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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Downies are Corrupt as Hell: A Primer

Here is a wonderful, heart-warming story about a Downie scumbag who has decided to throw all ethics aside.

We covered the story in January of this year of Sowande Omokunde, the son of US Rep Gwen Moore, and his buddies who, while working for the John Kerry for President campaign in 2004, went out and slashed the tires of vans owned by the local Republican party so that the GOP could not get their voters to the polls. The thug son of Moore got a four month prison sentence (how much he served is anyone's guess), but as soon as he got out his mother hired him as a "consultant" to her campaign and paid him $1,500. Moore also paid her sister, Brenda, $40,000 to also serve as a "consultant."

The question then is, where is the US House on this matter? Imagine if a Republican politician whose son plead guilty to slashing the tires of Downie vans and served time in jail was paid as a "consultant" to his campaign, which also features the pol's sister being paid as well. Nancy Pelosi (D-Nutjob) would scream at the top of her lungs at this "Republican culture of corruption." But from Nancy when it is a fellow Downie? Silence.

Ties that bind

.S. Rep. Gwen Moore's campaign is quickly becoming a family business.

Not only does the Milwaukee Democrat have her sister Brenda on the campaign payroll to the tune of nearly $40,000 annually, as we reported last year, but Moore now has brought on her 27-year-old son, Sowande Omokunde, also known as Supreme Solar Allah.

Recent campaign reports show Moore, who was easily re-elected to a second term, paid her son $1,500 in October for political consulting. Omokunde told others that he was the campaign's deputy field director.

Neither the congresswoman nor her sister returned calls Friday.

As you may recall, Omokunde was one of four Democratic staffers who pleaded guilty to misdemeanors for slashing tires on 25 vans hours before Republican Party officials were to use them to drive voters to the polls on election day 2004. In April, Omokunde was sentenced to four months in jail and fined $1,000 for his role in the much-publicized caper.

But he obviously had a soft landing. How many other criminals can walk out of jail and into a job on a congressional campaign payroll?

Supreme Solar! The fucking crook is "supreme"!

We as Republicans deserve this. We allowed Pelosi and her gang of disgusting asshole liberals to beat us over the head with our crooks, while we let her and her party skate free and clear from the stories of her own Downie crooks.

Now that we are in the minority, turnabout must be fair play. Here's what Republicans need to do from here on out, at least for the next year:

1. Hold daily press conferences and mention the Democrats' "culture of corruption." Have people at the press conference hold up signs with the names of Dem lawmakers, like Pelosi, Murtha, Hastings, Mollohan, Jefferson, etc., who are in ethical trouble, with words connected to them like "thief" and "crook" and "criminal."

2. Demand that the House Ethics Committee investigate each and every troubling allegation. Make each allegation a separate investigation. When the Dems stonewall, go on tv and scream about Pelosi's cover-ups of corruption. Every time CNN or MSNBC invite on a Republican, that politician should start off the interview with "We tried to get Pelosi to investigate Representative ______, but she is stonewalling to protect the culture of liberal corruption in the House."

3. Write letters to the Justice Department asking for the opening of investigations and grand juries into the allegations against Downies. When there is no response, hold more press conferences. Scream louder and louder until someone hears it.

4. Have Republicans go to the House floor and condemn the "culture of corruption" and name each crooked Dem involved. Highlight each allegation. When Downies demand apologies, have more Republicans go to the floor and condemn the strong-arm tactics as a cover-up of criminal activity.

5. Start a website: Post the "10 Most Wanted Dem Crooks" with their pictures, and hand out bumper stickers with the web address.

This and other little measures will make the Downies squirm like they made the GOP squirm when we were in the majority. And it will show how utterly hypocritical the Downies truly are.

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