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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hillary Clinton: Even the Left is Getting Nervous

The Left has pinned the hopes of their entire bankrupt movement on Hillary Rodham Clinton. They realize that if they have any chance of winning the White House in 2008, they cannot elect Barack Hussein Obama, who had less experience in government than a pest strip, and Little Johnny Downwards, who spends more on hair care products than most American families do on food in a year, and who talks about poor people and then goes home to his spacious mansion in North Carolina.

Things were going smoothly in Operation God Please Elect Hillary Clinton Because We Cannot Stand to Lose Another Presidential Election for the Left until last week, when Hillary Clinton decided to say in one 30 second period that she was against driver's licenses for illegal aliens while she agreed it made sense to give illegal aliens driver's licenses, even though she never said it made sense.

The Left realizes what she has done - fuck things up real bad. And they are starting to panic.

Hitting A Vain

A full week after the Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton is still flailing on the licenses-for-illegals issue--justifying her position on unconvincing federalist grounds, letting her husband mount an equally specious it's-all-too-complicated defense. Maybe she can keep it going until Iowa Caucus Day! ... Yuval Levin is astounded by this performance. Wouldn't it be better for her just to take the hit for supporting Spitzer's plan and move on? The most troubling aspect of this incident, for Democrats, isn't that Hillary can't finesse an issue as well as her husband--we knew that. It's the possibility that a) she panics in adversity--a point Levin emphasizes or b) she's too vain to let herself be perceived as having given a wrong answer, so she goes back to correct it even when that only compounds the damage.

New polls are showing Clinton's leads nationally and in several states dropping by the hour. What happens if she does a Howard Dean and loses Iowa? Will we see mass liberal suicide if they lose another presidential election to the GOP?

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