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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Spitzer Update: The Scandal Grows

As we noted yesterday, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, a crooked Downercrat, had his minions aides use state resources to try to dig up damaging information on NY State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. Spitzer suspended the two minions aides when the scandal hit. Now, the State Ethics Commission will open an investigation into the actions of the criminal Governor Spitzer.

Ethics Commission joins Spitzer probe

ALBANY -- Gov. Eliot Spitzer Thursday faced the prospect of new inquiries into his aides' plot to damage Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, with the Ethics Commission joining the Senate in requesting documents from a recently closed investigation by the attorney general.

In a combative news conference, Spitzer denied his administration had hindered the attorney general's probe, though his secretary, Richard Baum, and communications director Darren Dopp balked at being interviewed. They instead submitted brief sworn statements Sunday.

The refusals, Spitzer acknowledged, could raise questions with some. But he said he wasn't involved in deciding how to comply with the demands of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office, and wouldn't "second-guess" anyone's motives.

Spitzer added that he had answered all questions put to him by reporters.

"We have acted appropriately," he said. "We provided on a voluntary basis an enormous amount of information, in terms of individuals, in terms of documents that was turned over to the attorney general's office. They determined there was no violation of law and hence there was no need for further inquiry."

So, Spitzer's excuse is "nothing more to see here. End of investigation. Now get lost." And the media is thrilled to comply.

The question still remains: where is this story in the national media? Oh, perhaps it has been hushed up because the person who is behind this criminal activity is a Downercrat. There can be no other explanation.

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