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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NY Governor Spitzer in Hot Water; Media Yawns

Imagine this scenario: President Bush has secret agents follow Downercrats to see what they are doing, and to collect information on them which could be used by Bush against the Downies. Just imagine the reactions of morons like Keith Dimbulbermann and the rest of the liberal media...and imagine the reactions of the House and Senate leaders! Call for investigation! Impeachment! This is a crime!

Now, switch the story around, and you see the latest in liberal hypocrisy: NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, a moron who lucked into the Governor's mansion in New York State, had some of his aides secretly trail leading Republicans, including State Senate Leader Joseph Bruno to see what damaging info they could dig up on him. And when they got caught, Spitzer merely suspended them rather than fired them. And who nailed Spitzer? The Dem Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, son of the former moron Governor, Mario Cuomo.

And what happened to this story? The NY Times has a strongly worded editorial - and there the matter ends. Y-A-W-N. Nothing else to see here - no more coverage! Shut off the cameras! Go home!

Mr. Spitzer’s Unacceptable Means

Ever since taking office, Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York has made a name for himself as the avenger, the reformer, a political whirlwind who kicks up dust wherever he goes. Albany’s smarmy politics certainly need a reformer and, within reason, an avenger. But now a devastating report from a fellow Democrat, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, has accused Mr. Spitzer’s administration of abusing its power in the name of reform.

The report describes how the governor’s office used the state police to collect damaging information about Mr. Spitzer’s chief opponent, Joseph Bruno, the Senate majority leader, and then released that information to the press. Rather than a pursuit of possible wrongdoing, this episode has the smell of an old-fashioned dirty trick. If Mr. Spitzer does not make sure he has cleaned up his own house, his ability to clean up the rest of Albany could be severely compromised.

This whole seamy business began a few weeks ago with news reports that Mr. Bruno was using state-owned helicopters and cars to attend party fund-raising events. When the governor’s office started talking about an investigation, Mr. Bruno did too. He wanted investigators to determine whether the governor was using the pilots and state police to spy on him and whether the governor’s people were then leaking that information to the news media.

Mr. Cuomo’s report cleared the Senate leader of breaking New York’s very loose laws on the use of state transportation for political events. And it concluded that there was no surveillance ordered by the governor’s office. Instead it found that aides in the governor’s office had lied to state police — claiming they had received a Freedom of Information Law request — to get them to compile records of Mr. Bruno’s travel.

At a press conference yesterday, a somewhat muted Governor Spitzer kept insisting that there were no laws broken, and that he was unaware of his aides’ actions. But he admitted that his office had conducted a “grossly mishandled” operation. And he apologized to the public, the state police and to Senator Bruno. Mr. Spitzer also announced that he had suspended one top aide indefinitely and transferred the other to a job outside the governor’s office. Mr. Spitzer now needs to make certain that all the dirty laundry has been fully aired and that any other participants are also dismissed.

Wow! He "grossly mishandled" the operation! That's liberalspeak for "whoops, sorry for the criminal activity, but we are liberals (wink, wink), and can do that sort of thing! Now shut off the cameras! No more to see here!"

Where are the calls for a special prosecutor? The firings? The investigation?

It's called liberal hypocrisy, folks. And it makes things worse for everyone else every day.

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