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Friday, December 07, 2007

Paul Slugman: Under the Downie's Health Care Plan, Either You Buy Health Insurance or You Wind Up in Prison

The Downercrats have a nice plan up their sleeves: if they win control of the US government in 2008, they intend to institute a nationalized health care system whether you want to belong or not. And if you don't do as they say, and do it their way, liberal idjit Paul Slugman of the NY Times says that the government should put you in prison.

Are you ready for the socialist health care mandate? Because that is what the Downercrats have in store for the American people.

The Mandate Muddle

Imagine this: It’s the summer of 2009, and President Barack Obama is about to unveil his plan for universal health care. But his health policy experts have done the math, and they’ve concluded that the plan really needs to include a requirement that everyone have health insurance — a so-called mandate.

Without a mandate, they find, the plan will fall far short of universal coverage. Worse yet, without a mandate health insurance will be much more expensive than it should be for those who do choose to buy it.

But Mr. Obama knows that if he tries to include a mandate in the plan, he’ll face a barrage of misleading attacks from conservatives who oppose universal health care in any form. And he’ll have trouble responding — because he made the very same misleading attacks on Hillary Clinton and John Edwards during the race for the Democratic nomination.

Here is the old liberal Orwellian-think: if you deign to criticize the socialist pap of the Downies, you are launching "misleading attacks." And if you don't want to belong to the socialist system that the Downies intend to force down our throats, you must be "mandated" to belong.

It looks like Downies and liberals want to "mandate" the country to death. And if we let them get away with it we deserve what we get.

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