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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Euro-Peon Asskisser: "Tolerance is Not Enough"

The Euro-peons and their "tolerance" have been met with massive illegal immigration from Africa and terrorism from Muslims. So, what is the response of the Euro-peons in charge of things over there? We need MORE tolerance, not less.

Remember that the next time some Muslim is blowing up a train packed with people.

Cultural tolerance 'is not enough,' says EU culture commissioner

Tolerance of different cultures is no longer enough: Europeans should create an "inter-cultural society" in which interaction across cultural boundaries is the norm, the European Union's top cultural official said Friday.

"We want to go beyond multi-cultural societies, where cultures and cultural groups simply coexist side by side: mere tolerance is not enough any more," the EU's Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, Jan Figel, said ahead of the official launch of the European Year of Inter-cultural Dialogue 2008.

"We need to give an impulse for a true metamorphosis in our societies, so that we can create an inter-cultural Europe where cultures exchange and interact constructively," he said.

On Tuesday, top EU officials are set to launch the Year of Inter- cultural Dialogue at a ceremony in Slovenia, the country which currently holds the EU's six-month rotating presidency.

European officials have already announced events across the 27- member bloc aimed at getting different national, linguistic, religious and other groups to listen to one another.

Seven cross-border projects are set to include artistic shows and discussions on hip-hop culture, video workshops for young people, radio broadcasts on migration in European history, and meetings between storytellers, artists, musicians and primary school children.

What is so frightening about these comments is that the Downercrats and the liberals in the US share these same feelings. Which is why they should not be allowed anywhere near the halls of power, because thoughts like that are downright dangerous.

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