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Monday, December 11, 2006

Who is Barack Obama - And Why is the American Media in Love with Him?

The American media loves liberals - especially liberals they feel they can push headlong into the White House. Wally Mondull, Jimmah Carter, Bill Clinton, Mike Dukakis, Al Gore, John Kerry - a long line of doofus liberals the media foisted on the rest of us.

2 years before the 2008 election, the media sees the potential of Hillary Clinton going down to defeat as a really bad sign - after all, the media reasons, they cannot help get the nomination for someone who will lose the election. We fucked up in 2004 by helping John Kerry! We won't do that again! Not another Republican in 2008! We will fix that!

To that end, the liberals have searched for that "special" politician who has no record worth speaking about (like John Edwards), is a good enough liar (like Al Gore), and can manipulate the people with sweeping statements (like Bill Clinton).

Who fits this bill this time around? Barack Hussein Obama, that's who.

Now, who is Barack Obama, whom fellow Downcaster Ted Kennedy called "Osama Barama, Barama Orama, Barack Osama"? He is a man with 2 years experience in the US Senate, with not one accomplishment to his name. Yet, somehow, the American media is swooning over him. "He's the next President!" says this outlet. "He is such a wonderful speaker!" says another. What has he done? The media won't say. They don't want to sink the Obama ship and help Hillary Clinton get the Downcaster nomination.

Check out this piece from October by American bonehead Richard Cohen - who is so in love with the idea of President Obama that he gives up all pretenses of neutrality:

Why Not Obama?

And yet I cheer his announcement that he might announce he is going to announce -- something like that. I say this not just because I have been following his career out of the corner of my eye -- my, my, ain't he a natural! -- but actually reading his speeches. The one he gave on the role of religion in politics was as smart a speech as I've ever read. It's the sort of thing John F. Kennedy could have given, only his would have been written by someone else, probably Ted Sorensen.

I cheer also because Obama is an African-American -- an African father, an American mother. For someone like him to be a presidential candidate -- maybe even president -- says oodles about this country. After eight years of George W. Bush and his narcissistic foreign policy -- me, me, us, us -- it would be great to have a president who presents a different message just by his complexion and compensates, if anything can, for how Iraq (Abu Ghraib, etc.) has tarnished America's reputation, particularly in the Third World. Obama's candidacy would not be just a photo-op, it would be historic.

But mostly I want Obama to run because he would come into the race with no baggage on Iraq. Not from him would we hear excuses about how he was misled by the Bush administration into thinking there were weapons of mass destruction there. Obama not only was against the war when he ran for the Senate, but he can claim -- as could the 21 Democratic senators who voted against the war resolution -- that it was possible to accept the "facts'' at the time and still see that the war was unnecessary, if not downright stupid. It just makes me wince every time I hear John Kerry or John Edwards or Joe Biden or Chris Dodd or Hillary Clinton say they were misled, fooled, lied to or some other version of seduced or abandoned -- otherwise they would have voted the right way. This is disingenuous.

There is that deadly combination of white guilt and liberal "ain't he grand" bullshit rearing its ugly head. Cohen should complete the exercise and demand to unzip Obama's fly and suck his cock.

The question comes back to this: What has this man done to merit a potential presidential run?

Larry Kudlow looks at the record. And the answer is: nothing. Nothing at all.

The Audacity of Hype

Behind the Obama story is a very liberal left voting record. Here are some key votes and positions from Obama:

· Voted against extending the Bush tax cuts on capital gains and dividends.

· Voted against permanently repealing the Death Tax. (Called the cuts a "Paris Hilton" tax break for "billionaire heirs and heiresses") · Voted against CAFTA.

· Voted YES on raising the minimum wage to $7.25 rather than $6.25.

· Opposed the lifting of $0.54 per gallon tariff on cheaper Brazillian ethanol. Said, "ethanol imports are neither necessary nor a practical response to current gasoline prices."

· Voted against the bankruptcy abuse bill.

· Opposes privatizing Social Security

· Voted against drilling in ANWR.

· Voted against confirmation of Sam Alito AND John Roberts as chief justice.

· Voted against extending the PATRIOT Act's wiretap provision.

· Opposed any bans on partial birth abortions.

Tell the people in any poll the positions of "candidate A" and then tell them they are the positions of Osama Barama. Then watch as Banamarama Osama's fortunes sink faster than the Lusitania.

But the American media won't do that. It could harm their goal of getting a Downie into the White House in 2008.

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