they aren't aimed at delivering short-term boosts to economic activity.

"All this is 25 years of government expansion jammed into one bill and sold as stimulus," said Brian Riedl, the director of budget analysis for the Heritage Foundation, a conservative policy research group.

The view wasn't much more supportive on the other side of the political spectrum. In a brief on the stimulus compromise, William Galston, a senior fellow at the center-left Brookings Institution and a former Clinton White House adviser, warned Thursday that a bank-rescue plan being finalized will make the $789 billion look like "pocket change."

"While the stimulus bill is a necessary condition for economic stabilization and recovery, it is hardly sufficient," Galston wrote. "As the lesson of Japan in the 1990s shows, fiscal stimulus without financial rescue yields stagnation — at best."

" . . . Serious observers believe that recovery cannot begin until we acknowledge that losses in the financial system amount to some trillions of dollars, rendering many institutions insolvent. The temptation will be to muddle along, hoping that these institutions can gradually regain strength without putting massive amounts of taxpayers' money at risk. If we go down that road, we are likely to end up with zombie banks whose balance sheets are riddled with near-worthless investments — banks that cannot lend to credit-worthy customers and who cannot trust one another," Galston wrote.

With the economy in a tailspin, doing nothing isn't an option, however.

"Something is better than nothing, and bigger was better than smaller in terms of the stimulus needed," said Chris Varvares, president of prominent forecaster Macroeconomic Advisers in St. Louis. "The economy needs a fiscal jolt."

Even some proponents of a stimulus are disappointed, however. Harvard University economist Martin Feldstein, a former adviser to President Ronald Reagan, was an early supporter. He said that government is now the only engine left to spark economic activity, but he said that the compromise falls short of what's needed.

"If the choice is between the current bill and an improved bill, I would say wait and improve the bill," Feldstein told CNBC on Wednesday after the compromise was announced. "I am disappointed with the structure of this bill."

Like Yardeni and other analysts, Feldstein wanted more incentives for consumers to make big purchases that have ripple effects across the economy. When a car is purchased, it helps not only the carmaker, but its suppliers, the trucking companies and railroads that transport cars, the states that issue license plates and so on.

Still, could this stimulus get the U.S. economy back on its feet?

By itself, probably not. The stimulus plan, however, is supposed to work in tandem with new efforts by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve to rid banks of distressed assets that are poisoning their balance sheets, and with other federal efforts to halt mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures. Much will depend on the details of both federal attack plans, which the Obama administration promises are coming soon.

There's also the problem of time. Much of the stimulus is to be spread over a two-year period or longer — and 2009 looks increasingly bleak.

A Wall Street Journal survey of 52 mainstream economic forecasters published Thursday found that while most forecasters still think there could be slow growth by the second half of the year, that won't offset steeper-than-projected declines in the first half of 2009.

That means this is essentially a lost year for the economy. Most scenarios envision the economy picking back up again next year.

The president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in a speech in Detroit Thursday, tried to put a brave face on the tough year ahead. Thomas Donohue acknowledged that big business didn't get in the stimulus bill some of the tax-relief measures it most wanted, but promised the Chamber's support.

"The bottom line is that at the end of the day, we're going to support the legislation. Why? Because with the markets functioning so poorly, the government is the only game in town capable of jump-starting the economy," Donohue said.

It is the old "whoops" kind of story: economists say one thing, Downercrats and their fellow liars lie to the media, and the leftwing media thanks them for their lies and delusions words, and moves on to some other important story, like who might have smoked weed last week, or if Angelina Jolie will have another baby.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Someone Has Asked it, Three+ Weeks in: "Has Barack Obama's Presidency Already Failed?"

Usually, it takes months for the chattering classes to say that a new President had failed. In the case of Barack Obama, we figured it would take years, if ever.

But, alas alack! It has taken a little more than three weeks for someone to ask if he has already failed.

It makes for wonderful reading. Because if Obama has failed, then it means possible GOP pickups in 2010, and, with any luck, one term and out for The Clown™ and His Clownettes™.

They have done enough damage to America in less than a month in power. One term would be enough, thank you.

Why Obama’s new Tarp will fail to rescue the banks

Has Barack Obama’s presidency already failed? In normal times, this would be a ludicrous question. But these are not normal times. They are times of great danger. Today, the new US administration can disown responsibility for its inheritance; tomorrow, it will own it. Today, it can offer solutions; tomorrow it will have become the problem. Today, it is in control of events; tomorrow, events will take control of it. Doing too little is now far riskier than doing too much. If he fails to act decisively, the president risks being overwhelmed, like his predecessor. The costs to the US and the world of another failed presidency do not bear contemplating.

What is needed? The answer is: focus and ferocity. If Mr Obama does not fix this crisis, all he hopes from his presidency will be lost. If he does, he can reshape the agenda. Hoping for the best is foolish. He should expect the worst and act accordingly.

Yet hoping for the best is what one sees in the stimulus programme and – so far as I can judge from Tuesday’s sketchy announcement by Tim Geithner, Treasury secretary – also in the new plans for fixing the banking system. I commented on the former last week. I would merely add that it is extraordinary that a popular new president, confronting a once-in-80-years’ economic crisis, has let Congress shape the outcome.

The banking programme seems to be yet another child of the failed interventions of the past one and a half years: optimistic and indecisive. If this “progeny of the troubled asset relief programme” fails, Mr Obama’s credibility will be ruined. Now is the time for action that seems close to certain to resolve the problem; this, however, does not seem to be it.

Yes, Obama has failed. He has failed to stop lying like he did all of last year; he has failed to uphold campaign promises, such as "no lobbyist will ever serve in my administration," and he has failed to keep America and Americans safe by kowtowing to terrorists while making sure that children in the womb can be murdered using taxpayer funds.

Yes, Obama has failed. The faster the American people wake up to that fact, and the fact that they elected an empty suit to be President, the easier the transition will be to voting this scumbag out in 2012 and putting a real President in office.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


The Official White House Photo of The Clown™.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Clown™ Escapes the White House

According to The Clown™, who has been in office for a grand total of 15 days, he is "tired of being in the White House."

Just think how tired we are of having such an asshole in the White House. ANd after just two weeks!

On a tough day, Obama escapes for a while

WASHINGTON (AP) - On the rockiest day of his young administration, President Barack Obama did what surely made him happy for a while.

He left.

With little notice, the president and first lady Michelle Obama bolted the gated compound of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in their tank of a limousine on Tuesday. They ended up at a Washington public school, greeted by children who could not care less about the collapse of a Cabinet secretary nomination.

"We were just tired of being in the White House," the president candidly told the gleeful second-graders at Capital City Public Charter School.

"We got out! They let us out!" Mrs. Obama said as the kids and their teachers laughed.

Ha ha! What a funny time that we have a loser running this country!

Here is how we can make the poor Obama shitheads get out of the White House more: in 2012, we can elect a Republican and make Barama Forama a one-term loser like Jimmy Farter.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Obama: He Hates Southerners! He Hates White People!

Following Hurricane Katrina, liberals blasted President Bush for what they saw as his refusal to help the residents of New Orleans, despite the fact that the-then Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco, caused 95% of the problem by not asking for federal assistance before it was too late.

Now that President Dipshit is in office, he continues the bashing of President Bush, with ridiculous points on the official White House website:


President Obama will keep the broken promises made by President Bush to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. He and Vice President Biden will take steps to ensure that the federal government will never again allow such catastrophic failures in emergency planning and response to occur.

President Obama swiftly responded to Hurricane Katrina. Citing the Bush Administration's "unconscionable ineptitude" in responding to Hurricane Katrina, then-Senator Obama introduced legislation requiring disaster planners to take into account the specific needs of low-income hurricane victims.

Wow - "unconscionable ineptitude"?

And remember how rap singer/bitter asshole Kanye West went on tv and said that "President Bush hates black people"?

Well, in that vein, let us speed ahead to now - and the fact that tens of thousands of people in Kentucky are sitting without electricity, and that 40 people have died.

Where is President Retard? He is busy visiting schools in DC. He is busy holding interview sessions with reporters in the White House. He is busy covering up for Tom Daschle, American thief.

So, how has the media responded to the first weather disaster of this administration? With a yawn and a "what weather disaster?"

We hate to say it, but it must be true: Obama hates Southerners. And, it is painfully clear that Obama also hates white people and wants them to freeze to death.

Storm response gets mixed reviews

President Barack Obama’s first federal disaster response to ice storms across the heartland netted mixed results for an administration that has pledged after Hurricane Katrina to “never again allow such catastrophic failures in emergency planning and response to occur.”

More than 40 people were killed, and millions were left without power across Appalachia and the Ozarks in the wake of severe winter weather that began last week. Kentucky was the hardest hit, with 12 people killed by the storm.

A federal emergency was declared in the state Wednesday night as Obama began working the phones and pushing for a rapid response, but help to victims in some areas was slow to come. Vast areas of the state remained without electricity Monday.

“It took quite a bit of time” to get additional aid, said Randall Smith, the emergency management director for Grayson County, Ky. “The response in the first four days was very unsatisfactory.”

All of Grayson County was without power through the weekend, and by Monday afternoon, only 30 percent of residents had regained electricity. The biggest problem for local officials was getting enough water for people in shelters and caring for local residents with special needs.

There is a disconnect with the media. It must be because Obama doesn't want to help a state that he lost in the election. Now maybe if it was New York, or California, perhaps then he would respond, because, after all, he needs those votes in 2012. Otherwise, his message to people is: FUCK YOU. DIE.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Cat Stevens, Muslim Asshat, Sings Song for Hamas

Cat Stevens, the untalented singer who turned to Islam, the religion of maggots, and changed his name to "Yusuf Islam" (Arabic for "Asshole of Islam"), has now sung a song to raise money to aid Hamas and other Islamic assholes after Israel kicked their asses in Gaza.

Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, releases song for Gaza

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Singer-songwriter Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, released on Sunday a charity song whose proceeds will go towards assisting Palestinians in the war-ravaged Gaza Strip.

The new recording of the song 'The day the world gets round', originally recorded by George Harrison, features Yusuf on vocals and Klaus Voorman, known to many as the fifth Beatle, on bass.

The song can be dowloaded online at different rates and its proceeds will go towards the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and Save the Children to aid children and families in the Gaza Strip, UNRWA said in a statement.

Yusuf said on his website he hoped the recording will "help remind people of the immense legacy of love, peace and happiness we can share when we get round to looking at mankind's futile wars and prejudices."

As Cat Stevens, Islam, now 59, recorded several major hits in the late 1960s and 1970s. He converted to Islam at the height of his fame in 1977, devoting himself to education and philanthropy. [Making sure to sell a religion of maggots to the masses - that kind of education? And philanthropy! Raise money for terrorists! - Ed.]

Israel's 22-day offensive in the Hamas-ruled territory, which ended on January 18, killed more than 1,300 Palestinians, including hundreds of women and children, medics say. It also left widespread destruction.

Here is a bit of Scumbag Islam's new song (Sing along if you can!):

The sky went boom, the tanks did shake
They dropped bombs on our homes
The earth started to quake

Oh, dear Hamas, stand by you we will
We will sacrifice and become a martyr
If that doesn't work
at least we still have Jimmy Carter

Israel must leave, they must take back their troops
But leave us some food - all we have is Froot Loops

Muslim children huddled as the hour passes
But they don't have bombs strapped to their asses
Rockets and bombs and shields of wood
We would send our mothers to die if we could

Those evil Israelis, they left so many Muslims dead
And now all we can do is chop off someone's head
Why did the world not help them, say something more?
They treated us as if every Palestinian were a whore!

Free Gaza, Free Ga-za from these terrible lies
We have nothing to eat but donkeys and flies
Free Gaza, free Gaza, from terrible Israeli crimes
I would sing some more but with Islam nothing rhymes!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Paul Slugman Blames Conservatives if "Obamanomics" Fails

According to the American Left, George W. Bush is to blame for everything that has gone bad in America. Bad economy? George W. Bush. Bad wars? George W. Bush. War won in Iraq? The military. No terrorist attack since 9/11? The CIA must be doing a damn good job.

Now that their man, The Clown™ Obama, is about to take over, the Left is girding up to blame everything bad under him to...George W. Bush.

Paul Slugman, the Failed Marxist Loon (FML) "economist," says that unemployment. now at 7.2%, could rise to 8.4% in 2010, just when the Downercrats are running for re-election. Yet, who would be to blame for this? Why, George W. Bush, of course! Because the Left never does anything wrong!


A bit more information to go with my post on stimulus: forecasters surveyed by the WSJ predict, on average, that unemployment will reach 8.1 percent by end 2009 and peak at 8.4% — that is, it will keep rising into 2010. That’s a forecast of what will happen with the stimulus plan, not of what would happen absent stimulus, which would presumably be considerably worse.

Two points: 1. This suggests that the consensus is at least as grim as the scenario I laid out 2. This looks to me like an economy that could easily be spun by conservatives as a failure of Obama’s policies.

The Left is already bracing everyone for their 2010 message: "So what if unemployment has gone way up under Obama. It's not his fault!"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ohio Doomocrat Who Sneaked Into the Records of "Joe the Plumber" Resigns

Helen Jones-Kelley, director of Ohio's Department of Job and Family Services, resigned yesterday after she was caught red-handed examining the personal state records of Samuel Wurzelbacher, known as "Joe the Plumber." As well, two of her assistants will also not be returning to their jobs.

The worst part of this story is that Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, a Doomocrat and an asshole, merely suspended Jones-Kelley for a month without pay after the state investigator found that she broke the law by accessing Wurzelbacher's secret files. She should have been fired.

And Strickland needs to be held to account. Wurzelbacher should sue him, Jones-Kelley, and the state for invasion of privacy.

Ohio official in 'Joe the Plumber' flap resigns

CINCINNATI – An Ohio agency director resigned Wednesday in the wake of a finding that she improperly used state computers to access personal information on the man who became known as "Joe the Plumber" during the presidential campaign.

Two other officials who were suspended from their positions for their role in the computer search will not be returning to their jobs, an agency spokeswoman said.

Department of Job and Family Services Director Helen Jones-Kelley said in a statement accompanying her resignation that she won't allow her reputation to be disparaged and that she is concerned for her family's safety.

"This decision comes after a time of pause, in which I realize that I continue to be used as a political postscript, providing a distraction from urgent state priorities," she said in her statement.

She could not be reached for additional comment Wednesday night.

Gov. Ted Strickland suspended Jones-Kelley for a month without pay after the Ohio Inspector General's office found in November that she improperly used state computers to find personal information on Samuel Wurzelbacher. The investigation also found that she conducted improper political fundraising activity for now President-elect Barack Obama.

"The governor values Helen Jones-Kelley's years of public service as a dedicated advocate for the most vulnerable among us," Strickland's spokesman Keith Dailey said Wednesday. "He understands her decision and accepts her resignation."

Aw, shucks! They are using me "as a political postscript" after I broke the law! Darn darn darn darn!

If this had been done by a Republican to a Democrat, there would have been national outrage. But when a black Doomocrat does it to a Republican, the media says, "Move on. Nothing to see here." In short, the same old horsecrappola.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The AP Tells Us Now: Obama is "Young and Inexperienced"

The AP, one of the worst shills for the liberal media, wakes us all up with the following dirge: Barak Obama is young and inexperienced.

Thanks a ton, AP. When we said it, say, a few months back, we were tagged as racists, bigots, lunatics, and fruitpies.

Now, when this country is saddled with The Empty Suit, the AP has decided we weren't so wrong after all.

Obama faces heady challenges, and they're growing

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President-elect Barack Obama, relatively young and inexperienced, is facing a rapidly growing list of monumental challenges as he prepares to take the reins of a nation in turmoil.

Now that is almost like saying in 1912, "The passengers of the Titanic were unprepared for the ship to sink like it did."

No shit, Sherlock. Thanks for the warning, after the asshole won.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama shows reporters during a news conference in Chicago, Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008, how to count to five using the fingers on one hand. The reporters all gathered around; some were stunned, while others applauded the President-elect's deftness in such a physically demanding act. (AP Photo/Charlie "Asskisser" Fuckhead)

Friday, November 07, 2008

A Word on the Future Under Obama's America and the Next Elections

I know that this sounds like "he is only covering his ass because the Republicans lost," but in a strange way I am glad McCain lost. Why? Look at 1928.

Let's go back to that election, between Al Smith and Herbert Hoover. Imagine, for a moment, that Hoover lost to Smith, albeit narrowly. Economy-wise, there would not have been much difference between the two, and thus the stock market would have crashed in October 1929 no matter who was President. What would Smith have done differently in the aftermath? Raise taxes? He certainly wouldn't have lowered them. He would have had Congress spend more, but, overall, the Depression would have hit and there would have been little Smith could do.

In 1930, the Democrats would not have won the Congress, and, in 1932, the GOP could have run on "we had prosperity in the 1920s under Harding and Coolidge, but we turned it over to the Democrats and look what they have done." So, in 1932, the Republicans would have won (was there a strong GOP governor to run?)...there would have been no FDR, and we would not have been shut out of the White House until 1952.

So, the lesson here is that sometimes you "win" by "losing." Watch the news, read the papers: things are going to get much worse in the coming year. Much worse. And the deficit is poised to explode. The international situation in the world will be horrific, what with Afghanistan falling apart, Iran poised to get a nuke, Israel fighting terrorists (and Netanyahu saying he will stop peace talks if he wins the prime ministership), and the world plunging into an economic quagmire. Add that to the moves Obama will make against guns and for gays in the military (as he makes the same mistake Clinton did in his first days in office), and you have a man who, in 2010, will be as unpopular as the clap.

If the GOP plays its cards right, and stands back and allows the Dems to make fools of themselves in the majority (as they did in 1993-94 with a Dem in the White House), we can run in 2010 on "Obama and Pelosi and Reid: Triple Doom for America," and we can possibly take back the House and win a good number of seats in the Senate. And then we can run against Obama in 2012 on "the do-nothing Obama."

Remember that Obama, in 2008, got only 400,000 votes more than Kerry did in 2004. Many of those were independents who took a chance on an unknown who promised "change" and "hope." If by 2012 the economy is in bad shape, as I suspect it will be, those 400,000 and even more will peel away or stay home, and Obama will be a one-termer.

As I said: sometimes you "win" by "losing." Ask the Democrats in 1928 how true that is.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Here's a Dose of What is Coming Under Obama's America

This should make everyone cringe, but it won't. It shows two thugs from the Black Panthers, Obama supporters (and minions) all, using intimidation at a voting station. And when they are questioned as to why they are carrying clubs, they get angry, they sound pissed, and one of their kind says, "I think we should call the police." Yep, this guy should be arrested, because, after all, he is videotaping two psychos in army boots and dreadlocks carrying weapons at a voting station. Frightening, indeed.

And the American media did not cover this. Of course not - they were too busy making sure that people got out to vote Obama. Vote for McCain? Never! Vote Obama - if you value your life, you piece of racist shit.

You see, this is because the American media is happy when leftwing terrorists ply their trade in this country.

Where did this air? Not on the MSM. Fox News showed some, but they are scared that Obama will come and shut them down.

Shutting down those who disagree with you: the new look of America Under Obama.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Onion News Reports (Laughingly) on the Assholes Who Supported Obama

Click and watch. It should be a real news story, because these fuckers have no lives but foisting a Marxist on the rest of us.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

France's Sarkozy Warns of Obama's "Naivete" and "Immaturity"

France's President Nicolas Sarkozy has privately warned people that Barack Obama is "immature" and "naive" and his potential dealings with Iran could make the world a much more dangerous place.

No kidding. Thanks for the warning.

Sources: Sarkozy views Obama stance on Iran as 'utterly immature'

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is very critical of U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama's positions on Iran, according to reports that have reached Israel's government.

Sarkozy has made his criticisms only in closed forums in France. But according to a senior Israeli government source, the reports reaching Israel indicate that Sarkozy views the Democratic candidate's stance on Iran as "utterly immature" and comprised of "formulations empty of all content."

Obama visited Paris in July, and the Iranian issue was at the heart of his meeting with Sarkozy. At a joint press conference afterward, Obama urged Iran to accept the West's proposal on its nuclear program, saying that Iran was creating a serious situation that endangered both Israel and the West.

According to the reports reaching Israel, Sarkozy told Obama at that meeting that if the new American president elected in November changed his country's policy toward Iran, that would be "very problematic."

Until now, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany have tried to maintain a united front on Iran. But according to the senior Israeli source, Sarkozy fears that Obama might "arrogantly" ignore the other members of this front and open a direct dialogue with Iran without preconditions.

Following their July meeting, Sarkozy repeatedly expressed disappointment with Obama's positions on Iran, concluding that they were "not crystallized, and therefore many issues remain open," the Israeli source said. Advisors to the French president who held separate meetings with Obama's advisors came away with similar impressions and expressed similar disappointment.

According to the Israeli source, Sarkozy plans to begin intensive negotiations with the new American administration, regardless of whether it is headed by Obama or Republican Sen. John McCain, even before the new president takes office in January, with the goal of persuading him to continue the current policy on Iran.

But Sarkozy's pessimism does not stem only from Obama's stance; it also stems from the overall behavior of the international community toward Iran's nuclear program, and particularly its inability to agree on a fourth round of Security Council sanctions against the Islamic Republic. This foot-dragging will make it impossible to effect a change in Iran's nuclear policy, Sarkozy believes.

Obama will sell out Israel to make peace with Iran. And that means that the Jews who vote for Obama to become President are slitting the throats of their own people in Israel, because they are too stupid to know any better.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Did the Downers in Ohio Break Into State-Run Computers to Dig Up Dirt on Joe the Plumber?

The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch is reporting tonight that a computer account run by the state Attorney General was used to illegally access information on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as "Joe the Plumber."

Questions need to be asked and answered, and NOW. For instance, who used the account? Was it done at the behest of the Obama campaign? Will there be indictments?

Imagine if a Republican state Attorney General's office used an account to break into computer records, illegally, to find out dirt on Obama or on an Obama supporter...The media would cover this from dusk till dawn! You could almost see Keith Dimbulbermann crying out, "This is another right wing smear! Heads need to roll! McCain should find out who was behind this - if it was not done by he himself - and fire that person! That person should go to jail! To break into computer records to hurt poor Joe the Plumber! Shameless!"

Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber; Investigators trying to determine whether access was illegal

State and local officials are investigating if state and law-enforcement computer systems were illegally accessed when they were tapped for personal information about "Joe the Plumber."

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher became part of the national political lexicon Oct. 15 when Republican presidential candidate John McCain mentioned him frequently during his final debate with Democrat Barack Obama.

The 34-year-old from the Toledo suburb of Holland is held out by McCain as an example of an American who would be harmed by Obama's tax proposals.

Public records requested by The Dispatch disclose that information on Wurzelbacher's driver's license or his sport-utility vehicle was pulled from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles database three times shortly after the debate.

Information on Wurzelbacher was accessed by accounts assigned to the office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers, the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department.

It has not been determined who checked on Wurzelbacher, or why. Direct access to driver's license and vehicle registration information from BMV computers is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business.

Paul Lindsay, Ohio spokesman for the McCain campaign, attempted to portray the inquiries as politically motivated. "It's outrageous to see how quickly Barack Obama's allies would abuse government power in an attempt to smear a private citizen who dared to ask a legitimate question," he said.

Isaac Baker, Obama's Ohio spokesman, denounced Lindsay's statement as charges of desperation from a campaign running out of time. "Invasions of privacy should not be tolerated. If these records were accessed inappropriately, it had nothing to do with our campaign and should be investigated fully," he said.

The attorney general's office is investigating if the access of Wuzelbacher's BMV information through the office's Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway computer system was unauthorized, said spokeswoman Jennifer Brindisi.

"We're trying to pinpoint where it came from," she said. The investigation could become "criminal in nature," she said. Brindisi would not identify the account that pulled the information on Oct. 16.

And just who is Nancy Rogers, the state Attorney General? Why, she is a Downercrat, and a firm Obama supporter.

Of course, since Downers did this horrific act, done to hurt someone who challenged Obama, it will be no big deal, especially for the dolts in the media who have sold their souls to get that clown Obama elected. For liberals and the Left, that is what makes them incredible hypocrites.

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