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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Johnny Downwards: Israel is a Threat to World Peace

Former US Senator and Do-Nothing Shakedown Artist Johnny Downwards, running a so-far laughable attempt at the US presidency, told an audience in California that Israel - not Iran, not al-Qaeda, but Israel - is a threat to world peace because if may bomb Iran's nuclear facilities.

Someone should hit Johnny Downwards with a pie right in his kisser.

The real Hollywood politics

There are other emerging fissures, as well. The aggressively photogenic John Edwards was cruising along, detailing his litany of liberal causes last week until, during question time, he invoked the "I" word -- Israel. Perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace, Edwards remarked, was the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. As a chill descended on the gathering, the Edwards event was brought to a polite close.

Notice how this rude quote was placed in the middle of a sentence, and then not discussed again.

Imagine if a presidential candidate had said something along the lines of, "Muslims here in America are the biggest threat to our safety and security because they refuse to denounce Islamic extremism."

True, yes - but also explosive, and so anti-PC. All of the major news networks would do stories on "Candidate A made anti-Muslim remarks," and that candidate would be forced to apologize.

But Johnny Downwards making an anti-Semitic remark is fine for the media in America, always making sure to denounce our friends and protect our enemies.

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