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Saturday, October 06, 2007

BBC Head Resigns; Leftist Media Yawns

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that a Fox News broadcaster, or the head of the network itself, was caught fixing footage to back a lie told by the network. Reaction? Horror! And it would be deserved.

But when the BBC does it, the leftist media yawns.

"Nothing to see here."

"Lies? Faked footage? Whatever could you mean?"

And the head of the BBC claimed that he was not going anywhere when the scandal broke:

BBC error 'no reason to resign'

The controller of BBC One has insisted he is not planning to resign over the Queen documentary blunder.
Peter Fincham spoke out after he allowed journalists to see a television trailer which appeared to show the Queen storming out of a photo shoot.

He said showing the footage, which had misrepresented the sequence of events, was a regrettable "human error".

The BBC apologised to the Queen, but Mr Fincham said he did not think he should resign and no-one had suggested that.


"It is a mistake that was made for which, as director of the channel, I take responsibility," he said.

"If somebody above me - the director general of the BBC Mark Thompson - comes and says 'you should resign', then I will of course resign.

"But... I think that's disproportionate and I hope this is something we can move on from."

So, from the left, we get, "Yeah, we lied, and you caught us. Now let's move on, because I say so."

Ah, not so fast, Mr. Fincham.

It appears someone pushed, because Finchy has lost his job.

BBC official resigns over Queen report

LONDON (Reuters) - The boss of BBC One television resigned on Friday after a report faulted him for wrongly implying the Queen had stormed out of a photo shoot.

The incident was an embarrassment for the corporation, which has faced a number of scandals this year including an unprecedented fine for faking the results of a phone-in contest on a popular children's show.

Unveiling the station's upcoming lineup to journalists three months ago, BBC One Controller Peter Fincham presented footage from a documentary showing the Queen apparently storming out of a shoot with celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

That led to a host of tabloid newspaper headlines mocking the queen's apparent tantrum.

But in fact the queen had not stormed out: footage of her entering the room had been edited out of sequence to make it look like she was exiting in a huff.

Fincham resigned on Friday after a BBC report found that although the broadcaster did not intend to deceive, it had not done enough to ensure that its presentation was truthful.

"A vital relationship -- that between the BBC and the Royal Household -- had been, at the very least, placed under strain, and the reputation of the BBC, already having sustained recent damage over the issue of trust, was further tarnished," the report found.

Hah! One Marxist down, hopefully more to follow!

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