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Friday, November 16, 2007

More Evidence That the "Climate Change" Nazis Want to Blame Everything On This Fraud

As the UN reports that the world will just end if every country does not destroy its economy and submit to the Climate Nazi agenda, we find another story, this one from the end of October, showing that everything in the future will be blamed on this fraud.

Are you hungry? It's climate change! Can't get a job? It's climate change! Are you missing your family? It's climate change! How about having diabetes? It's climate change!

Yeah - that's the ticket!

Climate change to lift death toll in Australia

MORE Australians will die from heart attacks, strokes and respiratory diseases as the planet heats up, a study has found.

Instances of obesity, food poisoning, and mosquito-borne diseases such as the deadly Ross River fever are also likely to rise as climate change raises average and extreme temperatures.

The Healthy Planet, Places and People report released yesterday, says mental health in rural areas is also likely to suffer from more frequent and more intense droughts.

Commissioned by Research Australia, the report predicts deaths from heart attacks, strokes and respiratory diseases, triggered by an increase in heatwaves, could triple by 2050.

The Left and the Climate Nazis are now in full fraud bullshit mode. They need to press every fear button to get the rest of us to go along with their Chicken Little program.

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