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Saturday, December 22, 2007

And Now for Something Refreshing and Original from the Kooks at DailyKos: Let's Bash Nancy Pelosi!

The liberal fruitcakes at DailyKos have now turned on their own, as they bash Nancy Pelosi.

But, like the good pieces of shit that they are, they make sure to bash Jews and call President Bush "a murderous psychopath."

In the early heady days of January, there was a veritable buzz in the air. Change was a'comin. The Evil Empire of Bush/Cheney was finally derailed, and the Constitution was about to be restored.

Then Nancy got ahold of the gavel. Her first major statement was to take impeachment "off the table." While her intention may have been to quiet the rancor and hatred between the parties, it had the opposite effect. It showed the GOP minority that the new speaker was weak, ineffectual, short-sighted, and constantly willing to seek accommodation and compromise.

How would any self-respecting GOPer, including Bush/Cheney respond? In retrospect, it was obvious. For 15 years, the GOP was used to rough handling by its leaders. Those leaders managed to keep diverse groups within the GOP in line, and under control. Their unanimity surprised many while they were the majority. Why would anyone be surprised if they maintained it as the minority?

As for the president, her promise to protect the president and the presidency from impeachment was like a red flag to a raging bull. The more he demanded, the more Pelosi would give in. Which in turn, caused him to demand that much more.

Today, Nancy claims to be shocked by the coordination and uniform stances taken by the GOP in Congress. She was "surprised" by their behavior.

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. You have been in office since 1987, and you claim to be surprised at the GOP? Are you the most incredibly naive politician in the universe, or is something else at play?

Well, let's take a look. You voted in favor of Patriot Act 1 without even reading the damned bill. You supported the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. You have stopped Democrats from complaining about Israel wall-building, take over of Palestinian settlements and the continued illegal construction of Israeli settlements and compounds. You stopped a congressional investigation of the illegal use of cluster bombs by the Israeli military on civilian areas.

AIPAC thanked you in 2005, and asked you to be the keynote speaker that year. And just this year, you played messenger girl from Prime Minister Olmert to the Syrian president.

Check out the comments down the page: notice that even when liberals hit their own, they just cannot avoid making sickening anti-Semitic slurs. Then again, that is the Nazified left for you.

Remember, folks: when you vote Downercrat, you enable lunatics like these to have power.

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