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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Here's a Dose of What is Coming Under Obama's America

This should make everyone cringe, but it won't. It shows two thugs from the Black Panthers, Obama supporters (and minions) all, using intimidation at a voting station. And when they are questioned as to why they are carrying clubs, they get angry, they sound pissed, and one of their kind says, "I think we should call the police." Yep, this guy should be arrested, because, after all, he is videotaping two psychos in army boots and dreadlocks carrying weapons at a voting station. Frightening, indeed.

And the American media did not cover this. Of course not - they were too busy making sure that people got out to vote Obama. Vote for McCain? Never! Vote Obama - if you value your life, you piece of racist shit.

You see, this is because the American media is happy when leftwing terrorists ply their trade in this country.

Where did this air? Not on the MSM. Fox News showed some, but they are scared that Obama will come and shut them down.

Shutting down those who disagree with you: the new look of America Under Obama.

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