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Monday, December 10, 2007

Scumbag Ex-Republican-Turned-Downercrat Hit With Sexual Harassment Charge; Media Yawns

The story behind this is too long to recount, but here is the short version: in Topeka, Kansas, is a murderer, Dr. George Tiller, who does abortions up until the moment of birth. When the Kansas Attorney General, Phil Kline, tried to crack down on him, a Republican, Paul Morrison, who was the district attorney for the county for Topeka, changed parties and challenged Kline - and won. He then let off Tiller, making crude comments about Kline and the GOP.

Well, fair play is a bitch, as it now surfaces that when he was district attorney even as state Attorney General, Morrison was having an extra-marital affair, and now the woman says he was sexually harassing her when she wanted to stop the affair.

And, to put a topper on this, Morrison tried to impede an investigation into the firings of eight people in Kline's office.

So, where did this play? No where on the national media, that is for sure.

Because Morrison is a former Republican. Now if he were a Republican now, or a former Downercrat, well, then, we would have breaking news updates on CNN and by Keith Dimbulbermann.

Media, thy name is hypocrisy and cover-up.

Morrison Sex Scandal Could End Political Career

A sex scandal involving Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison could end up costing Johnson County big bucks.

A former staffer and lover of Morrison's filed a sexual harassment claim against him with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.

In a statement, Morrison admitted to having an extra-marital affair with Linda Carter, but denied harassment and other accusations.

Her allegations and Morrison's acknowledgment of the affair stunned the state's political system and cast a cloud over Morrison's future. Before the affair became public, even some Republicans assumed Morrison wouldn't face a serious challenge if he sought re-election in 2010.

"I think most people are probably still in shock. These are some astonishing allegations," said Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt.

"Clearly, this will consume a great deal of time in the coming weeks and months, and it's likely to impede the attorney general's ability to advance an agenda in the Legislature."

According to the Topeka Capital Journal, the relationship began two years ago when Carter was the director of administration for Morrison during his tenure as Johnson County District Attorney.

Carter said the two engaged in sexual acts in vacant rooms in the Johnson County courthouse and various hotels, including the Sheraton in Overland Park, The Marriott and Muehlbach downtown and out-of-town hotel rooms the two would share on business trips.

In her lawsuit, Carter said at one point during sex in Morrison's office, he wondered aloud if Phill Kline's people were spying on them through the window with a telescope.

Morrison was district attorney for 18 years before switching to the Democratic Party last year to successfully challenge GOP conservative Phill Kline for the attorney general's job. Johnson County Republicans then picked Kline to take over Morrison's old job.

Carter said the last time the two had sex was the day before Morrison was sworn in as Kansas Attorney General.

Somehow, when Downies commit sexual harassment, it is unimportant to the American (read: leftist) media.

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