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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Former Virginia Governor Warns Downercrats That the Party Will Split if Obama is Denied Nomination

Feeling their oats as Barack Obama leads in the delegate race for the Downie presidential nod, some of his backers are now warning their party that if Hillary Clinton somehow pulls her shit out of the fire and wins the nomination, that they will destroy the party's convention in Denver.

Everyone: pray it happens, and rub your hands in glee if it does.

Wilder warns of convention chaos

Richmond Mayor L. Douglas Wilder warns there will be chaos at the Democratic National Convention if superdelegates anoint a nominee who did not win the most popular votes.

If that happens, the scene at the Democrats' August convention in Denver could be worse than the unrest at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, Wilder said today on the CBS program "Face the Nation."

"You know what a mess that was," Wilder, an Obama supporter, told host Bob Schieffer.

"If the majority of the American people" voting in the Democratic primaries and caucuses back either Obama or Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton "and if the superdelegates intervene to get in the way of it and say, 'Oh no, we're going to determine what's best,' there will be chaos at the convention," Wilder said.

"It does nothing to help the Democrats -- and if you think 1968 was bad, you watch 2008," Wilder said. If that happens, "it will be worse."

Considering that their silly party instituted a proportional, rather than winner-take-all, vote in each state, it is possible for someone to get less popular votes but more delegates. Then again, that is the Downercrat system for you.

But the winner gets more delegates, not more popular votes. All Downies knew this going in - and now Wilder is mad? Tough shit, buddy.

Imagine it this way: in the Super Bowl, one team gets more yards, more passes, more interceptions, and holds the ball for more time overall. But the other team gets 7 more points and wins. After all, by Wilder's yardstick, the first team should win, since they got more of the things that allegedly count. But the name of the game in football is points - and the name of the game in politics is delegates. So if someone gets less popular votes but a majority of delegates, they should win, right? Not to Wilder.

We can only wish to see the Downercrats crack up like they did in 1968. Watching their convention dissolve into a bloody mess would result in the salvation of America.

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