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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Osama, uh, Obama, uh, Barama, uh, Bananarama, Crusade, is OVER

Imagine this one: the Downercrats have the dumb belief that they can nominate a man with less experience in the US Senate than John Edwards, with the name Barack Obama, and get away with it.

Why not? Because the liberals at DummiesUnderground have let the cat out of the bag: Obama's middle name is Hussein.

That's right, folks. His name is Barack Hussein Obama.

Here's the Downie commercial for 2008: Elect our candidate, despite the fact that he has the name of one of our sworn enemies, and his last name sounds like the name of the guy who committed 9/11.

Imagine the faces of ordinary Americans when they hear this one.

Barack Hussein Obama on the ticket = disaster for Democrats

Just imagine the 6:30 national news in the fall of 2008. They start with a story about terrorism in the Middle East. They show clips of 9-11 and mention Osama and Saddam Hussein. Then they move to the election and mention Barack Hussein Obama.

It makes no difference what we think here on DU. The GDAV (generally dumb American voters) will not vote for a ticket with that name on it. We will get slaughtered. End of message.

Can the party of John Kerry and Dennis Kucinich get any stupider? And the American people voted to put these anuses in power?

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