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Monday, January 21, 2008

A Liberal Sees the Handwriting on the Wall: Downies Could Lose in 2008

Just a year ago, the MSM was warning Republicans that 2008 was a Downie year, and it was just a matter of time until the GOP was just swept away in a tidal wave of hatred and relief and other bizarre notions to make the Downies the majority party in 2009.

However, a little thing happened on the way to the forum: Downies dissembled as usual, and the war in Iraq - that time-tested idea to slug Republicans with - has gone from a losing proposition to something we could win. And those three letters - W-I-N - are not in the liberals' lexicon when it comes to fighting for the security of America or being victorious in fighting wars.

Now, we have another unrepentant liberal warning his party that 2008 is slipping out of their grasp, like 1980, 1988, 2000, and 2004 did.


Watch It, Democrats. You Could Still Slip Up

Until recently, like most liberals, I was convinced that 2008 was going to be a Democratic year. While Republicans have been listless and divided, Democrats have been passionate and enthusiastic about their candidates for president. An unpopular war, a sinking economy, a general sense of conservative exhaustion: All pointed toward a Democratic triumph in November. A lot of conservatives had come to grudgingly agree and were preparing to spend four years in political rehab.

But after the first rounds of caucuses and primaries, the prospects don't look so rosy for the Democrats or so bleak for the Republicans. The presidential race now looks like a tossup -- perhaps even with a Republican edge. If Democrats don't stay smart, tough-minded and realistic, we could blow it yet again.

Yikes, Batman! How could this have happened? Our take is the following: take three worthless liberals, including a liar from New York, a blowhard from North Carolina, and an empty suit from Illinois, and then change Iraq from a winner for the party of numbnuts to a loser (so much so that they barely mention it now, which is quite telling), and you get a sea change of "we're gonna win!" to "holy shit we lost again!"

So, what does this now-deposed liberal have to say?

But the major reason I see trouble ahead for the Democrats is that voting patterns so far, as well as rumbling tensions over race and gender, suggest serious vulnerabilities in both of the Democratic front-runners that McCain (or another rival) could exploit. Most pundits assume it's the Republicans who have the weak field, but the leading Democrats -- both attractive and impressive people -- carry dangerous downsides of their own.


All of which leaves 2008 looking like an uncertain gamble, rather than the sure thing that so many Democrats were anticipating last year. According to every indicator of trends in public opinion, fundraising and the economy, this should be a Democratic moment. But a referendum on racism and sexism in the spring does not seem like a prelude to victory in the fall. Keeping the election focused on the manifest failures of conservative Republican leadership is the only way the Democrats can grasp the opportunity at hand.

Yep - let's paper over that Downies have racism and sexism run amock in their party of fruitcakes and let's mock the Republicans. A winning strategy if we ever saw one!

It blesses our hearts to see liberals start to doubt their chances. And if this liberal is saying this, what must the major liberals be saying behind closed doors?

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