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Monday, November 05, 2007

Downercrats Panic: Their Do-Nothing Agenda is Not Playing Well

In a year in power, the Downercrats in Congress have passed an ethics reform bill and an increase in the minimum wage.

That's it. Two things. In a year.

Oh, wait, there has been more: endless investigations of the Bush administration. All of which found out what we already knew: nothing illegal happened.

If the Republicans had done as little as the Downies had done, with as many mistakes and stupid statements, the media in this country would be crucifying them.

But from the dolts in the press we get nothing.

Like we get from the Downercrats.

Frustration Builds for Democrats

The way in which Senate Democrats wavered and then consented to the confirmation of Michael B. Mukasey as attorney general reflects the party's broader struggle to make headway on its national-security agenda, despite President Bush's unpopularity.

On questions such as Mr. Mukasey's stance on waterboarding, warrantless wiretapping and the war in Iraq, Democrats have been stymied by Republicans in Congress and the White House. That has sparked frustration among supporters, especially those on the left, who anticipated that last year's congressional takeover would force some policy changes.

These dashed expectations are one reason polls give Congress an approval rating lower than Mr. Bush's. The difficulties faced by Democrats on these issues look certain to complicate the party's bid to expand House and Senate majorities and regain the White House in 2008, a wartime election in which national security will be a major issue.

Democrats acknowledge the difficulty in speaking up for civil liberties while maintaining a tough stand on homeland security and terrorism.

"On issues of wiretapping or torture or any of the other tools used to fight terrorism, it's a complicated message to sell," says Stephanie Cutter, a Democratic strategist in Washington who worked on John Kerry's presidential campaign. She says Democrats in Congress and their supporters have "faced a bit of an awakening that they're not getting everything they wanted."

On Friday, two senior Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Charles Schumer of New York and Dianne Feinstein of California, rescued President Bush's pick to lead the Justice Department when they announced their plan to vote for his confirmation when it comes up for a vote tomorrow.

Mr. Mukasey had run into trouble earlier in the week after he refused to define waterboarding as torture and was imprecise in answering questions about the White House's assertion of broad presidential powers. As a result, a handful of Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee said they would vote against the nominee, threatening to spoil what had previously been thought to be an easy confirmation.

Liberal groups were stirred to action by the uproar over waterboarding -- an interrogation technique that simulates drowning -- and by President Bush's public statements castigating Democrats for not giving Mr. Mukasey a speedy confirmation. Left-leaning groups and bloggers over the weekend renewed criticism that despite winning the House and Senate a year ago, Democrats were "caving in" to the president.

These liberals are pathetic. Whining, sickening little parasites.

No wonder their "media heroes" are Rosie O'Donnell and Keith Dimbulbermann!

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