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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Ted Kennedy's "Osama Barama" is an Empty Suit

Chrissie Matthews usually asks softball questions of his liberal guests despite the name of his low-rated show. (He saves the "hardball" questions for conservatives who waste their time showing up.)

But last night, he put a key question to one Obama supporter: Can you name one legislative accomplishment of Obama?

The guy, a Texas state Senator, became flustered and then admitted he could not name one.

And this is news? We have telling folks here for two years that Obama is no hat AND no cattle. He is simply an empty suit vying to be President of the United States with no qualifications.

Obama's people blasted the question, because it makes them and their candidate look really bad.

Someone should make a commercial out of this. It shows how empty Obama truly is.

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