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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Clinton Money Man Terry McAuliffe Praises...Fox News?

When Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania Tuesday night, her money man, Terry McAuliffe, went on Fox News and praised Fox for being - wait for it - "fair and balanced."

Yep - we have seen it all.

McAuliffe praises 'fair and balanced' Fox

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe praises Fox News in a celebratory interview with reporter Major Garrett.

"You were the first ones to call it for Hillary Clinton," McAuliffe said, "Fair and balanced Fox. You beat them all."

Then it's back to Hume, who mentions how "nice to hear none other than Terry McAuliffe acknowledging that we were first on this call and that saying that as other Clinton representatives have, that we are fair and balanced. We certainly try to be. We'll take that and be proud of it.”

This campaign gets more and more laughable from the Downercrats.

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