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Friday, May 16, 2008

Is Barack Obama...Paranoid?

Paranoia is described as what happens when one starts to blame those around a person, rather than the person themself, for perceived wrongs and slights, or, in a presidential campaign, for the message getting out about how one specific US Senator from Illinois with only 3 years experience and who is naive as hell when it comes to this nation's security, who of course shall remain nameless.

Take note now that Barack Obama is blaming his defeat this coming Tuesday in Kentucky on...ready for it?...Fox News.

It seems, according to Obama, that Fox News is saying bad things about him.

Obama blames Fox News, e-mail for likely loss in Kentucky

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, facing a likely defeat in next Tuesday's primary election, won't travel to Kentucky before the voting, but said he hopes to have much more time to win over Kentucky voters before the November general election.

He also blamed Fox News for disseminating "rumors" about him and said that that and e-mails filled with misinformation that have been "systematically" dispersed have hurt him in Kentucky.


Obama has been trying to introduce himself to Kentuckians using a series of biographical TV ads, as well as fliers, including one that shows him at a pulpit in front of a church’s cross and pipe organ.

He acknowledged that he’s trying to “reverse a lot of misconceptions” about his background. He is a Christian, although some e-mail chains have said he is a Muslim.

“Part of it is because there have been these e-mails that have been sent out very systematically, presumably by various political opponents, although I don’t know who,” he said. “And there are a lot of voters who get their news from Fox News. Fox has been pumping up rumors about my religious beliefs or my patriotism or what have you since the beginning of the campaign.”

Of course, not one reporter asked Obama, "Where are these e-mails? Can you show them to us? Or to one story on Fox News where they said you are really a Muslim?"

And if he was asked, Obama's paranoia would shine through because no stories have been done on any "rumors" about Obama's Muslim background. And those e-mails? How about showing them to us, huh, Senator?

However, it may be that Obama and his crowd are simply paranoid and delusional. Get this one, which is buried near the end of this story:

And he said he and Clinton match up similarly against Republican nominee John McCain. Both trail McCain, the U.S. Senator from Arizona, by double digits in a Herald-Leader/WKYT poll of 600 likely general election voters. McCain leads Clinton by 12 points and Obama by 25 points.

That's right - according to Obama, Clinton loses to McCain by 12 points, and he loses by 25 points, but they "match up similarly" against McCain.

That means that Downies believe that losing by 12 points is the same as losing by 25 points.

And this man wants us to elect him as President, when he can barely count. Sheesh.

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