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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gerald Ford: A Doddering Old Fool Propped Up by the Leftist Media

In his last years, Gerald Ford became a drooling and doddering old fool who thought he could get Bill Clinton to admit to lying under oath, and who made derogatory comments about Donald Rumsfeld. If Ford had said that Clinton was a lying prick who should have been thrown out of office, not one media outlet would have bothered to listen to a 90 year old man. If he had bad words for any other liberal, he would be written off.

But because Ford said what the liberals wanted to hear, he got new respect from them - as if that was worth anything. "Ford is a statesman!" they yelled. "He knows of which he speaks!" said the same dolts who once called him "Dumb Jerry" and laughed at Chevy Chase impersonating him as a moron on Saturday Night Live.

Now, from Tom DeFrank, we get a book that Ford allegedly wanted released only after his death. In it, we get this nugget of bullshit: that "senior Republican figures" approached Ford to get George W. Bush to drop Dick Cheney from the Republican ticket in 2004. Wait - who are these "senior Republican figures"? DeFrank won't say.

Book Gives Another Look at Ford's Mixed Feelings About Cheney

He may have been his White House chief of staff in the 1970s, but by 2004, former president Gerald R. Ford harbored serious reservations about whether Vice President Cheney should be kept on the ticket for reelection. According to a new book, senior Republican figures approached Ford about getting President Bush to dump Cheney in 2004 and, while Ford rebuffed them, he seemed sympathetic to their cause.

"Dick has not been the asset I expected on the ticket," Ford told journalist Thomas M. DeFrank in an off-the-record conversation in March 2004. "As you know, he's a great friend of mine, he did a great job for me, but he has not clicked, if that's the right word. God knows he works at it."

More evidence that listening to a doddering 90 year old fool means nothing.

Now, imagine if some high-ranking Downercrat said that "senior Downercrat figures" approached him in 1998 to get Clinton to resign for lying under oath. The first question would be, "what senior figures?" Name them, dammit, the liberals would say. But with this bullshit story, we get no such questions as to who these "senior Republican figures" are.

Bullshit from the Left. It figures.

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