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Monday, August 11, 2008

MSM Lies, Says Obama "Winning" in Virginia

Despite evidence to the contrary, the MSM and their liberal idiot commentators continue to push the memo that "Obama is winning in Virginia."

This poll shows puts the truth to their lie.

ABC 7 Exclusive: Poll Finds McCain, Obama Tied in Battleground Virginia

An exclusive ABC 7/NewsChannel 8 poll finds the race between Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama too close to call in Battleground Virgina.

The SuveyUSA poll of 655 likely voters found Republican presidential hopeful John McCain with 48 percent of the vote, compared with 47 percent for Democrat Barack Obama.

The poll has a plus or minus 3.9-percent margin of error, making the race a tossup.

ABC 7/NewsChannel 8 Battleground Virginia Poll If the election for President were today, would you vote for ... Republican John McCain? Or, Democrat Barack Obama?

48% McCain (R)
47% Obama (D)
3% Other
2% Undecided
Margin of Error = ± 3.9%

Virginia has not given its 13 electoral votes to a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964, and both campaigns are bitterly contesting the new battleground state. George W. Bush (web|news|bio) carried Virginia by 8 points in both 2004 and 2000.

Analysts say it remains a tight race.

"Virginia is still fundamentally a Republican-leaning state. It still hasn't changed too much despite the growth in northern Virginia, and I don't think Obama has any better than a 50/50 chance of winning the state," said Politico's John Kraushaar.

Obama draws his support from the Hampton Roads and northern Virginia regions, with 13-point and 11-point leads, respectively. McCain leads by 23 points in the Shenandoah and by 5 points in Central Virginia.

Is the race close? Of course. It is a battleground? Most definitely.

Is Obama "winning"? No, he's not, despite what the liberal assholes in the MSM may say.

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