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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Leftwing Anti-War Nut Admits to Lying About War Crimes, Sent to Hoosegow

In 2006, the leftwing anti-war fruitpies in America pushed the name of Jesse MacBeth, who claimed that he was an Iraq war veteran who had participated in horrific massacres and other war crimes. This is proof of evil America, they said.

Fortunately, this scumbag was found to be a liar, and had to plead guilty in court in Washington State to faking a war record.

The Left loves to tell you that "Bush lied!" Now, that proof is shown that "The Left Lied!" they remain quiet and unassuming - until their next liar pops up.

Anti-War YouTube 'Vet' Admits He Is Faker

A Washington man, whose claims to have slaughtered civilians as a U.S. Army Ranger in Iraq were seen by millions on YouTube, admitted in federal court in Seattle today that he was a fake and a liar.

Jesse Adam Macbeth, 23, pleaded guilty to charges he faked his war record.

"He was in the Army for 40 days before he was kicked out of boot camp for being unfit," said U.S. Attorney Jeffrey C. Sullivan. "He was never in Iraq."

Macbeth's story of killing men and women as they left a Baghdad mosque included claims that he was a U.S. Army Ranger and had received the Purple Heart for injuries suffered in combat in Iraq.

His interview was translated into Arabic and distributed in the Middle East, said the U.S. attorney.

"Macbeth's lies fueled hostility to our servicemen in Iraq and here at home," Sullivan said.

Federal prosecutors and investigators with the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs say they are in the midst of a crackdown on phony heroes.

"The phony war hero phenomenon plagues the American landscape and tarnishes the service of thousands of veterans who have served honorable," said Douglas Carver, special agent in charge of the VA's inspector general operation in the west.

MacBeth is getting five months in prison - and he should serve every day of them. The phony liars on the Left will never be held accountable for their lies and deceit and treason. So much the shame.

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