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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jailed Muslim Terrorist Complains About Treatment: He Had His Walkman Taken Away

The liberals in America believe that Muslim terrorists who wish to destroy America deserve all the rights American citizens deserve, including lawyers, nice prisons, and ethnically-sensitive food.

Here is one of their good friends: Mohamed al-Owhali, who, being jailed in a "supermax" federal prison, does not get the Arabic-language newspapers he wants, and the prison officials took away his Walkman.

And now he is suing.

Hello, ACLU? Your client needs you.

Jailed Terrorist: "I Want My Walkman"

An al-Qaeda operative serving life in prison for his role in the bombing of American embassies in Africa contends that his rights are being violated by U.S. jailers who have denied him access to Arabic publications and religious books, limited his mail privileges, and no longer allow him to use a Walkman. Mohamed Al-Owhali, 32, claims that his incarceration at the "supermax" federal prison in Florence, Colorado has left him so severely depressed that he stopped eating for months, forcing Bureau of Prisons officials to feed him via a tube placed through his nose. In a new U.S. District Court lawsuit, Al-Owhali wants a judge to order prison brass to provide him with expedited mail services, expanded phone privileges, and access to radio and TV news broadcasts and English and Arabic newspapers and magazines. Currently, Al-Owhali claims, he is only provided with month-old copies of USA Today, "with several pages-sections removed." The convicted terrorist is held in virtual isolation in a special security unit at Florence, per Department of Justice guidelines known as Special Administrative Measures. Attached to Al-Owhali's handwritten October 19 lawsuit is a copy of an internal BoP complaint form filed by the inmate (a copy of which you'll find below) and a BoP memo to Al-Owhali detailing the SAM measures governing his incarceration. The Osama bin Laden disciple and three codefendants were convicted in 2001 for their roles in simultaneous car bomb attacks at U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania. Those blasts killed a total of 224 people and injured thousands of other victims.

Check out the 14 page lawsuit he has filed against the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), alleging that his civil rights have been violated. He's depressed? Depressed? Hurry - make sure his prison stay is a nice one! Order him some new drapes for the bars on his windows!

We can think of several ways that he should be violated. One is with a rusty meat hook right up his ass.

The fucking liberals who defend these pieces of shit are killing us. They are killing us all, and they must be stopped - somehow.

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