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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Great News from the UK: Pro-Islamic Leftwing Assholes "Red Ken" Livingstone and George Galloway Go Down to Electoral Defeat

We are in receipt of fantastic news from Britain today, as yesterday's elections were devastating for British Labour, and, at the same time, London Mayor "Red Ken" Livingstone, a racist anti-Semitic pro-Islamic fruitcake, was decisively beaten by Tory Boris Johnson.

And in better news, fellow pro-Islamic nutjob George "I Wanted to Suck Saddam Hussein's Cock" Galloway was defeated in a landslide for a seat in the London Assembly, whatever that is.

Two scumbags gone in one day. What a great piece of news for the British people, for the world, and for humanity and good common sense.

Galloway facing defeat in bid for London Assembly seat

QUESTIONS were being raised tonight (Friday) about MP George Galloway's future political career after his bid for election to the London Assembly ended in a crushing defeat.

His apparent failure to capture more than five percent of the 'pan London' Party List vote without even a particularly strong showing in what he thought would be his East End 'heartland' raised doubts about whether he could mount a future victorious re-election campaign for Westminster in the Poplar & Limehouse constituency.

The Galloway-led Party List vote was pushed into third place in the City & East constituency, behind Labour and Tories, with around 20,000 votes, just above the BNP.

Mutterings among his foes on the Left List suggested his defeat meant the end to the Scot as a 'political animal.'

Good riddance, Georgie!

And now, the end of Ken Livingstone, a Jew-hating motherfucker.

Labour in crisis after Boris Johnson is elected as mayor

BORIS Johnson signed on as the Mayor of London yesterday after his victory sealed a poll disaster for Labour.

The bumbling journalist-turned-Tory MP beat Ken Livingstone to take charge in the capital. He officially became mayor at a ceremony yesterday and said his priority was to cut crime.

His victory came after Labour's worst defeat for 40 years in the English council elections.

The lesson here is that Labour sucks. The Left sucks. And if you like Labour in England, or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, then you will love it if Barack Obama somehow becomes President. And if he does, that will be the end of America as we know it.

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