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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Paul Slugman Blames Conservatives if "Obamanomics" Fails

According to the American Left, George W. Bush is to blame for everything that has gone bad in America. Bad economy? George W. Bush. Bad wars? George W. Bush. War won in Iraq? The military. No terrorist attack since 9/11? The CIA must be doing a damn good job.

Now that their man, The Clown™ Obama, is about to take over, the Left is girding up to blame everything bad under him to...George W. Bush.

Paul Slugman, the Failed Marxist Loon (FML) "economist," says that unemployment. now at 7.2%, could rise to 8.4% in 2010, just when the Downercrats are running for re-election. Yet, who would be to blame for this? Why, George W. Bush, of course! Because the Left never does anything wrong!


A bit more information to go with my post on stimulus: forecasters surveyed by the WSJ predict, on average, that unemployment will reach 8.1 percent by end 2009 and peak at 8.4% — that is, it will keep rising into 2010. That’s a forecast of what will happen with the stimulus plan, not of what would happen absent stimulus, which would presumably be considerably worse.

Two points: 1. This suggests that the consensus is at least as grim as the scenario I laid out 2. This looks to me like an economy that could easily be spun by conservatives as a failure of Obama’s policies.

The Left is already bracing everyone for their 2010 message: "So what if unemployment has gone way up under Obama. It's not his fault!"

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