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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bad, Bad News for Downies: New Poll Shows Americans Across the Board Disappointed with the Congress

The Downies ran in 2006 on the platform of "elect us, and we will end the war! We will raise taxes! We will do tons of shit!" And so they got elected.

And, in one way, they have kept their promise: they have done shit.

And now the American people are disgusted with them. Or, as the Gallup people like to say, "disappointed."

That means "we think they suck" in liberalspeak.

Americans Widely Disappointed With Democrats in Congress

Amidst a swirl of public dissatisfaction about the Iraq war, the economy, government corruption, and with President Bush more generally, Americans went to the polls in November 2006 and voted enough Republicans out of office to give the Democrats majority control of Congress. A year later, Americans are as negative about the job Congress is doing as they were leading up to the 2006 midterm elections. And according to recent Gallup polling, Americans are distinctly negative about the Democrats’ handling of several front-burner policy issues.

The latest Gallup Panel survey, conducted Oct. 25-28, 2007, asked Americans to say whether they are “pleased,” “neutral,” “disappointed,” or “angry” about the way the Democrats in Congress have been dealing with seven major issues confronting the nation.

Overall, relatively few Americans are pleased with the Democrats’ performance on any of them. This ranges from 7% for the federal budget deficit to 17% for terrorism. Between 12% and 26% say they are angry about the issues. However, most Americans fall in between, with the plurality generally saying they are disappointed with congressional Democrats’ performance on each.

Ouch. But check the rest of the poll out:

But on four other issues, the public offers more clearly negative assessments. Six in 10 Americans are disappointed or angry with the Democrats’ performance on healthcare and the federal budget deficit. About two-thirds have a negative reaction to their handling of immigration and Iraq.

Iraq is the most negatively evaluated of all -- perhaps reflecting not only the degree to which Iraq is seen as the nation’s top problem today, but also the thinking that a new Democratic-controlled Congress would have been more effective in changing course in Iraq.

Can we all say "former Speaker Nancy Pelosi" for 2009?

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