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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sharon Stone: American Dipshit

Sharon Stone knows two things: how to spread her legs or show her tits in movies, and to make absolutely imbecilic political statements, because she is a tried-and-true moron.

She can't do the former anymore, so she decided to do the latter. And while in Cairo, Egypt, no less, to an audience which loves to hear foolish Americans bash their own country.

Iraqi Deaths Pain Sharon Stone

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Sharon Stone believes the Sept. 11 attacks should not have been used as a pretext for the United States to launch wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to her comments published Monday in a pan-Arab newspaper.

In her interview with Al Hayat, the actress also bemoaned what she called Americans' decision to ignore the deaths of so many Iraqis.

"I feel at great pain when the spotlight is on the death of 4,000 American soldiers, while 600,000 Iraqi deaths are ignored," she said. "War is not a movie, it is a tragedy of dead bodies, victims, the disabled, orphans, widows and the displaced."

Stone spoke in English and her comments were translated and published in Arabic. An English transcript of the interview was not available.

Al Hayat published excerpts of the interview from December, when Stone attended the fourth Dubai International Film Festival in the United Arab Emirates. The paper's sister publication, Leha, is to publish the entire interview Wednesday.

Stone came to the region seeking answers for herself because, she said, the U.S. media has failed to provide Americans with the truth.

"I feel sad when I realize how much truth is being changed or obscured in the American media," she said.

The star of "Basic Instinct" and other movies criticized both Arab countries and Israel for failing to resolve their decades-long conflict. She said she also opposes any military conflict with Iran.

It is so refreshing to hear a dimwit make comments about US foreign policy, while at the same time making up out of whole cloth (Rosie O'Donnell does the same thing) the numbers of Iraqis killed in the war. It is 40,000 (a number far too high), not 600,000. Where did Ms. Beaver Shot get that number? From leftist websites who made it up themselves, with some help from fellow numbnuts George Soros.

Sharon Stone should just stick to making bad films like "Basic Instinct 2" and avoid making political statements. She can't act, and she can't think, either.

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