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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sean Penn Endorses Kucinich, Calls for President Bush to Be Executed

In the extremely whacked-out world of the American Left, up is down, bad is good, and Dennis Kucinich would make a great President, if he ever gets more than 10 votes at any one time.

To this end, Sean Penn, delusional nutbag, endorsed Kucinich and his toupee/dead animal on his dead, and, at the same time, called for President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Rice, and former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to be executed.

Not imprisoned, you see. Executed.

Ah, the American Left. Delusional and psychotic as always, now with a load of treason thrown in for good measure.

Sean Penn Endorses Dennis Kucinich SF

Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn endorsed Dennis Kucinich for president in San Francisco Friday.

Penn made what had been billed as a "major political statement" at San Francisco State University.

Andy Juniewicz, National Press Secretary and senior advisor to Kucinich told NBC11 that Penn made the endorsement at an open-to-the-public event sponsored by The San Francisco State College Democrats.

The event was paid for by Kucinich for President 2008.

Penn has donated $4,600 to John Edwards' campaign and $2,300 to Kucinich during this cycle, per FEC campaign finance data, NBC's Domenico Montanaro said.

Now, check out what Penn said to the crowd of assembled assholes:

In the speech entitled, "Piano Wire Puppeteers," Penn railed against not only President Bush, but Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

"While I'm not a proponent of the Death Penalty, existing law provides that the likes of Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice, if found guilty, could have hoods thrown over their heads, their hands bound, facing a 12-man rifle corps executing death by firing squad."

Can't anyone just shoot Sean Penn, or send him packing back to his friend Boss Hugo in Venezuela? Clearly he is a grade-A nutjob, and needs some help. He is fucking up America for the rest of us.

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