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Thursday, October 09, 2008

US Missile Hits Terrorists in Pakistan; the BBC Says That They "May Have Been Militants"

The BBC, which still considers Osama bin Laden innocent of the 9/11 atrocities and mocks George W. Bush as a moron, reports on a US missile strike on a terrorist training camp inside Pakistan. The Pakistan government says that those killed were "Arabs."

Whoa - what are "Arabs" doing in Pakistan? Tourists seeing the sights? Or just plain Islamic scumbag terrorists who have gone to meet Allah?

Leave it to the BBC, however: they say that the dead Arabs "may have been militants."

Next, the BBC will say that it is possible that Pope "may be Catholic."

'US missile' hits Pakistani house

A missile from a suspected US unmanned aircraft (drone) has killed at least eight people in a Pakistani tribal area close to Afghanistan, reports say.

Unnamed Pakistani security sources say it hit a house in the village of Tappi, North Waziristan, and that the dead include a number of Arabs.


At least some of the dead are believed to have been Arabs, possibly militants.

It is so good to see the BBC try their darndest to label mass murdering Islamic terrorists as "possibly militants."

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