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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is Keith Dimbulbermann About to Have a Nervous Breakdown? (Clue: Let's Hope So!)

To anyone with an IQ above 3, Keith Dimbulbermann, the washed up sports anchor who hosts MSDNC's "Countdown," is auditioning to be Barack Obama's press secretary if the inexperienced Senator gets elected President. But the Dimbulb has a poor and shoddy record - in addition to harrassing women and forcing them to take out restraining orders against him, the Dimbulb also has a tendency to have nervous breakdowns and leave his place of employment.

According to insiders at MSDNC, that time may be coming.

And, as we like to say, let it come.


May 19, 2008 -- IS Keith Olbermann, MSNBC's top-rated anchor, on the verge of yet another professional meltdown? His feuding with "Hardball" host Chris Matthews is nothing new. But now we're told notoriously odd Olbermann is lashing out at the rest of his network's talking heads. During West Virginia primary coverage the other night, Olbermann began pounding the table when lead White House reporter David Gregory didn't wrap his segment quickly enough to satisfy him. Olbermann recently encouraged management to oust the cable channel's lone conservative, Tucker Carlson, and it's also no secret among producers that Olbermann refuses to introduce Dan Abrams' show, which follows his own. Olbermann walked out of MSNBC years ago in a huff after also blowing up at ESPN, so TV insiders are curious if this recent behavior is a sign that history will repeat itself. MSNBC did not respond to our calls and e-mails seeking comment.

Of course MSDNC did not comment - the Dimbulb has the only show on the whole rotten network that has more than 3 people watching at any one time.

However, here is hoping that the Dimbulb cracks up. He would look good in a straitjacket.

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