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Saturday, May 10, 2008

British Courts Give Osama bin Laden Ally Bail

It appears that the British, despite being hit by terrorism from Islamic nutjobs, are still not serious enough about fighting the Muslim scum in their midst. One of Osama bin Laden's allies, who got sanctuary in England by saying he was going to be tortured in Jordan (tortured in Osamaese is "getting caught"), will now be released because Britain cannot find a country to deport him to without getting assurances that he won't be tortured.

This is what happens when the Left instills its values on everyone else: horseshit, bullshit, and bullcrap.

Osama bin Laden's 'right-hand man' Abu Qatada wins bail fight

An extremist Muslim cleric regarded as Osama bin Laden’s “spiritual ambassador in Europe” must be released on bail, a judge ruled yesterday.

Abu Qatada, 48, who won his legal fight against deportation to Jordan last month, will be freed from prison under strict bail conditions, amounting to 22-hour house arrest, despite being deemed a threat to national security.

The cleric applied to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) for bail on the ground that it was inhumane to detain him indefinitely if there was no prospect of his being deported.

The order by Mr Justice Mitting to release him is the latest in a series of judicial decisions that undermine the Government’s stance on terrorism. In the past year, the courts have in effect rewritten sections of terrorism legislation and ruled that financial sanctions on terrorist suspects were absurd and unlawful.

The earlier judgment on Abu Qatada’s deportation wrecked the policy of drawing up “memoranda of understanding” for the return of suspects to Middle East countries with poor human rights records. Further embarrassments are likely to follow. The Times understands that the head of an Algerian terrorist network that allegedly plotted bomb attacks in Europe and North America is seeking to be released because the courts have thwarted attempts to deport him.

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, said she was “extremely disappointed” that the courts had ruled Abu Qatada should be freed.

Wow! The British government was "disappointed"! Whoopee!

What the British should do is take this thug to the airport, fly him over the ocean, and at about 30,000 feet open the door and wave bye-bye to him. Oh, and remember not to give him a parachute.

Guess what? Problem over, and, best of all: he wasn't tortured in Jordan!

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