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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Time for the Daily Kos Tracking Poll...and Guess Who They Have Winning the Presidential Race?

The unhinged fruitcakes at the Daily Kos are out with their "2008 Tracking Poll" (and what a poll it is, showing no numbers, no methodology, nothing), and, shocker of shockers, they have Obama winning by 4 points.

Despite the fact that every poll in America has McCain winning, the nutters at Daily Kos, who are not above making alleged facts up out of whole cloth, also make up polls.

McCain vs. Obama History

Daily Kos Poll (from 9/11/2008 to 9/16/2008)

So, to counter this, we have begun our brand new "Joobo 2008 Tracking Poll."

On this date, September 16, this new poll shows that John McCain is winning, 48% to 43%. It also shows that among Americans who were asked who they trusted to be President in a crisis, McCain won with 65% to Obama's 22%.

There. There is our poll. It is as good as any other, since McCain is actually winning in those real polls, as opposed to liberal hallucination polls.

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