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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Congress' Approval at 20% - Media Ignores It

When President Bush's job approval ratings were at 30%, all you would hear from the MSM is how "historically low" they are - despite the fact that Harry Truman left office with even lower numbers.

Bush is still at 32%. But Congress, led by Dimwits Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, is at 20%.

The media does not want to have to report on that.

Congress’ Approval Rating at 20%; Bush’s Approval at 32%

Gallup's latest poll finds only one in five Americans approving of the job Congress is doing at this time. The public's rating of Congress had shown slight improvements in recent months, but the current rating is down again and is among the lowest that Gallup has ever measured dating back to 1974. Americans' assessment of the job President George W. Bush is doing is also quite negative and has shown little change over the past two months, with about one in three Americans expressing approval of him.

According to the Nov. 11-14, 2007, poll, 20% of Americans approve of the way Congress is handling its job, while 69% disapprove. Congressional job approval ratings tied their historical low point -- an 18% reading in 1992 -- in August of this year. Americans' ratings of Congress showed some improvement in the following months, reaching 29% in mid-October before falling back again this month.

By historical standards, the current 20% approval rating is among the lowest Gallup has ever recorded. In fact, in the 173 times since 1974 that Gallup has asked Americans to rate the job Congress is doing, Congress' approval rating has been at or below 20% only four times.

So when the MSM tells you that the Downercrats are doing a great job in Congress, let us see how well they do in next year's election.

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