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Monday, February 04, 2008

Reuters Finally Says It: Hillary Clinton Will Be a Disaster for Downercrats

The MSM in the United States likes to coyly stay away from the subject, but as Hillary Clinton gets closer and closer to winning the Downie nomination for President, all of the major media outlets who have sided with the Left for years looks into it and finds a real nightmare hitting them in the face: Hillary Clinton is hated across America, and her nomination "may" unite Republicans.

Sorry to inform Reuters, which has been issuing DNC press releases as actual news, but Hillary will unite Republicans. And Independents. And many Downercrats. All to vote against her in November.

Hillary Clinton may unite Republicans

Tom Effertz is 73 and a wheat farmer. Rosie Erganian is 52 and lives in a town on the Missouri River. He's a Republican. She's a Democrat. Both Missourians want anyone but Democrat Hillary Clinton for U.S. president.

"We're tired of the Hillary thing," Effertz said. "We'd had enough of Bill and Hillary."

"I do not like the way they've been kind of nasty," said Erganian, of Rocheport, Missouri. "I don't want anybody in office like that."


Concerns among Democrats about how Clinton might energize Republicans have been voiced in states with large numbers of rural, conservative voters like Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and others in the Midwest and South.

"She gets really high negatives among conservatives and the fundamentalist crowd," said Rice University political science professor Paul Brace. "In some states that is going to mobilize them so much so that they may overlook shortcomings of a Republican candidate."

Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who has endorsed Obama, is one who has said a Clinton nomination would hurt Democrats. Others in the party agree.

"It is not fair," said Missouri State Auditor Susan Montee. "But the fact is ... she is actually a lightning rod. She will bring people out to vote against her."

Oh, this will be wonderful. How the Left will whine and cry when their darling, Hillary Clinton, goes down to defeat in November and the Republicans win the White House again.

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