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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Al Qaeda and Islam Roundup, January 2008 Edition

Al Qaeda is hurting in a big way, because George W. Bush refused to listen to the defeatist liberals in the US and abroad and chose to fight to win in Iraq. And now Al Qaeda is on the run there.

So, what is their strategy to continue fighting us? They will have their number two psycho, Ayman "Watch Me Fuck a Goat" al-Zawahiri, answer questions posed to him by other Islamic psychos around the world.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Sympathizers seek answers from al-Qaida

Sympathizers submitted hundreds of questions to al-Qaida deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri's "on-line interview" before a recent deadline. Among them: Why hasn't al-Qaida attacked the U.S. again, why isn't it attacking the Israelis and when will it be more active in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria?

So far, there have been no answers.

Al-Qaida's media arm, Al-Sahab, announced in December that al-Zawahri would take questions from the public posted on Islamic militant Web sites and would respond "as soon as possible."

More than 900 entries — many with multiple questions — were posted on the main Islamist Web site until the cutoff date of Jan. 16. After the deadline, the questions disappeared from that site and no answers have yet appeared.

One thing is clear from the questions: Self-proclaimed al-Qaida supporters are as much in the dark about the terror network's operations and intentions as Western analysts and intelligence agencies.

Some of those posting questions sound worried: Does al-Qaida have a long-term strategy?

One, allegedly a former Arab al-Qaida fighter in Iraq, complained about Iraqi fighters discriminating against non-Iraqi mujahedeen.

Others wanted advice: Should followers be focusing their jihad, or holy war, against Arab regimes, or against Americans?

Like many in the West, the questioners appear uncertain whether al-Qaida's central leadership directly controls the multiple, small militant groups around the Mideast that work in its name, or whether those groups operate on their own.

Journalists also were invited to send questions and a few of the entries are labeled with the names of European and Asian newspapers. Diaa Rashwan, an Egyptian security expert in Cairo, also suggested some questions were probably submitted by intelligence agents looking for clues to al-Qaida's thinking, but there was no way to verify that.

The vast majority of questioners, identified only by their computer usernames, appear to be supporters of al-Qaida or the jihadi cause, often expressing praise for "our beloved sheik" and "the lion of jihad, Sheik Osama."

Many appear frustrated that al-Qaida is not doing more.

"When we will see the men of al-Qaida waging holy war in Palestine? Because frankly our situation has become very bad," writes one, with the username "Seeking the Path." "As for al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia," he asks, "are there efforts to revive jihadi action there after the blows that hurt us?"

Another, signed "Osama the Lion," asks: "Why doesn't al-Qaida open a front in Egypt, where there are wide opportunities and fertile ground for drawing in mujahedeen?"

Another, called "Knight of Islam," asks, "We are awaiting a strike against American soil. Why has that not been done? Why are the Jews in the world not struck?"

Here are some of the questions posed by us to the nutties, er, leaders, of Al Qaeda:

1. How many goats have you fucked this month?

2. Why do the Jews continue to beat you like a Muslim woman who wants to drive?

3. Can you say "Nancy Pelosi" without thanking her for all her hard work on your behalf?

4. How much have you donated to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?

5. Isn't that cave you are hiding in for 6+ years now getting a litty stuffy? Aren't you bored with your surroundings by now?

6. How bad does the food suck for you? Isn't roast asshole of sheep getting monotonous already?

That's it. Wanna bet we get no answers to these important queries?

And, now, for something different: Bin Laden's son says Osama the Goatfucker should "end his terrorism" and "find another way"!

Yep, you heard it here: Omar "Ralphie" bin Laden, the 33rd son from Bin Laden's 228th wife and/or concubine, says he supports his father but that he is doing damage to Islam by fighting with terror. You think?

Bin Laden's son to father: Change your ways

CAIRO, Egypt (CNN) -- Omar bin Laden has a message for his father, Osama: "Find another way."

The son of the most-wanted man in the world spoke Sunday to CNN in a quiet, middle-class suburb about an hour outside Cairo, Egypt.

Omar bin Laden, who works as a contractor, said he is talking publicly because he wants an end to the violence his father has inspired -- violence that has killed innocent civilians in a spate of attacks around the world, including those of September 11, 2001.

"I try and say to my father: 'Try to find another way to help or find your goal. This bomb, this weapons, it's not good to use it for anybody,' " he said in English learned in recent months from his British wife.

He said that's not just his own message, but one that a friend of his father's and other Muslims have expressed to him. "They too say ... my father should change [his] way," he said. Watch whether Omar bin Laden thinks his father will ever be caught »

He said he hasn't spoken to his father since 2000, when he walked away from an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan with his father's blessings. He said he has no idea where his father is, but is confident he will never be caught because locals support him.

Asked if his father might be living along the Afghan-Pakistan border, he said, "Maybe, maybe not."

"Either way, the people there are different," he said. "They don't care about the government."

Now, he and his wife are preparing to launch a movement far different from the one his father, Osama bin Laden, launched. They are pursuing a movement for peace.

At first glance, Omar bin Laden appears to have little in common with the man who has eluded international efforts to find him. The 26-year-old's hair is bound in neat braids, he drives a Jeep and is married to a British national twice his age.

But the physical resemblance quickly sinks in, even without the long beard his father favors. It is a resemblance he doesn't avoid. "Being Osama's son, I don't hide it. I don't hide my name," he said.

"I am proud by my name, but if you have a name like mine you will find people run away from you, are afraid of you."

He said he doesn't consider his father to be a terrorist. When his father was fighting the Soviets, Washington considered him a hero, he said.

"Before they call it war; now they call it terrorism," he said. He said his father believes his duty is to protect Muslims from attack.

This word to Ralphie: Don't expect anything from dear old Dad. Just remember that all this will end as soon as a missile is fired up his Islamic ass.

Off subject but part of the discussion on that cult of lunatics known as Islam, we hear that Saudi Arabia may actually cave in and let women there drive on their own.

Wow! Perhaps this will bring them into the 14th century! What progress! Next they will let woman not be beaten and not have to wear full burqas! Will wonders never cease?

Saudi Arabia to lift ban on women drivers

Saudi Arabia is to lift its ban on women drivers in an attempt to stem a rising suffragette-style movement in the deeply conservative state.

Government officials have confirmed the landmark decision and plan to issue a decree by the end of the year.

The move is designed to forestall campaigns for greater freedom by women, which have recently included protesters driving cars through the Islamic state in defiance of a threat of detention and loss of livelihoods.

The royal family has previously balked at granting women driving permits, claiming the step did not have full public support. The driving ban dates back to the establishment of the state in 1932, although recently the government line has weakened.

"There has been a decision to move on this by the Royal Court because it is recognised that if girls have been in schools since the 1960s, they have a capability to function behind the wheel when they grow up," a government official told The Daily Telegraph. "We will make an announcement soon."

Modernity is such a nice thing. Even in that shithole called Saudi Arabia.

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